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Cory temptations" width="320" border="0" />

Cory meet his man yesterday in a club next her house. She invited him tonigh to pass the night but in fact, Cory has a secret plan. She wants to taste a new poison she has just found. According to what she have already tested, the serum produces, first of all, a somnolence paralyzing the host while all vital energy get concentrated in man's nuts. In ten minutes, he's unable to make any movement. She just needs to erect his boy's dick to make all his energy pass from nuts to sperm so he get ready to have his ultimate pleasure. Cory can do what she prefers to make him cum and die but also making him experiencing an incredible pleasure, a enormous orgasm that last until he does his last shot.

So this is Cory's secret tonight. She was thinking in that when the bell rang. Cory openend the door. The man was very well dressed, she got excited. Both talked and laugh a few hours, they took many cups, talked and talked. Cory was expecting the right moment to go to take the injection. When converstation started to decrease, she begun to tease him: she wear a black shinny night outfit with a sexy necklace. Her big tits were very well highlighted and her beautiful profile described by the outfit. Her fleshy red lips combined with her black hair and her dark deep eyes don't took a long time to get the man so hard that she noticed it even with his pants on. She kissed him with bitch tongue movements and she rubbed his cock with her fine hands.

"Do you want fuck me? do you want to make me shout?" She asked near his ear "Yes Cory, let me cum on you"

She take his hand and brought him to her bed. During the short walk, Cory took subtly the injection from her garter belt. The syringe point was extremely fine and the man felt anything while Cory injected the serum insede him. She dropped the syringe under the bed and she make him strecht on the bed. He was really excited. Cory wanted to dominate him on those silk sheets. He thought in rigt. In a few seconds, Cory took hidden belts and attached him to the bed. She knew the serum was slowly making his effect. Once she had attached him very hard, she started to strip on the bed. Making slow movements and throwing her shoes far, she got on his male and started to zip her outfit. In two minutes, the man saw an incredible woman. Her black and red bra combined with a black pair of stockings got him even more excited. She easely dropped her panties on his face so he could smell them. Then she got dawn and make him sniff and suck her clit. A few later, se had her first orgasm and jizzed a few liquid on her panties and his man face. Her nipples were erected and her bra taut.

When she considered the time, she streched on his man and put her tits on his face. She explained everything, every part of his plan: the injection, paralysis, erection, cum and finally death. The man didn't gave any credit but some minutes after he started to feel tired. His energy was going to his nuts. He felt them harder and he got panic. Cory was still on him but now expecting.

"I'm gonna leave a few minutes, I'll return when you'll be ready to me" Said with a sexy voice.

"Please, leave me out" suplied him "No, I want you to cum and enjoy".

Cory leaved the bedroom while he was trying to get up. The man felt slowly how he was awake but he couldn't move. He decided to try to avoid his erection. If he could resist thirty minutes, the effects would disappear and his energy will return to all his body.

Ten minutes later, Cory returned to bedroom. She looked at him and smiled him. She was really beautiful. She was wearing the same black bra and so exciting stockings with this fluffy gartner-belt. She bring a little box, like a king of enveloppe. He couldn't see more. Cory got near him and touched his pants: he was floppy. She smiled again then she leaned on him and kissed him.

"Don't resist to me, you're gonna cum"

After that, she released him from the belts. He couldn't move. Cory started to undress him very slowly. His pants, his socks, jacket, shirt. The she started a devil's dance. Cory begun to move her hips, to smile to her man, she removed her gartner-beld and her stockings

"C'mon, get hard, let me get the orgasm" surrounded to him.

Cory took off her stockings and lend one of them on the bed. She finally removed her bra and the man saw her spectacular tits: big, firm and round with beautiful erected nipples. Cory was looking to her man's slip. He was resisting nice the erection. But when she took the content of the mysterious box she felt a little growing inside the slip. She took her pantyhose.

"You like them?, I'm gonna footjob you till you cum" said Cory, smiling.

All her man's energy was inside his nuts, and little by little, his cock was getting hard. Cory finished growing it by putting on her pantyhose: a red pantyhose that transparented her sexy toes. Cory got on the bed and put her nude tits on his man slip. She shake off them until she felt his cock got completely hard. He could avoid anything. Now all his energy was in his sperm, he was ready to cum. So Cory retired his slip and continued her titjob. Her tits were shaking and shaking all over his big dick. A few seconds later, Cory started a blowjob: her incredible lips and her tongue's movements make him get ever harder than before. Cory smiled him and continued blowjobing him.

He was enjoying so much that he finally accepted what was unavoidable. Cory knew his man was going to enjoy a lot.

"Please Cory, make me enjoy as much as you can" Asked him. "Yes" Aswered Cory with her natural sensual voice.

Now Cory was on him making her pantyhose-covered cunt slide on his cock. Cory was near the orgasm again and continued sliding until she had it again. She got her cunt wet and jizzed threw her pantyhose on her man's dick. Then she took one stocking she left on bed and put in over his cock. The man was carring on as much as he was able because Cory was making a handjob with her stocking on his cock. She was using both hands to make a strong pressure: up and down, up and down very slow but very pressured. She extend her handjob a few minutes. Her man was close to the orgasm: the stocking was stick to the cock by the sperm he erupted.

Cory decided to finish him and got up on the bed. She removed the stocking of cock and put on his face. Then she sat down near his man's feet and started to massage his nuts with her feet. She begun to jerk the cock using feet grabbing it harder with her toes. The man was seeing how Cory was jerking his cock up and down with her feet. The pantyhose touch was very exciting and when it was touching his cockhead he shived.

"C'mon boy, get my pantyhose wet!

Cory made a dirty talk to his man that made him get closer while she accelerate the footjob. Now she changed the position: his cock was leaned on one foot ankle, the other foot was rubbing the cock. The man felt his cock catched between pantyhose. He felt the orgasm arriving.

"Cory, I'm getting ready to cum" "Ok! C'mon." said "C'mon don't be afraid, enojoy it, release your dirty load on my pantyhose"

The man was close, he felt the starting but tried to contain but Cory's footjob avoid it when she slowed down and used her toes to finsh massage. He started to cum, and cum.

"Oh! very good, very nice. C'mon release it completely, shoot all your sperm out."

The sperm was erupting from his cock and Cory's support foot get totally wet, full of cum and still trickling sperm.

"Look at it, enjoy it, look your sperm on my red pantyhose. Feel my feet finishing you" Told Cory to his man while he was shooting much more cum.

The mas was ejaculating a lot of cum but big shoots. All the sperm was on pantayhose and Cory felt the hot stuff on her feet.

"That's right, very good. That's all. Now just die quietly". Said Cory to his man when he finished cuming.

The man was sawing his cock between pantyhose full of cum when he died full of pleasure. Cory removed her pantyhose and put it on her male's face then she sucked the sperm and left.

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