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Sexy Step Mom lends a hand part 2

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     Jake was on edge, his Step mom kept giving him looks over breakfast, making his cock eager. It had been a few days since she had stroked him off, and he was so ready to see if her comment about doing more was just an offhand remark, or whether he was indeed going to get more.

     In the early afternoon, Danielle appeared in her tiny bikini, stepped out into the back yard, and stripped it off, giving Jake a case of stoneware cock. Before he could slip away to his room, and stroke off to her fantastic vision, she came face to face with him, and gave him a lust filled smile.

     "No stroking off today, Jake", she whispered, huskily, "You save up a nice big load, and let your Step Mommy take care of that big, juicy load your balls are building up for me, later."

     Jake watched, his cock hard as steel, as his Step Mom stretched out on the chaise lounger. She looked over and him, and grinned.

     "Like to rub sunscreen on me?" she cooed.

     In an instant, Jake's hands, slippery and slick with the oil, slid over her back, working his hands caressingly over her back. He was a bit worried about going lower.

     Danielle allayed his concern when she whispered, "All of me Jake, I don't want my ass or my legs to get burned." 

     Jake eagerly did as she asked, that incredible, heart shaped ass, just seeming to beckon to him, he had ached to stroke his hands over the swell of her hips, that glorious expanse of smooth, tanned skin, and here he was, caressing her sexy rump, as he slid his hands lower. He slid a finger along the cleave between those sexy cheeks, running lighly over the tight rim of her ass hole. She gave out sighs of pleasure as he caressed her backside.

     "Thank you Jake, could you stay around for a while, when I turn over, I'll want you to apply sunscreen to my front."

     Soon, his hands were gliding over her beautiful melons, he noticed Danielle's nipples hardening up as he caressed her, and he heard her breathing deepen. He slid his hands down, down to that sexy triangle with her neatly trimmed nest of dark pubic hair. He could see dewy moisture, he'd loved to run his fingers down, through that nest, and slide his fingers along those sexy labial lips. He decided to just try it, go for broke. His cock was rock hard, he slid his fingers against her tight lips, and ran his fingers up and down.

     Danielle's eyes flew open, she let out a guttural moan, and started to hump her hips up toward his stroking fingers. She started to let out gasps and growls of pleasure, Jake zeroed in, and started to tweak her clitoris, standing up hard and erect, he slid his fingers around and around her hard, pink pleasure button. Her legs started to vibrate.

     "Don't stop, don't, yes, yes, yes, oh YES!"

     She let out a growl as her body started to shake wildly, Danielle's abdomen started to spasm, she felt the locking up, that squeezing urge, and she tumbled into orgasm, her body shuddering and shaking, gasps and cries of pleasure filling the backyard as she rode that glorious crest, soaking Jake's hand with a gush of her juices. Her gasps for breath started to slow down, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

     Her eyes lambent, she cooed huskily, "Ummm, you just made your step Mommy feel so good, and tonight Jake, your step Mommy is going to make you feel so good."

     Around 10 PM, with a glance from Danielle, Jake quickly headed up for bed. His Dad had gone to bed early, he had been tired from a hard day at work, and Jake was very eager to experience more of his sexy step Mom. He heard her coming upstairs, going into the master bedroom, and 5 minutes late, the door opened quietly, and there she was.

     Jake had his bedside lamp turned on low, giving him enouth light to drink in the vision, she was wearing a black, see through baby doll nightie, that highlighted all of her charms and assets. Her breasts pushed out the front, pressing against the sheer fabric, her nightie ended just below her pubic triangle, and she was wearing a matching sheer black G string.

     Danielle growled huskily, "Tonight, you need more Jake, and as your Step Mommy, I'm going to see that you get it!"

     He was under the bed covers, and she pulled them off, uncovering his naked body, Jake's cock had quickly jumped up, growing quickly. She smiled at him, and Jake growled with pleasure as she felt Danielle's hands grasp his cock. She gently squeezed his cock up to full erection, and smiled at him.

     "Remember last time, how I told you to imagine that my lips are around your stiff cock? Now you get to feel it for real."

     He watched as Danielle brought her mouth close, so close to his cock. Her tongue slid out, and licked teasingly at the tip of his cock. His cock responded, jerking as if trying to reach for her mouth. Her tongue slid out again, licking lightly at his bulbous cock head, Jake growled at the sensations starting to thrum in his cock.

     "Now, I'm going to suck you slowly, feel the grip of my hot lips, my tongue will slide up and down the shaft of your hard stiff cock. I going to suck it, up and down, again and again."

     Jake watched as her lips parted, and she thrust her head forward, swallowing his cock right down to the balls without even so much as a pause. The feel, oh the feel of those tight crimson lips clamping tightly around his cock, then her hot, wet mouth swallowing him brought moans and grunts of pleasure, his cock was encased in a tight heaven of hot, wet, sucking pleasure that masturbating could not even come close to.

     Danielle drew her head back quickly, and swallowed him down again. When she had been younger, and living at home as a teenager, she practiced her cock sucking skills on her brother, after she had learned to give him expert hand jobs. Her brother was only too happy to let her learn how to be a first class fellatrix, and she had honed her skills to a fine edge. After the first few times, when she had fought to keep from gagging, she had learned to control her gag reflex, and she remembered how her brother, who packed a large 8 inches, growled with pleasure the first time she deep throated him, and the feel of having a throbbing, rock hard cock deep in her mouth, the pulsing as it orgasmed, then the feel of hot streams of thick, gooey cum filling her mouth was total pleasure. She brought her talents to bear, giving Jake the blow job of his dreams, eager to feel his wet spray of sperm filling her eager mouth.

     Jake looked down, saw Danielle's head of dark curls, bobbing up and down as her eager mouth worked over his prick. Her mouth was warm, wet and expert as she swallowed him down, deep throating Jake's prick, taking him right to the balls on every down stroke. Jake slid his hands over her head and started caressing her luscious dark  locks, he could feel Danielle's hot wet lips, sliding up and down his stiff cock, and the feel of her tongue painting designs of pleasure over his throbbing shaft as she sucked him in. He was determined to try and make it last as long as possible, but in a few minutes, he could feel it rising up, and he knew he was so close.

     Danielle sensed he was close, she released him, looked him in the eye, and growled, "Now Jake, I want you to cum, I want my mouth filled to overflowing, feel my mouth sucking your cock, and give your horny little slut of a step Mommy that juicy load!"

     She swallowed him down, sucking wildly, and that did it. Jake could feel the cum rising, and he let her know.

     "Oh fuck yeah, love your tight cocksucker lips baby, gonna cum, gonna fill your sweet hot mouth, oh fuck YEAH!"

     That brought on the explosion, and Jake grunted loudly as he went off. His cock was cumming, erupting, squirting wildly, spewing thick ropes of spunk, filling her eager mouth.

      Danielle felt his thick streams hitting the roof of her mouth, then spewing all over her tongue, and she eagerly sucked every last drop out of his spurting cock. Keeping him in until every drop was in her mouth, she slid down to the balls one last time, then tightened her lips, pulling back with a delicious milking action as she released him. Lifting her head up, she looked up at Jake, her cheeks bulging with his load, smiling, Danielle was savoring the taste of his tasty hot whitewash in her mouth, before she eagerly swallowed the big load Jake had filled her mouth with.

     "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did", Danielle cooed, "Sleep well Jake."

     When she got back to the master bedroom, she skimmed off her G string. Her pussy was a gushing, soaking volcano of lust, and she needed it taken care of. Climbing into bed, she was all over her husband, he awoke quickly with Danielle sucking his cock, and very soon, she was getting his bone hard cock driven into her from behind. On her hands and knees, her husband gripping her hips tightly, he rode her like a night time stallion. She cried out in pleasure and delight as his cock slammed into her, quickly pushing her to orgasm, then a second, a third, and as she crested to a fourth, her husband growled, and she felt his thick load exploding and squirting wildly, splattering against her cervix as he joined her in orgasm, his pulsing cock pouring a fountain of cum deep inside her.



i saw my step mom mary lou's tits for the first time when i was 13 & they were awesome !!!! i opened her bedroom door & she was taking off her bra !!!!! she looked soo fucking hot !! her nipples were pointing straight up & she was wearing sexy red & black panties !!!

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