Note: This story is fictional.

I have always fantasized about fucking my mom, every porn star position imaginable. I know that sex in real life is very unlikely to be like a porno, but it doesn't stop a boy from dreaming.

My mom doesn't dress sexy, she just dresses like a normal mom. Don't ask me why I fantasise about mom, i don't even know, I honestly can't remember when it even started. I can only remember masterbating to one constant woman, and that was mom. Sure, i've jacked off to others, but mom is the only re-accuring woman of my dreams. I can be dreaming of Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus and Salena Gomez in a complete cum filled orgy, and then mom would come into it, and it would just wind up me and her fucking hard.

The night I finally fucked my mom, and started a complete dailey fuckfest, was just like every other day... except that is, untill mom had a few too many wines

Now before you start thinking I took advantage of her... your right, but not in the sense that she was so completely wasted she couldn't scream and tell me to fuck off.

Being the complete mom/son incest obesed boy I am, I was always reading incest stores on, trying to find something that might resemble real events, the more real, the better they are, the hotter they are, the bigger the orgasm it results. Now im not enterly fantasy only based, I know the chances of finding a story that might match my own life is very unlikely, so I thought I would write my own experience, so that I can contribute to other boys in my situation. While I type this, my cock is rock hard, and I know that if I make any large movements, all the pre-cum I know I have generated, will oozze from my cock and completely mess my briefs. I hope you have the same feeling reading this.

Back to how it all started. When my mom came home from her friends place, she was very slighty 'tipsy', and wanted to use my laptop. Even though its competley my laptop, and she has her own desktop computer, I always, always wipe all internet history and keep adult files hidden, just in case someone else ever wants to use it. This time, I was still browsing porn as she came home. Not enough time to clean the history, I shut it down. She asked to check her emails, so I let her use it and went ino the kitchen to make a snack.

When I got back, she was done checking email and was just browsing the net. I tried to tell her I needed it back (nervous she would see some porn address and get angy.. her house, her rules etc, no porn). She said she wasn't done, so I swallowed and went off to my room, praying she wouldn't find or see anything that would put me in an awkward situation.

While hanging out in my room, I heard her yell my name in a low tone, a 'your in trouble' tone. Oh fuck, oh fuck, my whole body shivered. Now I know im 18 and I shouldn't care, but shes my mom and we love each other like a normal wholsem enough for me to respect her rules and fear her wrath!

I ignore her call and hear her coming to my room "oh god a lecture" I think to myself. She comes in and decides to talk to me about 'real sex' and how marriage is not like pornos, i've heard it before, but this time was slightly different. She had her hand on my thigh, which made me feel weird. I couldn't stop thinking about fucking her, fucking her pussy and sucking her tits. Then came the real awkward stuff. "Incest" she said, which sent me into a cold sweat. "you have been reading incest stories, why incest, do you fantasise about incest?"

What could I say? I was doomed and wanted to die. I didn't say anything, I just felt real bad and wanted to cry, mainly because I didn't want my mom to think it was her fault, or make HER feel awkward.

"its ok" she said, slightly moving her hand on my thigh back and forth, she gave me a hug and the pulled away, telling me she knows how to sort it out. "look, if we have sex, you will see its not all porno stuff and vulgar language, its just sex"

.... holy.... fuck.. what did she say?

"oh mom please, this fantasy has been killing me, I need to get over it". "ok baby ok" she cooes.. hugging me, now rubbing my back. I started to think, if we are to have sex, she may think we will just have regular sex, but by god if this is my only chance, i am going to go to town (or so I hoped..)

She told me to undress her "take my clothes off, and fuck you mommy". I was suprised, she said it would be 'regular' sex, and I assumed that meant no rude or vulgar language. I had a thought maybe she wanted this as much as me. I went with it and said "oh mommy I am going to cum inside you". Her breath started to get heavier and my fantasy was about to come real.

"my tubes are tied, cum in me all you want"

'regular' sex was out the window and fantasy sex was going to be real. My cock started to grow as I grabbed my mom, she went all limp, as if to relax is such sexual pleasure that she wanted anything to happen to her. I let her fall onto her bed, her tits under her jersey heaving under her breath. I really just wanted to stand at the end of the bed just to soak in what was I was about to do, but I could just not wait. I knelt onto the side of the bed next to her and just squeezed and fondled her tits, I was breathing hard as I grabed the bottom of her jersey and pulled it over her chest to under her chin, and in one move i flipped it over her head and threw it away.

I grabbed her t-shirt and removed it, and then I did manage to just admire her tits, still hidden under her bra. "oh mom, your tits are amazing, I just want to suck them all night" I said to her as I pulled her up and unclipped the bra from behind her. I slowly pulled her bra from her and her tits came into full view. "oh god mom" I moaned, "oh my baby boy, they are all yours" she cooed back.

I lunged forward and just wrapped my mouth around her right nipple, while my other hand still firmly gripped her left tit, kneading and squeezing while I sucked and licked as much as I could fit into my mouth. Mom moaned and fell back to the bed, I followed and laid next to her, leaning over to suckle what i once had latched to when I was a baby.. I was finally back, after all the wet dreams, after masterbating to imaginations for so long, i was finally going to fuck the ever-loving shit out of mom.

With her completely topless, I had to get her pants off. I let go of her tits and started feverishly un-doing the buttons to her jeans. I could she her panties as she lifted her ass enabling me to pull her pants off. I didn't take time to soak in the vision this time, I pulled her panties off as if they were on fire.

"oh fuck mom, I have to fuck you right now, i can't wait" I moaned to her. I was serious, I so wanted to just pull her legs apart and eat her out, but I knew I could do that later, right now I was going to cum, and I had to cum inside her right now. I always knew that the first time I would fuck my mom, I would only last a matter of seconds, the sexual forbiddeness of fucking your own mother would make anyone cum quick.

I ripped off my shorts, and mom looked up and to my underwear, my cock was harder as it has ever been. Now it was her turn to undress me. With my shorts already off, she quickly pulled off my shirt, and then reached for my briefs. She pulled them down slowly, and i felt like exploading when my cock sprang out "oh fuck mommy" I cried out, my cock, with its forskin peeled back, and my mom was right there, less than one foot away.

I could feel my balls tightening and I needed my cock in her pussy fast. I quickly told her to get on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She obeyed and with her legs dangling off the side of the bed, I grabbed them and lifted them high. Oh fuck her pussy is right there, oh god! Being reasonably tall, I had to slighty crouch down to get my cock to the juicy enterance. She started moaning already, knowing what was going to happen "oh my baby, fuck me, oh god stick your cock in your mom" I needed no other comments, I was mere seconds away from blowing my load. I slid my cock into her and moaned so loud, I didn't trust, I didn't pull out, for those first few seconds I just kept my cock still, absorbing the utter pleasure of having my cock inside my mother.

"oh my baby, my baby boy" she moaned as I started to slide my cock out, and then in again. I couldn't take it any longer, I was going to cum and I was making no effort to hold back. with the second thrust in, I came. "oh fuck yes, oh god mommy! I'm cumming in you mommy" She cried out in pleasure, knowing her sons cum is spurting into her pussy. My cock pulsating with every ejaculation, it felt like it went on for ages, just pulsating and squeezing my cum into mom. Im staring at her tits, still heaving with her every breath. My legs are starting to wobble, I have had such an unforgettable orgasim my body could not handle it. My head starts spinning, for a few seconds I felt like I could pass out... i just kept moaning "mommy, mommy, cum in you, oh mommy".

I collapse onto her, my cock still in her pussy. If I could, I would stay this way for the rest of my life. my cock in my moms pussy. Our flesh mashed together, I move my head so I can suck on her tit while I recover. "my son, I love you so much, I love your cock"

For a few minutes we stay like that, me on top of her just suckling her tit, she, with her and legs wrapped around me. I feel my cock is completely flacid so I decide to pull out. She moves further back onto the bed, and I roll to the side, we are now just lying side by side, breathing slowly, soaking in the smell of sex, sweat and pure sexual lust. She reaches over and starts stroaking my thigh, I reach over and grab her tit. She rolls to her side and looks me up and down, I tell her "I want you so badly to suck my cock, mommy make me hard again so we can continue". She loves it and slowly moves down, I grab a pillow and put it under my head so I have a good view. The tingle as she climbs on top of me, her tits brushing my chest, then down to my croch. She kisses my area of pubic hair, and I put my hands on the back of her head and guide her to my cum covered cock. She lifts it and takes a hold of my cock, she pulls the forskin back and the tip of her tounge touches the head of my cock. I moan push slighty harder on her head. She opens her mouth and my cock enters. I cry out in pleasure as her tounge moves up and down my cock, her lips firmly wrapped around it.

She squeezes my cock to make it hard as she bobs up and down, eagerly trying to make me hard. It doesn't take long. My mom sucking my cock, after the knowledge I have already cum inside her makes me hard quick. "baby your getting hard, you need to cum in my mouth" she says, breifly letting her lips part from my cock. "yes mommy, cum in your mouth" I wisper.

She strokes my cock, masterbating me, her lips wrapped around just the head of my cock, one hand gently cupping my balls, giving a light squeeze, "let me milk your cum from your balls baby". Hearing my mom using such words and language is hot and it doesn't take long until I am once again ready to cum. With pre-cum oozing into her mouth, I tell her im ready and going to cum. She moans with pleasure as my balls contract and I cum again, into her awaiting mouth, her tounge rubbing the underside of my cock head as it pulses with cum.

"show me show me" I ask my mom, she looks up at me and opens her mouth, my cum in her mouth, she moves her tounge around swirling it, she closes her lips and swallows, sighing with satisfaction, she goes back to my cock and continues to suck, cleaning it. She moves to my hot and red balls, licking and sucking as much as she could fit into her mouth. "its so hot" I explain. She lightly blows on my balls, making me shiver

"you like mommy sucking your cock baby?" , like she didn't know. "Oh fuck yes" I reply.

Breathing heavily , I need to rest, I think she is going to crawl back up and lay down beside me, but she moves to lie across the bed, so that she her face is still close to my limp cock, she rests her head at the tip of my cock, so that her lips are just about to touch it. looking up at me, and me looking down at her, my mom and my cock, a perfect match that should have happened years ago. We both tak a nap, still completly naked, and her still at my cock, lips touching my cock head.

End of Part One

Part Two Preview:

Bathtub (Shaving our pubic hair, eating her pussy)
My room (recording our own sextape)
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