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The First Cum

jslee3725 on Masturbation Stories

   I sat in front of the monitor, watching. My cock started to get hard. My eyes were glued to the porn on the computer. The girl was moaning like crazy and wanting more. They both came to climax and cummed.

   It wasn't my first porn. My puny 5 inch cock was now rock hard. There was a weird feeling in my cock. It felt like something was inside, trying to get out. It felt like if I had to pee. But it was different. It wasn't my piss.

   I knew it had to be cum. But I never got to cumming like in the porn. I tried to "pee" it out. I strained my bladder. Nothing came out. I had never cummed before, and was unsure of how to do it.

   I got on the floor and took all of my cloths off. I just laid their naked, watching my hard cock. I grabbed my cock with my right hand. And slowly started to thrust it up and down. I have tried this before, but I never got any real pleasure from wacking off.

   But I didn't know what else to do. My hand thrusted up and down. I wasn't feeling anything "good" I increased the pressure. The pressure inside my cock seemed to grow. My other hand stroked over my nipple. For some reason, I was very sensitive in that spot.

    A slight moan escaped me as the pressure and speed became higher. A weird tingling came in my legs. My cock felt like it would burst. I closed my eyes and imagined fucking a pussy. By now i was gripping it as hard as I could.

   Another moan came out. The pleasure was incredible. I felt a slight pain in my balls. I heard a moan come from the computer. Another porn was running now. I watched as the man fucked the young girl's pussy. She moaned in ectasy.

   My hand was now moving so fast, I couldn't even see it. The tingling on the legs came back. A moan escaped from my mouth. Then suddenly, spurts of my white sperm flew into the air. My body felt weak. I couldn't grab unto my cock. I panted. There was a pain in my balls.

   Some of the sperm got on my hands. I played with it. On the porn, the man had just cummed into the girl's mouth, and she drank it hungrily down. I looked at my hand, and my body covered in cum. I brought it to my mouth, and put a little to my mouth.

   This act of ectasy brought the feeling of bursting in my cock back. Now knowing what to do, I began to jack off again. This time, more confidently.

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