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It was a long flight. Andrea had been missing her boyfriend for the first five hours of it, but now she wasn’t thinking about him. She was just glad it was over.

She drifted in and out of sleep during the ride to her border’s house. She was a little nervous being a foreign exchange student. This was her first time in America and everyone in her country had nothing but negative things to say about it.

It seemed the only people who liked the United States were the people who lived there. But regardless of that, it was still the land of opportunity and she felt honored and fortunate to be there.

Mrs. White was a tall blonde with her hair tied up in a professional-looking hairdo. She was slender, in great shape with a sexy figure and a sensual air about her.

She was the type who would intimidate most men. She was the type who would intimidate Andrea too, but right now she was just too tired to be intimidated.

“This will be your room,” said Mrs. White as she led Andrea into a bedroom.

At least one of her fears had been laid to rest. The room was nice. It was well-decorated and had a homely feel to it. It was similar to the way she would have chosen to decorate it if it had been left up to her, except she would’ve had more “girly” things in it.

Mrs. White opened a door that Andrea thought was just a mirror and said, “You can put your clothes in here.” It was actually a large closet.

“Okay, said Andrea as she reached for her luggage.

“Don’t mind these clothes,” said Mrs. White as she started moving things to one side. “These are my son’s. He went away to college and this was his room. So now you can use this closet and dresser. Just feel free.”

“Okay,” said Andrea.

“So, is this comfortable?”

“Yeah,” replied Andrea.

“So, it’s pretty exciting, huh?” asked Mrs. White. “Being an exchange student coming into this country.”

“Yeah, but I think I just miss my boyfriend,” said Andrea with a thick accent. Now that she was getting settled in, she was missing him a lot more.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of friends and you’ll make a lot of friends—guys, girls, you know? It’ll be fun and exciting.”

“Yeah,” said Andrea as she stifled a big yawn.

“You’re tired?”

“Yes, long trip.”

“Okay, well, make yourself comfortable. Have an early night and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you Mrs. White. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Andrea.” She left.

As soon as the door was shut, she opened up one of the dresser drawers and discovered a purple dildo inside. She picked it up and started looking it over.

She was tempted to use it now, but she thought it’d be better to wait until Mrs. White was sleeping. The door didn’t have a lock and she didn’t want her coming in to see if she needed anything and wind up catching her pleasing herself. That would be an awkward way to start the school year.

After she put it back, she started unpacking all of her bags. With that out of the way, she stripped down to her bra and panties and stretched out on the bed.

It felt so good to be in a warm house in a bed at last. She could feel her comfort levels rising. Her cramped muscles were relaxing. Her eyes were tightly shut.

Her body started to tingle as naughty visions passed through her minds eye. Her hand found its way to her crotch. She slid her panties to one side and began touching herself as her other hand made its way into her bra and started fondling her breasts and nipples.

Minutes ticked by. Her pussy got wetter, hotter. Her breathing was louder, deeper, heavier.

Her mind was wandering back and forth between her boyfriend’s cock and the many boy-girl-girl threesomes that they had had while in their native country. She missed it a lot already. Pussy and dick were a great combination.

There was nothing she could do for pussy, but at least she’d found a substitution for the dick. She got out of bed and took the dildo from the dresser drawer.

She lay back down and slid it along her tongue. She was doing it to get it moist enough for her pussy, but it made her miss having hard cock in her mouth so she kept licking it. Then she started sucking it.

It felt like rubber and tasted like nothing. It had a slight chill as apposed to the warmth of a real cock. In other words, it wasn’t nearly the same as the real thing, but she couldn’t stop for some reason. She kept sucking it until her pussy had gotten so horny that she had to have something in it.

That’s when she lowered it to her wet snatch and stuffed it inside. It was ribbed like a studded condom, which made for a much better feel. She used her left had to work the dildo, her right hand to hold her panties out of the way and stimulate her clit with her fingers.

Her moaning was getting somewhat louder. She was slowly thrusting her pelvis at the dildo. She was making herself feel so good, but she was frustrating herself at the same time. She wanted to feel real flesh against her skin. She wanted a real cock in her cunt and real tits to suck.

She felt so good, but so damn bad. It was weird.

She kept thinking about the way she’d watch as her boyfriend fucked another woman. She thought of the joy she got when she’d pull his pussy-soaked dick from her twat and suck all the other woman’s fluids from it.

She wanted to re-live the experience so bad that she pulled the dildo from her pussy and started sucking her own juices off of it. Tingles ripped through Andrea just thinking about it.

But then a knock at the door swept away the tingles and filled her with terror.

“Andrea,” called Mrs. White, “can I come in? I seemed to forget something in the room.”

Andrea was stuck. She was on top of the sheets and didn’t have time to pull them back to get under them without it seeming suspicious. But she was still wearing her bra and panties, so she grabbed a pillow and put it between her legs to hide the dildo.

“Come in,” she said.

“I seem to…”—Mrs. White paused because she saw how Andrea was lying with the pillow between her widely spread legs and an embarrassed expression on her face—“…have left something in the drawer.”

She opened a dresser drawer and started looking through it. “It’s something kind of personal. As soon as I find it, I’ll get out of your way.”

It was nowhere to be found. She looked up. “Andrea, by any chance, did you see anything in this drawer that’s kind of private?”

Andrea lifted the purple dildo from behind the pillow and said, “You mean this?”

I don’t know who was more embarrassed. They’d both turned two shades darker than scarlet.

But Mrs. White, being the older and more experienced of the two, could see it in Andrea’s face, so she quickly calmed down and decided to see exactly how freaky young Andrea really was.

She climbed onto the bed. “Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for,” she said. She took it and said, “This is my dildo.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. White. I think I’m too lonely. I miss my boyfriend.”

“Oh, you poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear that,” said Mrs. White as she climbed farther on the bed towards Andrea’s wide-open legs.

She moved the pillow out of the way. Andrea looked a little uncomfortable, but she never protested or moved away.

Truth is, she didn’t have a problem with being touched, but she never figured Mrs. White for a bi-sexual woman. She was surprised by her advances, but once the surprise wore off, she was more than happy to spread her thighs wider for her.

“When I got divorced,” said Mrs. White, “this was my best friend…and it still is. So that’s why I was looking for it. I was pretty lonely myself.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s quite alright. You can borrow it.”

“Thank you.”

“And you know, you’d be perfect for my son. He’s about your age and he should be back from college in about three or four months. So you know, maybe you might…get it on.”

“Yeah, but it’s four months. That’s a long time.”

Mrs. White lay down. She was propped on one elbow still looking down at Andrea. She said, “Or you and I could share the dildo since we’re both pretty lonely.”

She started rubbing Andrea’s thighs and hips. Then she went in for a kiss. That was the only kiss before she pulled Andrea’s soft tits from her bra and started swirling her tongue in circles around the nipple.

The bra’s hook was in the front, so while Mrs. White was getting acquainted with the “twins,” Andrea undid the bra and let it fall to the sides, revealing her beautiful, ripe tits.

Mrs. White continued to lick her breasts as she rubbed along her belly and played in her short pubic hair. She kissed and sucked all over her chest and stomach and eventually allowed her tongue to pass over the thin material of her white panties.

Mrs. White started tugging at them. Andrea lifted her pelvis and helped her get them off her waist. Damn, she was a gorgeous vision laying there naked like that just waiting to be sucked dry.

Mrs. White admired her beauty for a few seconds, and then slid her tongue along Andrea’s eager clit.

Andrea sucked in a deep breath of air and let out a low moan that was partly a sigh of relief. Finally, a real tongue in her pussy!

Mrs. White was an outstanding pussy eater too. She was making her cream so much. She licked up and down the split, stuck her tongue deep in the hole, slurped her juices out, sucked her clit, and everything.

Andrea didn’t know what to do with herself. It just felt so fucking good.

Andrea knew from all the threesomes that she had had with her boyfriend that women usually ate pussy the best, but no one had ever tasted her like Mrs. White. American women were the queens of cunt munching.

Andrea had had so many baby orgasms by the time she stopped that she had lost count. She thought Mrs. White wanted her to lick her pussy now, but when she opened her eyes, she noticed Mrs. White was holding up the dildo and licking the tip. She was going to use it on her.

Andrea thought she was trying to get it wet, but Andrea’s pussy was already saturated. There was no need, but then she realized Mrs. White wasn’t trying to get the dildo wet. Andrea had already used it earlier. She was just getting more of the flavor off of it. This woman was a MILF in the truest sense of the word.

She slid the dildo up and down Andrea’s split. She applied more pressure with each pass, making it go a little deeper each time. Then she stopped with the head on her hole and pushed it all the way inside.

She started fucking her with it as she massaged her soft clit. Mrs. White would stop sometimes and lick more of her sweet juices from it.

“Oh, oh, oh!” moaned Andrea. She was breathing and moaning really loud now.

Her stomach trembled. Her legs couldn’t seem to stay still. They were quivering like mad. She was so aroused that she couldn’t even stop moaning when Mrs. White stopped to take her clothes off.

Mrs. White removed everything except her panties. Andrea was impressed. The older lady had a great figure.

It was the first time she’d had tits in her mouth since she’d left her country. They were just the right size, taking up all the space in her mouth and leaving a little extra for her hands to squeeze.

“Have you done this before?” asked Mrs. White.

“No,” lied Andrea. She didn’t know why she lied. It just came out of her mouth without thinking.

They continued to talk dirty to each other. Mrs. White helped her all the way up so she could lie down.

She was more aggressive than Andrea. As soon as she was on her back she grabbed Andrea’s hair and guided her head to her sweet spot.


It had been so long since Andrea had tasted that flavor. She lapped it up and savored every drop as Mrs. White cried out and practically force-fed her pussy to her.

“Oh, oh, oh!” moaned Mrs. White. “Ohhh!”

Her pussy was super sensitive. She’d had so many orgasms and her pussy was gushing so much juice that there was a puddle of it forming in her tender hole.

“Oh!” cried Mrs. White.

Her grip tightened on Andrea’s head. Her pelvis rose off the bed. She started to buck and thrash. Her pussy was contracting and spasming like crazy.

When the orgasm subsided, she asked—or should I say—ordered Andrea to put the dildo in her. Andrea started fucking her with the dildo as Mrs. White fondled her clit.

“Ohhh, Oh!” she kept screaming. She felt so good.

Andrea had gone less than a day without sex and she was hurting for it; Mrs. White had gone much longer than that. Andrea could understand fully why she was so out of control.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me! Oh, yeah!”

She banged her for a long time with the dildo and sometimes went down on her clit, which sent her into more frenzied orgasms that left her out of breath, but still crying out in ecstasy. Her pussy was so wet that the dildo started bubbling up and Andrea moved it around in her.

“OH, OOHHHH, OOH, Ohh, oh, ohh,” moaned Mrs. White.

Her orgasms were fading. Her breathing slowed down.

Huge veins were bulging in her forehead and neck. She hadn’t realized how much she’d needed that. It was wonderful. She felt so good, so alive, so complete and so satisfied.

“Was that alright?” asked Andrea with her sexy accent.

“Oh, yeah,” said Mrs. White with gritted teeth as she sat up to kiss her. “That was perfect.”

They kissed. Then they kissed some more. They lay down together. They drifted off to sleep together.

But Andrea was thinking something before she fell asleep. If the mother was this good in bed, she was looking forward to sleeping with the son. Hopefully the apple wouldn’t have fallen too far from the tree when it came to carnal skills.

Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

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