Neighborhood Nympho - part1

                  Yes, I knew what I was getting when I married Charlie. On our honeymoon I turned a blind eye as she picked up guys out by the pool and let them take her to their rooms so they could bang her brains out. By the end of the first week she was taking on groups of studs from the area who were eager to tear off a piece of ass that looked as good as she did. Every morning Charlie would don her skimpiest bikini and pad out to the pool for some sun and to wait for somebody to invite her to their room or place. Let's face it; she looked like a porn star, too much makeup and a set of tits that were an unreal 38D.

 We started having words when she left with a group of guys who wanted to gangbang her and didn't come back until the afternoon of the next day. I wasn't bothered by her appetite for hard cock, but overnight was a bit too much for this brand spanking, new husband. She claimed she fucked over thirty guys, lots of them more than once. She slept for the rest of the day, but that night she slipped out of the room and didn't return until late the next morning. I put her over my knee and gave her cute rounded ass a good spanking as she cried and told me she'd be a good girl. I went out to the pool to calm down and when I returned she was gone again, this time for two days.

 By the time we got back from this disaster of a honeymoon, I knew there would be big trouble and soon unless I came up with some kind of plan to keep her happy. She confessed that she was seeing a couple of guys at the part time job she had, both of them married, which was something of a blessing. Between them and me, Charlie claimed she could probably get by provided she got plenty of action on the weekend. Based on her performance on our honeymoon, there was no way that yours truly and a couple of part time studs at her job were going to fill the bill.

 I started scrambling to come up with a lot more trustworthy individuals who wouldn't mind taking care of Charlie's itch on the weekends. My goal was to be able to set her up for at least one gangbang over the weekend, although two or even three might be a better fit for her considerable appetite when it came to cock. I got lucky when an old buddy of mine who had gotten married a few years ago complained to me that he and his wife needed something extra to keep the magic going. That got me to thinking and after making a number of phone calls, I managed to arrange the first couples day involving Charlie and a few of my old buddies and ex-girlfriends who now were happily, or in some cases, not so happily married.

 The initial one took place at the home of one of my closest friends and his sexy wife who went both ways it turned out, and a good time was had by all, especially Charlie who even allowed herself to be tied up for a portion of the gangbang. Although there were only four other couples in attendance, my nympho bride's itch was well scratched thanks to the enthusiastic response of the women. By far Charlie was the hottest babe there, and that sort of incentivized the distaff side to put a little extra into the way they handled my wife.

 Things turned freaky when our hostess broke out her strap-on and the ladies took turns stirring up the loads of hot sperm that their husbands had pumped into every hole that Charlie possessed. One guy managed to drop a load into her armpit, and another filled one of her ears to the brim with his offering as everyone cheered him on. Once word got around about this little orgy the invitation list grew to the point that people had to make reservations to attend a couples meeting.

 My nympho wife took to bondage like a duck to water. She claimed that being tied tightly freed her from any guilt feelings and made the hard cocks, strap-ons, fists and fast tongues that probed her even more pleasurable. I also was informed that the frequent spankings I gave her these days also eased any residual guilt she might have for cheating on me. Strange as it sounded, our new arrangement seemed to be working. However like any significant change in one's pattern, this one had its ups and downs. Usually the  sexual momentum generated by the weekend action was enough to sustain her until mid-week. Beyond that it was a crap shoot. It was my call on keeping Charlie happy, and so I learned to roll with the punches whenever she went a little astray.

 Our first problem had to do with our next door neighbors on both sides. Mark and Marilyn Connor were a childless, middle-aged couple who were quite reserved, at least that's what I thought. Until I brought home my new wife, interactions between us were infrequent but always civilized. All that changed when Mark got a good look at Charlie out by our little pool in one of her skimpy bikinis. It got downright frigid when Marilyn noticed that her husband was taking much more interest in my new wife than she thought was warranted. My wife cannot deal with men who don't immediately start slavering at the sight of her fantastic body. So initially she was quite satisfied in the homage that Mark was paying to her. When Marilyn gummed up the works, Charlie took that as a challenge and acted accordingly.

 It turned into a contest of the wills between Charlie and Marilyn. The first time I realized what was going on was when Charlie began to sunbathe topless, displaying her incredible 38Ds in all their fleshy glory. Next I noticed the drapes were tightly shut on the Connor's windows facing our pool. However once I caught a quick glance of Mark peeking out as Charlie absentmindly played with her nipples, making those nubbins stiff as ice. Things got hotter in a sense and now Charlie was taking the sun in the nude. That brought a response from Marilyn who one early evening rang the doorbell and announced to me that my wife was distracting her husband with her brazen displays of flesh that not only involved nudity, but also lascivious behavior to boot.

 The behavior part was something new and so we two tiptoed to the pool area to discover my wife shamelessly masturbating while a bemused Mark Connor stood in the window of his bedroom and stroked his pecker in homage to my wife's awesome body and behavior. I had to stiffle a laugh at this display of sexuality taking place between my wife and my neighbor. Without even thinking I mentioned that Mark was rather well hung and this was going to cause plenty of friction now that my oversexed wife knew about what he had in his trousers. Marilyn's reaction showed a new facet of her personality, one that was more in tune with mine and even Charlie's.

 "You tell that brazen bimbo if I catch her even near my husband, I'll ram my strap-on so far up her ass it will come out of that hot, pouty mouth!"

 From that time on, my view of Marilyn Connor changed dramatically. Seizing the moment I asked what might happen if perhaps tomorrow evening I delivered my cloaked wife to them, naked underneath with her hands cuffed behind her back, so that she could make a very sincere apology and do whatever they chose to demand in the form of reparations. I watched as my straight-laced neighbor licked her lips nervously before breaking into a broad grin and declaring in a voice loud enough to carry back to the pool area.

 "You march that big-titted bitch over to my door promptly at seven tomorrow evening and we'll take it from there. Don't expect her back into the wee hours, if at all. I'll only guarantee that by early morning she'll be able to walk, but I hope she doesn't have the kind of job that requires her to be seated for any significant amount of time."

 When I broke the news to my darling wife, her baby-blues got big and she smiled like the cat that swallowed the canary. I wondered if she and Mark had already made a connection, which would explain his reaction to watching her jill off. That night she pretty much confirmed my suspicions, by making sure the curtains in our bedroom were pulled back, and the window was wide open. She insisted that we keep the light on while I nailed her fore and aft. Finally she assumed her most erotic position, on her spine, legs akimbo and her body jackknifed at the waist, so her hands could grab her ankles and keep that shaved pussy wide apart.

 While I pounded away at that weeping gash I looked up at the mirror over the dresser and saw the Connors reflected back at me. Marilyn and Mark were as naked as jaybirds and I was quite taken by her trim body and the thick patch of dark pubic hair guarding her cunt. She was smiling and at the same time slowly jacking Mark's hard dick that could have easily doubled for the limb of a fair sized tree. I knew at once that Charlie must already have sampled that cudgel, and was looking forward to a great night of sex with the Connors. I wondered if they'd have the decency to leave the lights on and let me watch and jack-off as they went at each other.

 The timing couldn't have been any better in that it was Thursday night and Charlie was itchy as a cat in heat. She must have deliberately rationed her pussy at work, making a number of her fans very unhappy. As promised she was standing at the door to the Connor place at seven , waiting for them to welcome her inside. I vainly hoped that they might display some charity and invite me into their home for some or all of the fun and games I knew were about to take place. It was not to be; it was a stone-faced couple who stood in the doorway and took possession of my helpless wife. Marilyn gave me a curt nod and her face nearly betrayed her glee as her husband opened the cloak to reveal Charlie in her naked glory,her stiff nipples and bloated cunt lips rouged crimson. That was all I would see of my nympho bride for the rest of the night except for the digital pictures that Marilyn e-mailed to me until well in the early hours of the morning.

 I heard from Marilyn by phone about an hour after I returned home. She informed me that she'd be spending me some fun pictures during the evening if I was interested. In the background I could hear a swishing sound followed by a slapping noise and a muffled grunt. Marilyn finally got around to explaining what was going on while she was talking to me. My wife was lying on their bed, her gaping asshole freshly fucked by Mark's huge cock. He was using his belt on her round bouncy buns, and to avoid disturbing their other neighbors, Charlie was gagged with a pair of Marilyn's ripe panties that had been sitting in the hamper for a day or so. The mental picture that formed in my head got me hard and horny. I knew that despite the grunts, Charlie was having a grand time with the Connors.

 As promised I received an e-mail a few minutes later consisting of three pictures. The first showed my new bride stretched out on a king sized bed, lying on her stomach. Marilyn Connor, wearing only a pair of bikini panties was seated comfortably upon Charlie, her hands holding my wife's firm rounded cheeks apart. Kneeling between my nympho bride's thighs was her husband, Mark, holding his stiff prick steady and obviously on the verge of pushing that long thick tool into Charlie's puckered butthole. From the way this picture was framed, the Connors were pretty adept at using digital technology to record their little bedroom antics. I wondered if they also had a webcam, and that was confirmed by the accompanying message that came with the pictures. According to Marilyn the webcam was sending streaming video to a number of people located all over the world. These folks were playing in the big leagues and as of this evening Charlie was making her international debut.

 In the second picture Marilyn had lost her bikinis and was holding Charlie's head by her long blonde hair against her hairy crotch. Mark had shifted his position so that about half of his monster weapon was now buried in my wife's asshole. Charlie's bound hands were clenched tight, indicating that she was having some difficulty handling the tree limb of a cock that was nosing its way deeper and deeper into her poop chute. The third shot showed Mark spooned against Charlie's buns, his cock swallowed whole by my wife's well stretched lower GI tract. Marilyn had a look of bliss on her face, an indication that Charlie's tongue was making good progress in satisfying her hostess.

    ( To be continued )

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