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I was only fourteen when it happened. With tears running down my face I stare at the ceiling of the SUV that I’m laying in with the frenzied old man on top of me. He’s a big man and heavy as well. I can feel the rough white and rather ample hair on his wide chest slide against my smooth upper body. We are completely naked now. Our bodies are drenched in sweat, it seems like both of us have just stepped out of the shower. It’s hard to believe that it’s cold outside. Our feverish bodies and our warm breaths have turned the car into an oven.

His face is buried in my neck. He kisses it frantically and bites occasionally. I can hear his muffled moans and can feel his hot breath on me. I see his shiny bald head, my lips brush against it each time he enters me. I can taste his sweat now, it’s very salty. I relish it. Although I do shamefully enjoy this man stretching my pussy unbearably wide with his hard determined cock, I find my self in a state of shock and disbelief.

Just a few hours ago I would never have imagined myself do anything of the sort. I had a boyfriend, he loved me and I loved him. And now here I was at four in the morning at the back of a black SUV with the nails of one hand buried in his father’s back and the nails of the other in his flabby ass cheek. My knees are on either side of his shoulders, so far up that they occasionally brush against the stained blanket I’m laying on.

I can see my ripped red skirt splayed recklessly near the base of the front seat, my ripped bra is on the dash board and my torn panties are no where in sight. His clothes are scattered everywhere. The car smells of his imposing cologne, my rosy perfume, and our sweat.Â

I can feel the cold window with my toes. It has begun to rain quite heavily. I turn my head and try to look out the steamy window, but all I see is the moisture our breaths have fashioned. My foot slides against the window, clearing the vapor. I see the rain fall clearly. His thrusts are slow, but very consistent and hard. He slides almost all the way out of me till just his tip is in me, he then rams it deep inside with a vicious thrust, each time making my whole body jerk violently and making me gasp out loud. He was hurting me, but I wanted him to.

Nobody can hear us. The car is parked in a secluded area deep in the woods and it’s pitch black outside. All I can hear is the sound of rain tapping on the roof of the car outside, heavy and erratic breathing both his and mine, his careless lust filled boisterous moans, my painful shrieking and a smacking sound each time he aggressively jerks into my dripping pussy, his upper thighs bruising my ass making it red. He’s hurting me but I let him and want him to. I wipe my tears and beg the Colonel to fuck me deeper and harder! He tightens his grip on my tits, moans lustfully and does just that. I close my eyes and think of Kevin…… Â





My name is Sara Masterson. The following is an incident about how I began fucking my boyfriend’s dad about three years back, it’s about how I became his mistress. I was only fourteen; he was fifty four when he pounded the living day lights out of me in the SUV that night. I suppose it would be immodest to describe myself as beautiful, but I’ve been called that so often that I guess it must be true. (Plus: My previous boyfriend Kevin would sometimes fuck me five times in a single day, that’s excluding the blowjobs I’d give him in his car!) So I knew I had a body that men desired. I’m a white girl, 5 foot 6 inches tall, I have light brown hair, have nice cone shaped tits and long smooth legs. I have a spotless slim body with a round full ass. I’ve been told countless times that I have very beautiful hands and feet. Colonel Gardner is especially adept at showing his appreciation for them.

I belong to a poverty stricken family. My father died when I was seven which left my mother and me to fend for our selves. She worked day and night to earn enough money to send me to school. I worked part time after school in a grocery store. We made barely enough to make the rent every month. My mother was forty five years old, but she looked like a woman of sixty. The only thing that was good in my life was Kevin. I had known him for five years but we had started going out when I was 13 years old. We first had sex six months after that. Â

    Although a lot of guys asked me out I only wanted to be Kevin’s girl. At 17, He is almost a six footer, with a nice wide physique. He has thick wavy black hair and beautiful blue eyes. I fell for him the moment I saw him. Kevin was my first and I was his first, this made us closer somehow. We had sex regularly from then on. He was very gentle and sweet in bed, quite unlike his father who was like a bull on heat, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Kevin would kiss me all over my body, enter me smoothly and plant kisses on my face till it was time for him to cum. Before cuming he always asked me “Where do you want it?” and my answer would always be the same, “in my mouth.” I’d always swallow and did it very willingly because I truly loved him. On my fourteenth birthday, he gave me his grandmother’s ring which was quite special because he had been very close to her especially right before she passed.

We did however fight quite intensely at times, Mostly over him flirting with other girls. He’d then accuse me of getting back at him when guys would flirt with me. I took no active part in anything of the sort. It’s hard to believe now but it was a misunderstanding such as this that resulted in me ending up in the SUV with his father.

Kevin and I were at a party thrown by a guy named Steven. He was a tall blond guy who owned a Ferrari which made him quite popular with the girls. As I sat by myself waiting for Kevin to return with a drink Steven asked me to dance with him. He is a good friend of Kevin’s, in fact they were neighbors when they were very young as both their fathers were in the army. “Come on! It’s just a dance, Kev wont mind, I’m like his brother.” He said. I consented.

I soon regretted this decision as his hands began to roam my body as soon as we hit the dance floor. I hadn’t realized that he was drunk. He then moved closer, grabbed my ass tightly, squeezed hard and whispered, “Come on baby, let’s go find a room, kev told me what a tight pussy you have. He’ll never know!” and with that he kissed me on my lips. His tongue only for a second forcing itself in my mouth. I was in a state of shock. My first instinct was to break away and look around to see if Kevin had seen what had just happened, to my horror, he was standing high on the staircase looking right at me.

I pushed Steven away and left the dance floor to explain to my boyfriend what had just happened. Kevin wouldn’t even look at me, All he said was, “I never imagined you to be such a fucking whore!” I pleaded and explained, but it was too late. He wouldn’t hear a word and left the party. I cried all the way home. A week went by and he continued to disregard my calls.

Luckily Kevin’s cousin was getting married and his mother had specifically called to invite me to the engagement party. She sounded slightly strange on the phone, a little awkward. This at the time made sense considering Kevin and I were “on a break.” I happily accepted the invitation. On the day of the wedding I wore the only best clothes I had. A shirt combined with a long pleated skirt. I really made my self up. I wanted him to melt when he first saw me.

I arrived late. All my friends were there, drinking and dancing. I searched for Kevin but couldn’t see him. The place was packed. As I made my way through the crowd I bumped into Tanya, Kevin’s cousin. She told me Kevin was upstairs in his room then she chuckled. I wondered why she was acting like an idiot. I climbed the staircase and went down the corridor to Kevin’s room. The door was slightly ajar. I pushed it and saw Kevin and Jessica sitting on the bed. Jessica was a junior and at 14 was a total slut. Rumor in the school was that she gave great head, which is why I was extremely irritated with her being there. “Kevin can I speak to you alone?” I said.

“What ever you have to say, say it in front of my new girlfriend.” He said sounding dead serious.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Why would I kid about such a thing?” He said, “You decided to get it on with Steve and now I intend having a bit of fun my self.”

“I didn’t ‘get it on’ with anyone.” I said.

“That’s not what Steve told me.”

“He’s full of shit.”

“I saw what I saw. Now its time for you to see.” He said. He then unzipped his trousers pulled them down, grabbed Jessica’s hair from behind her head and pushed her face to his crotch. She, quite willingly took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. It all happened so fast, it took about three seconds for me to register what he had just done. Her head was now eagerly bobbing up and down now. I ran out of the room traumatized. I tried my best to hold back tears, but half way down the corridor broke down. I wanted to get out of that house as soon as possible. I managed to avoid the crowd till I reached the outside gate, it was then that I realized that I had no way of getting home. I had sincerely hoped that I would have patched things up with Kevin by the end of the night. As I began walking towards the road the without a plan, only knowing that I just wanted to get out of there, I heard a voice call out to me from behind.

“Sara!” Said Kevin’s father, the Colonel. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I want to go home!” I said with a face drenched with tears.

“What’s the matter?” He said with a concerned voice.

“Nothing, I just want to go home.” I cried.

“Okay.” He said, “I’ll arrange it.” Colonel Gardner was a highly decorated and highly respected man. Kevin and his father weren’t very close, he always described his father as being emotionally detached and too hell bent on imposing a disciplined lifestyle in the household. I had no cause to complain, for he had always been very pleasant with me and always complimented me on my dressing and how I looked. The Colonel was a much bigger version of Kevin. He was bald with white hair on the side and back. He was a wide and tall man who looked quite imposing when he wore his dark green uniform. The only physical attribute that was extraordinarily similar were their eyes. The same slanting shape and the deep blue color as well.

    “Tell the driver to get the car.” Said the Colonel to a servant. “I’ll drop her myself.”








We got into the Black SUV and headed home. It was a 45 minute drive to my place. For the first 10 minutes none of us spoke. I wanted to break down and cry, I wanted to weep till my eyes were dry. I bit my lip and held back my tears. I didn’t want to cry in front of this man.

    “I apologize for my idiot son.” He said. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say.

    “You deserve someone better.” He said, “Someone with a fucking brain.” I let out a half hearted chuckle.

    “I know.” I said.

    “You’re a stunner. You can get anyone you want. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t waste it on my stupid son.” He was the first person I met that evening who was sympathetic. I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to be left alone. That going home to my empty room in the middle of the night would be even more heart breaking. I couldn’t restrain my tears any longer and covered my face with my hands and began bawling.  Â

    My father had died when I was very young, Kevin was the only male figure I had depended on, and now he was gone. I felt so alone. The Colonel pulled up the car on the side of the road.

“Shhhhhh its alright sweet heart. It’ll be fine.” He said and placed his hand on my knee. His hand felt warm. I placed my hand on his.

“I loved him so much!” I sobbed, “I don’t have anyone.”

“You have me.” He said. “I’m not going anywhere.” The comment caught me a little off guard. I barely knew this man. But this statement meant so much to me. At that moment I couldn’t depend on any one. My friends were all fakes and my boyfriend had fucked me over.

The realization of these truths and the moment of sheer helplessness made me put my arm around him. He had big sturdy shoulders, ones I knew would keep me safe. I knew he was a little taken a back by this gesture, for he didn’t move or say anything for about five seconds.

Thinking I had crossed the line, I proceeded to remove my arm from around his shoulder. But just as I had started to, He moved me closer and embraced me fully. This was most unexpected, but I relished the moment. I held him tight by putting both my arms around his thick neck.

I wanted to remain like that for the rest of the night. I didn’t want to be alone. I felt his big hands on the back of my shoulders. I could hear him breathing a little heavier now. I felt he was taking in my perfume. His head kept moving closer to my neck till it was gently buried in it.  His cologne was over bearing, but I loved it. We held each other for about a minute, then he loosened his tight grip around me. We looked into each others eyes. Our face was inches away from each other.

“Your eyes!” I said.

“What about them?”

“They’re exactly like Kevin’s.”

“Too bad he doesn’t know how to keep his women happy.”

“And you do?” I said. It was the first flirtatious remark I had made to him.

“You want to know how?” He said. I had stopped crying now. I was distracted by the man in front of me. I had always looked at him with utmost respect. But suddenly, I began to wonder what his penis looked like, what he looked like naked, what he was like in bed.

“Yes.” I said softly and nervously, not knowing what he’d do or say next. He hesitated for just a second, looked into my eyes and moved his face closer to mine. My mouth instinctively opened. Within a millisecond his tongue was in my mouth. I began sucking on it keenly. I tasted vodka. I wasn’t surprised. He held my face with his large hands, holding it in place and began kissing it feverishly. I was amazed at the mere thought that someone as important and esteemed as Colonel Gardner wanted to kiss me so badly. My hand impulsively crept up to his inner thigh till it gently lay on his crotch. He began kissing me harder. His tongue had licked all the inside of my mouth by now. He then broke away form kissing my lips and gently kissed my nose, then my eyes, then my forehead. I found this really sweet.

He sat back on the driver seat. Both of us breathed heavily. The moment turned a bit awkward for me when I realized that my hand was still on his crotch. He looked at me and smiled, then placed his hand on mine and squeezed firmly, clearly signaling that he wanted it there. “You’re very beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you.” I said softly.

“A guy has to be crazy not to like you. You’re gorgeous.” He said huskily. I knew he wasn’t going to drop me home any time soon when I heard his next words. “Honey…take your shirt off for me.” My hand on his crotch paused. I looked at this man’s eyes and realized that I was unable to say no.

“Okay.” I said in a barely audible voice. I began unbuttoning my shirt and took it off. He watched admiringly at my black bra. I could tell he liked what he saw because he now reached down and began gently messaging his crotch without even opening his pants.

“Take off your bra sweety.” He said. I reached back and unhooked the strap slowly never once looking away from his eyes. “Wow!” He said as he relished the sight of my white young tits. “You are one stunning babe.” He then looked around, searching for the presence of another car. luckily this road because it was secluded was far less traveled.

When he had made sure no one was around he moved his body closer to mine, held me with his strong hands by my upper arms, sank his head down and took most of my right tit into his large mouth. “Oh Colonel!” I gasped as I felt his tongue on my pink nipple. I gasped even louder when I felt his hand reach beneath my skirt to touch my pussy. He massaged it for a few moments then moving my panty to the side he let his thick middle finger enter me. I shrieked loudly, “No, please!” I said pleadingly. “Colonel. Please!” I said. He sat up. “We shouldn’t do this. You’re Kevin’s Father.” I held my thighs tightly together till my knees touched, his finger still inside me.

“Kevin doesn’t give a shit about you love. He’s probably fucking her right now.” He said seriously.

“No.” I said and began crying again.

“For the past week that little whore has been sneaking into Kevin’s room and fucking his brains out. I hear them go at it all night.” He said. “He doesn’t love you any more. He’s moved on with his life. I want you to as well.” He said then began slowly finger fucking me. I placed my hand on his tightly, but his hand was too strong and determined to be distracted by mine. His touch was driving me crazy. My body began shivering. He began fingering me deeper and faster.

“He was the only one I had!” I cried uncontrollably.

“I’m the only one you have right now. I’ll never leave you like he did.” He said reassuringly. I looked into his beautiful eyes and placed my hand on his cheek. “Don’t ever leave me Colonel!” I said with tears seeping down my cheeks. He looked back at me and said, “I’ll never leave you Sara!”

“Oh Colonel.” I sighed. We tightly embraced each other again. I couldn’t help but kiss his ear a couple of times. His finger was still inside me. I parted my knees wide, allowing him to do as he wished.

“You’re so tight!” He said then removed his hand from my crotch. Our bodies parted slowly. He brought his fingers up to his face and examined it. They looked like they’d been dipped in water. “You’re pussy’s so wet.” He said then placed his fingers in his mouth. I was amazed at the sight of him do this. “Here!” He said, “Taste it.” He placed his fingers in my mouth. I had never been so aroused. I began sucking on his middle finger in a filthy attempt to swallow not my juices but his saliva. He began to fuck my mouth with his fingers by gently thrusting it in and out. I began bobbing my head forward and backward like I was sucking a cock. My eyes were closed and I was in ecstasy, though it didn’t stop me from crying. I was so miserable, but so stimulated at the same time.

“Be Mine!!” He said loudly and authoritatively. “Be my woman!”

“I’m your woman.” I said then sighed deeply, “I’m your woman!” His breathing suddenly became long and deep. TAKE THAT SKIRT OFF!” He said and eagerly grabbed my skirt with his rough hands. He ripped the button that held it on me. Then he began yanking my skirt and my panties off along with it. I had lost control too. I lifted my butt from off the seat to make it easier for him. I grabbed his crotch again and began massaging him roughly. He was a real man, unlike his son. Both of us were shivering feverishly. He then let go of me and sat back. He stared at my naked body. I could feel his eyes roaming my legs, my thighs, my pussy, my belly, my tits then finally my face. He began eagerly unbuckling his pants. His rock hard penis sprang up. I looked at it amazed. He was HUGE. It was at least double the size of his son, and way thicker. The mushroom head of his cock was large and his dick had visible veins on it. He began jacking off. “LOOK AT ME!” he said assertively. “YOU WANT IT DON’T YOU?” He said.

“I want it!”


“I do!” I said and placed my hand on his cock. I couldn’t wrap my fingers around it, it was so big. He grabbed my hair roughly from the back.

“YOU WANT IT IN YOUR MOUTH DON’T YOU?” he said, I sniffed and wiped my tears.

“I want it in my mouth!” I sighed desperately, “I want it in my mouth.”


I looked deep into his eyes sobbing. I nodded. He answered by forcing my head down on his cock. I opened my mouth wide wanting to take all of him in, but I’d only reached down a quarter of the length till the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair tightly and lifted my head till the tip was touching my lips. I could taste his thick pre cum. It tasted salty. He then pressed my head down again. I took it in a little deeper this time. “GET YOUR KNEES ON THE SEAT. GET INTO DOGGY POSITION. I WANT TO FEEL THAT ASS.” He said.

I did what was told with his cock buried deep in my mouth. He reached over and grabbed my ass cheek. “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” He said as his hand roamed my smooth ass. “WHAT A GREAT ASS! COMON HONEY STOP CRYING AND SUCK IT SUCK IT!” He said. He held my head firmly in place with his right hand and did something most unexpected with his left hand. His middle finger reached over to my asshole and began pressing on it.

I opened my eyes. I wanted him to stop. “SSSHH SSSHHHH ITS OKAY SWEETY… TONIGHT I’LL MAKE YOU A REAL WOMAN.”  And with that he pressed his finger all the way into my asshole right up to his knuckle. He began to wiggle it in my ass. I had never known such a sensation. I wanted to protest but all that came out was a half hearted grunt.

I had my mouth full at the time.  “KISS MY BALLS HONEY…LICK THEM CUMON!” I lifted my head from his cock. He was now too distracted by my naked body and had removed his hand from my head. With one hand in my ass and the other roaming my back, he bent down and began kissing and licking my back. “KISS MY BALLS BITCH COMON!” He said. No one had spoken to me like that before. I was being treated like a slut and I wasn’t one. But I was so hurt and angry at Kevin that I wanted to hurt him back. I wanted this man to treat me like his whore so that when Kevin would find out, he’d feel what I was feeling. I dove my determined face in his crotch and began licking his fat balls. Both of us had begun to perspire now. His crotch was particularly sweaty. My whole face seemed moist. I cupped one of his balls in my hand, they seemed like two pool balls. I was surprised at how hard they were. I began kissing them.

After a few moments, he shifted his position so that he lay on his back now.  He placed my legs on either side of his face so that we were now sixty nining each other. He grabbed my ass cheeks and parted them so that my cunt and asshole were clearly presented to him. He began impatiently licking my cunt. I could feel his nose pressed against my asshole. I returned to his 9 inch pole and began sucking again. “YOU’RE MY WOMAN AREN’T YOU BITCH?” He said.

“UHHUHH!” I said.






“I want to fuck this cock!” I said and began to cry again. His father was treating me like a cheap whore and it was all because of Kevin. I hated him more than anything in the world. I wanted to hurt him.


“I WANT TO FUCK THIS COCK!” I said loudly with tears running down my face.




“I WANT TO BE YOUR WHORE.” I said. He slapped my ass cheek hard. So hard that my body moved all the way forward.


“I WANT TO BE YOUR WHORE SIR!” I said. And as soon as I did, he got up and got behind me.

“ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES!” I did what he ordered. “ARCH THAT GORGEOUS ASS BABE!” He said lustily and let his hands roam across my naked butt, “LOOK AT THIS YOUNG ASS! HOW OLD ARE YOU HUN?” He asked.

“14.” I said wiping my tears. He whistled.

“14 YEAR OLD ASS!” He said, “I LOVE THIS SMOOTH WHITE ASS. ITS EVERY MAN’S DREAM.” I heard him spit a couple of times. He was lubricating his cock. He then bent down and spit three globs of thick saliva on my asshole. The spit ran down my ass and on my cunt. He rubbed it. He placed his hands on my waist and tightened his grip on me. I knew it was going to hurt. His penis was too big. I held on to the edge of the drivers seat with both hands and put my head down in preparation of what he was about to do to me. I felt his cock head on my pussy. He tightened his grip on my waist further. “READY?”

“UHUHH.” He pushed forward. My cunt became unbearably stretched. I began to shriek. “NO! IT’S TOO BIG!” I cried.


“I’M A TOUGH GIRL.” I said.


“AAAHHHHHH.” I grunted in pain. I attempted to move my body forward in order to move away from his cock, but as soon as he sensed me do that he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back to him. “UUUHHHHHHHHH! OHHH GODD!” I YELLED. He began fucking me now, full, deep and hard in rapid succession. The car seats whined and squeaked as we moved. “OOOH MY GODD! OHH MY GODDD!” I kept saying over and over at the base of my voice. He let go of my shoulders and grabbed my waist again.

“OH SHIT! YOU’RE 14 YEAR OLD CUNT IS SO FUCKING TIGHT!” He grunted. IT’S SO TIGHT!” He said then without warning spanked my ass cheek with his right hand. “FUCK IT BITCH FUCK IT COMON!” He said. “I’VE DREAMED OF AN ASS LIKE THIS FOR SO LONG. AAAHHHH!” He grunted in a state of ecstasy. “COME HERE HONEY!” He said then put his hand around my chest and bought me up, so that even though we were in the same position and on our knees, I was upright. He put both his arms around me and tightly locked me in place. I could feel his chin at the top of my head. He pulled his cock out till only his cock head was in me then slammed it in me. Both of us screamed. His was out of pleasure, mine was of pain. He repeated this motion over and over, he’d extract his cock very slowly then ram it back in me. He kept the rhythm constant, which gave me time to prepare for each vicious thrust.

“FOR THE PAST…….AAAAHHH……TEN YEARS………UUUUUHH…………IVE BEEN WATCHING MY SONS…………………AAAAHAHH………GET ALL THE YOUNG PUSSY…………UUUHHHH……….NOW ITS DADDY’S TURN………..UUUUUHHHH TO ENJOY A 14 YEAR OLD FRESH PUSSY!!” He whispered in my ear then started kissing the back and sides of my neck.




“COLONEL PLEASE!” I said dishearteningly. “COLONEL!...” He placed his hand on my mouth before I could resist any further and began his rampant assault. The whole car moved as he fucked me like a mad bull. All I could hear was a slapping sound our bodies made as his body smacked into mine. His right hand tightly covered my mouth and his left hand squeezed my right tit.

“I WANT TO CUM INSIDE YOU, I WANT TO CUM INSIDE YOU!” He kept yelling over and over. “AAAAAAHUHHH AAAAAAHUUUUUHH AAAHHUUHHH AAAHHUUHHH AAAHHUUHHH!” He yelled in a deep voice as he began to cum. I could feel his sizzling cum in me. It was a sensation I had never felt before. “AAH AAH AHH” He said as he pumped the last three squirts of his semen inside me. We both then collapsed on the seat. I lay now on my stomach, and he lay on top of me covering my whole body from the back with his softening cock still inside me. He was heavy, but I didn’t complain. We were panting hard, both of us trying to catch our breath. Â

I had never had such intensely mixed feeling in my life. I was deeply heartbroken…I was feverishly horny…I felt awfully degraded…No one had called me a bitch in my life, at least not to my face, and now here I was acting like a whore he’d picked up on the side of the road. This old man didn’t love me, he just needed his cock pleasured. I felt like an idiot realizing this so late in the day. I hated myself.

I was suddenly startled as I heard a car approaching. I lifted my head in panic.

“Shhh it’s alright! It’ll pass.” He whispered in my ear. The sound of the car approaching got louder and louder and suddenly diminished as it zoomed by us. I sighed in relief. “We better go from here,” said the Colonel, “I take it the engagement party is over.”

I quickly began to put my clothes back on. My hair was a mess and I had mascara all over my face. I could still feel his gooey cum oozing out of my pussy. It was a vivid reminder of what had just happened. The Colonel put his pants back up. He didn’t bother buttoning up. He started the engine and began driving again.








“Oh Sara that was amazing.” He said looking relaxed.

“Yes.” I said meekly. Â

“Are you alright honey?”

“I’m fine.” I said as I fixed my hair. My body was trembling.

“So you still want to be my woman?”

“I don’t know Colonel, I just want to go home.”

“Tired so soon?”

“I’ve had a rough day.” I said. He placed his hand on mine gently. He had turned into the Colonel I knew before he had fucked me.

“Darling I have a proposition to make.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m a very powerful man Sara,” He said pensively, “with money and lots of connections. I can make your life and your mother’s life much easier if you want me too.”

“How?” I asked, curious as to what he’d say.

“You loved your daddy didn’t you?”


“Kevin mentioned how you always wished you could afford to restore his grave. It’s sad that the man you love the most has a broken down head stone with spray paint on it.” I didn’t say anything. “Wouldn’t you want to have it restored?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Then be my girlfriend.”

“I don’t know Colonel.”

“Your mother is in debt, how long do you think she can financially hold up? Besides, a woman and a daughter are vulnerable, you know that.”

“I want to take care of both of you.” He said gently and pulled up the car on the side of the road again.

“Don’t you hate it when your mother borrows money from the neighbors?” He said. “I’ll be more than willing to provide for you. I want you to go to college. You’re such a good student, you deserve it the most. It would be a shame if you don’t. Don’t you want to go to college?”

“Yes, I want to.” I said softly. He moved closer to me and kissed me on the cheek. “This is a once in life time opportunity gorgeous, don’t pass it up.”

“What do I have to do for you exactly?” I asked. He pecked me on my cheek again, slowly and sweetly.

“I won’t beat around the bush Sara. Before we had sex I hadn’t done it in years. Kevin’s mum stopped having sex with me years back. I could never bring my self to have sex with hookers, and besides a man with my stature needs to be discreet. In return for all that I do for you I want you to have sex with me when ever I want it and how ever I want it. It’ll be fun trust me. We’ll book rooms in the best hotels, we might even travel out side the country and meet up there if you’d like.

“What about me and Kevin?” I asked.

“What about you and Kevin? He’s over you. That story is over. Besides, he’s a fucking idiot. Only I know how special you are.” He said then cradled my face in his hands. “And so beautiful.” He said gently. “Trust me darling your world will change if you agree. I’ll spoil you rotten just like your father would have.” He said then paused, “Come on baby say yes.” I stayed still for a moment, then hesitatingly nodded.

“My mother should never know!” I said.

“Darling, no one should ever know.” He said, “Lets face it hun, you’re 14, you’re just a kid, but a kid with a body made to fuck. You’re mother will kill you and the county judge will have a field day with this one.” He said then reached for his wallet. “And to let you know that I’m not completely full of shit, I want you to take this.” He said handing me a wad of $5000. I had never seen this type of money in my life. “Do what ever you want with that money.”

“It’s too much.” I said. He kissed me on the mouth.

“Anything for my little girl.” He said. “Come sit on my lap.” I felt ashamed taking the money, but I knew it could do wonders for ma and me. I did what he told me to do. I sat on his lap. He guided me in such a way that I had both my legs on either side of him. I faced this man and looked at his eyes again. They looked back caringly. “You okay baby?” He asked.

“I’m okay.”

“I need you to kiss me!” He said. I slowly placed my hands on his face. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted this man to take my mother and me away from our life. No more bills, no more borrowing rent money, no more anything. I needed this man, I wanted him to be there for us. Kevin was history now. I belonged to this man. I leaned forward and kissed him. His hands cupped my tits. His tongue entered my mouth. I began sucking on it. My ass could feel his cock begin to spring to life again. “There’s a nice secluded place we could go to, no one will bother us. What do you say?”


“That’s my girl.” He said and smiled. I sat on the passenger seat again. He began driving. “I’m sorry if I got a bit rough back there. I don’t mean to hurt you Sara, it’s just that…you make me lose control. You have such a beautiful young body.”


“Pleasures all mine!” He said then smiled.








We didn’t say anything for the next 10 minutes. The car suddenly took a detour into the woods. There was a wide mud path that led to no where. The only semblance of vision was provided by the headlights. When I looked at the side windows I saw nothing but dark trees. The mud path continued for about 10 minutes, then we took another detour to the left and headed straight for about another 5 minutes. The Colonel finally stopped the car and turned the head lights off. He then switched the inside lights of the car on. So even though it was pitch black around us, the car within was well lit.

“I need to make a call sweety.” He said then took his cell phone out and punched in a number and put the phone to his ear. “Hello!...Hi darling….I know I’m so sorry I missed it……I dropped Sara home, the poor little thing…….Its alright though…..she’s a tough girl she’ll be fine………I know………Darling I’m going to the club to have some drinks with the crew……don’t wait up……I know darling……I’ll be there when you wake up……I love you too hun……bye!” He said then switched off the phone. “What time’s your curfew?” He asked.


“It’s almost .” He said, you should call your mum and tell her you’re spending the night with Tanya.”

“Will it take all night?” I asked naively.

“Yes.” He said seriously and handed me the phone, “…All night.” I nodded, accepting my fate. I rang my home phone.

“Hi Mum,” I said trying to sound cheerful. I found myself holding back tears again. “Oh it was beautiful…the bride to be looked beautiful……true……uh…Ma….I’ll be sleeping over at Tanya’s place tonight….we’ll watch a movie……that’s okay right?……I know ma….I promise……bye Ma……….and Ma…………I love you……….I know……..Bye!” I said then switched it off. Â

“Well I’m glad we got that out of the way!” He said gladly then removed a small flask from his jacket. “I think you need a drink.”

“I’m fine thanks.”

“Come on! You seem a little tense, it’ll help you relax. Girl your age needs to enjoy her self. Your life will pass you by sooner than you think. Make the most of it. Have some Vodka baby. Come on!” He said then placed the tip of the flask to my lips. I began to drink, it tasted awful. I tried moving the flask away, but his hand kept it in place, “2 more sips baby 2 more sips…thaaaaats it! Good girl.” He then proceeded to take large sips of it himself. “I heard someone say that you had very nice feet. I think it was Loni who said it once, she said you should be a foot model or something. Is that true?”

“Yes she said that once.”

“Take your shoes off and put your feet on my lap.” He said. “I want to see them.” I unbuckled the strap on my heels and placed both my feet on his lap. My back was against the door now. I could feel his cock with my right foot. “Wow!” He said. “That Loni bitch was right. You have very beautiful feet. Pink nail polish really suits them…And look at those pink soles. They’re so white and soft. Has Kevin ever sucked your lovely toes?”


“What a fucking idiot.” He said. It was strange him talking about his son like that. “I have a thing for feet, I hope you don’t mind if I indulge. Do you?”

“No.” I said, curious as to what he’d do next. He took my big toe in his mouth and began sucking on it. He closed his eyes as if he was in ecstasy. “I love the way they smell.” He said then began sucking the toes of my other foot. My big toe and the one beside it were in his mouth now. I could feel his tongue between.

I stared at him amazed. I had never seen a man do that before. It felt strange. He stopped after a few moments. He was breathing heavily now. I knew painfully well that he was going to start acing like a jerk again. “Take that shirt off!” He said, “No wait!” He said abruptly then reached forward and grabbed my shirt on each side and ripped it apart.

I was clearly startled by this. He then grabbed my bra covered tits  and roughly tore the bra off me till my chest was exposed. “That’s the way I like it.” He said, then he got on his knees on the seat and between my legs. He found the opening of my skirt and tore right threw it. He gripped my skirt and stretched his arms wide forcefully and tore it to shreds. He yanked them off till I lay in front of him in my panties. I grew frightened again and was on the verge of crying.

I bit my lip and tried to stop my tears. He grabbed my panties with one hand and ripped them right off me. He then stared at my body. I think it was the first time he’d seen it properly with the lights turned on. “Sara you’re a fucking stunner! Look at that shaved pussy. I knew you were a trooper, that little cunt of yours took me right in.” He said then sat on the seat and began taking his clothes off.

“Alright!” He said, “Enough with this foreplay. Go to the back and take everything of. I need to fuck that tight illegal pussy again.” I climbed to the back. The family had gone camping recently, so all the car seats were folded, which gave us ample room. “There’s a blanket somewhere there, lay it down.” He said. I took my tattered shirt and bra off. They came off easily.

I was completely naked now from head to toe. I found the blanket and lay it on the floor. The Colonel had removed his shoes and socks and was now in the midst of removing his trousers and under wear. I was ready for him now but nervous as to what he had in store.







The Colonel was completely naked now as well. He joined me at the back of the car. It was the first time I was seeing him naked. His body was quite fit for his age, but sagged a little. The ample white hair on his chest and sparse white hair on the rest of his body gave his age away.

My heart sank when I lay my eyes on his cock. It was fully hard again and had pre-cum oozing out from it. “LAY ON YOUR STOMACH BITCH I WANT TO SEE THAT ASS AGAIN PROPERLY.” He said turning into a monster again. I turned my body and lay flat on the floor. I could feel his eyes on me. “HERE! PUT THIS LITTLE PILLOW BENEATH YOUR CROTCH. I WANT THAT FUCKING GORGEOUS ASS TO STICK OUT! THAT’S IT. WHAT A GREAT FUCKING ASS! YOU ARE A FUCKING ANGEL! I’M GOING TO FUCK THIS 14 YEAR OLD LITTLE ANGEL.”


“What?” I said.



“FUCKING LOSER!” He said, “WELL…IT‘S TIME FOR ME TO TASTE EVERY MANS DREAM.” With that he spread my ass cheeks wide and pressed his face deep in my ass. My legs were now open so wide that each foot touched either side of the car. I suddenly felt his thick wet and determined tongue press against my asshole. It offered little resistance. The Colonel’s tongue was too strong. “UUUHHHHHH” I said raising my head. His tongue was inside me now. I could feel him wiggle it, tasting me. But that wasn’t enough. He went deeper and deeper and wiggled his whole face on my ass. He extracted his tongue after a few moments and began planting kisses on it. “YUMMY!” He said then kissed my ass. “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SPANKED HONEY?”



“No!” I said and began to cry again. His hands were feeling up my ass.

“OH YA! AND SCREAM AS MUCH YOU WANT! NO ONE WILL BOTHER US!” With that he raised his arm and gave me a tight spank on my right cheek. I shrieked in pain. I began crying uncontrollably. “ASS OUT HONEY! DON’T TAKE IT IN; STICK THAT ASS OUT; BE A BRAVE GIRL COME ON!” He said then spanked me again harder, then again then again then again in quick succession. He then began to spank my left ass cheek with even more vigor and viciousness.

“AAAAHHH AHHHHHH OHGODDDDD OH GODDDDD OH MYGODDDDD!” I kept crying loudly. He assaulted me for a good 5 minutes then stopped.



“EARN YOUR MONEY BITCH!” He snapped, “NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE.” He said then lay on his stomach. I hesitated. “SARA DON’T MAKE ME WAIT!” He snapped again. I took a deep breath and knelt down between his legs. He had a big ass, I had to spread his ass cheeks wide to discover his asshole. It was a disgusting little thing. I suddenly felt a large hand at the back of my head pushing roughly forward. My face was now buried in his ass. “THAT’S IT HONEY! GET YOUR SWEET LITTLE TONGUE IN THERE. GOOD GIRL!” I did what he asked.

I slid my tongue in his asshole. It tasted horrible. I could taste his musky sweaty scent. He began thrashing his ass around, while holding my face tightly in his butt by my hair. “OH GOD YES WIGGLE IT JUST LIKE THAT, DEEPER DEEPER! TONGUE FUCK ME BABY COME ON. OHHH GODDDDD YOU DESERVE EVERY PENNY DARLING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OH FUCK YEAH!” after a few minutes he said, “OKAY! STOP! STOP! YOU WANT TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK?” He turned his body around and lay on his back.

My entire face was wet. My tears, his ass sweat and my saliva were all on me. I could smell each smell and taste them as well.  He got on his knees, his thick veiny cock jutting out like a pole. “I NEED TO FUCK YOUR FACE. LAY ON YOUR STOMACH AGAIN HONEY; FACING ME, GOOD GIRL!” My face was now inches away from his cock. He grabbed my hair firmly from the back with both his hands.

He was now in complete control of my face. “OKAY HONEY OPEN YOUR MOUTH; WIDER; WIDER; TOUNGUE OUT! GOOD GIRL. NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STAY LIKE THAT OKAY DON’T FUCKING MOVE.” He then pushed his cock into my waiting mouth. “GODDAMN SARA! YOUR MOUTH IS SO FUCKING DRY! REMEMBER HONEY WHEN GIVING A MAN A BLOW JOB THE MORE SPIT THE BETTER.” He said then removed his cock from my mouth. “HERE…… LOOK UP AT ME AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” He leaned down and spit in my mouth.

I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me, but I complied. It was relatively better than my tongue wiggling in his asshole. “DON’T MOVE! I HAVE MORE FOR YOU!” He said then collected large globs of spit in his mouth and let it trickle into my mouth. I choked on it a couple of times. My mouth was now half full of his spit. “DON’T SWALLOW THIS JUST YET!” He said then resumed his previous position with his hands gripping my face. His cock entered my mouth again, this time making the entry slippery and smooth. 1/3rd of his cock slipped into my mouth till it chocked me.

He began fucking my mouth with quick little strokes. “OHHHH YESS BABY JUST LIKE THAT JUUUST LIKE THAT.” He groaned with his eyes closed. Globs of spit ran down my mouth till it covered my whole chin. He opened his eyes and began eyeing my ass again. “I LOVE YOUR ASS BABY I LOVE THAT ASS!” He said then leaned forward and began feeling my butt again. “PUT A FINGER IN MY BUTT.” He said “DO IT…PUT A FINGER IN MY BUTT!” without removing him from my mouth I placed my middle finger in his crack. When I found his hole I pressed it up. “ALL THE WAY BITCH ALL THE WAY!” He grunted. “GOOD NOW WIGGLE AAHAHHH YESSS FUCK YAA I LOVE THE FUCKING WIGGLE. PUT ANOTHER FINGER IN.” I placed my index finger at the entrance of his hole and pressed it all the way in.

The Colonel was in ecstasy. I knew because he began fucking my mouth more vigorously. He began paying attention to my ass again. “SEEMS LIKE I SHOULD RETURN THE FAVOUR!” He said then pressed his middle finger in my asshole. I let out a resisting grunt. “WHAT A FUCKING GREAT ASSHOLE! He said then removed his finger from my butt. “TAKE YOU FINGER OUT OF MY ASS SWEETY!” He said then sat on his ass in front of me.

I took the opportunity to catch my breath. He took his finger, the one that was in my ass a moment ago and put it into his mouth. “YUMMMY.....YOU HAVE ONE DELICIOUS ASS!....TAKE THAT FINGER THAT WAS IN MY BUTT AND PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!” I knew that if I thought about it too much that I’d never do it, so I just did it without thinking. I tried my best not to think about the taste by thinking about something pleasant, like going to college or moving away from this town when I made enough money.

The Colonel began jerking off as he watched me lick my fingers. “YOU’RE REALLY AMAZING ME SARA! YOU’RE DOING THAT LIKE A PRO; SHIT LOOK AT THAT! YOU ARE A DIRTY LITTLE GIRL! ALLRIGHT HONEY TIME TO FUCK; LAY ON YOUR BACK AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS. SPREAD THEM WIDE!” I wiped my chin, lay down and spread my legs shamelessly like an experienced whore.

The Colonel got in between my legs. He rested one hand on the floor beside my head to support his weight. With his other hand he guided his cock in my pussy. He rubbed the tip of his cock on my clit, and then placed it at the entrance of my pussy. “WRAP YOU LEGS AROUND MY WAIST” I complied. He then lowered his body on to me. His cock diving into my tight pussy as he did. I grunted…but not as loudly as I had done hours ago when he first fucked me from behind. “SEE? IT DOEST HURT THAT MUCH NOW DOES IT? IVE STRECTHED YOUR PUSSY! I LOVE STRECTHING IT AGGHHHHH!” He said, looking into my eyes. His face an inch from mine. I could feel his hot breath on me. It smelled of vodka.

His thrusts were slow, but very consistent. He likes fucking this way. He likes it slow but forceful. He rams it deep inside me with a vicious thrust, each time making my whole body jerk violently and making me gasp out loud. He lay on me now covering my whole body. My legs wrapped around his waist, my feet locked, I put my arms around his neck.


That brings me back to the moment it began to rain, to the sounds of us grunting uncontrollably, the sound of rain tapping on the roof top, the smell of our sweat. I think of Kevin, I think of how much I hate him. How he’d be broken if he ever knew I had become his father’s whore. I wanted him to hate me as much as I hated him. “FUCK ME!” I whispered in the Colonel’s ear. The Colonel stopped abruptly. He paused for a second and looked at my face.


“FUCK ME SIR!” I cried hysterically as tears ran down my cheeks. “COLONEL FUCK YOUR 14 YEAR OLD WHORE!”


“FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!” I yelled and locked my legs around him tightly. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed him towards my cunt. “FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR LITTLE WHORE!”


“FUCK ME DADDY” I yelled.


“DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL, FUCK HER DADDY! FUCK ME! COME INSIDE ME DADDY! COME IN MY LITTLE CUNT!” I yelled and held onto him for dear life as he violently pounded my entire body like there was no tomorrow. The car shook fiercely as he slammed hard into my young illegal pussy. He was hurting me….the pain was becoming unbearable. He was grunting loudly like a mad man and I was screaming deafeningly. I suddenly felt my body begin to shake, my body fell limp. I closed my eyes, my legs collapsed on either side of him, my head fell back to the floor and I passed out. The Colonel kept on going…. Â






I woke up to the sound of snoring. I opened my eyes and found myself laying on top of the Colonel. The old man was flat on his back, my head rested on his hairy chest. His breathing was loud and deep. I could feel one of his hands still on my ass. His cock wasn’t in my pussy anymore even though our genitals were tightly pressed together by my weight.

I got up and sat beside him. Looking out the window I saw the most beautiful early morning. The day hadn’t completely arrived but the forest was beginning to look visible. The rain had stopped. I looked around in the car. It was a mess. Our clothes were scattered every where. I just sat there enjoying the calmness of the moment. My pussy ached. I reached down and examined my cunt. It was soar and had dried semen all over it. I realized that I needed to pee very badly. I looked around the car to see if anyone was there. I didn’t see anyone. The place really was quite secluded; there was some relief in knowing that.

I moved to the back of the vehicle and opened the door gently. I didn’t want to disturb the Colonel. The clicking sound of the door handle didn’t wake him. I opened the door and slipped out. I was still completely naked but didn’t see any harm in moving to the side of the car to take a piss. I knelt down and began urinating. My cunt hurt as I did. I wondered when the Colonel would drop me home. I missed my bed.

I opened the car door and was a bit startled at seeing the Colonel sitting up. “Good morning.” He said grinning.

“Good morning.”

“Are you okay sweety?”

“I look like a mess but I feel fine.” I said.

“Come on!” He said getting out of the car. “Let’s go wash up.


“There’s a pond close by. Only a handful of people know about it. No one ever goes there.” He said then took my hand in his and began walking. I realized that both of us were stark naked. We didn’t even have our shoes on.

“Should we put our clothes on?”

“We don’t need them.” He said. Walking through the woods naked with an old man was certainly a strange thing to do. He was being very sweet now and pecked me on the cheek every once in a while. He would rarely but surely do something sexually suggestive. Like he’d put his hand on my ass as we walked, or kissed me on the mouth sliding his tongue in me for a few seconds.

“So what do you want to do when you go to college?” He asked. I thought for a moment.

“Well…I was toying with the idea of becoming a lawyer.”

“You really don’t want to do that.”


“It looks all glamorous on TV shows and films but believe me it’s a very tough and horrible field. All you do is come across low lives. Any other plan?”

“Not really.” I said. “I never thought that far considering I never thought I’d get the chance to go.”

“You deserve to go. You’re a sweet girl.” He said, “All the rich kids are a bunch of assholes.” He said then squeezed my hand. I returned the squeeze. “When the time comes, we’ll make sure you go to a good school. I doubt you’ll have any trouble getting admitted. And even if you don’t, your new found big daddy will make a few phone calls and throw a little tantrum.” He said then smiled. For the first time in a while, I smiled as well.

We reached the most beautiful pond one could imagine. It was surrounded by flowers and leaves and had crystal clear water.

“Let’s take a dip darling.” He said. Leading me by my hand we ventured into the waters. The cold water was over bearing but I quickly got used to it. Dipping my head into the water felt amazingly refreshing. My sticky make-up, the sweat, the stale perfume and of course the dried semen all swept away in the water. I felt clean again. I put my hair back and opened my eyes. The Colonel wasn’t in the water anymore. He sat on a big rock on the grass beside the pond and watched me admiringly. Our eyes locked. I found myself betraying even myself. I realized that I wanted to touch this man and make him happy. The Colonel was right. He was all I had. I wanted to make my man happy.

I slowly walked out of the water. He stared at my naked body. Drops of water seeped down my wet skin as I moved closer to him. He was staring at my firm tits, my flat smooth belly, my long white legs. I stood in front of him. We looked into each others eyes, before I looked down at his twitching penis. He didn’t say and do anything. He just stared at my young firm body. I smiled at him and knelt in front of him. He smiled back but didn’t move.

I gently brushed my hand against his cock. It twitched again. I held it in my hand and buried my lips in the deep crevice between his left ball and his inner thigh and began gently licking him there. He let out a groan. I could feel his blood rushing to his cock with my hand. It was hard in no time. I moved my face and took his cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on it and even spit on it a few times to make it wet as I was certain that him burying his cock in my pussy was imminent.

“I know that you’re only 14, that you’re practically a child, but I want you as my cum sucking whore!” He said softly but intensely.

“I am your whore Colonel.” I replied while jerking him off with my right hand and massaging his balls with the other. He was breathing heavily now. He was ready to fuck me. I sensed he was restraining himself for some reason. I stood up and took a few steps back and lay down on the grass. I looked into his eyes and spread my knees apart, giving him a good view of my young teen pussy. I smiled then put my head back and closed my eyes.

Moments later I felt his hands on my belly. I opened my eyes and found him between my legs, his cock had pre-cum oozing out of it again. He lowered his face and began sucking on my tit. I ran my hands through his back hair. The tip of his erect cock would brush against the entrance of my cunt, teasing it.


“Yes Sara!”

“Fuck me.” I said. “Fuck your little girl.”

“Can I cum inside my little girl?”

“Pump it all inside me Daddy.” I said. And he did just that.








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