About a year later my parents bought a new dog, and his name was "Simon". He was a tiny little pug, but was horny as ever. He was always humping my leg and it was always really embarrasing around family. My brothers always teased me when Simon would latch on. I developed some nicknames, which thankfully did not stick through my life! Anyway, Simon and I had a lot of fun together after school when I was all alone. My parents both worked and my brothers had football practice, so I always had about two hours to myself during the day. I would normally come home, do my homework, get a snack, and then invite Simon into my room. We got into that routine and I had orgasms from him almost daily. He had a fairly small prick, probably because he was a fairly small dog in general. I liked to stroke it and make him cum because I thought it was only fair that I repay him for all the pleasure he gave to me. It got to the point with Simon that everytime he saw me and I sat down he was sniffing around trying to get at my pussy. (He is actually not much different than my husband now!) Simon died a few years later, and it was devastating to me. Not only because he was my "fuck" buddy, but because he was my friend.

In my young adult life I used to house sit for a friend who had a small dog. He, unfortunately, had been fixed and had never really been exposed to females before. He loved to sniff me, but had no interest in licking my pussy. I had to intice him by spreading peanut butter, icing, or any other sweet tasting treat I could find on my clit. I even liked to spread in on my ass because his hard tongue felt really good there. I was always sure to spread some inside my cunt just to feel his tongue digging deep to get his treat. During the two hours I would spend at the house feeding the fish, watering the flowers, and lightly cleaning, the dog and I would do this about three or four times. I was always sure to bring my own "treats" so that the owners never suspected that I was getting off on their pooch!

I haven't had any animal sex since then, but when we finally buy our own house I want to get a puppy. I will probably try to talk my husband into getting a boy dog so that I can eventually train him to lick and fuck me without the aid of "treats". (Although my husband would never know my true motives! He would be disgusted by this and would probably leave me.) I have never had a dog actually put his dick in my pussy, but I would love to experience it!

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[#5571] jb24666 ( 1641 days ago )
jb24666 avatar this was a pretty good story. you have talent, but i have a question as kind of a joke. what exactly is the best orgasm for an eleven year old lol
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