Dad was the only parent I ever knew as Mom died while giving birth to me. Of course I had pictures of her but none with me in them. In a way she was just a fantasy Mom and my connection to her was just that a fantasy no more real then a character in a good book. Dad on the other hand was real and my constant every day parent. He changed my diapers when I was an infant, bathed me until I could do that safely. Read me stories and took me on what he called our adventures, which were trips to the Zoo, hiking ... etc.

Dad had the gift of being a good listener, I could tell him anything and never felt judged. As a result unlike my friends with their parents I told him everything, even my private personal stuff. More than once growing up I would sit on his lap cuddled up and cry out my troubles. When I needed it he would focus just on me. Having read several of the "Daddies girl" stories on this forum, I am sure you are expecting this story to be just another variation on a well trodden theme but what happened is different.

Dad was cool, for example when I was eleven he bought me a training bra and feminine products before I needed them. He explained that he hoped that this would make things more comfortable for me when I started to blossom into a young women. Just the considerate nature of his gesture made me feel loved and respected. When I did start changing a year later I was no longer allowed to sit on Dad's lap but would cuddle up with his arm around me on the couch.

Any time an accident would happen where I was caught with my naughty bits exposed as happens in any family, Dad would immediately turn his back and let me get my act together. Never any leering looks or the like. Dad felt that self respect was important for me to have so that I would be strong enough to make up my own mind when confronted by peer pressure or a situation where I was uncomfortable.

So after all that I will tell you of an event that still shocks me today. My 13Th birthday was approaching and my birthday list only had one item. I wanted a dog specifically a black lab. So on my birthday Dad and I drove to a kennel and I started to pick out a single puppy among many. One pup seemed to pick me out. He ran right to me and wanted to play. Other pups let me pet them but there was always that one who pushed the others away just so he would get my full attention. With that kind of performance there really was no choice and we were soon heading home with an extra passenger. On the way home Dad asked me what I would name my dog and I instantly replied "Rex". My Dad gave me a quizzical look rolled his eyes and sarcastically said "now that's original". I did not care Rex just seemed right.

Dad was firm that this was my dog with all the responsibilities that goes with it. At the beginning I messed up a few times forgetting to fill Rex's water bowl and the like, but Rex seemed to know even as a pup, that he was my responsibility and would bring me the empty bowl. Dad would give me that stern "clean up your act or else" look that always scared me a bit. Soon taking care of Rex became habit. Out side of school we were inseparable. Rex was even allowed to sleep in my room just not on my bed.

Things changed a year later after I had turned 14. I was in the washroom at school and heard some older girls talking about masturbation and how wonderful it was to "rub-one-off", right before going to sleep. They talked about their favorite methods so I got a detailed enough description that I knew what to try. As you already suspect that very night after Dad gave me his patented "good night princess, sweet dreams" kiss, I had my hands on my pussy finding my own "favorite method". After some fumbling and experimentation I had my first orgasm. I promptly rolled over and fell into a deep relaxing sleep. Masturbating became my nightly ritual before falling asleep.

A month or two later Dad was out doing the grocery shopping and I had returned from a shower and was getting my cloths together. I could only find one sandal and was butt naked on all fours looking under my dresser for the missing one. All of a sudden I felt this long wet tongue lick me pussy slit from stem to stern. Sexual electricity coursed through my body, I was turned on big time. I stayed in that position hoping for Rex to hit another bulls-eye. He nuzzled my pussy but seemed to like licking my ass as much if not more than my pussy. I waved my ass around hoping for Rex to hit the spot. After a number missy-licks he hit the spot again and I experienced the same electric jolt. I immediately jumped onto bed and rubbed one off having the best orgasm I had had to date. As my orgasmic haze started to clear I just knew that this rub-off variation must happen again.

My new ritual became Daddy tucking me in for the night. Wait for him to go down stairs to watch TV. Strip and get down on all fours so Rex could hit the spot. Some times it would get frustrating as Rex was a natural born ass licker missing my wanton pussy 95% of the time. Eventually Rex would hit the spot getting me super charged and I would jump on the bed and finished what Rex had started.

On a Friday night after Dad's good night kiss I was naked and down on all fours waving my ass in the air for my sexy Rexy to help out his mommy. Rex was licking my ass and not hitting the spot. I was so focused on getting Rex on target that I did not notice a subtle change in my room lighting. I was whispering "come on Rex lick mommy's pussy". With my butt high in the air and my legs spread to give Rex the best target I got a lick so on target that his tongue actually caught my clit and parted my pussy lips ending at my taint. I gasped and said "Rex you beautiful beast do that again for mommy". Christ it was like winner the lottery when Rex again licked my pussy hitting all the sweet spots. I was all ready to hop on my bed for the grand finally when I heard my Daddy ask "does my baby girl needs some help"? I froze with a mixture of emotions, fear from being caught, being super horny and the shame of doing what I knew was wrong. Before I could even say anything Daddy picked me up, put me on the bed, flipped my over, spread my legs and dove in face first. His hands moved to my nipples and his tongue was probing me like I had never been able to do to with my fingers.

I went from shock to orgasm in record time exploding with a moaning scream. I thought with the little mind I had left that Daddy would stop but Daddy had caught me doing something very wrong and had decided his daughter needed to be given a good licking. He showed no mercy sucking, licking and playing with me like I was his personal juicer. He even probing my insides with his thick fingers. He had this way of clamping his lips around my clit and playing it like a trumpet. That focused vibration would send me over the top again and again. After I had come several times my response got weaker I could not even talk anymore. I had a one word vocabulary which was "Daddy". He must have realized I was spent and decided I had been "punished" enough as he stopped, repositioned me in bed and covered me with my blanket. He kissed me on the forehead saying he loved me and went to leave. Just as he was about to close my bed room door I heard Daddy's commanding voice saying "Melissa, we will talk in the morning".

I slept-in, which was very rare for me. When I finally open my eyes I saw my alarm clock and noticed it was almost 11:30AM. Shit I had soccer practise starting at 1:00PM. Just then I heard Dad yell at me that brunch was ready and not to let it get cold. Brunch? We only had breakfast in my house. That was a not so subtle message for me to get my butt moving. I quickly pulled on a t-Shirt and shorts and headed down stairs with my mind in a tizzy. In the last 24 hours I had got caught in a beastly position and my Dad who had never touch me sexually had introduced me to the wonders of oral sex with multiple orgasms. What the hell was going to happen next?

My Dad was sitting at the table already eating his breakfast and reading the newspaper. My own place at the table had a plate heaped with food and beside it with a longish rectangular package wrapped like a present.

I had my eyes down completely averted from Dad's face. He pleasantly said good morning and continued to read the paper. I grunted good morning and started to eat what was on my plate. After nothing was said for a while I began to relax and even started to wonder if last night was some weird dream. My Dad put down the paper and shocked me with a commanding "Melissa looking at me". Every little girl knows that Daddy tone and it always meant you did something wrong and punishment is about to descend. With my stomach all a flutter I looked up as Daddy had commanded.

Straight out Dad said that Rex was my dog and not my boy friend. Such behavior is over forever. I gulped and nodded my head. The next thing he said completely surprised me. His face softened into my usual dear old Dad's loving expression and he said to unwrap the box that sat a little way from my plate. As I begun to tear at the paper he said he had gone out while I was sleeping and remembered I had pulled a muscle during my last soccer game so he had picked up a muscle massager.

I finished unwrapping the box and sure enough the box said back/muscle massager. I took it out of the box and it had a electrical cord attached to a long thick handle with a spongy round ball on the end. The handle had several notched low to high massage settings. I gave him a puzzled look expressing "what the hay".

He reminded me that I needed to shower and get ready for soccer practice and said he had some work to do in my bath room to install a new "Moen Pause Control Handheld Shower head" so I should use his shower just for this morning. He explained the shower head had a long extend-able neck with multiple nozzle settings including pulsing action. I said OK and wondered why he would be telling me such boring plumber stuff.

As I started to climb the stairs with my muscle massager Dad said "the instructions say for best effect use just before going to sleep". I froze, there was something in his voice that made me wonder if I really was getting the whole story. I continued to my room and then to Dad's shower and was ready when he called out that he was getting in the car.

Soccer practice had indeed made my legs sore so as I was turning in for the night I decided to try out my massager. I plugged it in and set it to a lower massage setting. I rubbed my sore legs and dam that was relaxing. I shook me head thinking Daddy is so smart. I was massaging my thighs when I started to get that bed time rub-one-off tingle. I changed to a higher setting and felt even better. Like a thunder bolt my Dad's words came back to me "for best effect use just before going to sleep". What a wise ass but I smiled and did what Daddy told me to. I started massage my pussy and got oh so wet and then changed the setting to high and pressed it hard to my clit. I was exploding girl again and said loudly "Oh fuckin awesome". As I was coming down I turned off my massager and pulled the covers over me, ready to sink into a deep sleep. It occurred to me that I also had a new shower head. What delights had Daddy gotten his baby girl? Just as I was drifting off I swear that I heard Daddy chuckle as he proceed down the hall to his room.

He never sexually touch me again and we never talked about what happened, but to this day I name all my girly toys Daddy.
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