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Torture Fantasy Chapter One

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Torture Fantasy

Chapter One

For a long time now, I have been waiting for the right guy to come along. Someone who isn’t afraid to cause pain, but knows that when the safe word comes into play, it means stop.

     I guess I better tell you a little about myself. I’m nearly twenty years old, and still a virgin. I stand at about five-feet-nine, weigh fifteen stone, and have a muscular frame from working hard. I masturbate most every night, rimming my ass with Vaseline, then crouching and sitting on a large dildo straight up my ass.

     Once the dildo is in place, I tend to play with my pussy so I’m nice and wet for the dolphin vibrator I enjoy ramming into my cunt. With one hand I work the rabbit into my pussy, with the other hand spreads my pussy lips and makes my clit stand up on end. That way I can set the vibrating dolphin to the fastest speed, and press it to my throbbing clitoris for a wonderfully thrilling orgasm.

     You must understand that I have a very odd pussy. I have long labia lips and a fucking enormous clit. When I get aroused, it grows to about two centimetres in length and turns purple, sometimes red.

     When I masturbate I often imagine being tied at the wrists, my ass up in the air, with a crazy doctor tying my legs wide open at the foot of an examination table. As I struggle, he dips his fingers into my dripping snatch, tastes them, then buries them deep into my hole, thrusting with two fingers against me. As I gasp and suck in breaths, he smothers my asshole with my juices, slips a finger up and wiggles it around.

     He’s talking to me, his free hand on my hip as he works those fingers in me. Then he adds another finger to my pussy, and another, another, until his hand forms a cone at the entrance to my vagina.

     “Relax, my darling,” he croons, and with a vicious thrust of his gloved hand, rams his fist up inside my cunt. I scream, bolting forwards on my knees as he plunges his fist up. I feel him smack solidly into my cervix. “Hurts, doesn’t it? It’s going to get worse, a lot worse.”

     Snarling with the indignity, the pain, I look around as a finger begins to worm inside my ass. I arch back, trying to escape the humiliation. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare!”

     Smiling at me, those marvellous sapphire eyes glinting wickedly at me, he pushed another finger in. “You shouldn’t make threats, darling. I don’t tolerate being threatened, and I have a habit of punishing those who forget that about me.” So saying, he stopped fingering my ass and dunked his hand in a vat of gel. “I like punishing cocky little females.”

     His coned hand pressed against my ass, and with a malicious grin, drove his hand into my rectum and began to thrust both hands simultaneously. My pussy squelched wetly around his hand, and my ass felt as though it was torn in two, and still he pounded my orifices savagely, almost throwing his entire weight down his arms into my writhing body.

     “Oh God!” I could feel my juices pouring from me, dripping from my cunt.

     “I’m going to fuck your holes when I’m through with you, sweetheart. But first, oh first, you’re going to be my new pet experiment. I’m working on a theory that the female body can withstand almost any sexual torture.” He yanked both fists out together. I felt my holes scream as they were stretched, heard the pop as he came free, then scented the juice from my ass and pussy. “And you get to be my guinea pig.”

     He moved to a table, a long metal table dressed with a sterile white cloth. On it were things I knew, things I didn’t. He lifted a syringe, tested it. A long spurt of liquid flew up, then he set it aside and stripped off his trousers and lab coat. He had a lean body, muscled, long. His penis was half-erect, and already a good ten inches long. Then he picked up the syringe again.

     “This drug,” he spoke casually as he inserted a speculum into my vagina, twisted the key so that my tunnel was wide open, “is going to dilate your cervix. Once it is open, I will direct an electrode through your cervix. You will also have an electrode planted in your rectum to stimulate the nervous system.”

     He bent, lowered his head to my pussy and swiped his tongue over the gaping hole, blew warmth breath up my cunt. I jumped, more from surprise than sensation, and struggled again as he inserted the needle into my vagina. I braced for the jab, but I couldn’t have been prepared for the agony as the needle plunged an inch into the muscle next to my cervix. I screamed once, then could only fight nausea as the metal needle was ripped out of the muscle with a flood of blood.

     Looking down, I was horrified to see blood dripping steadily onto the table top. I felt very sick, then he had his hand back in my pussy. His finger probed against my cervix, doubling the pain, then with a triumphant yell, he jabbed a finger up and through. I ranted at him, cursing, screaming, crying as he manoeuvred his entire hand to pass through my cervix.

     I passed out.

My body jumped awake. My skin tingled as though I’d touched a live wire. There was something in me. Panicked, I strained, felt the splatter of blood against my bare calves.

     Another blast of electricity coursed through my system, causing my vagina and ass to contract together, violently. With a startled cry, I orgasmed. He came toward me, his hands on a remote. He looked into my eyes as he twisted a gauge, and the electricity surged again.

     He kept it on for longer each time, contracting my muscles for minutes at a time, squeezing orgasms from me with a flick of the wrist. My juices covered the table, my ass leaked with them, sweat drenched me.

     I opened my mouth, to beg, to plead, but all that came out was a long moan. I dropped my head to the cool table, my ass and pussy up in the air, and felt his hand on my neck, rubbing gently. Sobbing, I turned my face to him, wanting him to see my surrender.

     “Not so cocky now, are you, darling?” He all but purred it, giving the control another twist, one that whipped the dial nearly to the limit. I cried out, then bit my lower lip. “That’s good. That’s very good. You’re learning.” He patted my head.

     “Please…” I shuddered as his hand cupped one of my 42DD breasts, ran the nipple through finger and thumb, tugging, pulling, pinching. “Please, just let me go. I don’t want you to do this to me.”

     He crouched in front of me, his face kind and sorrowful. He stroked my face gently, ran a fingertip over my lips. Lifting my chin with that fingertip, he closed his mouth over mine, plunged his tongue inside my mouth. I responded eagerly. Anything was better than what he’d been doing. “Poor little girl,” he murmured against my mouth. “I’m doing this to you because I want to do it to you.”

     “Please-” I said again.

     “And there is a lot more in store for you.” He rolled me onto my back, set a pillow under my head. I could have laughed; he was torturing me, but wanted me to be comfortable at the same time? “I should warn you that you can scream all you like. You won’t be heard by anyone who cares.”

     He tugged on wires I hadn’t noticed leading from my pussy and ass. It felt the same as pulling a tampon out, only in a very, very wrong reversal. The electrodes clattered onto the table, covered in my vaginal and rectal fluids. “

     Thankful for the reprieve from electro-torture, I was only able to close my eyes. The next thing I knew, my pubic area was smothered in cream, and he was shaving away my pretty little bush. I like my bush; all dark, curly, thick.

     When he was finished, he came around to the head of the table and ran his cock over my lips. He was covered in precum from where he’d been jerking himself off. “Suck my cock like a good girl, darling, and tell me what you’re so mortally afraid of.”

     I let him put his cock in my mouth. It was huge, almost a foot long and at least four inches around at the base. He pulsed, the veins standing out as he rubbed his hand down the shaft and fed his thick cock into my mouth. He leaned over, boosting himself onto the table to straddle my head and thrust his cock down my throat as he mimicked the motion with his tongue in my pussy.

     I orgasmed quickly, stunningly, as he spread my lips wide and suckled on my clit. My hips bucked into his face, more juices flowed from my gaping hole to be caught on his tongue or drip onto the table.

     He dragged me from the table, where I collapsed in a heap on the floor. “Here’s a nice surprise for you, darling.” He arranged me ass-up over a severely padded chair so my back was arched and my holes accessible.

     I was desperate for a taste of his cum.

     When my arms were tied to the legs of the chair, and my legs spread wide, he walked over to a door. I heard grunts, growls, bellows. Leaving the door open, he came back to me, shoved his fingers into me and scooped out a handful of my juice. Then he went inside the little room beyond where I was, and left me alone.

     He came back out, leading a snarling rottweiler by the collar. Grinning, he released the hound with a pat on the back. The dog’s cock was already hard, bulging with cum and the blood it takes to engorge a penis. It was a bright and bloody red, and it terrified me.

     It took a lick at his master’s cock, then caught the scent of fresh female. With his lips peeled back still, and his arousal swinging between his hindlegs, he trotted over and pushed his snout into my pussy. I jerked forward, struggling, and got a nip of teeth in my left buttock for punishment. His tongue lapped at my juices, diving deeper and deeper into my hole.

     I tried to move and get away from him, but I was firmly lodged over the chair. His licking was getting so fast and desperate, his teeth were nipping at my sensitive inner flesh as he pressed his nose into my cunt.

     I was ashamed to feel myself getting wet. I had tears in my eyes when the dog’s master called to me.

     “There’s no need for foreplay with Don, darling. He’s used to getting on with business.” He grinned, pulled a chair around behind, to the side, so he could watch. “He’s a very rough beast, you know. Has no respect for whoever or whatever he’s fucking.”

     The dog mounted me quickly, his strong forelegs clamped around my hips as he ploughed his huge cock into my thigh on the first attempt. After several more clumsy efforts, he stabbed himself straight up and into me. I screamed, bucked, as his frantic pace hit my G-spot. He rammed himself in, over and over, and I felt his cock pop through my open cervix and beyond.

     Moaning, I rocked back onto him. He was biting the back of my neck, snarling as he jerked himself up into my pussy. His knot banged against the entrance to my cunt, and he tried to push it in.

     Then suddenly, with a vicious lunge, the knot popped in and stretched my already stretched pussy to the limit. He was panting in my ear, hot and harsh, then grunted.

     My virgin pussy, already fisted, sucked, and electrocuted, filled with several pints of canine cum. It flowed around the knot that was lodged in my cunt, I could feel it dripping a little by little onto the floor.

     The dog began to jerk backwards, trying to get his cock out of me, and it felt as though he were taking all my pussy with him. Yelping, I closed my eyes and waited for nature’s way of impregnating the female species to ebb.

     I didn’t see or hear the dog’s master come up behind me. But I felt him reach under the dog and slide his hand up my ass.

     I came again, humping the padding of the chair.



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