I was awoken by my wife. Her and the kids finally got here. I was glad to see them and felt a little guilty at the same time. You see I live about an hour and we brought seperate cars. Well anyways, I gave her a deep kiss and my sister was looking at us. I could tell a hint of jealously in the room as her old lazy fuckhead husband sit there and watch football. Hell the bastard took his dinner in the den so he wasn't disturbed during the game.

 There I was with my wife by my side, my kids were done quick so they were off hellraising and my sister was across from me. As I was eating I noticed a couple of top buttons of her dress were undone. I didn't think much of it as she was cooking all day. She noticed I noticed and her nipples were getting hard. As they did I felt my cock getting hard. Then right in the middle of her and my wive's conversation I felt something.

 My sister was rubbing my now very hard and aching cock with her foot. About a minute a later my wife excused herself to the bathroom. "Are you fucking crazy. Linda is here incase you've have'nt noticed." "So what Brian is in the den. Send her out after something or i'll keep this up till you cum in your pants!" Your such a whore I replied. "Only for you hon" she said. My wife returned and I asked her to go to the store for some smokes. Sure thing babe she said. But whats open? That little store across town. And the kids? " Don't worry about them Linda looks like Some cartoons have them occupied" my sister said. Them Linda took off.

 Let's go to the laundry room. We almost broke are necks getting there. As soon as the door shut we started kissing. I undid 3 more buttons an her dress to get her giant right tit free. I started sucking like a nursing baby. She reached down between her thick juicy thighs and then a "RRRIIP". "Go down and suck my clit". she done ripped the crotch out of her hose. She was already soaked and her clit was out of its hood. I pushed the rest of the hood back with 2 fingers and licked and sucked it and in notime I was drowning in her juices. In the middle of her "OOHHHH fffuukk" she hit a button and started the waher so noone could hear us. She pulled me up by the hair and kissed me. She then hopped onto this little folding table and put her back against the wall. I dropped my pants for the third time in a couple of hours, walked up and drove my dick deep in her tight wet cunt. "OH FUUUUCK" she cried out. I wasn't wasting no time not knowing when the wife would be back. I was thrusting hard and fast. "yeah fuck me good,fuck your sister real goooodddd,ohhhhh shiiiittt i'm c c cc cummingggg" Fuck me baby fuck me baby fuck me baby she kept yelling and I kept fucking the shit out of her. "You like that sis"? Oh yeah she replied. "youwant your little brother's seed in that sloppy wet pussy sis"? NO! Cum in my mouth! But please don't stop fucking! OHHHH SHIIITT I'm cumming. That was the third for her and I started to get tired. "bitch I'm getting tired" She pushed me off and I fell on the floor. She then Hiked up her dress and straddled my purple cock. She then started smacking and rubbing her huge clit with my cock and came again. She rubbed her pussy juices all over it and moved it to her ever so tight asshole. She guided it in until the head disappeared. She sat there awile til her tight hole opened. She started to ride a little and after a few minutes I was balls deep in her shitbox. She then kicked back and was riding the fuck out of me. Then this next activity took me by surprise! 

 She stopped with me still in her ass. Grabbed what seemed to be a shampoo bottle. (It was about 12" long and 3 times thicker than me) She gently and louldly stuck it in herself so the only thing left was the cap. She came again and again and pulled it out rather quickly and started to fuck herself harder and faster than I was. "Fuck my ass hard cocksucker " She screamed! I grabbed those big ol' hips and started to fuck the shit out of that big thick ass. She came 4 more times and on the fifth she yanked the bottle from her now tore up pussy. She was rubbing her clit and her gaping pussy squirted and splattered her cum and juices all down the side of the washer. "I"M goin to shoot sis"! She rolled off my dick and started sucking the hell out of me. I grabbed her head a thrusted my cock as far down her troat as I could. She swallowed every drop. " Didn't waste any she said" You're to good of a whore to do that I laughed.

 I exited the room and noone was the wiser. About 5 minutes later my wife returned. Where is your sister? Doing some laundry. My sister then walked out of the room in her pj's and could barely walk. My wife wispered whats wrong with her. "Must be some roids" I said. HAHAHAH! 

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comsmith22 avatar Great beginning for a new series... I'm looking forward to reading more of their exploits
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TITTIEBABY avatar It even feels better when your wife is buttfucking you while you are getting a blowjob!!
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father_figure1969 avatar good story with good sex. It gets right to the point too which is good. I would liek to say that IF this story is true, then you dont deserve your wife
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