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A few days ago, I went to my neighbor's house to get a drink. It was a steamy, hot day, and I was sweating bullets. The sweat was dripping off my brown hair onto the asphalt, and sadly my parents weren't home, I was locked out. I am a pretty muscular kid for my age and pretty tall.The sweat was being held in by my jeans and tight, blue Giants jersey. I slowly jogged to the front door of the grayish looking house. The front was covered with rose bushes and green grass. I knocked on the door and she appeared, Rose V. She answered the dor in a tight White T-SHirt and jeans that hugged her ass perfectly. I always use to dream of putting my long 7 inch cock in there. Rose is kinda short 5' 3" and a thin woman at I think 150 pounds. Her hair laid perfectly on her shoulders and her tits were busting through her shirt, 34C. Her ass was one of the greatest masterpieces i have ever seen. Basically on sight of her my dick would begin to get rock hard.She saw me dripping at her doorway and invited me in to get a cold glass of water. She then said. "I'll be in the shower, make yourself at home." The thought of this hot mom in the shower made me get hard, and i had an urge to wank. I dashed into her little room and grabbed her thong that was laying lonely on the bed. It was purple. I then ran back into the living room and begin rubbing my hard meat with it. It felt o great that I didn't even hear the water shut off, it was so smooth that silk thong. The door opened, my head was back then all i heard was " Oh my god, what are you doing with my thong? You're doing it all wrong." My head looked up at her in puzzlement. SHe walked over in nothing but a white, cotton towel over herself. When she got close to my dick, still holding the towel, she got on her knees, and stuck out her small, petite hand. It grabbed my shaft and slowly stroked my flesh arrow. It felt so good coming from this hot mom, that i've wanted to fuck since i was like 10. Her hand slowly went faster and she asked, " Feels better, don;t it?" I couldn;t speak I just let out some air and nodded my head slowly staring at her hand. She looked up and said let me make it feel better. She is still holding the towel and put her pink, pouty lips to my shaft. My dick felt so good in there, her tongue begain to slowly go up and down my cock. It felt like the greatest massage ever. Her brown eyes would sometimes look up and it jsut made it feel better, to see this hot, innocent milf sucking my dick. The towel still around her, she stood up and asked, "well lets make you even harder, does this turn you on?" As she said that her hand went off the towel and it dropped like a feather. Her big tits were fully exposed to my eyes. She had the pinkest nipples, I have ever seen and one of the pinkest pussys. I told her to turn around and she followed my command. I couldn't get over how nice her round tight ass was. My cock began to grow and i could tell she liked it, a grin came across her face. "Well, why don't you eat my ass and i'll jerk that hard cock off?" In amazement I nodded. She dropped to all fours. Shebegan to practically beg for my wet tongue in her ass. On the couch, that i was sitting on, i leaned forward and opened her cheeks. My tongue slowly went and began rubbing her asshole. Her hands began clenching the greenish carpet and her face was tightening up. A few Ohs and Aws and other unrecognizable sounds were let out. My tongue began to penetrate her ass. From the pleasure, she layed the side of her face on the carpet and pulled her own ass apart. My tongue attempted to go farther, and she began whimpering Oh shits and Fuck. One hand left her ass cheek and grab my cock. Her hand began jerking me off just like how she did a few moments ago. Slurps and moans filled up the whole room. She was so happy that a young man was pleasuring her ass.Eventually after a few minutes of rimming, she moaned, " My ass is so wet right now, just stick it in." Rose's ass was up high and my cock slipped rigt into the saliva filled hole. My cock felt the tightness of her asshole. I didnt even start thrusting and she was rocking her ass back and forth, dragging my cock in farther. SHe was already moaning, " O fuck, I hadn't had anyone in my ass in so long O fuck." My hands then grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, and my hips began swaying. I felt the tightness around my tip and shaft. It was so good, I couldn't help, but yell, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Rose you're so fucking tight." We both began to quiver from the tightness of her ass and my cock that was moving through it. I didn;t even know it but my hand rose and slapped her ass a few times. There was a red palm print on top of her smooth ass. She then crawled and my cock was removed from her ass, she then shoved me down onto the couch. I laid wondering what happened, and then her wet pussy engulfed my cock. She leaned forward and asked, " How does it feel fucking a hot mom? I bet great, you're so good." After her lips met mine and tongues, i could feel her supple tits on my chest. She then leaned back and swept the hair in her face behind her. Her legs then started leaping, her wet cunt was engulfing and rubbing my cok as it went up and down. My hands  reached forward and grabbed and felt her bouncing titties. Her bouncing was in a rythem and her face looked tired, but all she kept moaning was, "Oh shit, so good, such a large cock. I'm loving this, fuck this milf, fuk me hard.!!!!" Her ass was slapping my balls and thighs, a great sound. She then leaned forward again, and kissed. My arms grabbed her back, hugging her closer, her tits squashed against me. Keeping her still, my cock thrusted even harder into her pussy. We were in heaven, my balls slapping her ass. I then let go of her back and we both were going into each other, It felt so great and hot. Her tits were practially slapping her face. She then moans, "Hmm, I think i need a drink, o shit." She then gets up and gets on her knees. I get into a sitting position and aim my hose at her face. My hands begin to jerk myself off and  a large stream of cum spurts into her face. It lands near her eyes, nose, mouth, even reaching her forehead. She then says innocently," I'll clean it up." Her mouth once again begins to suck on my less hard cock. I decide i want more than a bj, so my hands surround her head and pull her in. My cock hits the back of her head and all i hear is Slurp Slurp Gag Gag Glurg Glarg MMMMMMMMMMMM. SHe pulls aways some cum on her lips and she then sucks the balls, sine there was some cum on there too. After she swallowed all the cum down her throat, she stood up. I was just baffled i fucked a milf, and she got up and grabbed the thong on the table. She went into her room, put on her clothes, and said, " I have to go pick up my daughters from softball, if you ever want another "DRINK" come back anytime", she laughed smiled and even pretended to suck my dick again. i SAT ON THAT couch wondering what happened and i was happy that i fucked that milf. I went out of the house, went next door to mine, and laid down. I couldn't get the thought of my mind especially telling me to come back. I noticed i was hard a few hours later, and wanted to go over to Rose's house for a "DRINK", but her two daughters were home. I thought maybe if there mom will fuck me, maybe those two hot asses will too, but that would be for another day. I smiled, and went to bed.


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