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Grandma & Grandpa Taught Me to Fuck Part 2

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Sleeping naked was a new thrill for me. Every time I’d roll over my dick would rub against the sheet and it felt good. By morning I was horny and hard. That’s really not much of a change but sleeping naked meant my dick was right there ready for action when I woke up.

The smell of fresh baked biscuits brought me from my slumber. I opened my eyes to see Grandma’s back and butt as she was reaching into the oven to pull out the biscuits. Bent over I had a perfect view of here pussy and little butt hole. Wow, what a way to wake up. It was only the third day and I was in heaven.

I swung my feet to the floor and stretched. Grandma heard the stirring and turned around with the tray of biscuits in her hand. “Good morning Jerry, did you sleep well last night” Grandma asked?

“I sure did Grandma, last night was so great, thank you so much”.  Grandma smiled, set the tray down and closed the oven. “Jerry I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself last night. Grandpa and I have looked forward to this for a long time. We have taught all our children about love and caring and understanding and of course sex. And now we have the privilege of teaching our grand children the values our whole family has grown up with”.

“You mean you taught my mom how to have sex” I queried? “Yes Jerry we did as well as respect and love and many other valuable and important life lessons. We taught your Aunt Tracy and Aunt Janice too and your Uncle Paul. Growing up our children were never locked out of our room or our love.”

“Jerry, have you ever seen your Mom and Dad make love” Grandma asked. “Well yes I have but not like I saw you and Grandpa yesterday. I mean they didn’t invite me in the bedroom to watch but they didn’t close the door either. I don’t think they have ever closed the bedroom door. I guess it’s not that big of a deal to them” I answered.

“That’s right Jerry, it’s not a big deal to any of us. Love and sex are normal acts and not something to be hidden from those you love. It does seem that you are ready to learn all about love, family, caring and sex.  Right now I have to get breakfast finished, you should go grab the bathroom before Grandpa wakes up.”

I slid past Grandma and made my way back to the bathroom. Grandpa was sound asleep still so I took a quick shower and tossed on a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt.

Grandma finished up breakfast and Grandpa woke just as the bacon aroma hit its peek.  We planned out the day as we ate. Grandpa and I were back in the shop working on the lathe again. We made a half dozen bulb planters. Grandpa sells them to local nurseries for a little extra spending money. They are pretty simple to make and in no time I was able to make them fairly well. Not as fast as Grandpa but then again I don’t think there was a time clock in the shop.

Before I knew it grandma poked her head in the shop and announced lunch. She paused a moment and looked at the object I had on the lathe, she tilted her head and looked at it again. It was only half finished. I had the handle end completely shaped and had just started to narrow down the pointy end so it was still very round.

“You know” she said, “A girl could have fun with that thing you’re making if you didn’t make the end too sharp”.  Grandpa looked at the lathe, chuckled and said, “You’re right, we’ll work on something special after lunch and you can try it out tonight”. Grandma flashed a big bright smile and said “I think that is a great idea, maybe you can come up with a nice design and make a little more money on the side”.

After lunch I finished the bulb planter on the lathe and Grandpa chucked up a really nice piece of hard maple about 12 inches long. He started to round off the corners and form the handle end. Every so often he would stop and I would try out the handle too see if it had a comfortable grip size. My hands were much closer to a woman’s size than Grandpa’s.

We worked on the piece for about two hours, slowly forming it into a beautiful dildo. It had a comfortable handle about 4 inches long, the business end had a stylized cock head with a well balanced flare and a series of ribs which Grandpa hoped with provide a higher level of stimulation.

Grandpa finished the dildo by sanding it down to a mirror smooth finish then applied four coats of a fast drying waterproof resin finish. Finally he polished the surface smooth until you could see yourself in it. It was amazing looking. He put it in a cloth bag just as Grandma popped her head out of the trailer and announced dinner was ready.

I have to say, that although it was only day three there were two things I was absolutely sure of. Grandma and Grandpa were totally cool and Grandma was one of the best cooks I had ever known.

Dinner was awesome every night. The smells made your mouth water. Not gourmet food just really good home cooking. Pork chops, red beans & rice, broccoli and corn bread. It was heaven in a trailer staying with Grandma and Grandpa. Great food, fun people, porn, live sex shows, hanging out naked, having a hard on and of course sex!

After dinner, Grandma headed for the shower. “Hey boys, give me a few minutes to hose off and wash out the old puss. We are going to fool around aren’t we” she questioned.  Grandpa answered immediately “I sure hope so honey, I know I’m horny as a bunny rabbit and I made you a new toy to try out. Get yourself good a clean babe, Jerry and I will use the outside shower tonight”.

“Yea Grandma” I added, “the toy is really pretty and I can’t wait to see you use it. I know you’re going to love it”. We stripped down to our underwear and headed out the back door to the outside shower. It was tucked around behind the trailer with three sides and one of those really cool rain shower heads. It didn’t have any hot water but in Florida in the summer you really don’t need it. It comes out kind of warm and if you’re lucky it might even be cool.

Grandpa stepped in and dropped his shorts. He hung them on the hook and turned on the water. No one could see into this shower, the open side faced the patio and the shop. In fact, behind the trailer was very private. As Grandpa lathered up I saw the advantage of the outdoor shower. The water was warm and there was plenty of it.  I dropped my shorts as Grandpa finished up and I stepped in. In no time I was clean and fresh and ready for another incredible night.

We headed back in the trailer and Grandpa got a DVD and put it in the player. Grandma came out of the bathroom wearing just a little shorty top that let the bottom of her butt show. We sat down on the sofa and Grandpa hit play.

The big screen filled with two women eating each others pussies. Grandma straightened up a little and said, “Jerry you know that sex is not just between a man and a woman right, it can be between a woman and a woman or a man and a man or even three or more people”.

I nodded yes but didn’t take my bulging eyes off the screen. As the movie played and changed from two women to a man and a woman Grandma explained to me some of the differences of how a man might try to please a woman and how a woman might do it a lot different.

She talked about hand play a lot, how a man or woman can make a woman feel good with their hands. “Jerry… Jerry!”, Grandma’s words brought me back to reality. “Would you like to learn tonight how to make a woman feel good with your hands? Would you like to play with my pussy”?

“You bet I would Grandma, really I can play with it”? I stammered. “Yes Jerry, I want you to play with my pussy. I want you to study it, learn it, feel it and explore it. I want you to understand a woman’s pussy. What parts need tender touches and what parts can stand a little harder hand.” Grandma smiled at her own remark and motioned me to sit on the floor in front of her. She slid forward on the sofa, lifted up and pulled her short top out from under her butt. Her beautiful legs spread open revealing her amazing shaved pussy.

The inner lips flared out and presented themselves to my gaze. I was in awe. I had never been so close to such a beautiful thing. The heat was radiating from within her and I reached out and gently placed my hand over her mound. Grandma gasped and placed her hand on top of mine.

“Every part of a woman’s pussy is sensitive and will cause women to respond when touched correctly”, she began. “Here Jerry, at the top is the pubic mound, mine is fairly small, other are more prominent. Later we’ll go through a really good DVD we have that shows hundreds of pussies so you can see all the differences. The mound is best excited by using the flat of your hand and applying gentle firm pressure is a circular motion, like this”.

Grandma guided my hand and with the proper motion and pressure. She spread her legs slightly as I continued my massage. “The outer lips of the pussy are fairly sensitive Jerry and one of my favorite ways to stimulate them is with a very soft touch of the finger tips”. Grandma placed her fingers on her outer lips and slowly moved them from top to bottom on both sides. I watched several cycles then reached out with my hand to replace hers. Her lips were baby soft and smooth. My touch had an immediate effect on Grandma as she spread her leg even more. My stroking continued for nearly five minutes and I noticed fluid beginning to show at the entrance to her vagina.

I moved my fingers into the liquid and gently spread the slippery fluid around her inner lips. I slid my fingers up and down her moist cleft and brought the tips up and grazed her clitoris. Grandma sucked in a big breath of air, spread her legs more causing her vagina to actually open. She swung her right leg up onto Grandpa’s thigh and he began massaging it.

“Oh Jerry, that feels so good. Right at the top of my pussy, that little nub starting to stick out, that is my clitoris and it is the most sensitive part of any woman’s pussy. The more excited I get the bigger it gets. Keep your fingers nice and slippery with my juice and gently run a finger on each side of my clit. Then very gently roll it back and forth between your two fingers”.

I did as Grandma instructed, I scooped up more pussy juicy and worked my fingers up to the magic spot. I slowly began rolling it around, Grandma apparently loved it. She grabbed her inner thighs, spread her legs more, thrust her pelvis off the couch and had an orgasm by my novice hand. She fell back on the sofa and sighed.  I moved my hand away from her pussy and brought it to my nose. The smell was strangely exciting. I had a hard-on but smelling Grandma’s aroma seemed to make it swell larger than ever. I reached out with my tongue and took a tentative taste. My dick surged again and I placed my fingers into my mouth and rolled my tongue all over them to get the most flavors possible. My dick twitched again and a load of cum erupted into my shorts.

I looked up into Grandma’s eyes, she was grinning from ear to ear. “That was wonderful Jerry”, she began. “You did great. I didn’t think I would have an orgasm that quick. It looks like you like the taste of pussy too, is that right”?

“I sure do”, I answered, and “It tasted great. I came in my shorts just from the flavor. Can I try tasting it directly like the girls on the DVD”, I asked?


“Not tonight Jerry, we’re going to save that for tomorrow maybe. I want to try out that new toy you guys made me”.

Grandpa reached over and grabbed the bag and handed it to Grandma. “Here you go babe, I hope you like it but if it’s not right we can try other sizes and shapes”.

Grandma removed the dildo from its bag and ran her hands over its surface. “Mmmm”, she cooed, “So smooth and hard”. Grandma slipped the end in her mouth and ran her tongue around the head. She placed it in the cleft of her still wet pussy and spread her natural lubricants all over it. Slowly the head entered her pussy and she began a slow rhythmic stroking. In and out she worked the hardwood. Her hips were rocking in unison with the thrusts.

Grandpa had his own hardwood in his hand and was stroking along with Grandma. I was still sitting on the floor in front of Grandma’s pussy with a perfect view of the action. I lifted my butt and pulled my soiled shorts off and grabbed my own hard dick. Grandma’s thrusting became more urgent, hard and fast. She has nearing her climax and I was going to see it up close. Her lips glistened with the juices flowing from her love hole. The new dildo was indeed doing its job. Her hips lifted off the sofa, her legs straightened out around me and her toes curled. She pulled the dildo from her pussy and shoved it in her mouth, her pussy convulsed in orgasm and juice flowed toward her butt hole. Her free hand pressed firmly against her mound and clit.

I looked up from Grandma’s pussy just as Grandpa tossed a load in the air that landed back on his belly, his second and third spurts covered his hand and dick and he continued to jack-off, the cream providing extra lubricant. Grandma was lowering her butt back down and relaxing a bit from her obviously intense climax.

She looked down at me and smiled. “Wow that was great, I love this thing”, she exclaimed, holding the new dildo up.  “Trade places with me Jerry; I want to show you how a woman returns the favor with a good hand job for you”. I got up and sat on the couch. Grandma got on the floor between my legs wrapped her soft warm hands around my throbbing dick. She expertly milked my precum out and using it as lubricant began an incredible massage of my male member.

Her gentle stroking was both relaxing and exciting. The feeling of hands on your dick that are not your own is remarkable. She cupped my balls and stroked my inner thighs. She continued her ministrations of my dick for more than twenty minutes. Bringing me to the brink of orgasm numerous times then letting me slip back. Her stroking quickened and her purpose was more deliberate. She looked up into my eyes and gave me a knowing look that said it’s time now. She redoubled her efforts and concentrated on the most sensitive part of my dick. I felt the orgasm building from deep within me. I looked into Grandma’s eyes, no words were needed.  She knew and I knew we were both ready. The seed exploded from the end of my dick, Grandma was ready and allowed it to spray on her face. She opened her mouth and took the third spurt on her tongue. She rubbed the rest back into my dick and all over my balls. She scooped some off her cheek and placed it her mouth, Grandpa leaned down and kissed her. She cleaned the rest off her face and ate it as though it was some dessert. She truly liked the taste of cum, that was apparent.

I reached down and took hold of my dick, I pumped a small amount of cum up to the tip and scooped it up with my fingers. I lifted it to my mouth and licked the viscous fluid off. I swirled it around on my tongue searching for the flavor. It was slightly salty, not bitter.  Grandma stood and kissed me on the cheek, she backed away and smiled saying, “Jerry, you’re going to learn so much, have so much fun and experience so many new and wonderful things here. I can hardly wait to show you”.


Part 3 to follow. Watch for it. 



I'm working on chapter three. Yes this will be a long story with a lot of development and background. My plan is to make each day of the vacation a chapter and teach Jerry something new each and everyday.

For those waiting for the next chapter I hope

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