My wife’s best friend, Monica, is a beautiful woman, long flowing hair, very soft skin, small frame of 105 lbs, very perky little B or C sized tits, everything about her is perfect, soft, and innocent.  They’ve been friends for years and I’ve always admired Monica’s body and personality.  The problem is, she’s married to my best friend, and of course, I’m married as well.  Monica and I have developed a pretty good friendship as well throughout the years, totally innocent though.  Monica was raised in a strict background, very sheltered, her only boyfriend and relationship is Ray, her husband.  Ray travels a lot, and he and Monica live in a rather desolate area of town.  Over the years they’ve joked about how much Monica loves to walk around the house naked, and for year’s I’ve pondered sneaking behind their house and spying on her to see if it’s true.  I’ve never had the balls to do anything like that before, but finally a few months ago after way too many beers I did it.  I couldn’t believe I was actually peeping like that, but I was.  The show was as good as I’d hoped.  She never did anything sexy, but just seeing her walk around in the nude like that made me want her even more.  Her pussy was light colored with a good amount of hair, her breasts were as perfect as I imagined, and she teetered around the house for most of the night that way.  This peeping thing became a monthly thing for me, the show always being the same.  The problem was that the more I saw, the more I wanted.  Every time we were with them I couldn’t quit picturing what I knew was underneath.  Poor Monica was oblivious to it all, and you could tell by the way she dressed in baggy clothes and short shorts.  She had no idea what she was doing to me.  Finally my chance came, would I make a move or not?

My phone rang and I recognized their home number.  “Hey it’s Monica, you buys?”  Of course I lied and said no.  “Ray is gone this week and I’m moving some furniture around the house so I can paint, do you think you could maybe swing by here on your way home and move a few things for me?  I’m trying to surprise him and have this done before he gets home.”  “Sure, I’m actually in the area now if you’d like I can just come do it now.”  She agreed and I headed that way.  I really had no ill intensions other than imagining what I wish would happen.  When I got there, she was in a loose tank top and cotton shorts, hair pulled back, no make up but still looked amazing.  “Thanks for doing this,” she said as I came inside.  “You bet, anything you need,” as I walked inside.  Over the next hour I moved a few things and we chatted about random things.  The subject came up about Ray always being gone and how she missed the time with him.  From there the subject turned into how much she relied on him, not ever having much “life experience” outside of him, she really needed a man around to help her.  I told her that I could be her replacement handy man when he was gone.  She joked that at times she needed a replacement husband, then followed that with saying she was kidding.  I returned the joke with, “well as long as it’s between us, I’ll take care of you in anyway that you need when he’s gone.”  The mood got briefly quiet b/c we both realized the line that was just crossed.  Silently I stood there and regretted what I said b/c I was afraid I offended her.  However to my surprise, Monica replied, “yeah but you don’t need me, that’s the problem, you have a hot wife to take care of so you have no need for me.”  The way she said it told me that she seriously thought about it so I felt ballsy enough to throw it all out there.  “Monica, I do have a wife to take care of, you’re right, but how in the hell could I ever not help you out with anything that you needed.”  She replied, “yeah, but the need I have is something only my husband can provide.”  I asked, “what is that need, are you sure I can’t help?”  She told me, “you’re married to my best friend, what I need can’t come from you, I’ll just learn to live with it.”  “Learn to live with what Monica,” I said as I stepped closer to her to let her know I was all ears.  With tears in her eyes, “Ray and I have sex one time a month, that’s it!  He’s always gone or tired, the truth is I don’t think he’s attracted to me b/c I’m too innocent for him.  Our sex is boring b/c he thinks that’s all I’m willing to do is missionary boring sex in the dark.  He doesn’t even try to teach me anything new, how would he ever know what I’m willing to try if he doesn’t teach me?”  She hung her head, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be saying this to you, maybe you should leave.”  Monica, you are an amazing woman, he’s an ass for not paying more attention to you, I don’t know what he’s thinking.  I know I can’t ever take my eyes off of you.”  She looked up at me, “I’m serious, you are beautiful, I’m always afraid you’re catching me checking you out when we’re together.”  She said, “I’m flattered, do you mean it?”  I explained that she had no idea how much I check her out and she didn’t believe me, she wanted examples and details.  I gave her brief ones but she accused me of making those up on the spot.  I was a little mad that she didn’t believe me and for some stupid ass reason I threw caution to the wind and couldn’t take it back once it was out there.  “Do you want to know how much I check you out?  How about from behind that tree out there (pointing out the window)?  Every time Ray is gone I’m sitting behind that tree at night, watching you!”  I proceeded to give examples of things she’d done to prove that I really saw her.  I was terrified that I just admitted being a pervert to her, thinking a slap or 911 call would follow next.  Instead, as I hung my head, all I heard was, “do you touch yourself when you watch me?”  I looked up at her, silent.  “Do you?  Do you masturbate when you spy on me?  Tell me,” she said in a quiet voice.  “Not when I’m out there, but as soon as I get home I do,” I told her.  That was all she needed to hear, she came to me, standing before me, pulling my chin to her she planted a very soft wet kiss on me.  Our tongues met, and softly I heard her moan out as the kiss became more and more intense.  We both knew what we wanted and with each passing second things became more and more intense.  I knew deep down inside she wanted to be fucked senseless, and I was going to give her that.  I pulled her tight ass cheeks into me, they were perfectly round.  Still kissing, she began to walk backwards until we bumped into the kitchen counter.  If the only sex this pretty lady had ever had was in the dark, in her bed, under the sheets, she was going to get much more than that.  Right there in her kitchen I moved my hand to the outside of her shorts and pressed on her warm mound, she groaned in approval.  Her shorts were thin enough for me to make out the curves of her pussy and I pressed on her to make her moan.  She pushed herself into my hand, she wanted it badly.  I pulled the leg of her shorts up enough to slip my hand in there, as I pushed her panties to the side I felt the heat and dampness.  This bitch was soaking wet, and shaved too!  I knew it was recent b/c all the times I had seen her she was rather hairy.  It was so smooth, her slick folds were so soft, I couldn’t wait to see them in full view.  My skilled fingers moved around her, getting to know her pussy, sliding fingers in and out, touching her clit to see how sensitive she was, letting her know that I was going to make her very happy.  She twirled her hips around to show acceptance of my hand.  Our kiss broke so she could breath heavily.  I kissed her neck as she tossed her long hair back and panted heavily while I fingered her soft insides.  With my free hand I lifted her shirt up, exposing her perky tits.  As she finished removing her shirt I had already unclasped her bra and the instant it was open her supposed B tits turned to firm C tits.  I wasn’t sure why she wore such a tight bra, but they were much bigger than I thought, especially once they were up close and in my mouth!  Her nipples were pure, innocent pink, very erect nipples and very sensitive.  With each suck and nibble she moaned and pulled my face into her chest.  She was in heaven, she was mine!  I sucked and rubbed her tits as I continued to work on her gushing pussy.  I knew she’d cum at any minute, but I didn’t want it to happen like this.  I picked her up and set her on the counter and with both hands I slid her shorts off.  Her white cotton panties were soaked in the crotch.  She didn’t hesitate to lift her ass up off the counter so I could remove her panties.  Her pussy was glistening with juices, very freshly shaven, and smelled of sweet sex.  As I knelt down to kiss her leg she rubbed her fingers in my hair and told me that she’s never received oral sex.  I was amazed but eager to show her.  I teased her, licking and sucking the insides of her thighs while I fingered her tight hole.  I could tell she seldom had sex b/c she was as tight as a teenager.  She was close so I decided to bring her over the top.  I pressed her legs open wide and locked eyes with her before moving in to her pussy.  I looked at her sweet lips; so red and wet, I knew I’d have her cumming in less than 5 minutes.  As soon as my tongue flicked her clit she snapped from that innocent housewife that I always knew.  “Holy fucking shit!!!” she gasped out, “Eat my pussy, holy shit!!”  She grinded her hips into my face, pulling my mouth into her.  I engulfed her entire pussy with my mouth and sucked.  “Oh shit that’s it, fuck, yes, don’t stop, suck it baby, eat my pussy!!!”  I loved how dirty this girl had become and before I could come up for air she started screaming and with two painfully clasped handfuls of hair she unloaded the most massive amount of cum I’d ever seen from any woman.  She literally exploded in my mouth, all over my face.  I was taken back not only by how much she’d cum, but how loud and vulgar her orgasm was.  She said things you’d only hear from a sailor fucking a prostitute.  “Oh you motherfucker that’s it, fuck yeah suck my fucking pussy!!!” She said through gritted teeth as she smothered my face in her juices.  After 60 seconds of suffocation I came up for air.  This bitch had snapped.  Before I could even tell her how impressed I was with her orgasm she grabbed me and pulled me to her, swallowing my face with a combination kiss and lick job.  This was almost funny at how turned on she was.  The orgasm didn’t wipe her out, it got her stirred up.  She was moaning, tearing away at my shirt and opening my jeans almost desperately.  She fell off the counter top and frantically pushed my jeans down.  With one hand she went in my boxers, grasping her small grip around my massively wet erection and using the other hand to push my boxers down.  “Oh god, I want you so bad, I want you to fuck the shit out of me.  Will you do that, will you fuck my brains out?”  She asked and hearing the innocent voice ask me something so naughty drove me insane.  I finished undressing and even though she was becoming aggressive, I let her know who was in charge.  Standing there fully naked and erect I grabbed both arms and pushed her away, spinning her around and pushing her face forward.  Forcefully I bent her over the counter with a handful of her long hair, she absolutely loved it, moaning out, “oh god yes, fuck me.”  She pointed her small ass towards me; she loved being treated like this so I continued.  I pushed her face down hard into the counter with one hand as I rubbed the head of my wet cock all over her ass cheeks.  She was moaning out, “oh god yes, more, please more, fuck me.”  I commanded her, “say it again, tell me what you want.”  “Oh please fuck me, do me right here, use me like a little toy, please I’m begging you!!”  “Do you like me talking dirty to you like this you horny little bitch, is that what you want, huh?  You want me to fuck your brains out?”  She was breathing so heavy I thought she might come again, “oh please I’m begging you, fuck me as hard as you can.”  With that, she got her wish, no warning, nothing subtle about it; I crammed my massive erection deep in her wet hole.  I almost felt bad b/c I could tell by her first wince that it hurt, but it didn’t take long for that horny little girl to come back out.  She gritted her teeth again, grabbed the sides of the counter, and held on for the fucking of her life.  For the next 20 minutes I used her like a doll from behind.  Full, long determined strokes pounding inside of her.  She had loosened up nicely and stayed very wet.  The louder our bodies slapped together and the harder I fucked her the more she screamed in pleasure.  Then without warning she froze, went face down, and for the 2nd time she unloaded a massive load of warm fluids all over my cock, the 2nd orgasm being just as vulgar and intense as the second.  I knew it was time to let her have my spooge; I just wasn’t sure where she wanted it.  Once her orgasm was complete I pulled out and spun her around, she was out of breath but still had some energy.  “I’m about to cum, where do you want it?”  I asked her.  “Ray only cums in my pussy, I want your cum all over me, tell me what to do.”  I told her I wanted to cum on her face and she loved the idea.  She told me that only gave Ray head once and he wouldn’t let her do it anymore b/c she was bad at it.  She told me to teach her so I explained what not to do and she was like a little schoolgirl soaking up the instructions.  She wanted to learn, wanted to be bad.  “Is that what you want, to cum in my mouth?  I want you to cum on my face, promise me you will,” she said as she dropped to her knees.  I held her head, and just like I said she began licking and stroking the length of it.  “MMMM, I taste good on you,” she said.  I know she was new to being dirty, but she was really good at it.  She licked me up and down a few more times before taking the head in her mouth.  “Take it as far in your throat as you can go, don’t choke, and don’t use your teeth.”  She opened her eyes and looked up at me as she engulfed as much of my length as she could.  It was just past half way, not deep throating but not bad for a rookie.  She had a soft warm mouth, and I felt no teeth at all, she gently sucked and I knew this would go well.  As she bobbed her head over and over I could tell I was getting close.  I still had to be in control so I grabbed the sides of her head and took over.  I started fucking her mouth, she took the hint and quit moving.  She opened wide and let me bang her mouth in and out.  She was moaning again, eyes still fixed on mine; I even saw her reach down and play with herself.  I was close, I was now moaning loudly as I knew it was coming soon.  She let me fuck her mouth so good and that sight of her on her knees was more than I could handle.  A few more pumps and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began jerking off inches from her awaiting mouth.  She opened wide and put her tongue out.  The fist shot was a direct hit on her tongue; she quickly pulled it in and swallowed it before returning her tongue out for the rest.  The rest wasn’t so accurate.  I shot cum all over her mouth and face.  I jerked a massive load of cum all over this bitches face, it was in her hair, on both cheeks, and she loved it.  She held the base and rubbed the head all over her face before taking it back in her mouth and sucking it completely clean.  After a few minutes of this she stood up with a smile.  She bent over the sink and rinsed her face off then kissed me again. 

We stayed naked for another hour, just talking.  She confessed that she’d never had an orgasm until now, that she never tasted cum, she’d never received oral sex, and she’s never actually had sex in the light before.  She asked how she did and I told her she was amazing.  She always fantasized about being slutty like that but Ray wouldn’t even think about it.  We openly shared our long time secret attraction to one another and all the times we’d fantasized about fucking each other.  She wanted all the details about me spying on her and even though she wasn’t mad she was embarrassed.  We agreed that I’d continue to teach her anything that I could about sex and she hoped it would help her and Ray.  She also told me to pay special attention to her windows b/c now that there might be someone watching, she’d try to put on a special show. 

Since that day, I’ve fucked Monica endless times, and we’ve gotten more and more daring over the past few months.  Two times we’ve even fucked when Ray was home, once when he was passed out she snuck out on the porch for a quickie and another time on New Years Eve when all the couple were together she let me pull up her skirt in a laundry room.  I’ve also seen her suck and fuck him several times in her windows when she knew I was watching.  And I’ve even watched her pleasure herself in a chair while facing out the window.  Both my sex life and hers will never be the same.

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