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I suck as a Repairman

juniorgay17 on Sex Stories

Well I just got a job as a repairman. I had a job today to work on someones basement making repairs, and it was a black family, who just moved in to the house and needed some things fixed. So I went about my repairs on my contract today while the family was home. When I was done, I was starting to clean up and a teenage young very good looking slim thug dressed black boy (16 year old, 5'11'', 145lbs) came downstairs and said he didn't know anyone was down there but he heard me. He looked around and went back up as I went up behind him, and told him I was finished and now I just realized everyone left and him and I were there by ourselves. I took everything out to my work vehicle when I realized I forgot my cell phone in the basement, so I returned and he was standing at the door and opened the screen door for me and I told him I forgot my phone in the basement, he let me in. I went down and searched the basement and could not find it. When I came back up, he was sitting on the loveseat at the top of the steps and he was opening and closing his legs and I noticed a bit of a bulge, I asked him if they had their house phone turned on yet with just moving in, he reached for a phone and said we had everything turned on the day we moved in, I said Oh Ok. I called my phone with their house phone and walked downstairs to see if I could hear it ringing.

When I turned around to head back upstairs he was standing there and said can I help you find it, and I noticed he had a big hard on. He asked where all I worked and I told him and he said look and he dropped his baggy jeans to expose boxer briefs and I could see the outline of his hard dick, and his ball sack below, he said I am horny bro. I said damn........he smiled and said you like it huh? I said yeah, it sure looks big. He pulled down the front of his boxer briefs and out popped a nice almost 8" cut cock and nice balls. He said if only I could get someone to suck this off for me, I would let anyone suck it, I said hold on and walked over towards him and dropped to my knees and started sucking on his large thick young cock keeping one of my hands on the base of his cock and the other hand holding his balls. I began to really work his cock, and he began to moan and drop his head back. He said hang on come over here and he pulled away and went and sat down on a chair and spread his legs out and said suck me here. I moved over and got down between his legs and began to really suck it harder and harder, faster and faster, almost taking very inch inside my mouth, and he rested his hand on the back of my head and I felt him start to pump his cock into my mouth, he started moving his hips up and his balls started bouncing in my one hand as I was still holding them. He said aaahhh, this shit feels good bro!, fuck yea!.......suck it! ahhhhhh! By now he was almost fucking my mouth and he said shit! here it comes! and he shot a large load down my throat. I swallowed all of his cum, happy to have given him so much satisfaction. I let his dick drop out of my mouth as I continued to stroke his large young thick cock and he said shit bro! that was hot! thanks! I needed that! I said no problem, anytime.

I gave him my cell phone number and told him to call me whenever he needed sucked, and told him I would be back tomorrow to work on the basement again, if he needed sucked again just come down. He laughed and said aight yo, I will check you out tomorrow and he got up and pulled his boxer briefs and jeans back up and we went upstairs and said goodbye to each other and I left. I found my cell phone in my van when I went to leave.


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