Well it was just a boring day and it was getting late when a friend of mine asked what I was going to that nite. I told her I didnt know and jokely told her dress up like steet hooker and go work the streets due to I was horny for dick. She laughed and said yea rite your a fulltime crossdresser but you aint got the never. I said I do to and said I had to go hung the phone up.
I went to my bedroom and took a bath didnt have to shave anymore due to I had lazor hair removeal and beening on hormons I thought I aint chicken to sell my ass so I finished bathing. I went in my my bedroom and found my black full victorian corset and black g-string and smalled hole fishnet stockings. I put them on and hooker the stocking to corset gartor staps did my makeup with color stay cherry red lipstick big hooped earrings and black thick choker neckles. I pinned up my hair and put on a dirty blonde wig. Taped down my small cock and due to me haveing breast implants didnt have to worry about them. I put on black micro mini skirt that just barely covered my ass and you could see my thigh stocking top and gartor straps, I put on tight black lace top then put on my 6 inch sandle type spike strap heels that showed my red toe nails that match my long saloon finger nails an put on my rings looked in the mirror and dam I looked like a slut.
I called Karen on the phone she said well what are you going to due tonite? Well I said im told you earlier what I was going to go do an what I was wearing. She said really and said were you going to go and told her that I heard from someone that there was couple of street in a certain town were gay prositutes hung out. She asked me if she could go to I said yea but was going to park my car in a pay parking place near there she said ok pick her up. I told her I be by in about 30 minutes to get her. I stopped on way to her house a got some comdons at a store and when picked her up she came out wearing a blue latax mini dress and heels and said if you do do it that she would too.
We drove about an hour to the place and parked the car it was about 10:00 pm she said were do we go now. I said we have to walk over block or so to the street. So we got out of the car and walk down to the street and made our way to the street it was dimmly lite and she said well it looks like we are the only two out here. I said guess more business for use. We walked slowly down the street when a car slowly past us and went down the street and turned around and came back slowy and pulled up beside us. It was older man about 65 years old. He called me over to his car when I got by the car he was not wearing any pants. He asked what he could get for $ 100.00 I said well what do you want he said a bj and to fuck me I said ok. I ask karen if she be ok by her self when the oldman said that the was a small road in between the too old store rite the she said yes. I got in his car and we drove down to the place he said he parked shut the car gave me the money. We kissed for a minute and I put a comdon on his cock sucking him hard as I was sucking him he pulled my g-sting aside and put some lube on my ass and started to finger me. When his cock was nice and hard I took my g-string off and climbed on top of him and rode his cock hard till he came. I easied off his lap put my g-string back on and got out of the car and walked back to the street. I seen Karen getting fucked in a car on the street. When she got done and got out she came over by me and said well what we going to do now, I said do you want to leave or see what happens, she lets stay a bit and see what happens. Well we both sucked and got fucked by different guys till we ran out of comdons at 3:00 am. On the way home she asked if I would do it again and I said yes I would she said she wanted to too.
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sexistscorpiointheworld ( 892 days ago )
sexistscorpiointheworld avatar Sorry, but there was no detail and the grammer was horrible. Needs work.
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