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My Trick with My Dick

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    On our vacation to Ireland, my parents stayed in a room on the other side of the house, and my sister and i were sharing a room down stairs.  The first night my sister went into the restroom and i watched TV.  She came out and walked over to her bed where her suitcase was laying.  She pulled out her night gown and looked at my and said, "Do you mind if I change here?"  Shocked i said yes and "watched" TV.  As she pulled her pants down i noticed her nice legs and how they fit perfectly with her perfect ass.  She took off her shirt and i was now looking at my sister in her bra and panties.  I, being 15, i was imediatley hard and just tried to hide it so she couldnt see.  She then, to my surprise, took off her bra and panties reveals her plump breasts and her hairy innocent pussy.  She was 13, but her boobs proved otherwise.  They were very large and very sexy.  She then slipped on her night gown and the show was over.

    Thinking that she might be down, i got up and asked her the same question.  She said she didnt care so i took off my clothes and stood there with my 8 inch hard on sticking out for her to see.  I gave it a few strokes just to spark her curiosity and then put on my boxers.  

    The next morning, i woke up to the shower noise and had to piss.  I thought that since she didnt care if i saw her last night, she wouldn\'t care if i walked through the bathroom to use the toilet.  As i did she covered herself up with her arms which confused me.  I leaked and then left.

    Later that day, i asked her if she wanted to play house.  She said yes.  We were to be husband and wife.  i started by coming home from work and then giving her a hug and kissing her on the lips.  At first she backed away, but i sort of just said i was playing the game.  I ended the day in the game pretty fast and said that we should go to sleep.  as i went to the bed, she lay by me.  I thought i would pretent to snuggle with her since we were married and i climbed on top of her and started to rub up against her breasts moving them up and down.  She said to stop and i did.  

    Later that day, i was feeling kind of sick.  my stomach hurt.  i told her that it would really help if she gave me a back rub.  we did that often for eachother.  i took off my shirt and rolled over.  she strattled my ass and began to rub.  my hard on was awakening.  i asked her to rub the part of my body just below my belly button and just above my crotch because that always made me feel bette when my stomach hurt.  She agreed to and i rolled over.  She began to rub but i said she had to go lower.  Then lower.  Then finally she reached my pants line and i said it wasnt a problem cuz i could lower my pants a little.  As i did i exposed my penis which made her a little uncomfortable.  But she kept rubbing and then i asked if she could gently rub my balls.  She said no, but i convinced her to.  Just as she began to rub them i heard someone coming down the stairs and i bolted off the bed and pulled my pants up.  Just as my dad walked in.  

    Later that night, i offered her a foot rub and she was wearing a skirt so my angle was quite perfect.  I started with her foot and slowly moved to the knee and finally to her thigh and before she knew it i was rubbing the area just around her pussy.  She had her panties on and so i couldnt get a great glimps.  

    She then got ready for bed and again i got the show.  I asked as we were laying in bed if she wanted to play truth or dare with me.  She didnt know what it was so i told her it was a game where if u say truth you have to aswer the truth and if you say dare you have to do it.  She said it sounded like fun and said i should go first.  She said dare and i dared her to kiss me on the lips.  Then i chose dare and she dared me to show her my butt.  seeing that she was "getting" the game i dared her to get naked.  She did, reluctantly, and then dared me to do the same.  There we sat, brother and sister, butt naked on my bed.  I dared her to touch my dick and she did.  She then dared me to touch her pussy.  I rubbed it a little and was very satisfied with myself.  I then dared her to stroke me and she did.  I then fingered her a little and i felt myself break through her hymen.  After dares to suck, kiss, rub, and squeeze, pretty much every body part, i dared her to ride me for a little while.  She said she shouldn\'t.  "We are brother and sister, we can\'t have sex."  I told her that it was ok cuz nobody would know and that it was fine and normal.  She slowly came to me and strattled me.  

    I slowly aimed my dick towards her hole.  She lowered herself and screamed because of the feeling.  I felt her cherry pop and she began to ooze liquid out her pussy.  She moaned and cried but at the same time was happy.  I started to pump her and she was so tight and hot.  Her huge tits bounced with every pump and she moaned and moaned.  

    I felt myself about to cum so i told her.  "Don\'t cum in me.  Don\'t you fucking cum in me!!" she said.  i just kept pumping.  I felt my cock swell and i blew my load into her pussy and she yelled and moaned with joy.  her hair soaked with sweat was now skacking with every moan.  

    She climbed off me and said that truth or dare was the best game she had ever played.  She stuck her finger up her pussy and pulled out some cum.  She licked it and said that she wanted more.

    A year later, we were on our trip to Thialand and we were waiting for a moment alone so we could fuck.  We have fooled around in the plane bathroom on the way there but it wasnt enough.  Once we were alone we fucked all over the bed and made love like lovers on a honeymoon.  I blew my hot cum in her and she squealed like a pig.  

    A week later she came up to me in my room and we started making out.  I loved her soaking mouth in mine.  She looked at me in the eye and said, "I\'m pregnant."  i looked at her in shock and said that we were so fucked.  She laid me down on my bed and said everything was goin to be ok.  She began to stroke my cock and kiss my neck.  She said that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her.  Her and i still fuck to this day and our daughter, Vannessa, who is now 13, has joined in our sexual pleasures.  it is just like the first time i fucked my sister when i fuck my daughter.  so tight and fresh.  my fucked up family is the sexiest thing in the world. 

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