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My sexy sister

sean1511 on Incest Stories

I have always found my older sister attractive. She hasnt got the best body or the biggest boobs.

This happened on my 14th birthday. The best birthday present i ever got.

I had just woken up, it was 7.30. Yeah i had to go to school on my birthday. Which sucked. I got had a shower, while i was in the shower i was a note on the wall. When i got out of the shower, i read the note. it said "Theres a suprise for you on your bed. Open it when NO one is around to see." I quickly dryed myself and went to my room and saw a square box wrapped in wrapping paper covered in ballons. I looked to see if anyone was around, there wasnt anyone to be seen. I opened it. There was a photo frame with a note covering the picture. The note said "This is only part of your suprise. Wait till tonight." I then looked at the picture. My jaw dropped at what i saw. It was a picture of my sister naked but with one hand she was covering her boobs and with the other she was covering her pussy. I lifted the picture out of the box and saw another note. It said "DONT SHOW OR TELL ANYONE!" My cock was rock hard now. Then i heard my mum calling me for breakfast.

I walked down to the kitchen and my mum had made me pancakes and then i looked at the table and saw all my presants. Then i saw my sister and i just winked. She winked back. While i ate brekky i opened all my presents, i loved them all but none of them were as good as the one i got from my sister earlier.

I went to finish getting ready for school. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and my sister walked in and gave me a hug from behind and grabed my cock through my shorts and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said happy birthday. I said thanks.

The day at school went pretty quick. When i got home my sister was already there. She was sitting on my bed with her legs wide open so i could see straight up her dress. She had taken her panties off, her pussy was clean shaved. She chucked them at me. I caught them and tooka big sniff of them. They smelt Awesome. I walked over to her. She grabed me and threw me onto my bed, she got on top of me, grinding her pussy into my now hard cock. She lent in and stuck her tounge straight into my mouth. I thought she had never kissed anyone before but the way she was kissing, she was kissing like a pro. Then she got off me and walked out like nothing had happened. I looked down at my cock there was a massive wet patch from where my sisters pussy was. So i got up and quickly changed my shorts so no one would no.

Later on the rest of the family came over to have dinner. Once they left it was getting late, luckily tomorrow was saturday and i could sleep in. It was about 11 when my parents said they were going to bed. There room was down stairs and mine and my sisters were up stairs. We had our own tv up there so i told her i was going up there to watch one of the dvds i got for my brithday. She was like ok, ill be up there soon and ill watch it with you. I went up stairs and got changed into my pjs (my pjs consist of satin boxers). Then i put in euro trip. After about 5 mins in my sister came up. I was lying on the couch on my tummy. She walked up and grabed my ass. then said she was going to get changed and she'll be back in a minute i said ok. When she came out she was wearing her bra and boxers (no panties as i soon found out).

As the movie went on, a sex scene came on as any 14 year old boy would i got turned on by it. The head of my cock was hanging out, my sister saw it. Why dont you let him out? After you take your bra and boxers off, after all it is my birthday. She said ok. She unclipped her bra and let her A cup boobs free, then she pulled her boxers off so i got a good veiw of her hairless pussy. I then stood up and pulled my boxers down to let my 7 inch cock free. We walked over to each other and started kissing. She grabed me cock and started stroking it. She then got on her knees and started sucking my cock, then she sucked my balls an then she licked my ass which sent a shiver up my spine. She went back to sucking my cock and deep throating me. IM CUMMING! as i said that i shot my load straight into my sisters mouth, but she couldnt swallow it all and a bit came out and went down her chin. I dont no what made me do this but i licked my cum off my sisters face and then hooked up with her.

While we were kissing my fingers found there way to her soaking wet pussy, i inserted one finger then two and start raming her pussy. Then i moved down and sucked on her nipples until they were hard in my mouth. I slowly kissed down her tummy until i got to her pussy. Then i would just light lick her clit, teasing her. Then i went all out and started sucking and nibbling on her clit this sent her threw the roof. She had to orgasams almost similtaniously.

I stood up and said i've always wanted to do this. She said so have i. NOW FUCK ME!

I picked her up and put her on the couch and got on top of her and instered my cock into her pussy. She tensed up. Then i asked her if i was hurting her, she said no it was just she was a virgin. Then i was thought to my self oh shit im about to take my sisters virginity. I then slowly pussed my cock in until i felt her hymen. I then pulled back and ramed my cock into her, ripping through her hymen. She let out a little scream. I then kept on pumping her no non virgin pussy. Then we changed positions, she got on top of me and started riding my cock. After a few minutes of this we changed positions again. I bent her over the couch and started doing her doggy style. While i was pounding her from behind, i spat on her asshole and started fingering her ass. Then she turned around and looked at me and said put your dick in there. So i pulled my cock out of her pussy and stuck it in her ass, her pussy was so wet my cock just slid into her ass with ease. I started pounding her ass. IM CUMMING! Cum in my mouth she said. So i pulled out of her ass and then she turned around and sucked my cock until i came in her mouth. She swallowed it all this time.

Happy birthday baby brother, i hope you liked your suprise. she said.

Thanks sis, and i loved it.

From then on we would do something together eveynight. and we slept each others beds because we both new our parents dont ever come up here. So we would never get caught.


Hope you liked it :D

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