It was all very confusing. But at the same time it was exciting and exhilarating. The orgasms I had after jacking off with images of Jenny dancing in my head were the best I ever had.

I should mention that modesty was never a big priority in our family. We didn't exactly walk around naked in front of each other but no one thought anything about being seen in their underwear. Since I'd started having these feelings for Jenny, I'd been hoping for a glimpse of my sister in bra and panties, but it never happened.

I figured after a while I'd find a girlfriend who would make me forget all about my sexy sister, but no such luck. I dated alright, plenty in fact, but I inevitably compared these poor girls with Jenny and they all came up lacking. You'd better believe I was one miserable (and frustrated) college man!

It was Friday after Thanksgiving, about three o'clock in the morning, to be exact. Jenny had been out on a date and came in a bit tipsy on Margaritas. We always chatted after dates if the other one's light was still on. My light wasn't on when Jenny reeled home that night, but she came in anyway. I was fast asleep and the next thing I knew someone tumbled into bed beside me and started tickling me.

"Jenny! What the hell? You're drunk!"

"Not drunk, Alan," she said. "Just pleasantly horny."

She was more than horny, and her good mood was contagious. She started tickling me again, and before I knew it I had kicked half the covers off. I always sleep in the raw, and in the craziness of Jenny's tickling, my dick got exposed a couple of times.

She pointed it out of course, with much laughter, and then it became a game for her to really get a look. I might have indulged her under other circumstances, but with her crawling all over me I had started getting aroused. The more she rubbed her body against mine, pressing her big boobs against my bare chest and kissing me playfully, my dick was getting harder by the moment. There was no way I was going to let her see me with an erection. Or was I?

My head was spinning with the possibilities. After all, I thought, she was the one who was instigating all this craziness. She's the one who burst into my bedroom in the middle of the night and demanded to see my dick. Still, I thought, she's not in complete control and might not remember everything. But as these thoughts went through my mind, I didn't have a chance to act on them because Jenny made a sudden powerful lunge and pulled the sheets down to my knees. My big dick burst into view, all eight inches fully erect and pointed right at the ceiling. I started to shove pillow over my lap until I saw the look on Jenny's face.

"Damn, Alan!" she gasped, a hand going automatically to her breast. "That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!"

"Is it?" I asked, with amazing calm.

"Yes," she said, leaning over for a closer look. It was as if she was inspecting a piece of art, and I was almost amused at the way she looked at it with a critical eye. "It's a lot thicker than Jeremy's. Longer too." (I remember thinking, well, that solves the mystery about whether she's sleeping with her boyfriend or not.) "And look at those big balls!"

"C'mon, Jen," I said, finally getting embarrassed. "You make me feel like a prize bull at a county fair."

"Well, maybe that's how I see you just now," she replied. She frowned for a minute as she stared at my dick and then she remembered she was still wearing her heavy coat. She took it off and gave me a quizzical look. "Turn about's fair play, don't you think, Alan?"

"Uh, sure."

I didn't know what she meant, but I watched breathlessly as she unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it aside. Her bra came next, and I gasped again as she loosened those beautiful tits of hers and let them swing free. She must've worn a really confining bra because her tits were much bigger than I'd thought. I'm not exaggerating when I say she could've been a centerfold, her young body was that perfect!

"What do you think?" she asked, cupping her big boobs together and lifting them to her face. My dick twitched when I saw my sister lick her own nipples and flick her tongue in my direction.

"Wow!" It was all I could manage.

There was more to come. While Jennifer ogled my crotch, she slithered out of her skirt and took a few minutes to let me enjoy seeing her in just her panties. Again I thought she was real centerfold material, especially when she struck a few provocative poses for my benefit. When she rubbed her crotch with both hands and licked her lips, I just about lost control.

"Ready for the unveiling?" she teased. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down a couple of inches.

"Oh, yeah!" I said.

Jenny got to her feet and leaned against the headboard, her crotch just inches from my face. I could smell her pussy, and the sweet scent almost made me dizzy. I loved the aroma of cunt and couldn't resist leaning closer so that I could rub my nose in nylon of my sister's panties. I felt Jenny grab my head and hold on as she shoved forward with her hips. My tongue licked against that thin nylon barricade between her juicy pussy and my cunt-hungry mouth.

"Yes," she sighed. "Yes!"

Soon I had Jenny's panties dripping wet with my spit and could see the dark bush beneath the pink nylon. I couldn't stand the teasing any more and reached for the waistband of her panties. Slowly I pulled them down, baring the vee of brunette pubic hairs it pointed toward my goal. Finally those panties were down around my sister's knees and she wriggled carefully out of them.

"What a beautiful cunt!" I cried.

"And it's all for you, Alan," she whispered.

I grabbed Jenny by the ass and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I was tasting what- I'd been after all along. My tongue lapped hungrily at her tingling clitoris, and when it made contact Jenny had to grab the head of the bed for support.

"Ah, yes!" she groaned.

I pulled her snatch on top of my face, burying my tongue between those slippery cuntlips and tasting her flowing juices. Jenny was writhing against my face as I tongue-fucked her, moaning and holding me tight by the hair. My dick was very hard, and the thought of plowing it deep inside my horny sister was almost too much. Desperate for some sort of relief, I grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it-as I continued eating-my sister's delicious snatch. My hand would have to suffice until I got hold of the real thing!

"God, I swear I could cum this way!" Jenny cried finally. "But I don't want it like this, Alan. Do you?"

"No," I admitted, reluctantly pulling my face from my sister's cunt. "I love eating you though."

"Well, brother dear," she said, sitting down slowly on the bed and reaching for my dick. "Turn about is fair play as they say."

I lay back as my sister knelt between my legs and started licking my dick and balls. She paid particular attention to my nuts, commenting over and over again how big they were. I'd never seen a woman with such an affinity for a man's balls, but Jenny played with them for a long time while I lay there in ecstasy. She'd suck one into her mouth and then another, making me quiver with excitement. My whole body shook when she tried unsuccessfully to get both balls in her mouth at once. The effort felt terrific and I told her so.

"But I'm dying for you to suck my cock, sis," I said finally. "I don't think I can take much more of this sweet teasing."

"Yes, sir," she said with a grin. "I'm gonna suck you like nobody's done before, and that's a promise."

She wasn't kidding either! I don't know if it had been Jeremy or somebody else that she'd been practicing on, but she sure as hell knew how to give head. She licked the dickshaft until it was wet with her spit before paying close attention to the cockhead. She worked that knob inside her mouth, rolling it around and tickling it with her tongue until I was almost begging for mercy. Jenny looked up at me with my fat knob resting on her tongue.

As good as that felt though, I was anxious to be deep in her mouth. When that moment finally came, I thought I was going to shoot right in her throat. Her lips slid down the length of my throbbing poker like warm, liquid satin, and when her mouth was buried in my pubic bush, I was aching to pop my cork. But we both knew this wasn't how we wanted to cum, and Jenny kept blowing me until she knew I had had enough.

"Now!" she said.

"Now what, sis?"

She sat up abruptly and let my prick fall from her mouth, but she held it tight as she looked me hard in the eyes. Her face was a mask of lust, and I watched her finger stroke her clit as she proposed the next outrageous step. The way she put it was far from eloquent, but I've never heard hotter words, before or since.

"Ready to shove this big dick up your sister's cunt?"

"Damned right!"

I grabbed her and kissed her, no brotherly peck on the cheek but a full blown tongue-down-the-throat effort that was met with equal passion. Our tongues intertwined as we thrashed around together, desperately seeking that perfect position for the moment of truth when I would slip my cock inside Jenny's cunt.

Not surprisingly we gravitated toward the same position, with me on my back and Jennifer straddling my belly. Jennifer leaned forward to kiss me, pressing her tits against my chest as she grabbed my dick and guided it home. Slowly, very slowly she slid her ass backwards, and my body shook hard when I felt my cockhead brush against her pubic fleece. I moaned loudly as my dick was suddenly encircled with my sister's slippery, sticky cunt lips.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned. "Feels really good, doesn't it?" she sighed.


Jennifer was purposely taking her time, letting cock and cunt meet in slow, delicious agony. The head of my prick slid all the way inside, then an inch of the shaft and then another inch. Bit by bit I was flowing into Jenny as she slid her cunt back to engulf my stiffness. The look on her face was sheer ecstasy as she gave a final thrust and took me in.

We lay still for a moment, relishing that exquisite moment when we were first joined together. I knew it was only an illusion but my cock felt enormous inside my sister's snug pussy. When I finally began moving it inside her, it felt longer than ever, and my balls were so packed with cum they seemed to swell to huge proportions. I knew it was just my imagination, but I ran with it, enjoying each ecstasy-packed moment.

"You're so far into me, Alan," Jenny sighed.

"I really want you to feel me, Jen," I said, lunging suddenly and making her whimper with pleasure. "Feel good?"

"You know it does," Jenny said breathlessly. "Play with my tits some more, Alan. You like sucking tits don't you?"

"When they're big and beautiful like yours!" I said.

Jenny leaned down so I could get a better hold of her knockers. I guided one into my mouth, sucking the nipple between my lips and nibbling. They were already hard but after I licked and chewed them for a while, they seemed to get even stiffer. Jenny moaned as I sucked those big pink areolas, pressing my face between her boobs and overwhelming me with her flesh.

I felt as though I was being absorbed by my sister. My face was pressed between the swell of her huge tits while my dick was sheathed by her grasping, hungry pussy. I loved the feeling of being lost in Jennifer, a sensation of somehow returning to our mother's womb. It was at once satisfying and overwhelmingly erotic. The intensity of our togetherness was something Jenny felt as well.

"Alan, I've never wanted a man as desperately as I want you right this moment," Jennifer confessed.

"I've wanted you aIl year long," I admitted.

I watched her face as I continued pounding into her, thrusting up as she shoved down. We were in perfect sync and working each other carefully, steadily toward mutual climax.

"I've known all along," Jennifer said to my surprise.

"You have?" I asked

I shuddered as she clenched her vaginal muscles and slid her cunt slowly over my thrusting shaft. It was as if my dick was being stroked by thousands of tiny hands and mouths, each one working a particularly sensitive zone.

"I've seen how you looked at me. Women notice these things whether you realize it or not. I know when a man is looking at me with lust in his heart, even if it's my own brother." She paused for a second before adding, "Especially if it's my own brother."

"Damn, Alan," she groaned finally. "I'm right on the brink of cumming up a storm. How much longer can you hold off?"

"I was waiting for you, Jen!" I cried.

"You were?" she asked, love and sensuality mixing in her husky voice.

"Yes. I was holding off only because..."

"Don't wait!" she cried, suddenly humping my lunging dick with a frenzy that was almost frightening. "Don't wait because I can't... not any more! Cum with me!"


"I can feel it!" she cried. "I can feel that hot load gushing in my cunt. Damn, Alan! You're cumming so much!"

"All for you, sis!" I groaned. "All for you!"

"And I'm cumming too. Yes! We're cumming together, brother and sister cumming together. Yes! Oh, yes!!"

She wasn't kidding! My dick unleashed one thick, heavy spurt of jism after another as my sister drained my big balls. It was like I couldn't stop shooting and just when it was starting to hurt, the contractions deep in my dick stopped and so did the cum. Jenny kept on cumming even longer than that, and when she finally slumped happily on my chest it felt like we were stuck together at the crotch. Our juices had met and mingled and formed the kind of bond that no one could ever take from us.

"Well, Alan," she said with an impish grin. "I'd say this was a night to remember, wouldn't you?"

"It's definitely one I won't forget," I said. "Now give me a goodnight kiss!"

That was the last time Jenny ever kissed me like that, but all it takes is one look at the old house for that cherished memory to come flooding back. I always get hard just remembering it!

The End.

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