Alex was a normal 15 year old he had short brown hair he was about 5’10” with an athletic build but he had a secret.  It was that his cock was close to twice the size of a normal one it was around 15” long and close to 5” thick.  He never showered in school because he thought he was a freak.

            One day he was getting out of the shower when his 21 year old slut of a sister Martha walked in on him she had long blond hair was about 5’7” she also had an athletic build and had about C sized breasts.  When she saw his huge cock she got really horny and got so wet Alex could see it through her jeans.  She walked over slowly and asked him if she could touch it.  Alex said sure and she started to give him a hand job she obviously had to use two hands and could only lick up and down the shaft she could not fit it in her mouth.  As she was doing this Alex started to strip her clothes off once she was naked he came and completely covered he face with cum.  Then he picked her up and carried her to her room then through her on the bed and spread her legs and started to put his cock in her pussy.  Some how it went in easy he thought this must be because of all the people she’s fucked after only 3 min he came again.

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[#2033] looluu ( 1412 days ago )
looluu avatar Far too too short,good start if you continue with the story(i hope you do) please make it longer with more details
[#8] tyhare062367 ( 1413 days ago )
tyhare062367 avatar kind of short there, it could have been at least longer. but a great short story non the least.
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