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Three days later we had done everything that we could think of . Jamantha was so tired that she went home and didn't come back for a couple days. Greg stayed so we found new ways to entertain ourselves.

On Friday we were very involved and noisy with what we doing that we didn't notice when the twin came home.

I was lying on the couch with one leg on the ground and one flung over the back of the couch. We had just finished watching our favourite porn video so Greg was super horney, he pounded my cunt hard and fast. I was screaming and swearing and Greg was panting and whispering to me. thank you Kelsey, thank god, fuck I love this, shit, I love you Kelsey. After that I couldn't do anything but stare at him.

After he came he took his penis out of me and fondles my breasts. He leaned down and kissed my neck before whispering, I love you. I was saved from answering by a moan and a grunt coming from the other side of the room.

My younger sister was sitting on a chair opposite us with her legs up and fingering herself while her twin brother, Kyle, stood next to her jerking off. fucking perverts I yelled what the fuck do you think your doing? Instead of answering cum shot out of Kyle and juices leaked out of Ly.

we want you to teach us how to fuck Ly said we watch you fingering yourself or when your with Jamantha. yea Kyle joins in we're horney and we wanna fuck each other ? and you I screamed fucking perverts, your way to fucking young to fuck, and each other? we know you were fucking at our age now its our turn, Ly says gently. Before I can say anything Greg drags me out side.

come on Kelsey this could be our chance to live out Jamantha's fantasy. Plus we could use this as a way to get more time together, now that we are together. I sighed and went back into the lounge. Kyle go to Greg's pants, get a condom, get yourself hard and out it on. Ly, get on the couch how I was. I ordered Greg is going to start so when Kyle goes in it wont hurt as much.

Greg climbed on top of my 13 year old sister and enters her virgin pussy. He hits resistance and pushes harder. Ly screams and blood comes out of her pussy. I held her down while Greg pumps her a few times before climbing off.

Kyle knells over our sister and I take hold of his cock, wanking him then guided it into Ly's pussy. I pulled him out then pushed him forward into her. I did this until he got into a rhythm. I walked round to Ly's head and pull off her shirt. I am meet with little mounds with no bra. Her moans are getting louder so I get Kyle's hand and start to massage her tits with it. When I've finished with them I walked over to Greg, who was watching them and jerking off.

I push him onto a chair then climb on top of his rock hard cock, then ride him till he came. I stayed there and let him lovingly stroke my tit while we watched Kyle and Ly. Babe, I don't think you meant what you said. You know? When you said you loved me? yes I did, and I know you feel the same way or you wouldn't have been able to do all of that if you love me then show me and with that he pulled me towards him, rapped his arms around my waist and kissed me. He did it so slowly and lovingly that I knew it was for real, and I knew in that instant that I did love him, and I had loved him from the first time I met him.

We stood by Kyle and Ly until Kyle shrivelled up and Ly was crying with pleasure. I pulled Kyle out of my baby sister and pulled off his condom. I looked at it and it was about 1/3 full. I whacked him over the head, how many times did you fucking come? I yelled at him. twice, fou, maybe five time and before you ask Ly only came once but It was really long you ass wipe its about the girl pleasure too, not just your own

I sent Greg and Ly into our parents bedroom for her to learn how to give hand jobs, blow jobs and how to put on a condom. I took Kyle upstairs to my room so I could show him how to suck finger and use a vibrator on a girl.

I sat on the edge of the bed and opened my legs wide, telling him to suck anything that stuck out and lick anything that didn't. with that he plunged into my pussy and I knew it wasn't his first.

I showed him how to finger me then let him do it . My cunt was getting so excited that nearly instantly it tightened into a vice like grip around Kyle's fingers and I came hard.

I gave him a vibrator which he shoved in fast, causing me to gasp in pain. He pulled it out and looked up at me guiltily. I took hold of his hands and smiled. I showed him how to tease my pussy then gently slide it into me. After five minutes of this I came again and we went back down stairs.

when we got there, Greg was fucking Ly fast but gently. When he saw us he got off and Kyle started fingering her. Greg was still hard and had a condom on. I didn't want my sister to get pregnant , but I didn't mind if I did. I pulled it off him, pushed him down onto the ground and fucked the living day lights out of him.

When Ly'd cum I got her onto the ground to show her how to finger another girl. We sat there for awhile fingering each other, she got her entire into my hot cunt while I only got three fingers. I used my free hand to tease her nipples and squeezes her tits. Before we came I pulled her hand out and flipped her onto her stomach. I started fingering her ass, she protested but I didn't stop. Greg turned on the vibrator and handed it to me. I slowly pushed it into Ly's ass, I heard a sharp in take of breath but she didn't stop me. After a few minutes she was moaning so I told her to stand up and walk around.



To show the twins how to ass fuck I lent over the back of the couch. Greg came up behind me and plunged right in and started pounding away. i'm used to ass fucking to you can just plunge right in I said between grunts but with a virgin ass like Ly's you'll need to go slow.

Greg pounded till he came then it was Kyle's turn. Greg guided Kyle's dick to my ass and helped him into a rhythm. As Kyle got more confident I could feel his hands exploring my body, tracing the crack from pussy to ass. I watched Greg pull Ly into a hug and kiss her fore head.

When they pulled apart greg's dick was rock hard and quivering. They walked to the back of the couch and Ly got into the same position as I was. I took hold of her hand as Greg took the vibrator out of her ass, threw it away then slide his penis into her tight ass. All too soon Me and Kyle came so Kyle went and took over Ly.

All of a sudden I remembered something. Where's Mum and Dad ? I asked the twins. Second honey moon Ly moaned. Back in three weeks. Grunted Kyle.
later that same night we all packed into my SUV, and drove around to Jamantha's apartmentwhich she shared with her cousin. i buzzed and went in alone.

when jamantha opened the door i blind folded her and walked her to the car."what are you doing Kelsey? i know that you look hot so i know you are doing something." i didn't answer but lead her to the twins. they helped her into the back of the car, got in with her and started strippingf her.

the boys were wearing golden masks and boxersthat we had brought this morning for this occasion. Ly was wearing only a pair of golden panties with no bra. ia was the only one left completely dress in a golden slip dress and my favourite white bikini.

the twins had finished stripping Jamantha and were doing thing to her that they had learnt that day. Kyle was fondeling her breast, gentely twicking her erect nipples. Ly was fingering her hot wet pussy while Jamantha moaned loudly.

Greg had driven us to a back paddock of his family farm where we would not get interupted. the twins helped jamantha out of the car then spread her out on the bonnet, pumping her ass with a dildo, i could hear her screams of pain but the twins kept going.

i spread out a blanket on the grass, on which Greg got on his knees and sat back on his heels. i kneeled down and shoved his cock into my mouth, i could feel it getting harder every second. i pushed his cock right to the back of my throat and ran my toungue up it as i moved my head back. i took his cock out of then ran my tongue of the head.

he sighed and and came all over my face. i liked it off and kissed him. the twins came over with Jamantha they had taken the dildo out of her ass and now they were sucking on her nipples. they positioned her over Greg's cock and lowered her down. i opened her ass checks as she slid onto his cock. a gasp escaped her lips so i leaned down and kissed her check then i whispered "this is you fantasy baby".

as she got used to Greg's cock she started to use her legs to push herself up and down. Greg was fingering Jamantha's chestnut pussy as Kyle was watching her breast bounce while Ly was jerking him off.

i handed her a condom and which she put on him while they waited for Jamantha to climax. by now i had stripped completely so i reached over to Ly and slowly pulled her Panties down her round hips and big bum. sh stood up and stepped out of them, i notied a big wet patch in them. only the guys were wearing clothes now, they still had on their golden boxers with their dick sticking out through a hole in the the front.

it wasn't a lng time to wait. Jamantha screamed and i saw Greg['s load leak out of her ass. with his cock still inside her, Greg lay down on his back pulling Jamantha with him. i soread her legs wide and guided my little brothers cock into my best friends cunt. i walked round to her head and took off the blind fold."this is your fantasy honey" i whispered.

i sat down infront of my baby sister, rapping my leg around her. we started to finger each othr in time to the omvement of the boys. the only sound was the slapping of Kyles balls against Jamantha and five people panting.

the silence was broken by Jamantha's climax. she screamed with pleasure then the boys came, there loads leaking out of Jamantha's ass and pussy. me and Ly broke apart when Kyle came over. they got into the 69 postion and started to suck each other off. greg pushed Jamantha onto the ground next to him and pulled me down on top of him. we fuck in the misionary postion for nearly half an hour before i came. i rolled off of Greg and went over to Jamantha. that is when i noticed that she was a sleep.

Greg loaded her into the car and i drove us back to the apartment, he carrid her up to bed where i kissed her between the neck and her left breast. i dropped greg back at his house then drove home. i put the twins into our parents room with a box of condoms. i went into my room, closed the window and got into my bed. i pulled the covers up to and fall asleep think, when will it be my turn?

the twins stayed in thier room for the next two weeks, only appearing for meals. id given Ly my idafram and brought them a bulk load of condoms.

sometimes i would join them, letting Kyle fuck m ass, face and tits but always stop him before he got to my pussy. there were only to guys i wanted to fuck me there.

i hadn't seen jamantha since the nigh of her fantasy becasue she had gone to visit her mum. greg hadn't been round in a few days, not since he had ducked no off at the movie, but that is another story.

that say was my birthfay so i had expected them to come over in the morning. i kicked the twins out of the house and gotten dressedin a pink skimpy dress.

 they didn't turn up so i went to bed early. it was stifiling hot in my room so i left the windows open. i lay in bed for ages fingering myself thing of having gregs cock up my cunt.

 i gave up on that before i had cum and went to sleep. i woke up when ii felt my arms being pulled above my head. someone sat on the bed next to me and start running their hands up my legs.

another hand started playing with my nipples, tweaking and ulling them. someone leand down and kissed me, i tasted strawbeeries and beer.

the hand on my leg started to move up my legs, pushing my nighty out of the way. the hand crept up my leg until it found mywet pussy. fingers gently massaged my clit before one slipped into my slit.

the hand on my breastsbecamerougher, tearing at my nipples. me and the other soon found a rhythm, grinding against each other.

more fingers were slipped into my  pussy until the whole fist was roughly shoved up inside me. just as i was about to come the fist was removed and my legs were lefted up and out. the hands on my nipples stopped as the second peson stands on the bed and sits down on my stomach.

my legs are spread over someones shoulders, which are moving. the person on my stomach start to pull apart my ass checks as the shoulders stop moving.

something touches my ass, then suddenly plunges in without warning. i gasp in pain and surprise. sudedenly i know what is happening. i gasp again.

before i can say anything,the cock in my ass starts moving in and out fast. at the same time fingers and shoved into my pussy. by this time i am so excited, i can't hold it. i cum all over the fist in my cune.

during and after this the dick and fist don't stop moving until the guy in my ass moans, grunts and cums hard.

the hand comes out of my pussy and the person stands up only to sit back sown only this time on my face. instantly i stick my tongue out and find out that the person onto of me is a naked girl.

i suck the girls clit and stuck my tongue up inside her. she gasped, Jamantha, i thought. the cock comes out of my ass and then gently goes into my pussy. i moan in pain as i am still tender from the earlier beating but soon they change into moans or pleasure.

i wish we could have stayed like that for ever, the guy plunging into my pussy and gently pulling out again. and Jamantha sitting on my face, but all too soon we all came and jamantha hoped off the bed and went to the window..

the guy left his dick in me and lay onto top of me. he kissed me and undid my hands.i looked into his eyes and relised it was Greg. he was wearing one of the masks we had woren for Jamantha.

he brushed my ear with his lips then whispered "marry me". before i could answer he climbed off me and left throught the window.

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