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Sandy, Mommy, and Boyfriend

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Sandy was 18, and Rink was 27. Sandy's parents were divorced, and Sandy had met Rink a few months ago. Rink had sensed that she was looking for a father figure, and Rink had carefully inserted himself into her life. Her Mom worked as an office manager, and was never home before 6 PM. Rink worked days at the tire factory, and he was off work at 3 PM. With her being a young, vulnerable girl, he was easily able to insert himself as a boyfriend, and he had the pleasure of busting her sweet cherry. She was a bit scared at first, and his big cock had been a bit painful for breaking her open, and the first few strokes, but Rink had been very considerate as her first time, and soon Sandy had been humping her hips up against Rinks' as his throbbing cock split open her virgin cunt, again and again until his cock had erupted, gushing thick ropes of spunk, shooting his hot cum deep inside her tight pussy. She's a real fine piece of ass. He would meet Sandy after school, she was always home at 3:15, then they'd have the house to themselves for over 2 hours, and Rink and Sandy would suck and fuck each other, over and over. Sandy loved the attention, and Rink loved the fact that he had busted her cherry, and she had such a nice tight pussy. He had taught her how to suck cock, and now she was an awesome cock sucker. He also more than hinted how sexy she would look without her pubic hair, and she made sure that her pussy was always clean shaven for him. Actually, she discovered that she loved the feeling of her bare, smooth pussy, without any crinkly hair in the way. It always made her panties and her bikini bottom fit smoothly over her pussy area, with no hairs sticking out, or thick bush to push it out.

On this afternoon, it was just after 3:30, and Sandy was welcoming Rink with a nice tight blowjob. Rink was sitting on the edge of the bed, Sandy was between his legs, her wet, hot mouth alive, molded tightly around the thick cock of her boyfriend, going up and down his throbbing pole. Rink Davis was enjoying her oral talents, her tight pouty lips were working his cock up to a gusher. Sandy sucked harder, bringing all her oral talents to bear on his throbbing cock, demonstrating the skill at fellatio that he had taught her. Just before his cock was ready to blow, the door opened, and Sandy's Mom suddenly appeared. She took in the sight of her 18 year old daughter, wildly sucking some strange man's cock, and she let loose!

"What the Hell? What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you?? Sandy, what in hell is going on here??" her Mom Joanne shouted.

Quickly releasing his cock, Sandy quickly babbled, "Well, you see Mom, it's like this..."

Joanne quickly silenced her by shouting, "Yes, you little slut, don't you try and talk your way out of this, you fucking little slut!"

Rink had slouched back insolently, with a half smile on his face, amused by watching the byplay between mother and daughter. As her Mom and Sandy had it out, he inspected the Mom. He knew that she was 45, but Man oh man! She was a real hot looking Momma! Her blond hair was cut in a short shag, nicely framing her face, her tits were enormous, and stuck out like eggplants, shoving out the front of her blouse, creating a deep V of cleavage. The skirt clung to her hips, nice and wide, but not fat. Her ass was awesome, nice and shapely, and her long legs tapered down perfectly. He could feel his cock starting to throb back up. She was one hot MILF, and we wanted to fuck her good.

Joanne, turning on Rink, shouted at him, "You, get the fuck outta my house!"

Rink growled back, "Lady, shut the fuck up, right now!"

Joanne gaped at him, and said, "What was that?"

"You heard me bitch! I said shut the fuck up! Your daughter and me have been fucking for 3 months now! Your daughter is one fine piece of ass, and since she is now 18, the law says she can fuck anyone she wants! You have no fucking say in it!"

Joanne was staring at his nude body, and his cock. After inspecting her fine body, it had risen back up to its stiff 9 inches. It had been way too long since she had been fucked, and her pussy had started a sensuous tingling.

He continued, "Like I always say, like mother like daughter! Are you as good at fucking and sucking as your hot boxed daughter? She loves to suck my cock, I taught her well, and busting her sweet cherry was really fine!"

Getting up, he walked over and stood in front of Joanne. She seemed transfixed by his stiff cock, she'd never had anything bigger than 6 inches, and the hard, arrogant rise of his cock took her breath away.

"Hey baby, look at this meat. Your daughter tells me you ain't been getting any fucking , how'd you like me to fix that for you?"

Joanne managed to croak out, "Get out of my house or I'll..."

Rink snarled at her, "Or you'll what, huh?"

Rink had seen enough of these high toned, snobby bitches. Always thought they were so much better, glaring at him for no reason. He was tired of that shit, and here was a perfect example.

"OK, baby, enough shit! Instead of me getting out of the house, you get out of your clothes! Strip, I want your ass naked, right now!"

Joanne couldn't stop herself, she did as Rink demanded, and Rink gave an approving sound as her naked body was revealed. Rink was right, for 45, out of clothes, she was fabulous. Nice curves, great set of tits, a fabulous ass, great legs. He noticed with approval her trimmed tuft of pubic hair as blond as the hair on her head. He detested bottle blonds. This hot MILF, with a body like that, certainly needed some good fucking, and Rink was more than ready to be the one.

"OK baby, on your knees! Start sucking my cock!"

She felt helpless to refuse Rink's demand, Joanne did so, she slid her lips over his cock, and swallowed down 6 inches. Rink gave a grunt of approval. Having the hard rise of his thick, arrogant cock in her mouth did it, and it made Joanne determined to give him the best suck job she could. Back in college, she had been known as "Easy Amy". Amy was her middle name, and she would suck and fuck every date. She had been young, wild and free, and she wanted stiff cock. She could feel her college days personality coming back, as she worked her mouth up and down, up and down, 7, than 8, and finally, she swallowed him down to the balls, taking in all nine inches, deep throating his big shaft. She clamped a hand around his balls, squeezing them gently, wanting to feel the explosion of cum in her mouth!

"Yeah, you really know how to suck cock baby! Now I now where your daughter gets her cock sucking skills from!"

As much as Rink would have liked to blow his load in her tight mouth, he needed to fuck Mommy first, bust her cunt open, and show her was she'd been missing. Rink pulled his cock out from Joanne's mouth, and led her over to the bed.

"OK baby, lay down and spread 'em!" Rink demanded.

Joanne quickly did as she was told, and Rink quickly got between her legs. She could feel the hard knob end of his cock against the lips of her pussy. It forces them apart and begins to enter her as he pushed it powerfully in. He was big, painfully, wonderfully big, and Joanne gave a howl of pain as his stiffness stretched the walls of her cunt apart, as her long neglected pussy got split open by Rink's hard cock. Inch by inch he pushed it in, she could feel her tight pussy walls being spread apart inch by inch. With a last thrust, he hammered the last 3 inches in. Joanne gave another howl of pain, as 3 more inches of her cunt lost their virginity, she could feel it split open, as he drove deep, right to the balls. Joanne could feel her cunt stretched wide around the massive shaft that was shoved up her!

Rink gave a grunt of approval, and said, "Oh yeah, you haven't been dicked for way too long, you're as tight as your daughter. Guess she musta inherited you tight cunt gene, also!"

Sandy had been watching and was not too happy about Rink's attention to her Mom, but she wisely kept her mouth shut. She had seen Rink's temper, and although he had never been mean to her or forced her, she didn't want to test his limits.

"Sandy, start playing with your cunt, bring yourself off while you watch me fuck your Mommy." Rink commanded.

Deciding it was best to do as she was told, Sandy brought her hands down. Spreading apart her bare, smooth shaven pussy, she reached in with her other fingers, and scooped out her thick cream. Spreading it all around her pussy lips, her fingers started to slide over her clit, polishing her pearl, around and around.

Rink started to slide his swollen cock in and out again. Joanne's cunt has quickly adjusted to the big stretch, and now her cries were cries of pleasure. She brought her legs up, and wrapped them around his waist, tilting her hips up to his hard thrusts. Joanne was in a world of pleasure, as that huge curving cock slammed into her again and again, splitting open her cunt over and over, fucking Joanne's burning fuck-hole. Rink grunted, Oh yeah, as she got into the rhythm of her fucking. She looked at her daughter, playing so wantonly with her throbbing pussy, jeez, her daughter was a damn sexy sight. It was making her pussy heat up fast. Joanne could feel her cunt throbbing, her clit twitching, and she knew she was on the orgasm express.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!" Joanne howled, "I'm getting the fucking I need! I need to feel your throbbing cock, as it gets rock hard and explodes your hot load inside of me! Fuck my slick burning cunt with your throbbing cock until you explode, and you pump and squirt every drop of your hot spunk up my cunt! My burning cunt is going to milk your big prick of every drop you can pump into me! Give it to me, let me have it!!"

"Oh yeah baby, no problem, your nice tight cunt is going to empty my balls!" Rink growled back.

Rink picked it up, power reaming Joanne's fiery fuck-hole. Sandy's cunt started to twitch, as she watched her Mom getting fucked by Rink's hard cock. Joanne, in turn, felt her pussy start to twitch wildly, from the feel of Rink's power fucking, and watching her daughter stroking her horny cunt. It was just a matter of who was going to explode first!

Sandy felt her legs stiffen, and knew she was cumming. Her pussy wrenched wildly, and she cried out, "oh fuck, yes, I'm cumming, fuck yes!!"

Her pussy started to spasm wildly, as her orgasm crashed into her! Joanne watched her horny daughter cumming, and it set her off!

She howled, "Oh fuck, yes, I'm cumming, fuck, yes, yes, yes, shoot it, squirt it, cum in me, fill my cunt, YES!"

Her body shook wildly, she could feel her pussy wrench wildly. Her orgasm seized her, her cunt quivering and spasming wildly, her cunt clamping down tightly on Rink's throbbing cock. The tight hug of Joanne's cunt walls clamped tightly around his cock took him over the edge, and with a roar his cock exploded, he felt the throbbing and pulsing of his rock hard prick exploding and squirting wildly in Joanne's tight box, splashing his thick hot load of spunk, filling up her horny cunt.

He sprawled between the two, and they rested for a while. With Sandy and Joanne playing with his cock, he was soon back up to full glory again.

Sandy rolled on to her back, spreading her legs wide for him.

"Now Mommy, you can watch me fuck your sweet daughter's hot box." Rink growled.

Getting into position, he notched his cock head against her hot entrance, and mounted her, sliding the full length of his swollen cock deep inside Sandy. She let out a howl of pleasure as his cunt was spread open by the hard thrust of his rock hard cock. Rink grunted as Sandy's tight, fiery box wrapped around his cock. Even before Rink was going to tell her, Joanne had her hands down at her creamy pussy. She shoved two fingers up her pussy, and a third finger was very busy, sliding around and around the rim of her clit. Sandy watched her Mom masturbating wildly right next to them, and it made her cunt throb wildly. As Rink drove his stiff cock in and out, power fucking Sandy's burning fuck-hole, Joanne kept her eyes glued to the action. Fuck, it was wildly exciting seeing Rink fuck her daughter. She moved around, getting a porn video view as she watched between their spread thighs. Her pussy started to gush juices, watching that huge pussy splitter, stretching open the walls of her daughter's horny cunt, fucking her deep. It was wildly erotic seeing that huge tool splitting Sandy's cunt open, watching that huge curving cock splitting open her daughter's cunt over and over, fucking Sandy's burning fuck-hole. Seeing her daughter's burning eager cunt stretched wide around Rink's cock, watching the look of rapture on her face, and hearing her cries of pleasure did it She flopped down next to them, and felt the wild wrench of her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming oh my god, fuck fuck, yes, YES!" Joanne howled.

Her pussy started to quiver and spasm wildly as her orgasm slammed into her. That set the lovers off, and Rink howled as his prick exploded. Sandy was right behind him, she cried out as her pussy exploded, her spasming cunt clamping down tightly on Rink's spurting cock, greedily milking his shaft for every drop he could pump into her.

After another short rest, Rink was standing, while Joanne got down on her knees. Just before she sucked him in, she growled, "I want you to shoot your hot load down my throat, I want to swallow it all!"

Rink said, "You got it baby, suck out every drop you can!"

Opening her mouth she sucked him in, her mouth easily swallowing his 9 inches. Her Easy Amy cock-sucking skills had stayed with her, and Rink grunted with pleasure as she gave him the suck job of a lifetime! Never had he been sucked off so good. Her mouth slid up and down, up and down, eagerly awaiting his flood of cum.

"Yeah, your daughter inherited your skills baby, you are one cock-sucking expert, you got true cocksucker lips, nice and tight. Suck me baby, suck out every drop!"

Her mouth was warm, expert and alive, he felt like he was being eaten alive, he could feel his cock jerk and swell up tight. His praise encouraged her on, and Joanne clamped her lips tightly around his cock, treating his entire 9 inches to her special Milkmaid sucking technique. Even guys that had trouble blowing off in her mouth, when she gave them the Milkmaid technique, they had no trouble filling her mouth. She also clamped her hand lightly but firmly around his balls, squeezing his throbbing nut sac. That did it, and Rink grunted as the cum surged up his shaft. His cock exploded, and Joanne's mouth was rewarded with a flood of hot spunk, as Rink's cock gushed out 4 thick ropes of cum, his streams spewing all over her tongue! She kept him in until she had every drop, then eagerly swallowed his load.

A few minutes later, Rink got his clothes, and started to get dressed.

"You two are two of a kind, like mother like daughter in more ways than one. I'm gonna be here tomorrow at the same time. When I get here, I want both of you, naked, on the bed with your legs spread! Understand? Your daughter is too hot a piece to pass up. And Mommy, your mouth and your hot pussy are going to get the fucking they need. No more of your talents going into cold storage, for Mommy, your sexual talents are excellent indeed. And Mommy, I want your pussy shaved as bare and as smooth as your daughter. Do you understand?"

At their nods, he growled, "You'd better!"

Mother and daughter were silent, and both of them knew they were now Rink Davis' fuck dolls.


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