Neighborhood Nympho 02

    The Connors really put Charlie through the wringer that night. I was absolutely boggled to see how two people in their late thirties could turn my nympho wife into a wet dishrag in less than twelve hours. It was apparent that they knew a lot more about taming my bedmate than I did. Marilyn kept e-mailing pictures to me at intervals of between an hour to an hour and a half, depending how hot and heavy things were going.

    The second batch showed me why these two were more than a match for my sex-crazed wife. I already had seen that Mark was hung like a horse and knew how to use that big hunk of burning love. What made things even tougher for Charlie was the size of the strap-on dildo that Marilyn used to stir up her juices, not to mention those deposited inside my wife by her husband. The first time I saw it disappearing into Charlie's distended asshole was a shock. I had a hard time imagining anyone having a cock that size, let alone being able to make it fit in such small places as Charlie's butthole, even after it had been loosened up by Mark's mammoth weapon.

    Marilyn gleefully provided me with the dildo's dimensions, sixteen inches in length and three inches across. The first time she used it on Charlie she managed to get her to take nearly eleven inches in her poop chute, and when she pulled it out, she claimed that Charlie's sphincter nearly came out with it. What made this tool so damned fearsome was its wearer was quite adept at using it and was in great physical shape. Poor Charlie was completely over matched and as the night wore on Marilyn went deeper and faster every time she took a turn.

    This is not to say that Mark didn't do his share. He kept Charlie busy sucking his wanger back to life for another turn at her butthole or as a nice change of pace, her tight cunt, that wasn't so tight once Marilyn decided it needed some attention from Big Bertha, her pet name for that monster dildo that was destroying my wife's insides. As the witching hour came and went they shifted to double penetration of what was left of Charlie's holes. This in turn evolved into fisting and I'm sure that Charlie was begging them for mercy by the time Mark's large fist began its maiden voyage up her cunt, and after a brief but unequal struggle managed to make landfall at the door to her birthing chamber or uterus for those of you enamored by technical terms. The look on my nympho wife's face was priceless when Marilyn managed to get half her well-toned arm up Charlie's cunt and at the same time Mark drilled a new oil well in my wife's back forty that made her eyes cross.

    I knew that I had to get some sleep soon since I did not have the luxury of choosing when I came to work. As luck would have it, just before I was going to sign off for the night or morning, whatever time it was, Marilyn sent me more pictures and a heads up that I was about to see something a little off the beaten path. First off the pictures showed Charlie taking a major league spanking from the Connors. I have never seen her butt as crimson as it got that night. The two of them took turns walloping her with every bit of energy they had until both were exhausted. Charlie was beyond exhaustion, but still had plenty more road to travel before they returned what was left of her to the arms of her loving husband, or was it cuckold?

    What followed was well worth the loss of sleep. It turned out that the Connors had all sorts of hidden kinks that I would never have imagined for this older and much more reserved couple. As soon as I got the first picture and realized that the venue had changed from the bedroom to the bathroom, my breath got a bit short and my blood pressure rose. I was about to witness a session of water sports, and not the kind they did in a pool either. The second picture said it all.

    Charlie, still cuffed and now also gagged with what looked like a pair of panties, was on her back in the tub, her normally flat belly now quite rounded, like she might have swallowed a softball. She definitely did not have a happy face, gag or no gag. At the upper corner of the picture hung a red rubber enema bag, and it all came together at once. They had just finished, or were still in the process of giving my sex-crazed wife a colonic irrigation as I heard one person describe an enema in polite society. I had to admit that this view of Charlie kind of got me all hot and bothered; probably because she looked so vulnerable and her belly made her appear to be an expectant mother perhaps three or four months along. I had a sick thought that stayed with me until I got the chance to do it to Charlie, who the next day came back from her part time job and wandered over to the Connor household only to discover they were away,perhaps enjoying some fun and games with another couple.

    It was roughly two in the morning and I sat by my computer like some junkie waiting for his connection to arrive. Finally one picture came along with a short message having to do with what they planned to do to Charlie for the rest of the time before allowing her some sleep. Marilyn warned me that my wife might be late for work today, but she thought that all concerned were truly enjoying the session. The picture shocked the hell out of me. I had not anticipated that my wife would be taking a golden shower from Marilyn Connor in super closeup. I wondered what those folks who were seeing everything from the Connors' webcam were thinking of my wife's debut. There was no doubt that Charlie and I had to talk things over before she was swept away by our neighbors' kinky ways.

    I went to bed with a huge hard-on compliments of Marilyn's note concerning what she and her husband still had in store for Charlie. My nympho wife would be getting a chance to see how much her holes could stretch with her belly chock full of water from the two enema bags she'd taken. The idea of Charlie being double penetrated by the pair was a real turn-on for me. I had to also admit that I was getting a yen for Marilyn that certainly wasn't anything but plain, old, one hundred percent lust for her trim body and dominant personality. They also were quite interested in how my blonde bombshell behaved when she had a mouthful of fresh piss direct from the tap so to speak. Mark and Marilyn had a side bet that she'd not be able to gargle that mouthful for more than ten seconds without spilling some or swallowing it before she was given permission to chug it down.

    To say I was groggy when the alarm went off was an understatement. Nonetheless I jumped from my empty bed and hit the shower, my way of preparing for what lay ahead. As the cold water renewed my contact with the outside world, I began to focus on what probably occurred between my faithless wife and the Connors. The more I thought about last night the angrier I got. They had taken advantage of me big time and Charlie had gone along with it lock, stock and barrel, whatever that meant. The fact that she still hadn't arrived home from her session with the next door neighbors started to eat away at me. I decided that my presence would not be conducive for a meeting of the minds as to the subject of my wayward wife and her new found friends.

    For reasons that I did not understand, my reaction to my wife's latest escapade seemed to have an influence on the way that the ladies in my office responded to me. There was this brunette around thirty with a chest that almost matched what my wife was packing, but a face that would scare children, who took the initiative and invited, or actually propositioned me, to join her for lunch or an aperitif at her place after work. I turned down lunch, but by midday had accepted her second offer. The drink before dinner turned into a romp in the lady's bed, and she had plenty to offer when it came to tasty pussy and a tight twat that hadn't been used for quite some time. All I had to do was close my eyes and think it was Marilyn Connor beneath me, thrusting her hairy cunt up to meet my downward moves.

    I headed home feeling a lot better about myself. If Charlie had an itch that always needed scratching, that was her problem. The more I thought about things,the more reasonable it became to adopt her way of life and sort of take whatever came along. However in her case she was no shrinking violet, she'd grab anything that had a cock and promised to show her a good time in the sack. To her there was no such thing as cheating, she probably didn't think of me as a cuckhold either. So by her logic, how could I be a philanderer? By the time I hit the door to our place, I was in the mood for some serious makeup sex. Unfortunately it takes two for makeup sex, and the house was empty.

    Nosing around I discovered that Charlie must have returned at some time during my absence, but when and for how long were impossible to tell. I took a deep breath and called the Connor residence, getting their answering machine. I left a message and started to fret about her whereabouts. Had she returned for another session with my neighbors? Was she in some motel making up for lost time with one or more of the guys she was screwing at work? Had she made a new conquest at her job, one who was unmarried and happy to accommodate her needs at his place? Had she been kidnapped by aliens? I stewed for another hour and to calm myself down went over the pictures that Marilyn had e-mailed to me last night. That did nothing for my situation except make me hornier for my nympho wife. So, Charlie was now heavy into girl-girl, water sports and who knows what else she'd learned playing with the Connors. The first couples gangbang had obviously just whetted her taste for her own kind, and now the Connors were giving her an ocean to drink.

    It was well past eleven when Marilyn Connor called. She and Mark had been out to see some friends and had no idea where my wife was. Mrs. Connor stuck a fork in me by observing that my bride was rather forward when it came to men, but she and her husband had enjoyed their little tete-a-tete with her and were looking for another opportunity to further her education. It didn't help that she kept referring to Charlie as that trollop, your home wrecking wife, the alley cat or her favorite, that trampy slut of a whore you married. I was furious after listening to her observations about my trampy slut of a whore wife. I hadn't eaten since noon, so I raided the frig and made do with some leftover takeout that was a few days old, but edible. Afterward I polished off a double Jack Daniels and went to bed.

    When my wife got back is anyone's guess, but I was too tired to even roll over whenever she crawled into bed. All I knew was when I responded to the insistent alarm that shouldn't have been going off except I forgot today was Saturday, there was my faithless wife soundly sleeping like some innocent. I restrained my urge to begin choking her and instead rolled out of bed and went through my routine in preparing for another day at the salt mines. The blonde bombshell was still out of it when I settled down for breakfast; just as well since the last thing I wanted or needed before I ate was a confrontation with her on the subject of where she was and with whom.

                              ( To be continued )Â

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