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My wife turns me into her slave


                My wife turns me into her slave


My wife was one of the most caring people you could ever meet, she’s love kids, animals, all creatures

She was a care assistant and loved her job.

She always listens to people, and tries’ to help them if she can, but at night she loves being in control, and turns into my mistress, she has enormous tits, and a normal figure, as most normal woman do.

 I was sit in the front room, on the pc as normal , when she opened the door, she was standing there in a nurses uniform, this looked extremely sexy as hell, and then I noticed she had foot long whip in her hand.  “Turn that off now and stand up “she shouted, as she whipped the desk with an almighty Crakkkkkkkk, I all most jumped out of my skin.  ”what the fuck you do that for” I shouted back at her,  I looked at her, “for once will you play along with me please” she asked, in a calm voice, I look at her and thought this is extremely humiliating, for a man letting a woman tell him what to do, oh what the hell she is my wife, and I love her to bits. “What do you want me to do” I replied, I saw a smile come across my wife’s face. she disappeared into the bed room, for about 10 minutes, then reentered the room, she was in her nurses uniform, and still had the whip in her hand. Crackkkk on the desk again, Making me jump again, this was worrying, not a light crack, she looked like she meant it.

“Ok stand up slave and take all those clothes off” She Yelled at me, I stood up and slowly started to take my clothes off ,when out of now where, Whaaaaaaak she whipped me right across my ass, I jumped in pain it stung like hell, “AHHHH”I cried,” Hurry up slave” she commanded with a firm tone, I quickly removed all of my clothes apart from my boxer shorts,

Whaaack right across my ass again,”AHHHHH Fuck “I muttered, and this almost brought a tear to my eyes, with the extreme force she used.”I said all your clothes NOW” she points the whip at my boxer shorts”. My ass was still stinging, I look at her and quickly pulled my boxer shorts off, before she could hit me again, with her god damn whip, “good slave stand up straight “she commanded. I stood there feeling extremely silly, and humiliated, I could see she was loving, every minute of it, she walked around me, looking me up and down, She then grabbed hold of my balls, and squeezed them, “your body now belongs to me, do you understand slave? “She squeezed my balls harder and looked me right in the eyes, “ahhhHH fuck yessss” I screamed in pain, “yes what?” and then she squeezed again, and whacked me with the whip, right across my bare ass, “Yess Mistress“I shouted.

 Strange I felt like, I was starting to like it, I’ve never seen this side of my wife before, it was scary and exciting at the same time. “Get on your hand and knee’s! she commended, I got on my hand and knee’s, as my ass was looking reddish, and still sore, and I thought I do not what to make her whip me again, “right go and run my bath slave!”  I went to stand up. She whipped me 3 times in row hard and fast, “ahhhh shit what the fuck?” I rubbed my ass in pain “Get back on your hands and knees, I never told you to stand up, NOW unless you want more?, And if you swear one more time I’ll give you a HIDING YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!” she yelled at me, this scared the hell out me, I got back on my hand and knee’s.

 I starting to think, I’m going to stop this in a bit, she is going too far, I’m the god dame man in this house, and this is just humiliating, and god damn painful.

She Whacked me again “ahhhhh fauu” I cried in pain “come on move your ass and make my bath NOW slave!” she yelled at me” I crawled on my hands and knees to bathroom, with her following me. I started to run her bath, “you’re going to be a good slave aren’t you?, I want a good back rub, and massage, do you understand slave, or ill punish you!” she said as she got undressed in front of me, I was as horny as hell now, watching her getting undressed right in front of me slowly, her feet were right by my hands, she looked down at me, as she removed her nurses uniform, With a reviling lacey bask, and small black silk panties, oh my god, I was as hard as hell, and she could see it” liking this are you, slave?” she said, as undoing her lace top ,“answer me “she said, “yes mistress” I Replied ” ,well I am now, I thought.

 She then went in to the bedroom, and come back with a small purple waterproof vibrator, she put it on the side of the bath, the bath was half full, “ok slave I want some bubbles in my bath, move your ass! the bubble bath is in the bedroom, on my sideboard” she order me, I crawled on my hand knee’s to get her the bubble bath, I saw the bed it had restraints on it, oh my god, I thought, hope she not thinking of using them on me, no she is not using them on me, I got a bit worried.


 I return to bath room with her bubble bath, “you took your time, hurry up next time!” I look at her “yes mistress what are those restraints for in the bedroom?”I asked in a more manly voice. I saw her grab the whip, she put it up behind her head, I close my eyes and gritted my teeth,  Whaack “aHHH crist”I screamed, Whaakk even harder  “I told you not to swear!, that’s the last time I’m telling you, next time I’ll give you 5 in row, your my slave and you will do as your told, don’t ask questions, I ask the questions, GOT IT!“Whack again, “ahhhhhhhhhh” I yelled, this time it really hurt “yes mistress whatever you say”.

  I filled the rest of the bath up with her bubble bath, “good slave” she said, I was still on my hands and knees, she stuck her feet on my hands, so I could not move them, I looked up at her, I could see her black lace knickers she started to undo her Basque, oh my god was I horny now, her Basque fell  to the floor, then she started to remove her knickers ,“are you enjoying the view slave?”, oh god was I, she looks as hot as hell “answer me slave! “she said as she nudge me with the knees “yes mistress” I replied, she then turned and got in to the bath, I was still on my hands and knees facing the bath.

 “Don’t you dare move slave, or ill whip you till next week!”She said, with an evil look in her eyes.

 she laid back in the bath, oh she looked so relaxed, as if she was not even here, “ohhh” she sighed, looking like she’s enjoying the relaxing bath, it had only been about 5 minutes, I could see the bubbles on her chest and her smooth skin, it was soaking all the bubble up just see he nipples .the sight of my wife naked in the bath was making my heart rate race with excitement, my balls were swelling, she had me on my hand and knees ,who does she think I am.

“Stand up and make me a cup of tea slave, and don’t take too long!” she ordered looking at me, with a grin.

What! , She bloody telling me to make her a cup tea, she should be making my god damn cup tea, I thought to myself. I stood up and when to the kitchen. Who does she thinks she is, lord muck oh my god, I cannot believe I’m putting up with this, I thought.

 The kettle clicked, I made us a cup of tea, Then went back to the bathroom, and put her tea on the side of the bath, I put mine on the sink, she sat up and took a sip of her tea, I picked my tea up “DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO HAVE TEA!” she howled at me. God I almost drop the fucking cup “put your tea at the end of the bath NOW! Slave” I look at her, oh my god if looks could kill, I would have drop dead there and then, and Chills went right down my back! , “yes mistress sorry mistress “I quickly put my tea at the end of the bath, “Get back down on your knees slave, and don’t you dare move! “she said


 I got back on my hand and knees facing the bath, she looked at me, on my hand and knee’s “oh that’s a good slave” she said, as she was taking  another sip of her tea, as mine is going cold, why is she being so mean, I thought . She finished her tea, and laid back in the bath. “ohhh that good” she whispered, she grab the purple vibrator side of the bath. This was about 4 inches long, and slim, but with one hell of a vibration, She started to masturbate herself. oh my god I was so turned on my balls felt like they were going to explode I’m here on floor watch my wife masturbate herself in bath, and I’m not allowed to move, I just wanted to jump in and fuck her brains out, “are you in enjoy the view slave?” hell yes of cos I was “yes mistress” I said “come here and stay on you knee’s, and hold this still for me, and Don’t you dear move”, I grab hold off the vibrator at her clit, she laid back and relaxed, after about 5 minutes, her breathing got heavier, “ohhh she sighed oh my god, was I getting turned on like hell, my penis was throbbing I moved the vibrator down a bit “I SAID DON’T MOVE! you move again and you will be whipped all night! ”she shouted, with a real evil look on her face, then she laid back down, she was move her body up and down on the vibrator, I watched as she was bring herself to orgasms, her body shrived “enjoying this are you slave?” what a silly question I’m a man hell yer “yes mistress” I said.

 She sat up and took the vibrator off me, and put it at the end off then bath, then picked up my cup tea and drunk it. What the hell god damn, that’s my tea, the cow makes me watch all that on my knees and then rubs my face in it, by drinking my tea.

 ”Right now you Can clean me slave, Get your fat ass, on the side of this bath, and clean my back”. I got off the floor and grabbed the soapy sponge, and washed her back with it, and washed her clean. “Good slave start massaging my back now” I started to massage her make for about 10mins then I stopped.

She grabbed my balls and squeezed, oh my god did it hurt, “arrrrrrr fu” I screamed “how dare you stop! Without my permission, you stop when I tell you too! understand Slave?” she wisped in my ear, and gave a harder squeeze “YeSSSS Mistress” I cried, “Get my towel slave you have pissed me off now”.

 I grab her a towel, out of the airing cupboard”Go and sit in the front room “, she said, looking very pissed off, oh my god, what Have I done now I thought, “MOVE YOUR ASS SLAVE!” she yelled, I quickly went into the front room, and sat on the sofa, I was sitting there watching the TV for about 30mins.

She entered the front room, I look at her, she was back in her nurse uniform, but with the front open so I can see her black Basque, and black silky knickers, with her whip in her hand, oh not the whip again I thought “ok get out of my chair, and lay on the floor face up, and your hands by you side, slave now! Unless you want this” shaking her whip at me. I done as she asked “good slave you learning hahah” she said, as she laughed, I found the very embarrassing, have her laugh at me. “well slave let’s see if we can get that little maggot, to come out and play! ,start masturbating slave, or you going to be whipped, hard she ordered,  I look at her and she was starring right at me, ”well move it! or I sewer you will get it” I grabbed hold off my penis and started to masturbate “Not to fast slave, I don’t want you Cumming now Do I!, oh yes, and if you cum without my permission, I’m going to whip you ass!, at least 10 times and you are going to thank me!” she said, with an evil look on her face again.

 She sat on the sofa, and turn the TV on Eastenders was on, she sat there watching it, and me on the floor masturbating myself, “you stop and ill whip you, if you cum well you know what’s coming. so if I was you, I would take it slow slave. Oh Look 5 min left of Eastenders can you last that long?  hahah ! “ she laugh’s, I lay there masturbating slowly. 5 minutes is long time as iv been teased all afternoon, it was only about 3 minutes, I could feel my ball swelling “ahhhhh I’m  Cuming I whimpered, “YOU DEAR CUM ill whip silly!” she howled at me “ I can’t here it comes”, she look mad as hell “STOP NOW!! “ .

I stopped but the pressure was so great, it trickled out a bit “Get on your hand and knee’s now” she commanded me, I done as I was told, she grabbed her whip and whacked my ass 3 time fast , this sting “eaHHHHHHH” I cried at the pain “I told you not to cum you did not even last 3mins thats prophetic, bad slave go make me a cup tea now, or do you want more of my whip? “yes mistress”, I got up straightaway and when to make the tea. ”you bet not me yourself one, or you get it “she yelled. I made her a cup of tea and brought it into her, “only good slaves get tea you have a glass of water” she said “water I don’t want water “I said.

 oh was that a big mistake she look at me and carried on drinking her tea, ” goto the bedroom and lay face down, I will be in a minute, I look at her not sure if I should put a stop to this now or not, but decided to see what she had in store for me, I left the front room . heading into the bedroom.

                                                                              End part 1



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