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My New Pet - Part 1

Ashlin Rane on BDSM Stories

I first saw her on my way home from work. Short maybe 5’2” if that. Large tits and long brown hair. Fair skin and a nice round ass. She wore clothing that completely covered her. She wouldn’t get many looks with how she dressed, but I knew as soon as I ripped them off of her she’d be beautiful. I watched her for a week, following her studying her habits and places she went. Today I would make her my newest slut.

My previous girl couldn’t take it. I could never break her. I sent her to a friend of mine to take care of. He would stable her mind and get her back to normalcy.

I waited outside a book store for an hour, knowing she’d leave at 9pm. She always went to the bookstore every night at 8pm and left at 9pm. At 8:55 I took my place in the alley next to the store. The streets were bare this late at night, no cars or people in sight. I poured some liquid onto a small cloth and held it tight. The drug would knock her out long enough to get her back to my house.

A small bell rang and I looked up knowing it was the door opening. She walked out, a book in her hand and walked towards the alley. As she passed I grabbed her tight and covered her nose and mouth with the cloth. She only fought for a second til her body went limp in my arms. I could smell lavender in her hair. I picked her up and carried her to the back of the alley where my car was parked. As I laid her in the back seat I grabbed some rope. I tightly tied her hands behind her back and her ankles together. I placed a blindfold over her eyes and stuffed a bandana in her mouth, gagging her. Slowly I squeezed her tits and massaged them.

“I hope you don’t turn out like the last girl.” I said softly as I groped her lifeless body. I sighed and closed the door as I walked around and got into the driver’s side. I started my car and turned to look at her again. My cock stirred in my pants imagining her body under all those clothes. I turned back around and sped off to my house.

It was a short drive out of town. I lived in the country that surrounded the small city. Mainly farm land except for my house. I turned up a road heading up a small mountain. A forest surrounded my 5 bedroom house.  I pulled into the garage and stopped the motor. I heard a groan from the back seat and knew I had to work fast.

I jumped out of my car and opened the back door. I lifted her out of the car, her body still limp and took her into my house. Slowly up the stairs to one of the bedrooms the whole house was dark.

I cut her clothes off slowly. Under her shirt she wore a lacey black push up bra. She didn’t need the extra help at all. Her tits were large and soft, I squeezed them gently before cutting the bra off. Next I moved to her jeans. Rather than try to cut them off I untied her ankles and pulled them off. A black lace thong was all she wore underneath. It matched her ruined bra.

I slowly moved her up on the bed. Untying her hands and retying them tight to the bed posts. I decided to leave the thong on her for now as I stretched her legs wide and tied her ankles to the bed posts at the end of the bed. She groaned and moved slightly, slowly regaining consciousness. I rubbed her tits again slowly as she started to move around as much as she could. Squeezing them hard and rubbing her nipples slowly making them hard. She gasped as I pinched one of her now hard nipples and tried to scream.

“You’re my pet now sweetheart. Don’t bother trying to scream, no one will hear you.” I whispered softly in her ear as she started crying. I sat down on the bed next to her and continued squeezing her big tits. With on hand I traced down her body, running my fingers over her stomach and to her thong. I ran my finger over her thong tracing her slit, now becoming wet. I rubbed her cunt slowly as I pinched her nipples more. My cock grew hard in my pants as I played with her body.

“I’m going to take the gag out of your mouth and the blindfold off. You scream you will be punished is that understood?” I asked. She nodded slowly as she sobbed. I reached up and pulled the gag out of her mouth. She took a deep breath in and coughed as I took the blindfold off of her. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, pleading with me. She had beautiful hazel eyes. I ran my hand along her face, then wiped tears off of her cheek smiling down at her.

“P..please don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything please…” She begged staring at me. She glanced down my body looking at all of me. I was much taller than her, about 6’. Short dark black hair and dark eyes. Had a pretty good body. I took care of myself well, along with my pets. My cock was 7 ½ inches long when fully hard and about 2 inches around. I looked at her and noticed her staring at my crotch. My cock was pushing hard against my jeans.

“Your punishments will hurt, and you will do anything. I won’t kill you, I won’t beat you, and I won’t leave any lasting scar. But you will do everything I tell you to do is that understood?” I said sternly. She looked up at me again, pleading but nodding slowly. “You’re my slave now.” I said as I leaned down to kiss her forehead. She started crying again as I got up and left the room, closing the door behind me and locking it.

I slowly made my way to the kitchen and pulled a few things from the fridge. She’d be hungry soon, it was a side effect of the drug. I made a small sandwich for her and grabbed two glasses. One I filled with water the other I left empty for now. I walked back upstairs to her room and unlocked the door. She was still crying as she laid on the bed. I walked over and set everything down on the nightstand. She turned her head and looked at the food then at me.

“You can talk.” I said as I walked over to a dresser across the room.

“Is that for me..?” She asked softly.

“Yes sweetheart. You can have it in a minute.” I said as I opened one of the drawers and looked through it. I pulled out 2 large vibrators, some lube, and a small clit stimulator. I closed the drawer and walked back to the bed. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at the toys in my hand. I grinned down at her as I sat down.

“Please.. Don’t..” She said looking up at me. I placed the toys on the bed next to me and touched her face again.

“Do you want the food slave?” I asked. She closed her eyes and nodded slowly.

“Then beg me to use the toys on you.” I said as I ran my hand across her tits again. I squeezed her nipples hard, making her wince in pain.

“I..I can’t..please..” She sobbed.

“This is your life now. You will live here you will do what I say always. I am your Master from now on. I will take care of you very well if you are good.” I said as I massaged her tits. She nodded slowly.

“Please..use the toys on me.. Please I’m so hungry.” She sobbed. I leaned over and kissed her forehead again, smiling down at her.

“You will feel better the sooner you give in to me. You can live with me happily as a slave but only if you choose to.” I said as I moved one hand down to her cunt and rubbed it slowly. She closed her eyes and sighed as I touched her clit. Her cunt was dripping wet now, her body betraying her.

I moved down and took the stimulator and placed it under her thong directly on her clit and turned it on low. She gasped as it vibrated on her slowly. I took one of the vibrators and ran it down her stomach. It was 8 inches long and 3 inches around. The other vibrator was slightly smaller, 7 inches long and 2 around.

I moved her thong over and rubbed the vibrator along her slit slowly. I gently pushed it in as she gasped. I moved it in and out an inch before forcing it all the way into her wet cunt. She cried out as it stretched her cunt open. I moved her thong back as I turned it on high, the buzzing was loud as it vibrated violently in her cunt. She gasped for air and moaned loud. Her thong held in deep in her cunt as I opened up the bottle of lube. She looked at me through half closed eyes as I rubbed the second vibrator with lube.

“No.. please don’t please..” She whined, knowing where it was going.

“Do you want your food or not.” I asked. She closed her eyes and nodded.

I moved down and lifted her ass slowly, moving her thong once more and placed the vibrator against her tight hole. I pushed it in slowly, her body stiffening up. Inch by inch I pushed it deep inside til she took it all. I turned it on high and moved her thong back to hold it in. I moved back to the stimulator and turned it on as high as it would go, she screamed as it started vibrating against her clit.

I watched her for a moment. She pulled against the ropes hard lifting her hips up. Groaning and breathing hard her tits bouncing as she moved. I smiled and picked up the sandwich.

“You want your food still?” I asked laughing as she thrashed on the bed. She moaned and nodded. I slowly broke it into small pieces and fed it to her. She was having trouble not to choke as she finished it all.

“Thank you… can you please take these out please..ooohh…” She moaned softly.

“No sweetie not yet. Are you close to cumming my slave?” I asked. She nodded fast and looked at me. “You don’t cum until I tell you to is that understood?”

“Then take them out of me please..” She begged as her breathing got faster. She was close. My cock was throbbing in my jeans. I could feel precum covering it. She looked so beautiful laying there filled up.

“I will take them out under one condition.” I said and smiled.

“What? Please what??” She begged as she moaned loud.

“You have to drink my cum.” I said. She looked over at me, tears forming in her eyes.

“I..I can’t laying here please…” She said softly. I ran my hand down her face and unzipped my pants.

“Enjoy yourself sweetie but don’t cum, you understand?” I asked as I pulled my stiff cock out of my pants. She moaned and nodded. She stared at my cock as she moaned and bucked her hips up. Slowly I squeezed my cock and started rubbing it up and down as I rubbed her big tits with my other hand.

She moaned loud and arched her back pulling against the ropes hard. I started rubbing my cock faster up and down watching her and squeezing her tits hard. She forced her hips up and down as much as she could straining against the ropes trying to fuck the vibrators deep inside of her. I tightened my grip on my cock and rubbed faster feeling my balls tighten up. I groaned softly as I pinched her nipples hard. She looked up at me breathing hard pleading with her eyes as my hand left her tits.

I grabbed the empty glass on the table and placed it over my cock as I jacked off faster staring down at her tits bouncing up and down. My balls tightened as I groaned and shot my cum into the glass. I kept rubbing faster as my cum shot out filling the glass. I sighed as my cock started softening and pushed it back into my jeans.

Smiling down at her I leaned over and lifted her head up slighty and placed the glass to her lips.

“Drink.” I said as she looked up at me. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I poured the cum down her throat. She swallowed it up as fast as she could til it was all gone. “Now cum.” I said and placed the glass back on the nightstand. She bucked her hips up hard as she screamed. She had been waiting for me to tell her. She threw her head around panting and moaning. Her whole body started shaking as she slowly came down from her orgasm. She relaxed on the bed panting hard and looked over at me. I picked up the glass of water and held it to her lips. She drank half the glass before pulling away.

“T..Thank you..” She whispered. I kissed her forehead slowly and then moved down. I removed the vibrators from her ass and cunt slowly. She moaned as they left her body. I pulled the stimulator from her clit and took them to the bathroom attached to her room. I would wash them later.

“Sleep now. You will have a long day tomorrow my pet.” I said as I walked out of the room. I locked the door behind me then retreated to my own room to rest. It would be a long day tomorrow. The drug would fully leave her system overnight and I knew she would fight back.

One of my first stories here. Comments welcome, please don't be too harsh. -Ashlin Rane



mmm, very nice story, at times makes me wish to be abducted by a Master and makes me submit to him and his demands, it is very hard for me to submit and i love a man who is aggressive and lets me know he means it, keep writing, makes me feel like the girl

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