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My Plot To Make Daddy Fuck Me! Part 2

smooney on Incest Stories

This part of the story is where it falls into slot. I got up off the chair and said to my Dad i have seen all the porn on your computer, the rape fantasies, the incest, the farm animals etc. She looked shocked to say the least. He said i don't know what you are talking about honey. I looked at his cock and it was throbbing.  I replied and said Dad, its OK, i want you to do that stuff to me. His jaw dropped and he got a focused look in his eye. He said to me what exactly is it you want me to do to you honey!.

I went up to his room and got the laptop. Then i brought it down and opened it. I looked up the history again and first i went to I said to him I want you to treat me like i am your personal fuck toy and called a whore and slut and cum lover and hit me. Then i went to and said to him i want you to fuck me hard in a bus or park or in the middle of a field somewhere. After that i went to forced and said i have dreamed of being raped since i saw you do it to my aunt Felice.

He looked at me and said r u sure? and i said yes. He then went up stairs, came down with a belt and told me to get on my knees. So i did, he opened his keep and pushed my heading onto the tip of his lovely cock and told me to lick it. I swallowed almost all of it and when it went down my throat i was so fucking horny. He slapped me in the face and told me to look up at him. So did and he push me right up to his stomach and called me daddies little fuck whore. He continued to make me gag until he came in my mouth. I was in two minds, whether to spit it onto my tits or swallow it. I felt very dirty and i want my daddies cum inside me one way or the other. It was nice tasting, salty but creamy. he then let my head go off his cock and all the slobbers came out an ran down my chest onto my tits. I then began licking his balls and sucking on them, they were very big, the egg corns or something. I continued to suck on them until he asked me to lick his ass, i was a bit reluctant but being the whore i am i did it anyway. So he turned around and pushed his ass into my face, sweaty and smelly but i loved it. So i continued to do this while he was wanking himself. Finally i said to him i want my daddies cock instead his little girls cunt.

He lifted me up, pulled off my knickers and dived his head between my legs, my pussy was like a monsoon and then bent me over the coffee table in the living room. Slid his fingers into my cunt and rammed the shit out of me with them. He did this we motion with this fingers that made my toes curls and i was screamming all over the show. I am sure the neighbours hear me. Anyway after that he lifted up my skirt, took his trousers off and lent over behind me. I was in the position i always wanted to be i.e. daddies fuck toy. I felt the tip of his cock pushing towards my pussy, then it opened up and he slid into me. Right then my eyes rollover in the back of my head. I started fucking me really hard that i was getting frickshen burns on my thighs, me smacked me in the ass and said who is daddies personal fuck toy, who is my whore, i said with and orgasmic tone meeeeee i am your whore daddy.
Anyway i told me to go hard and he did my grabbing my hair and pulling my neck back, he put all of his fingers into my mouth and shoved them down as far as they would go. He then choked me until i told me to stop, finally the thing that made me squirt all over his cock and lovely balls was he slammed my head down on the coffee table and really pounded my cunt. I screammed ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhollllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Then he pulled out and grabbed me, forced himself into my mouth and letting his love juice jo all down my throat. I feel to the floor and he feel back on the sofa.

I was in completely extasy, so was he by the look on his face. Then he got up, nealed down beside me and said to me, look at me u whore, i looked at him and said yes daddy and he put a finger in my ass and said I own you now, i own your mouth, your cunt and your ass and will always do even if you get married, i said submissively ok daddy. Then he put 50 pounds on the floor and said go and get something for yourself. I felt dirty, horny, tired and i fucking loved it.

Well that was the first time he fucked me. but not the only time. For any girls out their who are thinking about fucking their dads or asking them, they should know it is excellent, however you need to keep it private because not everybody understands. comments welcome.!


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