--------------------------------Part 1-------------------------------

Let me start by saying that i am very open minded. i would not call myself bisexual, but i have jacked off to gay porn and i have fingered my ass once or twice. i also have regularily jacked off to the fantasy of me fucking my cousin. her name was olivia, she was 17 and she was fucking hot! she had big tits, firm with absolutely no sag, and an ass to die for. Anyways, olivias brother, Ryan, called me to ask if i wanted to come to his house to play some Xbox. Ryan and I were both fourteen so I came over to his house often. Having nothing better to do, I went over to his house. When I rang the doorbell no one answered and I was about to give up when Olivia answered the door with nothing but a towel on. I was very surprised when she told me to come in but Ryan was down getting lunch at mcdonalds. She told me to just wait for him to get back and she also said that I could help her with something. Naturally I wanted to help her so I asked "what can I do for you" and she replied, "You can help me with a fashion show!" I figured there was no harm in that since she was so fucking hot so I followed her up to her room where she told me to turn around so she could change without me looking. When she was changing I peeked at her and I saw her naked ass and I immediately got a boner. When she told me to turn around she was wearing a skimpy top with a push up bra that showed all of her cleavage. She asked me how she looked and I told her she looked amazing. She said, "Thanks!" and told me to turn around again. This time I followed her instructions and when I turned around she was in the smallest bikini imaginable. I told her that guys would love that bikini and she modeled for a minute before telling me to turn around. I was thinking that this just might be my day to finally get some action with Olivia as long as Ryan or someone else didn't show up. I was trying to hide my boner because my 7 1/2 inch cock was very visible when she told me to turn around. When I did, she was completely naked and her tits were even bigger than I thought! She asked, "How do you like this look?" I replied, "Its very revealing and it looks great on you!" She sat down facing me on my cock and I could feel the lips of her pussy grinding on my cock through my pants. She whispered, "I can see how much you have been staring at my body. It must be your lucky day because I am really horny right now and my boyfriend just isn't cutting it!" And with that she shoved my face into her gorgeous melons. I immediately started to suck on her nipples and they started to become erect. Olivia was moaning like no tomorrow so I stuck my tongue into her mouth where we had a wrestling contest with our tongues. I was thinking I can't believe I am fucking my cousin! It was just too good to be true. I went back to giving her nipples all the attention they deserved. She started grinding on my rock hard cock which felt amazing. Then I lifted her up and I laid her down on the bed with me on top of her. I started kissing my way down her body, teasing her, when I finally got to her pussy. I gave it a kiss and then I immediately started licking her clit like there was no tomorrrow. I continued this for about five minutes until she had her first orgasm of the day. She sat up, got off the bed, got on her knees on the floor and started pulling my pants down. She got them off in a flash and said, "Wow you have a big cock! My boyfriends is only 5 inches and you are 3 years younger than him". I said thanks and she started going to town on my cock. She was so good at giving deepthroat it seemed like she had no gag reflex. In no time I was fucking the back of her throat and I could feel my cock ready to explode. I told her I was about to cum but she didn't stop if anything she sucked harder so I emptied my balls of my sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it all. That was by far the fastest orgasm I had ever had and she told me she loves sucking cock. My cock was softening but I didn't want this to end so I started sucking on her nipples again. After a couple minutes my cock was hard again and ready to go. She got up and laid down on the bed and told me to fuck her pussy. I got on top of her missionary style and inserted my cock into her pussy. She started to moan and started to play with her clit as I was fucking her tight pussy. Then I turned her around and I fucked her doggy style. As she was playing with her clit she said, "I want to ride that big cock of yours!" I laid down on the bed and she laid down on top of me facing me and started to ride my cock. As she was doing this, I started to play with her nipples she was moaning and I told her I was ready to cum. She said, "Im on the pill so keep fucking me and cum in my pussy!" With that I unloaded deep in her pussy with my incestous sperm as she had her second orgasm at the same time. She got up and we started making out. I thought the day was over but she stopped kissing me and she looked me in the eye and said she always wanted to try anal. I had another boner in a flash while she got some lube from her closet. I started eating out her asshole to get her loose and relaxed and when I thought she was loose enough I covered her asshole and my cock with lube and I slowly inserted myself into her. Her asshole was so fucking tight and she was moaning in pain. I waited for a minute to allow her asshole to get used to my size and when she said she was ready I started my slow thrusts in and out of her. She told me to fuck her as hard as I could so I happily obliged ramming all of my thick meat into her. She was playing with her clit and screaming so loud I am sure the neighbors heard. She had an orgasm and her ass clenched so tight I couldn't move at all. Her orgasm seemed like it lasted forever and when it was finally over she got off my cock and said, "There is something I want to do right now and I have a feeling you will like it." I said sure and she started rummaging in her closet and she pulled out a strap on dildo. I was very surprised but when she got it strapped on I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. I started feeling up her ass and without warning she rammed it deep in my throat. I was loving every minute but she finally pulled out and said since I let you anal me I am gonna anal you. I wasn't so sure about this but she started eating out my asshole and it felt amazing so I let her lube up her 9 inch strap on. I made her promise to start off slow and be gentle and she agreed as long as she got to fuck me. I got on the bed in the doggystyle position and she slowly slid inside me. It hurt a lot but it also felt good in a weird way. She waited for a minute to allow my asshole to get used to the size before making slow thrusts into me. After a couple minutes the pain was gone and the pleasure was amazing. I pushed her off and she looked worried. She was probably afraid she had hurt me but it must have surprised her when I laid her down on the bed and sat on her thick strap on. I was bouncing up and down I would wait until the rubber head was almost out of me until I would slam myself down on it. I started to play with my cock but she told me that she could help me with that so she started to stroke my cock. The pleasure was enormous and all of a sudden my cock shot out huge thick ropes of my cum onto Olivia's face. It was by far the best orgasm and by far the most cum I had ever had. Olivia's face was covered in my cum so I suggested that we should take a shower. She agreed so we went into the shower and started cleaning up. We got clean and then Olivia laid down and I sat backwards on her and we started doing 69. I was eating out her pussy while she deepthroated my cock. After ten minutes we both had our fourth orgasm of the day. We got out of the shower, dried off, and right as I got changed Ryan came in the door. He asked if I was bored waiting for him and I winked at Olivia and said, "Absolutely not".

                               The End
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