Twins and the Twelve Inch Cock

It’s disheartening sometimes to be friends with someone who is better looking than you. What I mean is when Brandon and I were hanging together and there were girls around, I basically didn’t have a shot. Not that I would have had much of a shot without him around. He was a fast mover too. He would get the girl, get what he wanted, and get out. I was not wired that way. No offense to Brandon, but I always knew if I ever got lucky with a girl, I would treat her much better than Brandon would. Boy was I wrong.

He definitely passed the eye test much better than I did, so he was the winner and I was always the loser. We were great friends though and I never held any ill will toward him. It wasn’t his fault. He had the goods. He was the tall, dark and handsome type. He stood about 6'3" and was chiseled with muscles. He had that Greek-God look to him and the girls loved it. Me on the other hand, I was about 6'0" and was overweight. I wasn’t ugly in the face, but my body was not exactly what you would call desirable. I did have muscle on me as well and Brandon and I were on the high school football team together. But he was the athletic tailback and I was the large-bellied guard. The one and only thing I had over him in the sex departments was cock size. I will say I have been blessed with a very large cock. I measured it at twelve inches hard one night before I jerked off. And even flaccid, it must have been seven or eight inches. The guys would always kid me about it when I was younger and then somewhat admire it when we got older. You play sports and you shower together long enough, I guess I’ve heard every big dick joke there is.

Still, Brandon and I were best of friends and we went everywhere together. He was great too because he would always encourage me about girls and say that my time was coming. He would jokingly say that once it happened, that the girl would never let me go because she would never be able to find someone with a dick that big again. He would even play it down sometimes saying that sex wasn’t all that important anyway and that I wasn’t missing much. A virgin like me though doesn’t really want to hear that shit. We were seniors, both seventeen, and finishing up a very disappointing season when this story occurred.

Brandon had been going through the women like wildfire the last few weeks and I was feeling even that much more miserable because I could barely get a girl to talk to me. They all liked me of course because I was funny and witty and like the big brother they never had. But they didn’t like me in that more-than-friend way. The conversation pretty well deteriorated after a quick hello and maybe a short joke. Then they were off to see what Brandon or one of the other studs at the party were doing. One night, we were at a keg party celebrating the end of the football season, even though it was a lousy season. We had won our last game and everyone was happy but me. I was drinking pretty heavily. It wasn’t much of a celebration to me because of a couple of reasons. First, it marked the end of my football playing days and I loved to play football. Second, I was still a virgin and the frustration was overwhelming me that night. Brandon saw me sitting on the staircase and he must have been able to tell I was feeling down. Always the best buddy, he came over to check on me.

"What’s up big guy, you look kinda down?" He asked.

"Hey buddy, I just don’t have a great deal to celebrate. This is more like a funeral to me. No more football. It sucks." I replied.

"Cheer up man, we all knew it would come sometime. We are still going to try to walk on somewhere right?" He said.

"I guess so. But it’s not a sure thing. You still have to make the team. But that’s not all." I said.

"What else? Don’t tell me it’s girls again? You can’t get a girl sitting alone you know." He said.

"Yes, it is girls, and don’t fucking give me that shit! You know I’ve tried and tried!" I said.

"Ok, ok, don’t bite my head off. Come on, let’s go play some cards with the guys. They’ve been wondering where you are. Looks like you need another beer anyway." He said.

I slowly got up and decided to do like he said and try to cheer up a little. It didn’t really work though and I ended up going home early, stealing some of my old man’s whiskey from the cupboard, and sitting in my room getting drunk in the dark. I figured I might as well be by myself and not bring everyone else down.

The next afternoon I was working off a hangover when Brandon came over. He was just out enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon riding around and persuaded me to join him. I didn’t feel like doing anything really, but he insisted for some reason. I finally gave in.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Over to Suzy’s and Demi’s house." He answered.

"What the fuck for? Don’t tell me you hooked up with one of those girls? They are even out of your league. They date college guys and shit. They’re nineteen! You know they graduated two years ago. You’re just jerking me around." I said.

He gave me a smile and I knew. "Your fucking kidding me! They never give any guy the time of day, not even you! You’re kidding right?" I replied with surprise.

He kept smiling so I asked him which one. "Suzy." He said.

I couldn’t believe it as I laughed. My mood was improving now. I was happy for my buddy. Getting with one of the Babbs twins was like climbing Mount Everest. It was monumental. They were both beautiful girls and had really graduated two years before us. They were known as prudes too and didn’t give a guy much of a look unless they were older, good looking, and had money. They looked exactly the same. It was impossible to tell them apart even if they were standing together. They had long blonde hair, fantastic tanned bodies, well rounded and perky tits, and asses that were like something from a fiction novel. You couldn’t imagine two more beautiful girls. They both reminded me of a younger Jenny McCarthy and I can’t count the number of times I’ve jacked off just thinking about them.

"How in the fuck did you meet up with Suzy? When I left you were still sitting at the party and getting pretty drunk I might add."

"It was weird but Suzy came in after you left. It was like she was a different person. She wasn’t snobby or anything! And she started talking to me and confessed that she had a crush on me when I was a sophomore and she was a senior. She just didn’t think it would be accepted by her friends then so she never said anything. But now she said she had changed and one thing led to another. We started making out and next thing I know we are in my car going at it." He said.

"What the hell are they even doing in town?" I asked.

"They are on Thanksgiving holiday from college. Demi is here too. Their parents had to go out of town for a couple of days so they are there alone. She told me to come over this afternoon for a little matinee, if you know what I mean." He laughed.

"Then why the fuck did you come get me? What the hell?" I asked.

"Well after I do my thing, I figured we could go get some beer and chill for a while. Kind of a pre-party before the big one tonight. I just wanted to hang out with my buddy." He said.

I couldn’t argue with him. He was being really cool so I let it go. I was nervous about this though. I wasn’t exactly smooth around girls, especially goddesses like the Babbs twins. But I figured we wouldn’t be there long. If I was fucking Suzy Babbs, I would probably blow my load within a minute and be ready for a nap.

When we got to the door, Suzy answered and greeted Brandon with a huge kiss and hug. She then took him by the hand and began to lead him inside. That’s when she noticed me standing behind him.

"Who’s your friend?" She asked.

"This is Kyle. I don’t know if you remember him. He was on the varsity football team when you were a senior cheerleader though. He was pretty good."

"Yeah," she said, " I do remember him. How are you Kyle?" She asked.

I could tell by her speech and mannerism that she had changed. I don’t think she actually did remember me, but she was being nice in lying about it. She was very pleasant and asked if I wanted anything to drink when we got inside. I politely refused and it wasn’t long before she took Brandon back to her room. I decided to watch some tv and turned on the set.

After a few minutes, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought it was Suzy, but then I realized she had come down the hall from the other side of the house. It was Demi. I have to admit, I was breathless just by the site of her. She was wearing short cotton shorts and a tight fitting tube top that greatly accentuated her perfect breasts. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she looked like a million bucks. She was startled to see me as our eyes met at the same time.

"Who the hell are you!?" She asked. I could already tell that she had not transformed as her sister had. She was still a bitch.

"I’m Kyle. I’m Brandon’s friend. I came over with him to visit Suzy." I answered politely.

"Oh. Well, whatever. I’m going to switch the channel though. It’s my house and I don’t want to watch this." She blurted.

I was a little taken by her rudeness but was polite as I stood up and handed her the remote. That’s when I suddenly noticed I had a raging hard-on. I was wishing at that moment that I had worn jeans instead of the sloppy shorts I had decided to put on. My hard-on was pushing hard at the front of them and it couldn’t possibly be hidden because of the size. I guess Demi had a more profound effect on me than I had thought. I quickly sat back down and tried to look away, but I could see that Demi had not moved and was staring at me. When I finally looked up at her, I could see that she was actually staring at my crotch and the tent pole that was the front of my shorts. Her mouth was open slightly and she had a stunned look on her face. Then her eyes finally moved to mine and her face went back to bitch mode.

"What the hell is that Kyle? You seem to have a huge hard-on you little pervert!" She said. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t speak, but my cock would not relent.

"Well, I guess you liked the way I looked, huh? Does it get you excited just to be around a beautiful woman? You act like you’re a virgin or something." She said, now moving to stand right in front of me.

"I’ll bet you are a virgin. I wonder how hard your dick would get if I did this." She said.

I watched in lust and horror as she slowly pulled her tank top over her head and revealed the most incredible breasts in the world. They moved firm against her chest as she lowered her arms and stood over me with her hands on her curvy, perfect hips and a very serious look on her face. My hard on was pulsating now and I had to give it some release soon or something would give. I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable that I hadn’t even thought that his might be a pass. I’d never had one before and didn’t see it coming, especially from a beauty like this. I just wanted to get away at that moment.

"Uh, excuse me please. I need to go to the bathroom." I shyly said, trying to get up. She then pushed me back down and squatted between my knees.

"Oh no you don’t! Your not going into our bathroom and jerking off!" She firmly said.

"Please, Demi. I just want to go pee." I said pathetically. I felt like a little kid.

"And how in the hell are you going to pee with that raging hard on. You won’t even be able to aim that thing down at the toilet. I don’t think you really need to pee anyway. I think you need to release some other type of fluid." She said, with a slight, dominating smile breaking her stone face.

"It would be a shame to waste a hard-on like this to masturbation. I’ve never seen one this big before and I am going to help you. You won’t say a word about this to anyone, you understand? If so, I’ll fucking kick your ass. This could be the best day you’ve ever had. You are a virgin aren’t you Kyle?" She was speaking in a way that made my toes curl as I could only answer yes.

"Well, do you like the way I look Kyle? Do you like my tits? Do you think I could get that cock into my mouth? I want to try Kyle. You just sit back."

With that she began to rub on my crotch and on my shaft as it protruded down my leg. She pulled one leg of my shorts up to reveal my enormously engorged cock head lying over half way down my thigh. It was the hardest I had ever been and looked even larger and longer than normal. Unfortunately I was already about to cum from her touches and I knew I had to let her know.

"Demi, if you keep touching me, I’m going to cum. I just wanted you to know." I spoke about as lame as it gets.

"Well, there will be more. I’m sure your huge balls will make more, honey." She said.

I could have cum just listening to her talk that way. I tried to think of something else as she pulled the waistband down over my cock, pulling it free with her other hand. It stood tall and thick as she balanced it with both hand and began to run her tongue slowly along the shaft. I could hold back no longer as my cum began to flow. The fist huge burst blew high into the air and I saw it land on the small of her back with a splash, as the tail of it landed in a line running up all the way to her shoulder blades. She flinched a little and gasped when it hit and then backed away somewhat to jerk hard on my cock with both hands. The next spew was like a waterhose, as a long and endless flow of thick, white cum was landing on her arms and on my shorts, running down my shaft and covering my balls. Her eyes were wide open with awe at the amount of cum I was spewing. She began to moan a little as another strong flow came. This time she had my cock tilted a little more toward her and she closed her eyes as it splattered on her chin and cheeks and mouth. She swallowed and continued to jerk as spurt after spurt came flowing until my entire pelvic region was covered in white goo. Her hands and arms were thick with cum also as was her face and tits. It must have been the most impressive cumshot in history. I was still flowing a little from my cockhead when she put it into her mouth. She had to open wide just to get a couple of inches inside and I could feel her suck at my cum and swallow it down every few seconds. It was the first time my cock had ever been inside another person and it felt wonderful. She drank on my cock for several more seconds until my cum stopped flowing. Then she pulled away gasping for air and began to lick and suck all the cum she could off my shaft and balls. Having my nuts in her mouth was sending me to a realm of pleasure I never knew existed. After she had drank down most of the cum and had cleaned me up the best she could, I figured it was over. But I was dead wrong. Her mood changed a little too as she was lost in lust.

"Holy shit Kyle! You’re a fucking stud! I gotta have that cock of yours in my pussy. I don’t know if it will fit, but I’ve just gotta try." She said.

Then she laid back onto the floor and scooted herself toward the middle of the room. She quickly pulled her shorts off revealing to me my first live pussy. It was gorgeous, neatly trimmed and looked very tight. She then spread her legs wide and high into the air and was rubbing her tits hard as I took that as an invitation. I could see the worry in her eyes as I pointed my still-hard cock toward her pussy entrance. I put one hand beside her as I guided my crotch closer to hers. I could see she was wet, but I didn’t know if it was enough as I touched my huge cock to her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as I gave a push. The head of my cock penetrated a little and she bit her lip, but didn’t make any kind of move to stop me.

Suddenly something came over me. My shyness was gone and it was replaced with an idea of vengeance. I had been turned down by every girl I had tried. Now the most beautiful girl I could imagine was spreading wide for me and I knew I had some making up to do. I also remembered what a bitch she had been. Not only today, but her entire life. I decided it was time for Kyle to have a little payback.

Gentle it was not as I gave a mighty thrust and managed to get half of my thick cock inside her. She quickly opened her eyes wide and gave a loud scream as her hands pushed back against my stomach trying to get me to stop. I ignored it as I gave another push and nearly fully entered her pussy. I have to admit that it even hurt me a little but it must have been excruciating for Demi. She tried to scramble away but I held her tight. I just held my cock still inside her for a minute.


I ignored her and withdrew a few inches before pounding my cock back inside. I wanted her to know who the new boss was. I knew she would be loving it soon enough.


Her screams couldn’t stop me now as I began to find a rhythm with my thrusts. She was squirming and screaming, but no longer fighting to get away as I could tell her noises were turning from pain to pleasure quickly. She then looked up at me.


Her face was a mixture of anger and lust as each thrust pushed me further inside. I finally left my balls slap her ass and knew I was all the way in. Her pussy was hot and slick, but felt like a vice around my dick. I was penetrating place that had never been, and probably never would have been penetrated until she met me. She couldn’t stop moaning and screaming as she wrapped her legs around me trying to get even more cock. She was insatiable and I knew that even though she had never had one so big, that she wanted as much as she could get. What a fucking slut, but she was my slut now.

After a while I sped up my thrusts as she sort of drifted off into her own trance of screams and moans. Her eyes glazed over as she tugged and clawed at my ass with her legs and hands. Then came a huge moan and an eye popping scream as she raised up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She moaned hard into my mouth as her tongue explored my mouth. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and knew she was having an orgasm. I lifted her up and sat down on my ass as I held her embrace. She sat on my cock and pulled her feet up beside my hips to take control. Then I laid back onto my back and lifter her on top. I could see my enormous cock was engulfed inside her gaping pussy as a flood of her cum as spewing out the edges. She put her hands on my chest and began to buck wildly as I was becoming drenched once again, this time by her orgasm. Then I started to cum and the flood increased as we were making a complete mess of ourselves and the living room carpet. Finally she collapsed on top of me just as we had finished cumming and we laid in a loving embrace for several minutes, kissing and cuddling while my softening cock was still buried inside her.

Finally she got her bearings and her legs started to lose their wiggle and regain strength. She stood up slowly letting my semi-hard cock fall from her pussy with a pop as a huge amount of our mixed cum flowed out. She made her way to my cock and began to clean me up again as she had before. She had not completely finished when she sort of fell back in sexual, satisfied exhaustion.

She rolled over onto her stomach and pulled a cushion off the nearby couch and propped her head on it mumbling something about only needing to rest for a couple of minutes. That’s when I saw it. Her legs were spread and at the middle of her perfectly tanned and tiny ass just above her sweet, spent and gaping pussy was the perfect pucker of her asshole. It looked so tight and lovely that I had to try. It glistened, soaking wet with cum and I knew it would be well lubricated. It would need it no doubt. My guess was that she had never been penetrated there. She couldn’t have as tight as it was. It was as evenly tanned as the rest of her skin and I couldn’t resist.

She only looked over her shoulder lazily with half-opened eyes when I placed my cock between the cheeks of her ass. My cock was throbbing at full force, and so big that I felt the tightness of her cheeks around my cock’s head even before I ran into the wall of her pucker. I paused briefly and took a deep breath before giving a mighty, constant push with my hips. She scooted across the carpet a little and now swung her head around wide eyed with a gasp of air. My cock had not penetrated yet.

"What are you doing Kyle? No one is allowed to fuck my ass! It will never fit anyway!" She said, now awake and sounding a little like her bitchy self from before.

My only reply was another quick and forceful thrust of my hips as the head of my cock penetrated her virgin ass.

"OH SHIT, GODDAMN IT, NO!!" She said as she tried to escape the head of my cock.

"Now you are no longer a virgin either, at least your ass isn’t." I said, as I leaned forward and grabbed her shoulders so she couldn’t get away.

She was laying flat on her stomach and I was straddling her ass and laid my body down on top of hers. She was wiggling but was no match for my weight. My ass was still high in the air as only an inch or two of my cock was inside. Already she was screaming for me to stop. I wasn’t about to, though I wondered now how much more I could fit inside her. I was coming to the fattest part of my thick cock and I just wasn’t sure. Already it felt like a vice was on my cock but I persisted. With another mighty push, I felt it slip to the widest point and come to a stop. It hurt a little and I knew I would have to wait to see if she could get her ass any wider before I continued. As it stood, she was spread as wide as her body would allow.


That fast she went from stop to go as I could feel her pussy cumming on my balls. The pain of my cock in her virgin ass was actually sending her into an orgasm! I waited for her screams and dirty talk to subside a little before trying again. She had relaxed some and as soon as she laid her head back onto the pillow, I gave another mighty thrust.


To my surprise, something gave way a little and my hips crashed hard onto her ass. My cock had made its way as deep as it would go. I was a foot or longer inside her and she came like never before, squirting cum onto the foot of the couch behind us that must have been three feet away! The sound of that splash and her uncontrollable convulsions sent me into a fury of lust as I began to pound her tight little ass.

Some time during the act, Demi passed out from the combination of pain and pleasure. It was only temporary as she quickly revived and continued her moans. She was on one long orgasm as the cum was flowing like a stream from her cunt. I lasted longer this time, but after about ten or twelve minutes, I could hold back no longer. I decided I was not going to even ask as I pulled out of Demi’s ass with a loud pop and stood, admiring the gaping holes I had created. It was one beautiful mess. I then moved around beside her face and lifter her head up as she was too exhausted to even open her eyes and see me there. When she felt my hand on her cheek, she tried to speak, leaving her eyes shut.

"Oh my God, did you cum in me Kyle . . ." She was stopped short.

Before she could finish, I pushed my cock into her mouth. She opened her eyes wide once again, no doubt tasting herself and the bitter cum on my cock. To my surprise, this time she didn’t try to move away, but instead took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. Her jaw was open as wide as it would go as I was able to forcefully push about a quarter of my cock inside before her mouth was at maximum capacity. Then I let my load go as she began to gag, though she never took her head away. My cum began to squirt forcefully from the tight corners of her lips as I filled her mouth with my seed. Some even came out through her nose as she struggled to swallow as much as she could. It was a grand orgasm that lasted at least forty seconds before I finished and she finally released my cock, allowing what looked like a quart of cum to rush from her mouth to the floor as she gasped for breath. She greedily began to scrap off what she had spilled and pull it toward her mouth. I watched for a while before picking her up off the floor and carrying her to the bathroom where we shared a shower. She wanted to fuck again as we dried off and got dressed but I refused. I only did this because I knew I had her. I wanted her to wait for a change. I wanted her to feel what it’s like to not always get your way.

"Please Kyle? I can’t go another minute without your cock." She begged.

"Demi, you can have my cock later. Just give me a call in a few hours and you can have it again. You can have it whenever you want. But I need to rest a while." I replied.

"Yes, Kyle. I understand. But not too long. I’ll be waiting." She said.

We shared a kiss as she rubbed my member. I fought off getting another erection. We said our goodbyes as I left the room. Even before the door was closed, she was laying down for a well deserved nap. I knew she needed the rest too. And her ass and pussy needed time to recuperate before I spread them open again.

I waited in the living room for Brandon as I tried my best to clean up the mess we had made. I found an old pair of shorts in the laundry room that must have belonged to Demi’s and Suzy’s dad. I decided to put them on and throw mine away as they were covered in cum stains and still damp. Not long after I had finished, Brandon came out of the bedroom looking drained. He didn’t even notice the wet stains all over the living room or the strong smell of sex in the air.

"You ready?" He said weakly.

"Yeah, lets go." I replied

Once we were in the car and driving away, Brandon started to give me the story.

"Man, what a whore she is. You wouldn’t believe the things we did. I had never even heard of a couple of them. She had to actually explain it to me. And I thought I had some experience. Anyway, I’ve got some hot news for you pal. After the way she whored-out, I figured I might as well try to get you in there. I told her about what a nice guy you are and how big your dick is and she got excited. She wants to have a threesome later tonight! Isn’t that great buddy!" He said.

"Yeah man, sounds good. So we are definitely coming over later tonight?" I asked.

"Absolutely. I just needed some rest." He said.

"Me too man, I know what you mean." I replied.

He gave me a puzzling look and asked me what I meant, but I played it off as nothing. I wanted to tell him about me and Demi, but I decided to wait until later when we came back over. I knew our threesome was actually going to be a foursome, and that having twins both in a bed fucking and sucking us off was going to be a dream come true. I also knew that with my new persuasion, the girls would be fucking each other as well or I would deny them my cock, I would see to that. These two twins, sisters, eating each others pussies would be a rare and fantastic site! I also knew that for the first time, Brandon wouldn’t be the star of the show. It would be Kyle and his twelve inch cock.

Part 2 is coming if you rate this one well. Let me know!




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