The elf, Holly, stepped off of the shuttle and out onto my lawn, her hazel brown eyes twinkled in the moon light. The moon shone brightly on her face revealing her pointed ears and smooth skin which was as white as satin. Holly was wearing her tight dress uniform that clearly showed her perky 32c breasts and had short shorts that showed of her soft white legs. She strolled quickly across the lawn as it was a cold night and her long, exposed legs didn’t take well to the cold. By the time she reached the door to the mansion her nipples had hardened in the cold and were now fully erect and visible through the suit’s latex covering. As she waited for someone to answer the door the moon came out from behind a cloud and shown on her brightly, it’s light reflecting off her skin and giving it a glowing sheen. I answered the door. “Ah it’s you come in come in.” he said. As she entered he admired her beautiful ass, her full breasts, and her childlike face. She was only five feet tall, and, except for her ears, looked like a teenage girl no older than 16. With holly’s ass wobbling from side to side in front of me I immediately became aroused. She sat down in a chair at the dining room table and I sat across from her. I had been seeing her for weeks now and expected this to be just another date. She was extremely hot but Trans species sex was not my thing, or so I thought. But as she sat down I knew tonight was going to be different.
“Artemis, I think it’s time our relationship became more serious.” She said, “We need to take it to the next level.
”And what would that be holly?” I said.
“I want to have sex.”
She stood up and my heart jumped. Her uniform was very tight, it was as if you strained your eyes hard enough you could see through it even though you couldn’t. She slowly and sexily walked around the table, her long legs catching the light of the moon through the window. I felt myself get hard. She came over and began to slowly unzip my pants, revealing my boxers underneath. My 9 inch cock was so hard it made a tent out of my boxers. Holly pulled down my pants and began to suck, first the head, then the balls and finally she took it all into her petite little mouth. I grabbed onto the back of her head, her black hair now freely flowing down over her shoulders. I pumped her head up and down faster and faster until finally I blew all over her mouth deep inside her throat. She came up, cum dripping slowly from her mouth. She licked the cum off my cock and the wiped the cum on her chin into her mouth.
“You taste good.” She declared as she sucked down the last of it.
She slowly stood up, and unclasped the top of her suit. The latex peeled away leaving her standing there completely naked, nipples fully erect.
“well,” she asked,”are you going to fuck me or not?”
So I did. I lifted up her little form onto the table so it was lying flat and slowly pushed into her. “Ohh” she moaned. She was the tightest girl I’d ever fucked. She was so tight I could only go in a few centimeters with each thrust, but eventually I was all the way inside. I started to pick up speed until I was slamming it in so fast; I think I heard some part of her rip. She screamed and moaned and bucked until finally,”I’m coming, oh god I’m coming.” Just as she finished saying that her pussy tightened. Blue magical sparks flew and I reached the greatest orgasm of my life. Holly screamed and even though my cock was so tight in her pussy come still sprayed everywhere. I pulled my cock out and admired her pussy which was now dripping both our fluids onto the table. But I wasn’t done yet.
“Turn over” I said.
She obeyed and lay down on the table, her ass hanging off the end as if daring me to put something in it. I walked up to her and shoved my cock all the way into her ass.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH”, she screamed, “Oh fuck yeah!”
I went in and out until finally I came for the third time that night, spraying cum all over her ass. Holly turned back over and I took a moment to admire her cum covered body, her childish face still dripping with my cum. Then she slowly stood up.
“It’s good that we got somewhere tonight, maybe we could do that again.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Then she walked out into the night to return home, her pussy still dripping wet and I couldn’t wait until our next date.
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