It started out as a usual night of drinking and partying.  My wife had talked about having a threesome for a while but we had to find someone safe.  Someone my wife wouldn't worry about me ending up with.   My sister was perfect.  I could let her suck my cock, but I couldn't fuck her.  Now my wife is a classy woman in front of people but in the bedroom she is a little slut.  We would fantasize about bringing my sister to bed with us, but until now never did it.  My wife went to take a shower and I told my sister what to do.   When she came out to the livingroom  my sister was naked waiting for her.  She immediately started to kiss her.   She stuck her finger in my wife's tight little cunt.   My wife has a pussy as tight as a sixteen year olds.  She looked at me waiting for approval and I gave it happily.   Now my wife has played around with girls all her life so she was in heaven.  My wife then got on her knees and started to suck my sisters cunt.  I proceeded to also suck it with her.  I couldn't believe it.  I always wanted to suck my sister's pusssy but didn't have the guts to ask her if I could.  I then went behind my wife and fucked while my sister cheered me on.   My wife came and came.  Now it was my turn.  I walked over to my sister and put my eight inch cock in her mouth.  She sucked it like it was a candy cane.   My wife proceeded to eat her while she sucked me till I came.   They we went into the bedroom for some real fucking.   As we laid on our queen size bed I could see my wife was dripping wet and could't stop her self from finguring herself while my sister sucked my cock.  I put wife on all fours and slammed her pussy till she screamed in ecstasy.   My sister asked me if I came and I told her yes, she then sucked every ounce of cum from my wife's drenched pussy.   I know I wasn't suppose to fuck my sister, but I was too far gone.   I put my sisiter on all fours and slipped my cock in her ass.  My wife was not happy about this but atleast she wouldn't get pregnant.  The next day we woke up like nothing ever happened.  THE END 

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[#5571] bluedragon2900 ( 1642 days ago )
bluedragon2900 avatar You have a great idea, just fill it out...add more context! Add storyline before and after...expand! It's not bad, just needs some beefing up.
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