She came into my office as I was using the computer.

“My legs hurt.” She complained as she sat down on the bed behind me.

“Want me to massage them for you?” I asked swinging around in my chair to face her.

“That’d be lovely.” She replied rubbing at the calves of her legs.

“Get ready while I go and get some lotion.” I told her standing up from the chair.

When I got back to the spare bedroom which I used as my office, I found her lying face down on the bed.

I looked at her laying there, her cute arse covered by her short skirt.

“Too bad she doesn’t have her legs spread.” I thought to myself as I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself to one side of her legs.

I’d often fantasized having sex with her ever since she’d started to grow into womanhood.

I poured some massage oil onto my hands and began to gently massage her calves.

Feeling her young flesh under my fingers was not doing me any good at all, I could feel my cock starting to respond inside my shorts.

Then I had an idea.

Maybe I could get a quick peek at her pantied covered crotch while I was doing this.

True, it wouldn’t do the state of my cock any good, but it’d give me a mental image to pull myself over later on.

I moved myself down to the end of the bed and asked her to spread her legs on the pretext of being able to massage the insides of her calves.

To my surprise, she didn’t object at all and instead just spread her legs apart for me.

I then began to massage the insides of her legs and started working my oily fingers upwards along her legs, heading slowly but surely towards her backside.

Because her legs were now spread apart, it caused her skirt to become tight which in turn also caused it to lift upwards.

As I brought my fingers back towards her heels, I quickly ducked my head downwards to look up beneath her slirt.

What I saw shocked me.

She wasn’t wearing any panties.

There before my amazed glaze was her naked pussy staring back at me.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

The best I’d hoped for was a glimpse at her pantied covered crotch, maybe even being able to see the bulge of her pussy pressing against her panties.

But this was perfect.

So at first, I stayed down near her heels working my fingers back and forth along her lower calves, at the same time taking every opportunity to perv up under her skirt.

By this time, my cock was rock hard inside my shorts and was tenting my shorts away from my body.

It badly ached for some form of release.

I looked at her lying there before me, she had her eyes closed and had a slight smile on her face, enjoying the massage no doubt.

I then decided to do something rather dangerous, I started massaging just the one calf and at the same time, I reached down with my free hand and slipped my cock free from its prison.

Now I was stroking my naked cock with one hand while at the same time, still pretending to massage her legs.

I knew I was taking one hell of a chance doing this, but by now, my cock was doing my thinking for me.

I was trying to keep a check on her eyes to make dam sure she still had them closed, but I also wanted to be able to see her naked cunt as I pulled myself off behind her.

I leaned my head down enough to be able to see up under her skirt again and it was while I was staring at her naked cunt that it happened.

Suddenly, I felt myself starting to cum.

I quickly took the hand I was massaging her leg with and cupped it under the head of my cock, catching most but not all of my hot cum inside my hand.

Some drops landed on the back of her left leg.

“What was that?” she asked starting to turn her head back my way.

I knew I had to do something quick.

I shoved my cock, (which was starting to become limp again) back inside my shorts and picked up the bottle of massage oil and before she really had a chance to see what had landed on her leg, poured some oil onto my cum.

“Just putting some more oil onto your leg, sweetheart.” I replied, hoping she wouldn’t notice my flushed state.

She was now looking back at me and as I still had cum inside my cupped hand and it was starting to leak between my fingers, all I could do was to lean forward and rub my cum and the oil together along her leg.

“Oh.” Was all she said before once again turning her face back towards the bed covers and closing her eyes once more.

I stared at my cum and the oil mixed together, being spread along her leg and nearly burst out laughing at the thought that now she had cum on her and didn’t even know it.

Partly sexually satisfied, I once again started using both hands on her legs.

As I slowly worked my fingers up towards her thighs, I wondered if I could get my fingers up close to her cunt.

That’d be one hell of a buzz, having my fingers close enough to be able to touch her cunt.

While she didn’t know that I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, I was hoping that she was enjoying the massage enough, so that she wouldn’t realize just how far up her legs my fingers were going.

I began to rub my fingers upwards, an inch at a time.

I reached the hem of her skirt with no word from her that I was going too far, so I kept on massaging her flesh, slowly, but surely massaging my fingers just under the hem of her skirt.

Still, she didn’t say a word about how far up her thighs my fingers had worked themselves.

Because the skirt was pulled tightly around her hips, there really was no way I could reach her backside.

I continued to massage what part of her thighs I could; wishing all the while that I could massage her cunt lips with my fingers, but knowing there was no hope in hell of being able to do that.

So I tried something different.

“Could you please close your legs a bit?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t want to know why I wanted her to do so.

She closed her legs together until I felt both legs touching my knees which were in between her legs.

What this had done was to loosen her skirt enough to allow my hands to slip under the skirt and hopefully, I’d get the chance to start massaging the cheeks of her arse.

I slowly began to work my fingers back up her legs until once again, my fingers slipped under the hemline of her skirt.

In a way, I was surprised that she hadn’t yet noticed just how far up her legs my fingers had worked themselves.

But I wasn’t about to start asking any questions.

I felt the curve of her cheeks beneath my fingers under her skirt and emboldened by her total lack of response to having my fingers now on her naked arse, began to massage them into her young flesh.

“Mmm” She groaned. “That’s nice.” She said as my fingers worked their way across her cheeks.

Taking a chance, I moved my fingers to either side of her hips and pushed the hemline of her skirt upwards with my wrists.

To my delight, I now saw her cunt lips come into view.

I began to wonder just what was going on here.

She had to know by now that I had a totally uninterrupted view of her bare cunt and yet she still had not tried to stop me from looking at her.

But as before, I wasn’t about to question the why of it all, but instead chose to enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

I slowly worked my oily fingers towards the groove of her arse and taking yet another chance, I gripped her cheeks in my fingers and slowly pulled them apart, allowing me to see her tiny anus and also at the same time, I’d parted her outer lips enough for me to be able to see the soft pink inner flesh that until now had been hidden from my view.

Her inner flesh glistened with moisture from her juices and I wondered if those juices were being caused because I’d turned her on.

I certainly hoped so.

Spreading the cheeks of her arse even further apart, I found that I could now see deep inside her cunt.

She had to have known that I was now looking directly at her cunt and yet still there were no words of protest coming from her.

I decided to take that as permission to carry on.

I closed her cheeks and began to massage my fingers towards the middle of her backside until they were nearly touching the groove between her arse cheeks.

Hoping I was right, I then used the index finger of my right hand and placed it at the top of the groove, then, slowly, I began to move my finger down the groove, taking my time, so that if she wanted to object to what I was doing to her, now was the time for her to do so.

But again, there were no words of protest from her lips and suddenly, I felt the wetness of her cunt close around my fingertip.

“Mmm.” She murmured as though she was half asleep, but was still enjoying the sensations my finger was causing her.

I slowly began to ease my finger up inside of her, totally convinced that she was allowing me to do so.

As my finger slowly worked its way inside her, I felt her start to move her legs.

But she wasn’t trying to stop me from plunging my finger inside her as I’d first thought, but instead, she was spreading her legs even further apart, allowing me even greater freedom to her cunt.

Finally I had my finger firmly planted deep inside her.

I could feel her inner muscles gripping and releasing themselves around my thick finger.

As I started to withdraw my finger from her, I felt her muscles grip my finger tightly inside her as though she was afraid that I was going to take my finger out of her.

But because she was so wet down there, my finger slipped out easily.

I again pushed it deep inside of her, causing her to groan with pleasure.

I finger fucked her for several minutes before taking my finger out of her for the last time(for now at least)
Then taking hold of both cheeks, I spread her cheeks apart, wide enough so that I once again could see deep inside her cunt.

I then leaned forward until I now had my face only an inch or so away from her glistening cunt.

I breathed some hot air from my mouth onto the surface of her cunt lips, letting her know that my face was close enough to touch her cunt.

But again, there were no words of protest from her, so I leaned that little bit extra until I felt her lips touching mine.

Her small body seemed to jump a little as soon as she felt the flesh of my lips touched her naked cunt lips.

But again, no words of protest, so I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and started to gently lick at her outer lips with it.

“Oh yeah.” She moaned as she started to push her hips downwards to meet my mouth.

I closed my whole mouth around her small cunt and sucked at her flesh.

Again, she pushed herself backwards onto my mouth and this time, I slipped the tip of my tongue deep inside her, bringing forth a loud groan of pleasure as she felt my tongue probing her insides.

I tongue fucked her for several minutes and then started to tease her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, causing her to groan even louder with pleasure.

She was shoving herself backwards against my mouth and I knew from the sounds she was making, that she wasn’t all that far away from having an orgasm.

But I wasn’t about to allow her to have her orgasm that way.

My cock had sprung back to life a while back and keeping my mouth glued to her cunt, I somehow managed to slip my shorts off until my lower body was now totally naked.

Withdrawing my mouth from her wet cunt, I placed one hand under her stomach and lifted her slightly and reached over and picked up the spare pillow beside her head and slipped it under her hips, causing her naked backside to now be pointing up into the air in front of me.

I then moved closer towards her and placed the head of my cock directly at the moist entrance to her cunt.

If she was worried about me fucking her, she showed no sign, so I began to push my way inside her.

I watched as my cock slowly passed her outer lips and started to penetrate her cunt.

The warmth of her cunt as it closed around the shaft of my cock was amazing to feel.

Yes, I’d fucked many women in the pass, but I think it was the fact that she was so young and was also my own granddaughter, which made it seem even more special.

At first, I couldn’t go inside her much more than 2/3rd the length of my cock, but as I began to fuck her, I found that I could slip even more of my cock inside her, I must have been opening her up to accommodate my cock.

Within a few minutes, I found that I now had all of my cock plunged deep inside her.

Whatever guilt I should have been feeling over fucking my own granddaughter was totally wiped by the pleasure I was having by fucking her.

I’d worry about the guilt later, if there was any to be found. I think that most men who fuck their own kin, only feel guilty if found out.

Right at this minute, all I wanted to do was to plant my seed within her cunt, regardless if I were to impregnate her or not.

I felt myself getting close to my climax when all of a sudden, she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm took her on a journey of pleasure.

Feeling her warm juices flowing over the head of my cock was more than enough to trigger my climax.

I gripped her hips with both of my hands and ploughed as deep inside her as I could before feeling my incestuous seed start pumping inside her young cunt.

I held her butt up against my crotch, not allowing my seed to escape from her cunt.

Finally, I felt myself becoming limp inside of her and slipped my softening cock from within her.

A gush of sperm flowed from her onto the top of the blanket covering the bed.

I knew I’d have to wash it before my wife came home from work.

She collapsed face down onto the bed and rolled over to look at my by now limp cock hanging between my thighs.

“That was so wonderful, granddad. Thank you.” She said tearing her eyes away from my cock.

“I think we both enjoyed that close encounter.” I replied with a laugh.

“Did you plan this whole thing?” I asked, sure that she had indeed done so.

“Well…yes.” She replied with a giggle.

“How did you know that I’d go through with it?” I asked puzzled.

“That part was easy. I found all those stories stored on your computer about you fucking me.” She replied with a grin.

‘Why didn’t you say something earlier?” I asked.

“I still wasn’t quite sure you’d go for it.” She replied.

Staring down at her lying there half naked and knowing my wife wouldn’t be home for at least two more hours, I felt my cock starting to respond once more.

“Feel like another close encounter?” I asked with a grin.

“You bet granddad.” she replied spreading apart her thighs.


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