Hi My name is Peter and I though that some of you may like to hear about how my slut wife has improved recently.

We have been married for about 20 years and alwys been keen on the occassional swapping session, which to be honest is just normally my slut wife with a guy or two we have met in a club, on holiday or more recently strangers from the internet.

The internet has been a great source for finding guys to have her, sometime she knows about the pla and other times I just arrange a guy or two without her knowing until they turn up - she has never turned them dowm yet and all go away fully drained... he record is 5 strangers in the same night.

I am an electrician and about 3 months ago I had to work on a flat where the guy had lost mobility in his legs and spent most of the day in bed, more out of boredom I think because he was fine getting around in a wheelchair ..anyway the conversation got around to him being embaressed about his problem and that he had not had a women for over 10 years. I left that evening and had to return the next day to finish the job.

When I got home I told my wife that she had to come to the flat with me the next day and help the guy out with some sex - she was reluctant but did as she was told as she always does. When we got to the flat the next day, he let me in via a remote door release because he was in bed. I told him why my wife was there and he seemed a bit embaressed becuase she was my wife, so I undid her blouse and pulled her bra up over he tits and got him to play with them. While he was squeezing her tits that I told her to pull the bed covers back and give him a wank ..which she did... he had a massive hard on, -a good 10 years worth would say - and it didnt take him long to cum in some very large spurts. He said he was sorry because some spurted on her blouse and hair, she laughed and said dont worry ..then put his dick in his outh and sucked him for a while.

He was trying to get his hands between her legs but the positions were all wrong...So I made her take her skirt and knickers off and kneel on the bed so he could get his hands in her while she sucked him. Well she must have been very wet because the slurping noise his fingers made was very loud ! ..he managed to get a good few fingers inside her, almost a full fisting, the look on his face made it obvious he had lots of frustration to take out on her and he used his fingers with a lot of hard agression which she was willing to accept.

After a while she suggested that she sat on his dick, which she did and rode him like a wild slut until he obviously let off another load of cum inside her.

She got off him and sat on the bed while he fingered her some more while we chatted .. she wanked him back to erection but he couldn't shoot anymore...so she gave him a quick suck and got dressed.

He said that was brilliant and asked if she could come back sometime ....which we did a few weeks later.

She has been back there about 4 times now and I have joined in by fucking her while she sucks him,.. his particular thing is for me and him to both finger her at the same time and get as many fingers in as we can ..for some reason she gets very wet and relaxed during these sessions and is able to take a lot of fingers very deep ... he loves pushing hard and deep to the point that she asks him to stop but he just says that she has to take it ..which she continues to do willingly.

At the last session I told him that she would be willing to offer her services to any of his mates who had not had sex for a while, she did raise an objection but we both told her that she would do what she was told.. which I think she knows she has to do.

So I think she is slowly developing a submissive attitude to being used as a slut wife rather than normal swigging sessions ......which means the future is going to be great fun !!

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