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My hot ass, 13 yr old niece

dick_doner on Incest Stories

At the time, I had not even realized that I would be alone with my sexy ass niece, who had came 2 stay with me for 2 weeks as her parents and my mother had went on a cruise and would be driving back from Florida with relatives who were coming 2 visit. I was rather excited as soon as I realized what was about to go down and getting to taste what I had been wanting for over a year........when she woke up as I was coming in late 1 night, I came to find her and  her cousin lying on my bedroom floor, sleep. As I climbed into bed, I remember her laughing as I alsmost tripped on her leg in the process. We began to talk about the concert I had just come from and then said I would be taking her shopping in the morning, to make up for not taking her to see her favorite rapper. I noticed she glanced over to check if her cousin was sleep and after she confirmed, she slowly climbed into the bed and got under the covers. I pretended to go to sleep but as a couple of minutes passed, I began to feel her hand wandering wildly over my chest, legs and my cock. Thinking that I was sleep, she boldly pulled out my cock from out my boxers and began to stroke it as she had often caught me pulling on my cock, watching porn in the past. Well i began to feel the spooge begin to setup for blast off.....OH NO.....not just yet, I thought. As she turned to face me, I looked her in her eye and began licking my lips, which in turn started to lick and nibble on her ear and neck. As the excitement level rose and the carelessness attitude on our behalf intensified ( my knephew was on the floor next 2 us) she climbed on top of me. She lifted her t-shirt and began to grind my cock as I was surprised as to watch her move with an experienced touch. She grabbed my hands and had me cup both of her young 36 DD'z, which felt so good as my cock was sliding back n forth between her legs. With 11.5 inches of solid rock cock between her legs making her feel real good, I said turn around and put that big ass on my face, she replied, " Only if we pull the covers over us". No problem, once under I whispered to her to Put my cock in her mouth like I had done one night when we were alone. iI told her that while she did that, I would let her pussy fuck my mouth. I'd say that 8 minutes passed before she squirted in my mouth and 15 before I showered her face, neck and throat with a pearl shower. When we dressed after having our lil fun, she kissed me in my mouth and said " I love you" and finished that with, " As long as you keep spoiling me and tkae me shopping, No one will ever know". That was a long thought, as I snapped back into and realized that what happened that night, a year ago was about to happen again AND I HAD 2 WEEKS TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN...................

To be continued and  followed up with me Standing behind her, helping her cook a soup and feelin my cock rub against that juicy, 13 year old , plump ass.....noticing the pantyless feel of her jiggly ass cheeks and looking over her shoulder, down her pajama top to see those DD'z, nipples on alert and no bra to get in my way. Like I said, It's gonna be a long 2 weeks.

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