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Sex Slave Sister

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Monica slept soundly, dreaming of her pussy being licked and sucked and eaten out.  It felt so good she did not want to wake up.  Her body trembled and quivered at the sensation.  Her eyes fluttered slightly, opening a little, and she could swear it was happening for real.  She fell back to sleep without realizing that it actually was.

At sixteen, Monica was developing quite nicely, her breasts a full D-cup. They heaved up and down as she orgasmed into her brother's mouth.  Since she slept naked, it was a simple matter of sneaking into her room and pulling her sheets off as he had been doing for several nights.  It had only been this night he had gotten brave enough to try and lick her pussy.  But once he had started, he found it so pleasurable to her that he didn't want to stop.  She had gushed juices into his mouth, having repeated orgasms.  She was breathing so hard and moaning that he had been surprised she had not woke up.  If she did, he feared she would tell their parents and get him into trouble.  Fortunately, they had gone out of town for the weekend, leaving him in charge.  Still, he did not want to risk her waking up and running out and telling anyone.

Taking some of her socks, he used them to tie her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, being careful not to wake her  up.  He supposed it would have been safer if he just left, but he wanted to go further and tame her so she would do whatever he wanted.  At 17, he had only had a few girlfriends and none of them had allowed him to have sex with them.  Damon wanted to make Monica his first.  He was pretty sure she was a virgin, also. He looked at her naked body, nicely shaven and firm, and wanted to fuck her badly.  He wanted to put a gag in her mouth, but she was sure to wake up.  He bent down and began licking her pussy again.

"Oh, that feels so good," she said out loud, but still asleep and thinking it to be a dream.

Damon stripped off his clothes, tossing them in the corner with a pile of her stuffed animals, and crawled up on the bed with her.  He touched her breast, pinching and pulling the nipple in his hand.   "Mmmmmm," she said.

But then she must have realized what was happening.  Her eyes opened wide at the sight of her own brother naked on her bed.  She could see the juices still dripping from his mouth.  She pulled and struggled against the cloth tying her wrists.  "Oh my god, Damon," she shouted, "I'm your sister!"

 He reached down and slid his fingers up into her wet pussy. She moaned and leaned back, arching her back.  "Stop," she said, whimpering and wanting more.  She did not protest much, though, as he massaged her mound and rubbed her.  Her body trembled.

Damon's cock grew to a full seven inches as he watched her writhing in pleasure.  "You know you like it," he said, so quit resisting."

Monica bit her lip to keep from screaming out as he sank his cock into her, ripping through her hymen and spurting blood around the sides of his cock.  "I do like it," she admitted, "but you know it is wrong-"  She barely got the words out as her body convulsed in a heavy tremor and her pussy tightened around him, milking his cock for his sperm.

He came prematurely but remained hard, so he thrust into her to keep it hard, stroking it in deeper as she spread her legs wider.  "You don't really want me to stop?" he asked.

"NO!" she screamed, her body pumping furiously to work him in deeper.  "Just do what you want to do to me."

He started pumping in faster and deeper, with her permission to do so freeing him of his inhibitions.  Monica felt like he was ripping her in half,but it felt so good at the same time.

"Fuck me harder, Damon," she begged.  "Fuck me like your woman, Damon."

Damon took that to be all he needed, so he fucked her until she bled more and screamed, finally cumming deep into her.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, her body being sent into spasms with multiple convulsions and orgasms.  "You can fuck me like that anytime," she said.

"Oh, I intend to," he said.  To prove it, he left her tied up and fucked her at least four more times that day, and dozens more times before the weekend was over.


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