My wife is great looking, she’s rather short at only 5 foot 2, but her tits are large, firm C cups that just stand out on her petite frame.  Her legs aren’t great being so short, but they end in a plump round ass that you just want to squeeze when you see it.  So she comes into the room, and we tell her the bet.  After the initial blushing she agrees and the 3 of us drop trou.  We were all fairly even flaccid, so she politely named me the winner.  Glendon, however, was having none of that and claimed “Oh no, we have to compare at full capacity.”  Steph just laughed, and blurted out “ok lets see what you boys are packing.”  It felt awkward, the 3 of us standing there, trying to get erect infront of my wife, but we all finally did, and to my horror I was left in the dust.  My 6 inches looked like a baby dick-Steve had about a 7 inch cock that had to be atleast 4 inches around, and Gleondon looked like a ruler.  I caught Steph starring at both of their dicks, ignoring mine as Glendon blurted out “9 inches, I win.”  Steve scoffed, and jokingly asked Steph “so do women want length or girth more?”  Steph just blushed again, mouth hanging wide in awe, and again named me the winner without even glancing in my direction.  My two friends just laughed, and Steph chuckled as well as she hurried out of the room, so that the 3 of us could get back to our card game.


Later in the evening, Steph came in with a pitcher of Margaritas and sat down at the table exclaiming “I want to play.”  Glendon started to explain the rules, but Steph just shrugged and said “lets play Truth or Dare instead.”  The three of us were in no mood to fight, so we just rolled our eyes and started the childish game.  It started friendly enough, but as more and more margaritas got consumed everyone loosened up and the game turned more open.  About 10 rounds in Steve asked his round at Steph, and she quickly responded “truth” just as her previous turns, so Steve asked “have you ever had an orgasm?”  As Steph started to answer, Steven interrupted saying “you have to be honest.”  She sheepishly looked at her glass and said no, quickly following her answer with a gulp of her beverage.  I sat back in anger as an awkward silence filled the room until Glendon spoke up and also asked his question as Steph.  Seemingly embarrassed she responded “dare” this time, and Gledon generously dared her to come sit on my lap, which she did happily. 


More pitchers and more rounds of the game passed without conflict until it again got back to Steve, and again he asked my wife-whom again said truth.  As I stared at him in anger, he asked her if I was hard with her on my lap.  Since I was, she said yes, and started to softly grind on my lap.  Without pause, Glendon shot his “truth or dare” at Steph too, and she again answered with truth.  “would you rather be sitting on my lap” he asked, as he opened his legs to show off an increasing buldge running down her legs.  The grinding on my lap stopped as Steph shook her head up and down.  It was then Stephs turn, and she asked Glendon “truth or dare,” to which he also said truth with a smirk.  Starring only at his crotch, Steph asked “do you want me to come sit on your lap?”  His only response was a curl of his finger which my wife responded to by standing up and plopping on his lap with a sigh.  I tried to object, but it was almost as if I wasn’t in the room as Steve came in, just asking “so who’s cock did you like most tonight?”  Steph playfully placed a hand on his thigh stating only that she didn’t have enough info.  “not his tho,” Steve chuckled pointing at me.  Steph squirmed on Glendon’s lap a bit, leaned back forcing her titties out and just shrugged “no not his.”  Again Steve butted in saying, “you never did answer…girth or length?”  With another squirm on Glendon’s lap, she glanced down at Steve’s crotch and said “well I think you need both” with a wink.  By now I had had enough and started to say something, but Glendon jumped in asking “what’s the biggest dick you’ve ever fucked, is it his” again referencing me.  Steph just laughed out loud, shaking her head no and squeeled “will someone just dare me to suck them off already.”


I was shocked, but Glendon just chuckled and slowly pushed her off his lap and onto her knees.  I sat there in anger, but surprisingly aroused, as my wife unzipped my friends pants and unleashed his monster cock for the second time that night.  “Finally, something that will make me gag” Steph exclaimed as she grabbed the base of his dick and licked it from bottom to top.  My two ‘friends’ just laughed at her words, as Glendon forced her mouth around his long unit.  He was moaning loudly, and Glendon was obviously enjoying her work when Steve blurted “your husband is liking this.”  I looked down to see a small tent forming in my pants, then Glendon harshly pulled Steph away from his cock by her hair and harshly told her to “just suck what your husband has to offer.”  She looked back at me with a devilish smile, then proceeded to take only ¼ of his manhood in her mouth, starring up into his eyes the whole time.  I was furious, and wanted to kill him, but my penis was betraying me, and worst of all, she seemed to be smiling while she sucked on a small portion of his dick.  Again, harshly pulling her away Glendon demanded “do you want to fuck me?”  Steph nodded up and down like a trained puppy begging for a treat, but Glendon smacked her across the face with his engorged penis and stated “I asked you a question bitch.”  Steph, more pleading then stating, blurted out for him to fuck her, and so Glendon lead her t the middle of the room by her hair, she followed on all 4’s like she was used to this type treatment. 


Glendon laid on his back, and almost instinctively Steph began to climb on top him, exclaiming “God your dick is so big” as she started to gingerly work her way down his shaft.  Having none of that, Glendon violently rammed his 9 inches into my wifes obviously wet cunt.  Steph squeeled an looked down admiringly into Glendon’s eyes, then up at me with disdain as she asked him to “make me cum for the first time.”  I looked down in shame, still with my dick hard as a rock, and sat there to listen to my wife beg for my bestfriend’s cock.


I was only shaken from my depressed silence as a shadow crossed past me.  I looked up in time to see Steph happily take Steve’s wide cock into her mouth.  Glendon was rapidly driving his member in and out of my wife’s pussy as her moans, not muffled by the cock that was slamming in and out of her mouth, filled the room.  “You love this don’t you slut” Steve asked, adding weight to the question by ramming his dick deep into her throat and holding it there.  I was confident that would be the end of this action, as I had tried to call her my slut once only to be refused sex for a month, but then she nodded her head up and down like a school girl, shaking Steve’s cock with her happy reply.  Again, not enough for Glendon, he slapped her hard on the ass making her squeal as he commanded “he asked you a question.”  With that, Steph tried to respond, but with Steve’s dick still firmly planted between her lips it came out only as inaudible jargon. 


Glendon then slid himself out from under my wife, making her abruptly stop sucking to cry “why are you stopping?”  With another harsh slap to the ass, this time met with a smile, Glendon told her to keep sucking, and she quickly devoured Steve’s cock again, as Glendon made his way to his pants and removed his belt.  I looked on in confusement, and he caught my gaze and asked me if I wanted to get in on the action.  As much as I wanted it to stop, I felt like I could explode at any minute so I silently disrobed and made my way towards my wife.  Glendon quickly cut me off, muttering only “not yet” before returning his attention to my wife and telling her to put her hands behind her back.  Steph, focused only on Steve’s cock, didn’t respond, so Steve grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back.  While he was doing this, Steph dropped his dick from her mouth to look back, and Glendon (no clearly in charge) told me to make sure she kept sucking.  Steph starred at me, her eyes almost daring me, as I walked over and forced her head back onto Steve’s dick.  A moan escaped as the thick cock re-entered her mouth.  I held her head steady as Glendon tied her arms behind her back with his belt, and as a cock that put mine to shame controlled her mouth.  Once Steve no longer had to ‘hold’ my wife’s arm, he shoved me away.  As I slunk back into isolation, Glendon looked up at his partner and jokingly said “she doesn’t seem to be too much resistance does she?”  Steve then looked down at her, removed his cock from her wanting mouth, and cruely asked “how did it feel to have your husband hold you for this dick?” to which her only reply was “atleast he’s doing something useful.”  Glendon then yanked Steph to her feet, “you are going to fuck me til I cum, then youre going to fuck Steve, do you understand?”  Steph just coyly bent over, to yet again be spanked hard to Glendon-this time thanking him for the slap then asking him to lie down.


I was crushed, but still erect, so I sat there waiting for my turn as Glendon fell to his back, and my wife cautiously straddled his cock and began to grind.  He reached up and pinched her nipples hard, and almost controlled she began to bounce up and down on his 9 inches as fast and as hard as she could.  With each thrust down she commended him on how beautiful his dick was, and how she would anything for it.  Occasionally she would lose her balance and fall forward, only to be forced back to her vertical position by her swaying titties.  She began to moan uncontrollably as Glendon destroyed her pussy, exclaiming “its never been this good” as she came hard on his dick.  Not long after Glendon stated he was about to blow, and forced her down to swallow his dick.  With her arms restrained she was helpless as he pulled out early, and coated her pretty face with his semen.  He then globbed some off her face onto his dick and started to feed it to her almost as if he was a spoon, but she didn’t seem to care at all.  As Glendon walked away and plopped down to rest, Steph asked “who’s next” with a slutty smile on her face. 


I stepped up, but Steve just laughed and yanked Steph up by her strapped arms and asked “what is your husband’s favorite position?”  She sexily strutted over to the sofa, and knelt on the seat-leaning in until her upper body rested against the back and said “he likes to fuck me from behind.”  Steve, relishing in the moment, demanded “doggie style ay, bark if you want me to fuck you like that.”  I tried to cut in telling her she didn’t have to, but she just glanced back over her shoulder and said “with that dick…ruff ruff.”  It’s sad, but hearing her bark like that turned me on even more, so I couldn’t help but watch as Steve slid in behind her and rammed his thick monster into her pussy.  As he picked up the pace, Steph continued to seductively bark with each thrust of his cock into her pussy.  “Sorry bro, I think your bitch wants a real cock” steve said as he continued to dominate my wife.  Steph glanced back at me only to say “I don’t want one, I need a real cock.”  Suddenly, Steve stopped, and instantly Steph turned her attention to him and anxiously asked what was wrong.  “Show me how bad you want this,” he demanded, her only response was “only if you promise to make me cum also.  Don’t be afraid to be rough, im your bitch not his” as she started to work her body back into his.  Smack!...Steve landed a hard slap to her ass leaving a red hand print on her backside.  From then it became hard to tell the smacks from Steve spanking my wife, to the ones Steph’s ass made agains his thighs as she fucked back against him as hard as she could.  It was intense, Steve sat still as Steph worked her hips back and forth until she began to cum on her 2nd cock of the night. 


As her orgasm subsided, and between the thrusts of Steve’s cock, she pleaded “I need something in my mouth too!”  I quickly skipped over to her and offered my dick.  I heard a sad whimper escaper her lips as she looked right past me and at Glendon, and reluctantly accepted my dick in her mouth.  It felt so good to finally get touched that I barely noticed the lack of effort she gave.  The only attention my 6 inches got was from Steve fucking her from behind, forcing her face closer and closer to my body, and my cock down her throat.  With her hands still restrained, her tits were violently bouncing as Steve used his dick to please my wife like I apparently never could.  Almost as soon as I had entered her mouth it ended, as Steve pulled her away muttering only “sorry,” before he forced her head down onto the cushion and away from me.  “You like getting treated like a slut don’t ya” Steve inquired, her only response was her faint mumbles begging for more.  As he continued to fuck her, I felt someone step up beside me, and turned to find Glendon, fully erect again, standing there putting my dick to shame.  Glendon undid the belt holding her arms, and she quickly got up onto all 4’s between the 3 of us.  She looked amazing, on her knees-arms perfectly straight, some of her hair sticking to her face from Glendon’s drying cum.  Seeing Glendong, Steph again begged for more dick.  Glendon lightly slapped her across her face with this remark, and as I turned to confront him he asked her to “pick a dick.”  She reached out and grabbed his shaft, pulling him closer and pleaded “this is the one I want,” again leaving me out of the equation.  Steve, hands on her hips continued to fuck her while Glendon pulled her hair into reigns and pulled her mouth over his cock. 


This went on for a while, til Steve blurted he was going to cum, to which Steph begged him to tit fuck her. Without acknowledging me, Glendon got up behind her, and puller her up vertically on her knees while Steve stuck his dick between her swaying titties.  It wasn’t long that her tits worked over his cock before he shot his load all over her C cups and slunk away.  Glendon grabbed her titties, getting some of the fresh come on his hands before slapping her face again leaving a trail of semen on her cheek.  With her mouth free again, I walked up and offered her my dick, only to have her look back at Glendon and start to egg him on.  “Baby take me dick,” is all I could mumble but she only replied “I’m busy, get yourself off.”  Broken, I started to jack myself off, only to come in a matter of seconds.  Glendon and Steph laughed together, and jokingly mocked about how pathetic and fast I was.  “This isn’t the first time you’ve fucked someone else is it” Glendon baited her, and she answered no with a shake of the head and laugh, then replied “I never knew he had such well endowed friends or I woudlve been yours a long time ago.”  Then Steve blurted from behind me “he sucks in bed doesn’t he,” her reply this time merely “mmhmm” as she came on Glendon’s dick for the second time that night.  Then without warning, Glendon pulled out, and with another spank to her raw ass, he unloaded his load into her hair.  She laughed at what happened, scooping some out and flinging it me.


“Go get a towel” was the only thing she said to me, and ashamed I walked away.  As I started to cry I heard the 3 laughing and joking about my size, and Steph blurted “I still don’t know who’s cock I like more, I’ll need more tests.”  The last thing I heard as I stood there were the words “fuck me in his bed,” followed by a slap and her gagging over something being forced into her mouth.   

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