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Home Alone

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It was the break of Dawn. As the sun rose Norton McCoy turned on the radio while he prepared breakfast. He never truly listened to it, he merely turned it on to feel less alone. As he began to fry some eggs the radio news guy talked incessantly.

***reports come over from Caldecott County, three convicts escaped the County Jail last night and where last seen near our twon, we strongly advice the populace to keep a lookout for three men in orange suits. The convicts are: John Stevens, 23 years old, guilty of manslaughter, caucasian, blonde hair, 6' 2''. Jeffrey Simms, 20, guilty of grand theft, caucasian, brown hair, 6' ft. Joseph "Big Joe" Washington, 25, guilty of rape followed by murder, african american 6' 7''. These men should be regarded as dangerous and --***

But the radio suddenly sttoped. Norton turned and saw his daugther, Melody, changing the dial.

"Leave it, I wanna hear the news" said Norton checking the eggs again.

"But Dad... it's sooooooo boring..." Melody was 13 years old and she thought there was nothing more boring than the news

Norton sighed and Melody knew this was his way of approving her wishes. He always did whatever she asked. Maybe it was because Susan, Norton's wife, had died when Melody was 5 and it was easier to agree with his children than to argue. Norton didn't like to argue. As daddy continued preparing breakfast they were soon joined by Brian, the eldest son, who was 14 years old.

Breakfast went without any problems (other than the regular morning sibling rivalry), and then Dad took the kids to school in his van. He hated leaving the farm alone, but the school bus refused to pick kids who lived so far away from the town. And besides he had bussiness in town as well.

The day passed rather fast and Norton went to pick up his kids.

"Guys..." he said as soon as they entered his van. "I gotta go to Knoxville today, so I'm just dropping you at home. I won't come back till tomorrow evening."

"Why?" asked Brian with his inquisitive mind.

"Bussiness, gotta sell our crops and I got a tip they're paying top dollar in Knoxville, gotta go there." It wasn't easy for Norton McCoy to run a farm all by himself, his kids, though they helped, were too small.

"Can we go to Blockbuster and rent a movie? Please dad please" Melody began to ask.

"Sure hon, no prob" Said dad with a smile. Soon they had their movie (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and they arrived back in the farm. "Now take care of your sister you hear? Close the barn door at 10 like always, and make sure Missy is inside" Missy the cow always knew when it was time to sleep. He kissed Melody's cheek "You listen to Brian ok kiddo"

"Sure dad... see ya" said Melody clutching her movie. Soon dad was gone and the siblings marched towards their house.

"I have homework to do so don't set the tv too high." said Brian in his Big Brother voice. Melody giggled as he walked towards his room and closed the door.

Soon came the night and Brian realized he had fallen asleep. He looked at his wrist-watch, it was almost half past eleven. Why didn't Melody wake him up for dinner? He begun to fear and walked down the stairs rather fast. However his fears were unfounded. His sister had also fallen asleep, but she was laying on the sofa, as the tv continued to show the movie. She must've seen it at least three times... He was rather hungry so he walked towards the kitchen when he remembered

"The barn..." he muttered. Yawning he walked to the back door at the end of the kitchen and walked outside. It was a beautiful friday night. The stars filled the skies and the crickets filled the air with their songs. He walked towards the barn and saw the door was mildly closed. Could Melody have closed it? He wasn't sure. He moved towards it a bit more carefully. When he got there he knew instantly what was wrong. He looked inside through the door gap and saw three men around a fire. They were wearing orange suits. There was something wrong about those suits... what was it?...

"oh my god..." he remembered. They were convicts. He gasped and fell backwards, throwing a pitch fork that was leaning next to the barn door. As he lay on the ground the door openened and two of the men appeared

"Look...we have a sneak..." said the blonde man.

"Bring him" said a hoarse voice from the inside.

Brian tried to scream, but the blond guy grabbed him and placed his hand over his mouth. Brian was just too small to fight back. The men took him inside and closed the barn door completely now. The threw him in front of a black man's feet.

"So... who are you kid?" said Big Joe calmly

"Bri--brian." the kid asked in fear

"You from the house?"

"Yes sir..."

"You alone up there?"


"Where's your parents?"

"Mom died... and my dad's outta town" he wasn't going to say a word about his sister.

"How old are you Brian?" said Big Joe helping him to sit down on the floor.

"Fourteen... turned sixteen a couple of months ago"

Big Joe looked at his mates and for a second they didn't speak a word. Brian could feel the fear in his bones. Suddenly Big Joe stood up. He was way too tall.

"LEt's make a deal kid. You want to live, right?"

"Yes..." replied Brian in a very quivering voice.

Big Joe smiled and touched his groin. "We'll let you live, but you gotta suck our cocks" he said

"WHAT?" replied in shock. Brian had never even thought about sex.

"You suck our cocks..." Said Big Joe and he let his cock out. It was enormous. At least 11 inches long. Brian turned around and saw the other two guys had their cocks out as well, and they were also huge, 9 inches at least. "C'mon kid... it's this or sweet death..." Said Big Joe holding his erected cock.

Brian slowly moved and turned around. He didn't think about it. His life was at stake. He turned and ran as fast as he could, however he didn't reach far. The youngest guy, Jeffrey had jumped on top on him and he landed in the ground. He struggled but the man was far more stronger.

"Fuck him" said Big Joe in a nastier voice, far from the calm one he used to interrogate Brian.

"Please no..." Brian whimpered as he felt Jeffrey's hands remove his trousers.

"Too late kid... you shoulda done as we asked..." Said Jeffrey removing the pants. Brian struggled some more, but Jeffrey got fully on top of him and the kid was unable to move.

"No....noo...." Brian said as he felt Jeffrey's hard prick against his back. "Fuck Him" repeated Big Joe. Jeffrey lowered himself a bit and his cock's head felt the entrance to Brian's ass. It was so dry and tight. Jeffrey began to push without caring for the consequences, as Brian began to howl with pain "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH". Jeffrey pushed harder, sinking his 9 inch cock deep into the young kid's bowels. As Brian cried and sobbed, Jeffrey began to take his cock out, leaving the head inside, only to get back in again. In and out. Blood oozed from the kid's ass. "That's what you deserve you bitch..." Said John jerking his cock as he saw his friend fuck the kid's ass. Jeffrey fucked him harder and harder, using the blood as lubricant. Brian didn't stop crying. God it hurt so much. Jeffrey kept fucking his ass for a while "Yeah bitch... I'm gonna fuck you all night long" he muttered in Brian's ear. Big Joe and John stroke their cocks slowly, knowing they were next. Jeffrey quickened his pace "Please stooooop god..." cried Brian, but Jeffrey didn't stop. He fucked him faster and faster until he released his cum deep in the kid's ass. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" Screamed Jeffrey in Brian's ear, as he shot his cum. he lay there for a while, with his prick inside the kid's ass. he removed it at last. It was all covered in blood and sperm. He took the kid's shirt and cleaned it while the kid cried. He spat on the kid's cheek.

"Go to the house" said Big Joe as Jeffrey zipped up his pants. "See if there's any food or anything to steal up there."

"No..." muttered Brian between sobs. But John grabbed him bi his hair and pulled him up. Brian screamed. Jeffrey left the barn as John placed Brian on his knees again. His face was dirty with mud and tears.

"Now... let's try this again bitch... SUCK MY COCK" said Big Joe presssing his bulging cock on the kid's lips. Brian trembled. He thought of his sister, he thought of his father, he was in so much pain. Bam! Big Joe hit him with his cock "Open you mouth bitch and suck my cock" he said again. Brian closed his eyes, trying not to look and opened his mouth slowly. Big Joe took the opportunity and pressed his cock hard into the kid's mouth. He grabbed his head with both his hands and began to fuck his mouth. John stroke his cock as he saw Bog Joe fuck the kid's face. But he wanted to fuck just as well. He grabbed the boy's ass and pulled it closer to him. Big Joe understood what he wanted to do and helped him place the boy on four legs. "yeah fuck his ass" said Big Joe as John pressed his cock against the kid's ass. Brian opened his eyes, he saw the black pelvis moving towards him, the hard pubic hair brushing his face and then he screamed, though it was muffled, as John thrusted his cock up his ass. "Yeah bitch... yeah..." said John as he fucked Brian's ass.

Jeffrey could hear the tv as he walked towards the house. He rubbed his cock, it was getting hard again. As soon as he got back he was gonna fuck that kid's ass again. God it felt great, he was so tight. He thought fondly of fucking the kid again as he crossed the back door. The kitchen was empty and the TV kept talking. He moved closer to the living room and his eyes saw a prize unthought of. A girl was sleeping in the sofa. This was too good to be true. She was young too. Twelve, thirteen... definetely a virgin. Jeffrey loved to fuck virgins. The kid was watching some movie and she felt asleep. She was wearing only a t-shirt that was too big for her and said "World's Greatest Dad". Jeffrey smiled, dad was not going to feel too great when he saw both his kids had been fucked. He moved slowly and got in front of her. She was beautiful. Long blond hair, really small tits. "I'm heaven" he muttered. Slowly he removed his jumpsuit, he had to be fully naked to fuck this bitch. He slowly lifted the shirt and saw a pair of white cotton panties underneath. He couldn't hide his smile. The girl moved a bit, his cock was harder than ever, pressed against his stomach. In one swift movement he got on top of the girl, who woke up, her eyes wide open. He put his hand on her mouth. "Trust me kid... you're gonna love this." He said. The girl struggled as he removed her panties and lifted her shirt. He grabbed her tities and bit them hard, and Melody screamed. He touched her pussy and she screamed again. "Man you truly are a virgin" he said. Melody begun to cry and Jeffrey got on top of her again. He removed his hand from her mouth and kissed her. His cock pressed against her belly. "You ready for this pumpkin'?" he asked. Melody sobbed and let out a weak no. "They all say the same" added Jeffrey. He grabbed his massive cock and pressed it against her pussy. "Your brother liked it. Tight ass he has... let's hope you're just as tight" he added. Melody tried to ask her brother's name, but then Jeffrey pushed his cock hard, and the girl screamed. It was only half-way inside "You ready girl?" he asked, but Melody was too busy crying and screaming to answer. He pushed his cock really hard and bursted her hymem, tearing her virginity away. He begun to fuck her hard, kissing her mouth as he did and squeezing her nipples. Melody screamed as her world crashed down upon her. "Aahhh yeah bitch... take thtat cock... yeahh..." he muttered in her ear as he fucked her. "Aaa stop please... stop... it hurts..." she pleaded in vain. "yeah bitch.. yeah..." he said as he kept fucking her. After a while he increased his pace. He was soon to cum. But he didn't want to fill her belly with the juice. He had another idea. He removed his prick from her pussy, but she didn't stop crying. He got the closest he could to her mouth and forced his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth unwillyngly and he plunged inside. He begun to jerk his cock while half of it rested inside the girl's mouth. "You gonna drink all my cum bitch". Melody's eyes bursted in tears and showed her fear. "Ahhh I'm cumming I'm cumming" Jeffrey said as he released his white load on her mouth. He took it out and smeared her face with sperm. "Yeah bith... that's what you deserve..." he said and he hit her face with his cock a couple of times. After a while he got off her. Melody continued to cry. He put on his clothes. "Don't waste all your tears babe... this is only beginning" he said.

"Fuck the little faggot! Fuck him!" ordered Big Joe as John kept sliding in and out of Brian's ass. The poor kid felt numb as the white guy kept fucking his ass. He kept screaming but his throat was sore. Big Joe had removed his cock from his mouth, he wasn't face-fucking him anymore. Instead he wa smerely jerking slowly once more, waiting for his turn at the boy's ass. John removed his cock from the kid's ass "I'm gonna give this fag some juice..." he said and he grabbed Brian's hair. He pulled hard and pressed his cock against the kid's mouth. After a couple of jerk he cummed all over the kid's face "aahhh yeah... eat my cum bitch... ahhhh" he said. He then spat on Brian's face and threw him on the ground. He kicked him in his stomach. "That's cause you didn't suck my cock." he said. Big Joe smiled. He moved closer to the kid. Brian wasn't even moving anymore. He lifted the boy's ass and pressed his big cock's head against it. "You're gonna thank us for this kid... you're gonna love cocks after this great fuck" he said and then he plunged inside the boy's ass. Brian screamed again. Big Joe was a lot bigger than the white guys. The black man begun to fuck the ass repeatedly when suddenly he heard screams and cries. Girl screams. As he kept fucking he saw John opening the door. "Holy shit" said his friend. "No..." said Brian. Jeffrey entered the barn. He was carrying Melody on his shoulder, compeltely naked, with blood oozing from her pussy. "Found something you might like" He said. Big Joe smiled and he kept fucking the boy's ass. Jeffrey placed her next to Brian. Melody saw her brother's face and cried even louder. Big Joe pulled out from Brian ass. "She a virgin?" he asked. "Not anymore" said Jeffrey grabbing his cock. Big Joe smiled. Without waiting for anything else he openend the girl's legs and plunged his big fat cock inside. The girl screamed. Brian held her hand. Jeffrey removed his jumpsuit again as he watched Big Joe fuck the girl. John was getting hard again. Jeffrey moved behind Brian and sank his cock up the kid's ass, who screamed once more. John was getting real hard. He moved towards Brian and opened the kid's mouth "Gonna suck my cock now bitch" he said and begun to forcefully fuck the young boy's mouth. Big Joe fucked harder and harder and soon he came up the girl's pussy. "AAAAAhhhhhh there you go bitch... all filled up with my juice...aaaa." he said. John removed his cock from Brian's mouth and moved towards Melody's pussy. As the girl screamed he began to fuck her. Big Joe's cock was still erect. He plaed himself on top of Melody's chset and begun to fuck her face. He saw traces of cum there. He smiled "Eat it bitch... eat all my cock" He said. They fucked both of them for hours. Jeffrey was the first inside Melody's ass. They repeatedly cum inside the girl's pussy. In fact, as soon as one of them was about to cum they allowed him to enter her pussy and fill her up. They laughed and smiled. John beat up Brian as he fucked him, said he didn't like faggots. When the sun came up the men got dressed. Melody had long passed out, but Brian was still awake. "You gotta thank us kid... we're letting you live even though you didn't follow orders." said Big Joe as he closed the barn door. They layed there, in blood, cum and mud until their father found them late at night. The convicts were never found.

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