This is a story all the characters are fictional it is meant for titillation only and is should not be construed as an endorsement of this kind of behavior. Having sex with family members is a crime, as is having sex with underage members of he community. Read enjoy and obey the law.

Why wouldn’t you fuck your family members if you got the chance? I remember the time I asked my mom Rose for a little and she said she could only do that if she were married. Later that night I walked by her room and she was half naked so I went inside she told me to get out but I didn’t and she didn’t even try to cover herself so I took her. She fought me at first but then she let me fuck her in every hole all weekend long. I still remember the feeling of my cock slipping into her pussy and her telling me I was a degenerate bastard the first time. But by the next morning while I was fucking as she was bent over the couch she was telling me that I ought to marry her. I stroked it in and out and huffed that time warn phrase why buy the cow when you are getting the milk. She moaned out but what if I get pregnant. Sounds good to me. But oh god, I don’t want my dam you are big, baby to be illegitimate. Please oh honey you are in so deep marry me. Oh good I am cumming. I would like to say that I held firm but it was my mother and as it turned out I did get her pregnant because for the rest of that weekend she wore no clothes.
She gave pretty much gave herself to me which let me in on a little secret mom needed to be taken not asked. She got her wish a month later I took her to Vegas and married her had to like I said she got pregnant. About a year after I married my mother she was carrying our second child and my Aunt Vera came to stay. Mom said that we wouldn’t change anything we were legally married after all so I kissed her and fondled her in front of her sister with the desired effect Aunty got a hot one for her nephew and my mother told her sister that she could fuck me on one condition no birth control. What I could get pregnant mom said yea that is the point suckling our three month old.
Aunty didn’t like it but she went along throwing out her pills and staying two weeks while I fed her my big cock and seed. She confessed to me once while I was pounding her that my uncle was screwing their daughters and she was leaving him. I need a man to give me more kids oh I am so glad I am yours. I fucked her and mom whenever the urge struck sliding my cock into their eager holes. One time I was hammering Vera against the wall just putting it deep and hard she was moaning so loud she woke the baby so my mother gagged her while kept right on fucking. Then the next morning I tied her to the bed and mom and me hand fun me with my cock and mom with a strap on. I took video of mom fucking her sister and mom took video of me impregnating my Aunt. Ever notice that women all want to be the fucker now and then, after that my Aunt went home but only to pack up and two months later I was fucking two pregnant women.
Thanksgiving rolled around and we went to my Grandmothers my aunt and my mother showing the effects of family love we were no the only ones there my Uncle showed up with his four daughters the two oldest were visibly pregnant. My grandmother who was single at the time took all the swollen bellies in stride and doted on the youngest grandchildren. Later I found out why. My mother Aunt and I were staying the night while my Uncle and cousins were going home that night. I got the opportunity to talk to my cousins about their father. Shelley my oldest cousin asked me if I was fucking my mom. I said yes and she told me she thought it was hot. I told her that mom was my legal wife and yea it was hot. Then I asked about her and her dad. I’m glad that he got me pregnant she said, I plan on having a lot of kids. Really what about Janice, Gwen and Christa? Well Janet wants to have a couple and go off to college but I want to be like daddies wife and have a butt load of kids and so does Gwen. Thanks for taking care of my mom she interjected I know that her and dad didn’t really love each other anymore. I am glad she found someone but you do me a favor. Sure, keep her pregnant I think she would like that. Plan too I told her. You know Christa has the hots for you. She is a bit young. Not for dad he all ready popped her. She begged him for it but she likes you don’t be surprised if she invites herself over. Okay I just wanted to talk a bit dinners on grandma is waving.
The meal was not to bad no body broke into tears or ran from the room the parties separated amicably. Later while we were watching a movie mom whispered that I should go upstairs to my grandmothers bedroom she is waiting for me. Really I asked my mom and she smiled, my Aunt giggled, go make us a brother or sister she said. So up the stairs I went to find my grandmother on her bed wearing a very naughty outfit. So grandson do you want to ball your mom’s mom. Sure I said stripping as I entered the room. We kissed and she sucked and then we fucked and fucked most the night. About ten the next morning we stumbled downstairs for breakfast. My Aunt and mother had breakfast ready so we sat down to a nice family meal. Of course they had to kid her so mom, my mom said do you think you’ll need a pram in nine months. Eventually daughter eventually these things take time I am glad she said I had you girls when I was just a kid myself. I am glad you did to mom because it meant I had my children young so I can give my son a fertile womb to use. I guess it runs in the family look at your husband Vera nailing those girls. Well to be honest mom it was they that went after him. They are little sluts just like us. They all laughed we had breakfast and then had a little orgy. I put all my sperm in grandmother.
It was more like fifteen months before grandmother need that pram and it was for twins. She was forty-four and two months after giving birth I got her again. My life had settled down to a nice on going orgy with my three women to fuck whenever I wanted. My girls were the apples of my eye as they say. Mom had two girls and like her mother a set of twins she was ready to drop also girls. My Aunt had a girl and was pregnant with another. Grandmother had another child in her that turned out to be another girl as well. It was estrogen heaven at my house as for my Uncle and cousins they had a boy and a girl and they were both pregnant again. When the girls started to show my Uncle disappeared with his daughters relocating to someplace he said where people would not notice underage girls with big bellies. He could work from anywhere so hiding out made sense. Since my lovers were all adults and incest between adults was legal in my state I didn’t have to worry.
It was just after mom dropped the twins that my Cousin Christa showed up. She called the house from the bus station wanting to be picked up I told mom there would be trouble to which she replied what trouble you fuck her she becomes your bitch like the rest of us no trouble. Okay but you know how bratty she is. Once she gets that big cock of yours in her she will not be so bratty.
So I went to pick her up in grandpa’s old truck. She was wearing torn jeans and a very loose pink blouse that showed off her budding little tits. When she saw the truck she struck a pose for me motioning me over to get the bags. I pulled up next to her on the sidewalk and like any man I fetched the bags. Then I opened the door for her. So nice to see you cousin she said before leaning in to give me a full on French kiss. I pushed her off looking around to see if there was a cop. She was a minor after all. Get in I told her before you get us arrested. Oh no one is looking don’t be such a pill besides as soon as we get home I want you to fuck a baby into me. I looked around again to see if anyone else was within earshot no one was paying attention so I closed the door and got in the other side. I started the truck and got out of there before my crazy cousin got me a jail sentence.
She talked all the way home about how she wanted me to fuck her tight slit and impregnate her as soon as possible. She peppered her sexual desires with news of her father and sisters. Her sisters were pregnant again. This would be Janice’s last she was going to school at the end of the summer. Shelley wanted to keep pumping them out for daddy. That girl is gaga over dad all she wants to do is fuck and take care of kids. Boring didn’t you just say that you wanted to get pregnant. Yes but that is not all I want to do. I want to do things with my life while I am raising kids all Shelley wants to do is be a brood sow for dad and she isn’t happy just doing that herself did you know that she seduced this woman we met and her two daughters and now dads got them all pregnant. Well that is up to them. Yea it is but there is more to life then just popping out kids. Hey to each his own, well if that is the way you feel just get me home and fuck me I fertile today I want to be pregnant this month. He let her rattle on without commenting on the obvious contradiction in what she just said he was beginning to find with three woman that there were always incongruities.
His mom opened the door as they came up. Well I guess you got your way after all. Hello to you Aunt Rose she said sarcastically. Watch it girl my Aunt Vera told her from the doorway if you act up around here Mike give that little ass of yours a warming. Promises, promises she answered giving me a hungry look from over her shoulder.
I put her things in the spare room and then went down to see how the hens were getting along. My mother and Aunt were still teasing my cousin. You got a narrow ass child how do you expect to give birth. I will she told them. Mike will split you my grandmother chimed in. I hope he does Grandma I want him too. She is determined my mom added. She is that Vera agreed but then she always was in a hurry when she nearly shot out of me before we got to the hospital. So I said coming into the room with my women how you four getting along. About as well as can be expected. I think you should fuck her dear my grandmother told me. Thanks granny giving her a peck on the check. Well dear another baby on the way can only be good for the family besides I bet she is a hot little slut. Grandma, you know I am my cousin responded. Okay let me show you your room my mother told her and lets have a little chat. That would be nice Aunt Rose but I would like to talk to mom first. Okay Vera why don’t you show your daughter where she will be sleeping among other things? It’s the other things that I am most interested in the girl said with a lustful stare in my direction as she left the room with her mother.
I could have put up a bigger fight over the whole thing because she was only fourteen but the woman had already made up their minds I was going to fuck her and that was that. So that night I was escorted to the spare room by my women and pushed through the door by Vera fuck her good give me a grandkid. I’ll do the best I an Aunty.
I closed the door and turned to take in the sight of my fourteen-year-old cousin lying on the bed in one of my mom’s negligees. Come on stud do me, do me so hard I have triplets. I smiled and dived in tasting her sex making her cry out in orgasm. She had been so primed that it didn’t take much then I climbed over her and slipped my manhood into her box. Oh god oh god you are so much bigger then daddy, a fact I already knew. Oh god fuck me hard fuck me hard. So I hammered it in and out making her cum and cum. The bed squeaked alarmingly like it was going to collapse but it held and she got the rogering of her young life. I fucked as long as humanly possible given the tightness of her young twat and then I hosed her into a screaming orgasm after which we lay there exhausted. Oh dam I loved that I am going to have a butt load of kids she said kissing me and cuddling oh god we both were exhausted so we slipped off.
I woke to the smell of eggs and bacon. My cousin was gone so I stumbled into my clothes and went out to crash what must be hen party in the kitchen. My four women were chatting and suckling their babies. Mom smiled at my entrance well look whose up. Told you my grandmother said just put on some bacon and it wouldn’t be long before the man of the house comes a stumbling in. Hard night mother chimed in laughing at her own joke. Nice mom I said giving her and my daughters a kiss. Then I kissed my Aunt and Grandma and our little girl in her bouncer. Then I gave my Cousin who was hiding behind her mug with a vacant stare a lip lock that made the other women whistle in appreciation. My cousin smiled and I took a seat to be served by my women. Grandma brought me a plate of eggs and potatoes my Aunt got me some tea and my cousin got the toast. She was finding her place in the order of the family I was the man and they were the women subservient to their male. I loved being the stud fucking all four of these women. My harem was a hot bunch mom liked it everyday Aunty every other day and grandmother all the time. She didn’t want to miss a chance of getting pregnant. The rest of that morning was spent servicing the women in his family he screwed his mother over the couch in the family room while his daughters slept. She was hot for cock because the hormones were running ramped through her system and he enjoyed shimming his salami in and out of her. God I love your cock she would moan as he slammed it in and out. Give me a dozen babies she begged and he gave it to her.
The family got back to somewhat normal with four women to service it was hard to get any sleep but like a small businessman with too much work it was a nice problem to have. So I persevered and fucked the hell out of my sluts and they were fruitful and swelled up with my kids.
Twenty years have slipped by since those days my cousin never did get to do much besides having and raising kids as with the other three grandmother stopped at five. But mom and her sister popped them out like PEZ last count was mom and me hand ten and her sister had nine my cousin is pregnant with ten and eleven. Mom and aunt are starting to show with the latest additions.
We moved of course needed more room. We sold the houses and bought property in a secluded spot. No need advertising out brood. Incest is illegal in some states and with the way some prosecutors are going after people minding their own business it is best to keep a low profile. But now that our girls are of an age that they want a little from daddy and my four sons have decided that fucking their mom is fun we have settled into a nice incestuous family with my four oldest girls pregnant by daddy and their sisters trying to get that way from one of their brothers or me.
As for my Uncle last we heard was they were being fruitful. We got a Christmas picture from them looked like he was having a hell of a time all three of his daughters were pregnant as were the woman and her two daughters he took up with their kids were surrounding them looked like some crazy Mormon family from the Arizona strip. Several of the older girls were showing the effects of daddies love and they were all smiling happy as can be. Not the fake smiles you see but the genuine article that only shows up on the faces of those that are truly at peace with themselves and the choices they have made. Good luck to you all there is nothing wrong with consensual love and sex only fools think there is.

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