This is a true story. Only the names have been changed. This is a story of milf and a young me. As I worked in retail electronics store, this stunning milf came in ordering phone service. She kept starring at me. She came in store again and again, asking questions about service and phones. This hot latin mom brings her two kids age 12 and 16.

As she smiles, I notice her short black and red stripe hair. Also, she was about 5 feet 1 inches, as I was over 6 feet. But something caught my eyes, she had a white blouse but something big shaped covered her shirt. I was amazed at her shape and looks.

So one day, she came in store, alone, I just kissed her as I guessed she was attracted to me, tall asian over 6 feet young at age 26 and she looked 40.

I said, “ let’s go back office.” I kissed her passionately as she was moaning. I turner her around, stripped her dress and started to lick her for few minutes, hearing her moans, getting louder an louder. I popped my dick out, started to insert in inside of her, she almost screamed. Her pussy was so tight, felt soooo good. I started to pump her slowly, getting faster and faster. I could see her face shining with pleasure beyond description.
My eyes were popping out as I saw her breast to be at least DD, as I holding onto big incredible tits, I was fucking her from behind and in front. I was feeling unconscious with pleasure as I was stroking her and holding her gigantic tits. Never in my life had I held such massive tits, combined they are size of a medium watermelon.

After about 15 minute, I turned her over and started to pump her from front, but someone yells, “hello.” I quickly get dressed and steer towards the customer.

Afterwards, I spoke with this milf named Lea, telling her lets get together in the mornings before work and after 9 pm after her work at retail clothing store.

Virtually, everyday, I met Lea in the morning or night, licking her pussy for 10 minutes until she screams, luckily we are in her van, cumming multiple times, white cum coming out of her, she literally begs me to stick my hard cock inside her, asking, pleading, begging me to be inside her. I end up fucking her for over 2 hours before I come, and the look on her face was stunningly surprise, I can last that long without cumming. She says, “Why don’t you cum until so long, never had a guy last 2 hours, before cumming.” She was totally in love with me. Her husband never lasted more than 15 minutes. He was a drunkard, hitting this beautiful milf, and saying all these terrible names.

Lea told me she was his first love and I was her 2nd guy. I believed her since she was extremely tight pussy. Her pussy grabbed my cock as though her hand was squeezing it.
I was in heaven. More to cum, part 2. Let me know if you like it. Email me especially ladies and if you are located in LA, OC, IE, or Riverside, send me your pics and want to hook up, I still last 2 to 3 hours if you handle me and are beautiful, send me your pics and email to Based on a true story.
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[#1973] Longrod ( 661 days ago )
Longrod avatar Your story seems details or pictures for the reader to imagine...
[#18] karine ( 1248 days ago )
karine avatar yes there has to be more
[#380] ilovehorsesex145 ( 1282 days ago )
ilovehorsesex145 avatar Wow. That was terrible. You didn't have enough detail and you REALLY rushed the story. You went from ok there's this hot mom to we are making out.
[#5571] pupebatooo ( 1287 days ago )
pupebatooo avatar Thank you.
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