hey babe daddy’s home.........where r u?
Just on the computer daddy
You walk in am sitting on the armchair in front of the computer, a rampant rabbit thruster just about to be pushed inside me full thrust and full vibrate looking at dirty hardcore porn vids, but I quickly hide the toy down the side of the chair and click the vids off screen
ok ill let u off this time, what u looking at?
I stand in the doorway watching u
I think u gone to kitchen so I plunge it in as far as it will go
i make sure the settings on as full as it can go I feel the head of it thrusting inside me, feel the rabbit part vibrate hard against my clit I want it in deeper but no matter how hard I try it wont go in any further my pussy is too tight for the big monster
oi what the hell do u think your doing - daddy’s getting angry
I jump getting a fright the toy falls to the floor still thrusting still vibrating - I stand up look at you sheepishly - I’m sorry daddy I well I was bought it as a present and just wanted to try it I’m sorry
so you going 2 tell me who bought it 4 you
it doesn’t matter daddy it was just a present
you’d better tell me
just somebody I know
I mean you’re only 15 you’re still my baby girl
so you like a bit of plastic up you’re pussy do you
its more like rubber daddy look feel
i bend over to pick it up u see rite up my skirt and am not wearing any panties
i feel it its sticky with your juice
see wait a min a press the settings at the bottom it stops thrustin stops vibrating
u think this is like a real cock
see its more like a big blue rubber cock this bit here on the head about an inch from th tip thrusts then it all vibrates
i look at you
i dnt know daddy it feels pretty good y do u look so angry daddy
my little girls growin up
all girls grow up daddy i giggle as i kiss you on the cheek
I pull your face round n kiss you full on the lips
pushing my tongue in your mouth
daddy - what u doin
i kiss you back hard letting your tongue explore my mouth i grip it between my lips suck it as if it were a cock
mm i see you are a good kisser
sit down and let daddy show u something
hold your bit of rubber 2
ok daddy I sit back down in the chair
daddy undoes his pants n pulls his cock out...that’s a real cock baby
i look away little do you know i have already had one earlier today
look at it babe
i don’t want to
i pull your head round
forcing me to look at it
now stroke your rubber cock
i don’t even ask you how i grip it in my hand sliding it up and down i spit on it whilst stroking it
now stroke daddy’s in the same way
i grab your cock - spit on the head rubbing my spit along your cock with my hand
mm mm mm mm that’s a good girl
which feels better
yours cos you make noise when i play with u
daddy moans
that nice daddy
i put my mouth near the head start flicking my tongue round circling it i clamp my lips round it start sucking furiously
not realising by doing so in a moment of pure lust I’ve just got myself into a lot of trouble
wow baby you’ve dun this b4
i haven’t i haven’t
who’s cock have you sucked
nobody’s daddy
tell me
no daddy please
i don’t know his name i protest
but you sucked his ck
i didn’t mean to
hmm mm mm i slap your face and push you away
you little slut
am not daddy am not you weren’t there you don’t understand
ill give you i don’t understand, you want cock your going 2 get cock
i don’t want it daddy i told the man that came this morning i didn’t want it mammy shouldn’t of left me home alone
you told her not to daddy you told mummy never to leave me in the house by myself
don’t you dare blame your mummy
i pull your legs open n push my fingers in your pussy......you like that do you
daddy no please
but i still grind myself onto your finger
yeah you little slut take daddy’s fingers
you like that don’t you
daddy please
ooooooooooh daaaaaddddddy daaaaaadddddddyy pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee
what about daddy’s tongue you want that in your pussy
i look at you not understanding what you mean
i get on my knees n bury my face in your cunt
feeling daddy’s tongue probing my tight wet hole is driving me wild am pushing my pussy into your face
ooooooooooooh the gas man didn’t do that
that’s because daddy knows what’s best
mmmm yes daddy
i suck on your little swollen clit
it feels so nice my head tilts back - let me drink your spunk daddy
i straddle you on the chair my cock pushing in your mouth
i suck it furiously trying to take every inch i only manage half of your huge cock
my tongue licking away as my mouth slides up n down daddy’s big hard prick
mm mm mm that’s it you’re daddys little slut
i push it in further
my head bobbin up n down your prick pulsating in my mouth as you push it further I gag try move my lips further up the shaft of your cock
i dont like gagging on daddys knob
well TOUGH daddy’s going 2 make you gag
I fuck my daughters little mouth mm mm mm m m
the workman wasn’t this rough with me
well he wasn’t your daddy
you feel how daddy’s cock is throbbing in your mouth
uh huh
daddy’s going 2 fill your mouth with his spunk
I suck harder faster i grip it with my hand stroke it at the same time
I’m determined to taste it swallow it
mm daddy jerks n your mouth fills with my thick creamy spunk
i feel it convulsing against my tongue as your load shoots down my throat
am not used to such a big load i start coughin n splutterin spunk going everywhere

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