Hi friends & ISS, this is Karan here to share a story with u all. I m 22yrs doing engg in computers and the story is about me and my sexy neighbor Seema. Please do send yours response about the story to krnkhanna1989@gmail.com I will be waiting. If any lady(age no bars) is looking for a good genuine relationship can also mail me (secrecy assured)
Moving to Seema, she is a married lady and mother of one but has kept herself in very good shape. She is a very good friend of my mom so she used to visit my house often and was very frank with me. I always wanted to make love with her and have masturbated many time thinking of her. This incident happened when I returned home for vacations from my hostel. After a day of my return she came to our house to see my mom and was surprised to see me there. She complained me that I have forgotten her and never come to her house to see her. So the next day I went to her house and it was my luck that there was no body at her home and she was all alone and working in the kitchen and was wearing a pink salwar suit which was a bit tight and revealed all her assets and the innerwears outline which made me aroused. She greeted me in and asked me to sit on the slab in the kitchen and talk while she finishes her work. After a few moments of talking the topic moved to girl friend to which I replied I haven’t found any yet. She asked me what type of girl does I like to which I preferred to remain silent. After a while she gripped my thigh and said that u can be frank and she is not going to say anything to anyone. After having some courage I replied her that someone like u. To this she gave a little smile and asked what do u like in me. I was again quite for a moment and then when she asked again I said u are gorgeous and have groomed assets. This made her shy and I moved down the slab and started kissing her neck from behind. To this she said me to stop it as she is married and having a child too. But I remained deaf to all her words and kept on kissing and moved my hands to her boobs. After sometime she left herself loose and started enjoying it. After a while she turned towards me and we had an eye contact for a moment and we both passed a smile to each other and then she planted her lips on mine. We were standing there in the kitchen playing with each others tongue for around 10 mins. Then she moved and asked me to move to the bedroom to which I agreed. We went to her bedroom kissing and playing with each others body.
Entering the bedroom I asked her to remove her suit which she did in a split of second. Now she was only in her bra and panty looking into my eyes. Then she made me loose my T-shirt and jeans. Then we moved to the bed where I started licking her juicy lips madly and she sucked mine passionately. Both were enjoying smooching and sucking each other’s lips for few minutes.
Then I removed her bra n panty and she removed mine underwear. She said she was dying for sex as her husband has lost interest in sex and does it only two or three times a month and she had an eye on me for a long time. I replied her that even I have masturbated thinking of her many times.
After finishing smooching, I moved my hands to her mangoes and squeezed for milking. I was hungrily playing with her both big mango boobies and pressing them madly one by one. I was also sucking and biting her black tits and made them hard and long. She was moaning with my actions ummmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhh.. Please donnnn’t. Her moans pressured me to do the action fast.
After playing long with her jumbo mango boobies and black tits I started raining of kisses all over on her body. Then I slipped my lips to her hot chut which is filled with juice by these actions. I parted her chut’s lips with mine fingers and put mine lips on it and sucked her all juice.
Her moans with excitement uuummmmmmm..ohhhhhssshhhhh. karannnnn saara juice chus lo meri chut ka. Yessssss.. Aur chuso.. And she grabed mine head and pressed it towards her pussy passionately. She was in fully erotic mood. I sucked her’s juicy pussy for few minutes.
She then caught my rod tightly and pulled down the foreskin of mine rod, now the moaning sound came from my side ohhhhhhhhhhaaminiiiiiiiiiiiyou are great in bed. Then she started licking and sucking my dickhead and then she started a blowjob. Her hand were moving fastly in up and down position.
I was screaming oh noooooookaaminiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Do it faaaaassssttttttt more ffffffffaaaaaaaast After that she took mine rod into her mouth and started sucking. When she was sucking and biting my rod one of her hand was moving on my rod which made my rod fully erected and ready to explore her chut. She saw mine rod and without wasting time she rides on me and guided mine erected rod into her juicy n milky chut. Her face got red as his rod enters into her chut. She moans ohhhhhh. karannnnn..She started jumping fastly on mine rod. I also helped her in fucking with holding her by waist and pulling her down and pushing up. While this action is on the progress her big boobies were also swinging up and down and I was pressing them continuously. Whole action was breath stopping for me. She was moaning in ease and feeling high on this ride. Ummmmm.. ohhhhh.. aaj tumhe chodne me bahut maja aa raha hai karannnn.. aaj to meri chut tumhare is kheere jaise land ki chatni bana degi. Ek hi baar me usse itna chudwaoongi ki phir usme dobara khade hone ki taakat hi na bache After some time she looked tired, so I lied her down and rode on her . I parted her honey pot’s lips and inserted into her chut and started pumping wildly.
She held me from my hips and was pressing towards her chut. Both were moaning with pleasure and enjoyment. Yesssssssssss. morefaaaaaaaaast aur andar. Pura ghusao.
As the sounds got faster I knew both are on the way to their end and finally I filled her chut with my thick milk and falls on her. She also released her juice on my rod. Both were lying, holding each other on bed for few minutes and took deep breathes. Both looked tired but she looked fresh and felt the pleasure and enjoyment of a good fucking session.
After few minutes I got up and put a French kiss on her lips. She also sucked mine lips and combed my hairs with her fingers. She looked gorgeous and pretty after getting fucked wildly by me. After relaxing and enjoying the horny session she got out from bed and entered into the bathroom for getting fresh.
After getting fresh she put on the pink nighty with undergarments and after that I left for home before leaving I whispered in her ear aaj to maine tumhari gaand chhod di agali baar nahi chhodunga. isliye agali baar taiyaar rehna, agali baar pehle tumhari gaand hi maarunga. Samajhi meri jaan…...to which she replied naughtily main to taiyaar hoon apne land ko taiyaar kar lena, kyunki meri gaand abhi tak kori hai, aur kori gaand me ghusne me kahin tumhare land ka tel hi na nikal jaaye and she winked her eye to me and I left.

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