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My sister like to dress sexy

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one day last winter my sister and me mom and dad went to the Fl keys for 2 weeks. while we took a flight there it was fast and fun because my sister and me sat in the read of the plan we were late getting to the airport and when we got there things got messed up and they said they had 4 seats left 2 in first class which mom and dad took and 2 in the most back of the plane you could have. while walking down the isle of the plane i saw that my sister was not wearing a bra and her skirt was so tight i could tell she had nothing on under it.well as walking to the back of the plane i saw men looking her up and down and i said to myself she is pretty hot looking , as we got to our seats she took the window and we got all belted in and the plane took off. my sister grabed my hand and said i hate this part worst of all,,,, i said its ok i am here just hold my hand and she did. while flying to fl the flight was about 3 hrs there and we sat there and talked about everthing from boys to girls to love lifes,,LOL,while my sister is 5'7 brunette and green eyes and a sexy set of 34c breasts and nipples and are so round you cant miss them !... while talking she saw me looking at her breasts wispering to me whats wrong, i said well i like the top you have on its sexy on you and your breasts are more then i can handle for looking at, she laughted and said there only breasts and she liked the way they looked and loved when guys looked at her and then them . after landing in Fl my mom and dad got the car and we went to the hotel,well they screwed up so bad we were to get a suite with hot tub 3 rooms and a kitchen, what we got was 2 rooms no kitchen and mom and dad were so mad,i laughted and said oh well at least were in Fl... after unpacking my sister and me wanted to go to the beach and we changed into our suites, well my  dad and Mom were shocked and told my sister to go change into a bathing suite that cover more then that one did. they looked at me asking what do you think, i told them i liked it shes a doll and has the body for it . my dad said well your right and my mom said well OK dont leave your sister alone ok watch her sister is 19 and i am 22 i have to tell you my sister had on this bathng suit that bearly cover her nipples and her lover area was less, my dad said at least its white and looks good my mom said my little girl is growing up as we were walking out the room sayng we would be back later.while it was early yet the beach was not to bad with people and we got a place to lay the towels away from everone else by a sand dune and we were mostly out of the way of where anyone could see us.while we were laying there tammy said  mike put some lotin on my back i told her if we were going swimming it would come right off, she agreeed and we went swimming well the water was so warm felt so good, after walking in the water my sister said lets play a game. while standing there the waves were comming in and she would move toward me putting her arms around me so she would not get pushed away by the waves. after a few waves came in she got used to them and started to fell better. while talking she said lets play marco polo,I laughted and said OK this will be funny i bet ! while she picked to go first she said maro i saod polo,, she jumped at me and just grabbed  what she grabbed was my cock in my shorts  and though it was my arm,after seeing what she was holding she said I am so sorry i did not know i did that. aftet telling her it was ok it felt good she laughed and said i bet you did like that  your always looking at me or my breasts, while she said that i saw that her white bathing sute was transparent and i could see her breasts like she was wearing nothing. i told her that and she looked down and said well i guess thats ok being i just grabbed your cock. while still checking her out from time to time we both got of the water and went to the towels and layed out for a few hrs,after laying there she rolled over asking me to put lotion on her i agree and told her to roll over when she did i saw that her back to her bathing sute was undone and i started to get hard. i started to rub lotion on her back and while this was so hard for me to do i could not help but to stare at her sexy ass, it was just right and No rinkles what so ever tight and sexy. while rubbing her back i when all the way down to her bottoms and was rubbing lotion there and stopping, she ask why are you stopping, i said i am stopping at your bottoms she said well you can rub futher down if you want its ok i dont want to get burned.well after was seemed like for ever to do i started to rub her butt cheeks and feel then as i put lotion on them she said it felt so good and asked if i need some i said i guess i do. after laying down on my towel face down she did the same rubbing lotion and as i looked up at her i saw that she forgot to put her top on and said you for got your top while looking at her very sexy breasts. while she looked like a deer in the lights all she said was its ok no one can see me. i though to myself i guess it was ok for me to see...while rubbing the lotion on she said ok roll over and when i did she saw i was hard as a pipe saying wow i am sure your girlfriend like thhis about you, while looking at her saying i did not have one we broke up 3 weeks ago she said thats too bad it looks like she could have had fun with this nice looking cock of yours.while rubbing my cheast and arms she moved to my legs and inner legs, i was a little jumpy and she said its ok i dont bite, while she was turning me on so bad i could not stop my cock from getting hard as steel and getting as large as i have ever felt looking at her breasts in my face almost just thinking how they would feel. while rubbing my legs she stayed they for a little while and her hand brushed my cock and i almost jumped 50 feet telling her that i was not used to that. she laughed and said that its ok i am your sister and i have felt them before just not as big as you are, while wanting to pull her into me and suck one of those wonderful nipples i had to close my eyes and think about somthing else.she finshed and we layed out for maybe another 30 mins, while walking back to the hotel she asked me what i would had done if i kept rubbing me i told her i might have came right there its been a while for me i am already horny and you did not make it any better, she said ok she was sorry for doing that to me and would make it up to me somehow i said ok.after taking showers and cleaning up of course she came out the shower wearing this skirt that was so short it was about 3 inches from her ass cheeks when i saw that she had no bra on again i almost fainted because her top was this pink mid drift that bearly cover the bottoms of her and dad were who knows where and we were all alone to do what ever, as i took my shower she said that when i finshed we could go for a walk and see the sights tonight. well i got to tell you i was worse off then ever my cock would not get soft and my sister was killing me making me look at her like this. after getting dressed and putting on shorts and a tank top with no boxers we left and when to the strip and started walking around.after walking a few mins we saw our mom and dad and they of course said they like wht she had on my dad was looking the other way saying oh yes he liked it to trying not to make a big deal about the fact his daughter was the hottest one out there. we went one way they went the other way while walking my sister just reached out and held my hand it felt good to hold her hand being that we never really got alone this was we walked a few blocks my sister said what do you want to do i said i am hungry and she said lets eat. well we are and started to walk toward the beach while walking on the beach i put my arm around her and she moved her arm around my weist saying this was a good day.after walking a few mins i stopped and said where is the hotel at she asked why, I said i had to pee really bad. she said just walk to the water and do it there i said ok i guess i can,while walking to the water she was following me and said she would watch while i was peeing, after i started peeing my sister said damm you had to pee bad i see, i laughed and said i am not finished too. she said while i was still peeing she better go as well,..... i almost losted it seeing her raise her skirt and she had no panties on at all....i said to her forgot the panties i see while looking at me while she was squtting i saw her golden pee running out of her very sexy pussy, i said i have never seen a women do that before she said well get closeer if you like so you can see it better.... as i moved closer i could smell her very strong pee comming out of her pussy telling her that it was a turn on for me to see that, while i finished she told me not to put it away yet. when she finished peeing i was so hard she walked over to me and just leaned over and took my very hard cock into her mouth and started sucking away like a pro i might add. while this felt so damm good i felt my balls tighted and said i am going to cum move away when she heard me say  that she just went deeper on my cock taking it all the way in her mouth til her chin was against my nuts. after shotting my hot load in  my sisters very hard sucking mouth she finished and i had to sit down she told me that i tasted very good and would love to do that again with me.while i was so weak from cumming like a horse my sister was ready to go back to the hotel, when we got there we when to our room and changed into our sleep clothes and i layed down in bed waiting for her to come out the bathroom. as she walked out she had this one piece of what i called nothing that cover very little and i loved it, the lights were put off and we went to bed. in the middle of the night she called my name asking if i were awake saying she could not sleep, i asked her way and she told me that she was so horny would i help, i jumped at the chance to help asking her what could I do. well she sat up pulled off her nite and just layed back down and said what ever comes to mind just do it ok, i saod ok i reached over and started sucking her very big nipples and as i did she started to moan and running her hands in my hard. while moving down her body i reached her very wet and pee smelling pussy i just dove in there sucking all of her juices tasting all of her as much i could get out of her. while tasting her pee and licking her down there she said to stop she had to pee she would be right back, i said just start peeing i will catch it , she said to me Ok but this might be alot, as she started to pee in my mouth my whole mouth was over very pussy feeling her pee shoot in my mouth running down my neck and in my belly it felt so good and she started to pee more and more and faster in my mouth i could not swollow it fast enough. while it was like just running down my neck i love it very much as she finshed i could not  belive it tasted good to me, my sister drinks alot of water and there was no real taste to her.while laying there still between her legs she said come kiss me  and i moved up her body and started to kiss my sisters lips and i will tell you i was kissing a modle she is so sexy naked and to feel her breasts on my cheast was great. while kissing her i felt her hand go down toward my hard as steel cock moving it up and down her very wet pussy telling me to put it inside of me, i asked her it she had comdoms she said no just pull out ok, she told me not to cum inside of her because she was very fertal and could get pregant. as we were making love i slowly felt my way inside of my sisters tight pussy i might add as she pulled me into her she said i am a virgen so please be gentel with me, i was floored I said as the head of my cock was just inside of her saying WHAT!!! she said yes i am  my boyfriend waited to long and thats why i broke up with him we were going to do this 2 weeks ago. when i asked her if she was sure she wanted it to be me to breack her cherry she said please do it i love you so much while puling me into her  she started kissing me and rasied her legs and opened them more to receive my large cock into her tight pussy. as i was entering my sister she said its hurts so bad i said i am at your hymen and thats whats hurting you, she said ok i am ready as she rasied her hips to mine i pushed toward hers and we came together in the middle as over hips met while french kissing she was moaning and i was moaning as well , it felt so good inside my sister just knowing i was deep within her body and feeling her depths and having her arms around me and her legs around my back. as we were slowly thrusting one another for at least 30 mins i felt my balls tighten, she must have felt my cock sweel and started to kiss my ear and then my neck and then i felt her hand rubbing my ass while moaning she said i want to feel you cum inside of me i said you can get pregant and she started to tighten her legs around my back looking in my eyes saying fill my pussy with your seed and make me your women for life as i was feeling my balls to the point of no return I started to unload deep within my sister, pumping load after load deep in her as were were kissing she said of my god i can feel your cum shooting in me,while laying there after unloading the biggest load of my life i my cock was deep inher and still hard and i told her i had to pee i would be back, she said NO pee in me I want to feel more of you then i have ever felt baby,i started to pee into my sisters pussy and i could feel her pussy tighten against my cock  and she started to cum again and could not stop as i was peeing hard into her, she was so wet and then she started to pee on my cock while we were both in bed peeing on one another it was a great feeling,my sister lover very min of it. well that night was the best of many night to come. when the next morning came around we were like lovers and met our mom and dad to eat that morning, in the heat of passion i must have not saw that i gave my sister a hicky and she did the same to me that i did not see it on my neck , my mom and dad said OK whats up you two, we laughed and said what do you mean, they told us we both had hickys and who did it, well my sister is a pro, she said that too many guys were hitting on her when here so she asked me to put one , then as a joke i put one on him,, well my mom and dad said, well at least you two are getting closer i like that alot,my mom said as looking at my sister,telling her that she loved the outfit she had on , i had to agree, it was a pr of shorts that shows the cheeks of her ass and a halter top that was almost see thur, i had to agree, while sitting there eating my dad asked my sister what did you all do last night, we both laughed and said Nothing just played around, my mom says i can tell, as my sister looked at me i looked at her saying i loved her as we kissed on the lips and got a quick hug my dad and mom said now thats what I have been waiting for them two to get alone, i knew you two could do it, i had fath, my sister said to my dad would it be ok if we sleep together, i dont want to losse my brother again and after this week i am sure we will always be close , my dad looked at my mom saying what did she think and my mom said look at them if i did not know any better i would think they were inlove, then my dad said OK, you all can sleep together but  ?..... as he looked at me saying you better take care of her OK, i said dad i already am, with that we kissed and started eatting and yes  my sexy sister got pregant and it was all mine, she told my mom and dad it was her X boyfriend and he had a comdom on and then my dad said well at least hes not around anymore looking at me saying are you ok with this, i sais yes dad I will help her like its my own, 4 months later my sister had our child,a baby girl, my mom and dad were just head over heels. my mom said to me this baby looks like you,I laughed and said no way, my dad said its ok,she will be with him anyway ,my mom laughed and said yes our kids are the best as i leaned over and kissed my sister on the lips telling her i loved her she whisper back saying in my ear, i want a baby Boy will you help me, I smilled and said anything for you  !!!  hope you liked this,my daugher is a yr old now and were working on our baby boy now, my sister is still sexy and my mom and dad love the fact that were so close,


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