The Babysitter

I was babysitting for this family who have 7 and 9 yo girls and a 13yo boy. The boy is quite capable of looking after himself as I have learned. I had just turned 18 when this began..

One night after the girls had been put to bed I checked to see if they had gone to sleep and saw the boys light on so I popped my head around the corner to see if he had gone to sleep and left the light on. To my surprise he was laying naked on the bed masturbating.

I tried to disappear and hoped he had not seen me but he sang out hey Jan I am thinking of you when I do this. He had obviously seen me.

Put it away and go to sleep, you will send yourself blind – I didn’t venture into his room for obvious reasons.

The next thing I knew he was standing at his doorway still working his hand on what for a 13yo was almost a mans cock. It was hard and at least 7 or 8 inches long. I looked and could not believe what I was seeing. I have been with guys my age who are not that big.

It’s a beauty isn’t it – every guy at school is envious of me and the girls all want to look at it and feel it and two have actually let me fuck them.

I tried to ignore him. But secretly I was fascinated with his big cock.

It would fit inside you wouldn’t it – I know you fuck.

Once more I ignored him and wondered if he knew or was guessing I have sex with a couple of the guys in the football team.

I have seen you, you know – down behind the grandstand with Mike and Tony – I have seen them fuck you. Mine is bigger than theirs I bet.

I was taken back and should have ignored him but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to see how much he really knew – if you have seen me, and I don’t think you have, then you are a little pervert.

Well you are a slut then he said. I saw Tony fuck you doggy. See I do know about you.

He was right – I had done it Doggy with Tony a few times. That was his preference.

Then he said and there are other guys that have fucked you too – I heard some of them talking about gang banging you – how many was it 6 or 7 after a party. I know.

If you don’t let me I will spread it about that I have fucked you and then you will get into trouble for fucking a kid my age.

You wouldn’t.

Don’t think I wouldn’t – there a couple of girls who I have fucked would say they saw you and I fucking – all I have to do is suck their cunts and they will say anything.

I was getting scarred - what he had said was true – I had agreed to a gang bang with another girl - twice with a few of the football team, and I had fucked Tony and Mike a few times as well, and exactly where he said he saw me..

If I let you – it has to be a secret – you will get into trouble too if anybody finds out – you are not to boast about fucking me. Not even to your little tarts that you fuck.

It’s a done deal – come on back and we can do it on my bed. You have to strip off though – I want you to be naked when I do it and play with your tits.

I was mad – but I was also scarred – if he knew as much about me as he said, which was true, he could be trouble. Reluctantly I was going to let him, it was blackmail.

I got undressed and he said shit look at your cunt – that’s neat the way you have cut the hair off.

I had been trimming myself for a couple of years as I let a few of the boys give me oral and they don’t like to lick and suck my cunt with hair on it.

I want to have a suck on that – the other girls I suck are just getting hair, they don’t have enough to shave it yet but I will get them to – like yours. That’s cool. Do you like boys sucking your cunt – my girl friends love it and have great orgasms when I do. I bet you love it too. Come on let me start sucking on you and you can suck mine – we can start on a 69er.

I was staggered he was 13 and talking like a guy who has been sexually active for years.

Now get up here he said and let me have a go at it – it looks great like that.

I said only a fuck.

I didn’t agree to just a fuck – its all or nothing and I will spread it about I did it to you anyhow.

I was being blackmailed and there was nothing I could think of to get myself out of it. He got down on me and obviously had done it before as he never hesitated. Any how I enjoy being sucked and have great orgasms doing it. This was going to be interesting – how good was he going to be. I need not have worried he was fantastic.

I lay back and he said can I kiss you.

No – I don't kiss when I fuck.

Why don't girls do that – the others wont either – what wrong with kissing.

Some guys want to kiss me after they have sucked me out and they taste of cunt. I don't like it.

Do you suck boys off and swallow their cum – that would have to be worse.

Shit is there anything you don't know about sex.

Hey – your cunt doesn't stink like the girls do sometimes – what do you do to stop it smelling.

I had a shower before I came over. I was playing netball and I was all hot and sweaty – and it stank. I also wear cotton pants so it soaks up the goo and doesn't smell – synthetic ones make it smell – see I have told you something you didn't know.

It tastes good – I like it.

His head was already between my legs and his tongue licking me. He inserted two fingers into me and began working them around inside me, he even knew where my G spot was. Who taught you how to do that?

Sally – she really loved getting her G spot tickled. Sue didn't like it that much.

Do they know you fuck them both.

Of course – we all do it together sometimes, foursomes, and we swap girls.

Then he got his mouth over my slit and clit and licked and sucked on my clit and labia. He was as good if not better than the guys I have done it with who are much older than him but not as good. No wonder his girls like him. He licked between my lips as he slid his fingers back and forth inside me as he would if it were a cock, then curled one finger up and massaged the G spot where the flesh is more sensitive. He then played with my clit with his tongue and then put his lips over it and kissed it hard, then licked and then sucked it. It was blowing my mind – the feeling was sensational. Within about six or seven minutes I was in heaven – he was so good at it.

Shit it so much better without hair.

He licked and sucked and fingered me like a real pro and in around ten minutes I was ready to cum. Every now and again I would hear him slurp as his lips broke the suction.

God you taste good -You are getting close aren't you – You are making lots of cunt juice.

Without another word he went to work rubbing my G spot with a finger and his tongue licking my clit.

I came off like a cracker – with a real bang – it was fantastic and I bucked and bounced about and he kept sucking on me. He grabbed me around the legs and really pulled my cunt onto his face hard. I had ever enjoyed an oral orgasm this much ever before. It was a beauty. I was pulling my nipples at the same time – it was that good. I could not believe it was a 13yo giving me some of the best sex I have ever had.

That was fantastic he said – I gather you liked it – (I did). Your stuff tastes good too.

I had also made a bit of cunt juice as I came, which he had obviously enjoyed.

After he stopped he came up and began to suck on my nipples – it felt strange with a kid his age doing it but he also knew what he had to do to make it feel good for me.
I put my hand down and began to play with his huge cock and he got into a position where I could get a good grip on him and stroke him. It felt great in my hand and it was definitely the biggest cock I had ever played with. The feel of was great – his soft skin slid up and down easily and I could get my whole hand around it. The two of us played around for a while and I said do you want me to wank you off first or fuck me.

Wank me – then you can swallow my cum and I can kiss you –

I told him I didn't really like it but I do it to make the guys happy, they love to see a girl swallow their cum. I will do that for you as you gave me a great sucking.

Funny you say that – the girls hated it at first and would spit it out. Then Sue said you can still taste it afterwards so it’s a waste of time spitting and she started to swallow it. Now they ask to suck me off and they seem to enjoy it. I certainly do. Sue says she loves the feel of it in her mouth, Jan says its ok but would not suck unless I asked her.

Then he sat up and he let me wank him. The feeling of his cock in my hand was great – I had never really thought about it when I have done it to other guys but his was fantastic – being as big as it was. He laid back and murmured as he enjoyed one thing I do well – wank guys off – all the boys love me giving them a hand job. Play with my balls he told me – he was an old pro.

While I wanked him I asked him if he had ever wanked with other guys.

He looked at me with a guilty look, but didn't answer.

I said I will take that as a yes, have you ever sucked another guy off.

God he said – don't tell anybody but Mike and I have done it both to each other - wanked and sucked each other off.

He lasted about five minutes and said get ready its cumming and I got down over his cock and put the tip of it in my mouth and finished him off by hand and he came in my mouth. It wasn’t really hard spurts but it was still great, he tasted good, not that any cum tastes fantastic but now I am used you it – some taste better than others. I swallowed most of it but held back a mouth full and opened my mouth and showed him his cum in my mouth before I swallowed it.

He smiled at me and said isn’t it fantastic now kiss me. I want to taste my cum.

He was amazing – nobody has asked me to do that before.

I got up and over him and lay on top of him and I kissed him letting his cum run into his mouth – I have to say he was as good as any 18yo I had kissed – he frenched well and I passed his cum from my mouth into his and he swallowed it immediately. That tastes better out of your mouth he said – that's great. As we kissed he licked the rest of his cum off my tongue without a moments hesitation. We enjoyed swapping his cum between us for a couple of minutes as he fondled and played with my tits and nipples – I was really enjoying being with him – despite his age – his experience made up for it and his cock was man sized.

After we had kissed and fondled each other – I got down and sucked and licked his cock clean after a few minutes and got him ready to fuck me.

Are you ready for the main event?

Ready willing and able. Then he got up and over me and said lets start missionary and we can take it from there – do you like cowgirl.

Is there anything you haven't done.

I have never been fucked up the ass and I don't plan to be either – I have done it to a couple of girls because they asked - and it hurt them so much I wont do it myself, even with KY it still hurt. How about you have you even been fucked up the ass. You have a very pretty little ass hole. In fact you are beautiful all over. I wish you were my girlfriend.

I tried once but we couldn’t get it in properly – and I think I might have lived to regret it if I had – like your girlfriends we used KY and even then it began to hurt and he stopped – he went soft when I started to cry with the pain and he pulled what he had in me out and I was really sore for ages. He wasn’t as big as you either. I don't think I want to try again. How was it for you.

Tighter than the girls cunts – but their bum holes were much tighter and it hurt them. I have never cum in a girls bum, because I wasn’t in them long enough.

Did you have shit on your cock when it came out?


As we talked he was positioning himself and I was ready and pulled my legs back and he slipped his cock into me without any problem. He put it in slowly and I could feel the size of it going up my cunt – it felt good. He was on top of me looking down and I looked into his eyes and he looked back and we both knew we were made for this – his age didn't bother me now – his cock made up for the age difference. It felt heavenly and he was beginning to work at fucking me like a pro – he was certainly experienced and knew just where I like to feel his cock in me and he knew I was enjoying it from the smile I gave him.

It seemed perfectly normal to him – some guys go ape going into me.

Love it don't you – I am too – you feel fantastic – warm and wet and tight, The only cunt that hasn’t been as tight as the other girls I have fucked was Jane – she was another baby sitter and she was about 30. She was younger but not as good as Mikes mother. I can’t say I didn't enjoy it after I got used to seeing a woman as old as my mother underneath me. That was the hardest part getting the image of her out of my mind and concentrating on fucking her and having a good time. She always told me she loved it when I was fucking her – she knew she had not lost her sex appeal if a kid my age could enjoy fucking her. She had men who also fucked her but she said it felt different with me. Once she said it was naughty but nice. I will never forget the way her tits flattened out when she lay down – like two fried eggs, but they still tasted good when I sucked them. Yours look fantastic – you have the best tits of any girl I have fucked. I love them – they are beautiful, firm and have great nipples, they don't wobble as much as Jane’s did. I want to see what they are like when they swing when we do it doggy.

What happened to her.

My mother didn't like her, and stopped using her for sitting. I was disappointed and asked why, and she would never tell me. I heard Mom and dad talking one night after he had driven her home. Mom thought Dad might fuck her taking her home one night. She was divorced and Mom said she slept around. I had to stop giggling – I thought what would happen if he did and he fucked her with my cum inside her.

I laughed myself, here I was being fucked by a kid 7 years younger than me and being fucked as well if not better than anybody else I had been fucked by. He seemed to get away with it with every babysitter. Most of the guys who fucked me were more interested in their own fun and pleasure than mine – he is really making sure I am enjoying being fucked as much as he is. I don't feel as guilty as I should for being seduced by him, I should never have agreed to it but I did, and I am loving it. Somehow I know what the other babysitter must have felt, he is really good at it.

He fucked me good for about five minutes and then said lets try doggy, you are good at that – I know, and he pulled back out of me. The moment it came out – I was missing the feeling of his cock in me. It felt great while he was in me.

I rolled over and got up on my knees and he immediately parted my cheeks with his hand and slipped his wet cock back into me. Then he slipped his finger just into my ass and finger fucked me there. I had both holes in use. That in itself was something else – I loved it. Once more I felt consumed by his cock – it felt fantastic and he knew how to use it – his girls – if it were them - had taught him well. As he pumped his cock into me I let my whole body relax and I moved with him - it was then I realized he was watching us fucking in a mirror in his wardrobe – I had not noticed it before but I could see myself full length with him fucking me and my tits swinging in the breeze as he rocked me with his steady rhythm pumping his cock back and forth inside me between the cheeks of my ass. As I watched him fuck me, he saw me looking, and smiled – shit a 13 yo smile had me melting – if he had asked me to marry him right then I would have – now that's crazy, can sex be that good – with him yes, yes, yes. This guy was going to break a lot of hearts as he got older.
After about 10 minutes he said ok now its time for you to perform and he pulled out of me and then lay on the bed and held his cock up ready for me to impale my cunt on it. I could not remember a fuck lasting this long before but with the guys I only ever did it in one position at a time with them– he was into the second position and now we were heading for the third.

I straddled him and lowered my cunt down and slowly felt it surround his cock and slowly go inch by inch up my glory hole. it felt great as it slid up into me. I never admitted it to him – I had never been on top before – I had seen it done on porn sites but never realized how hard on your legs it is pumping yourself up and down on his cock. I cant say it comes naturally. After a minute or two he put his hands up and fondled my tits and played with my nipples. I really love having my nipples played with when I fuck. He said if you are getting tired get down with my knees either side of him and me still on top. Was there anything he didn't know. That was much better and I could really feel his cock as I slid about on top of it. I was grinding my cunt down on his cock and working on my clit. I had him as far up me as was possible and the feeling of his hair on my clit was great.

I started to play with his nipples and he said after a few seconds – now that's a first – nobody has played with my nipples before and it feels awesome – that's fantastic , where did you learn that.

I read it on the net in some sex sites and I watched a couple of gay guys fucking each other on a sex site and they did it. I tried it on a couple of guys like this and one liked it and the other one didn't – I am glad you do.

Its fantastic, I hope you enjoy it when I play with yours.

I love it and when I masturbate I often play with my own nipples to bring me on. I was confessing my sex life to a kid – amazing.

I will try it myself one day – it really feels good. I always thought my nipples were a waste of space. Now I know better – see you have taught me something.

I worked on him and used a couple of ways I had seen on top to make it good for him as well as myself, I was going for about 7 or 8 minutes and I had worked his cock inside me to bring on an orgasm. When I knew I was going to cum I told him and said can you make it too.

He worked on it and began to pump his cock up into me hard. This bought me on some more and as I was just beginning to feel that wonderful sensation in my clit and begin to cum. He grunted a couple of times and I felt his warm semen begin to fill me internally – this was fucking heaven, the sensation of me cumming and the feeling of the warmth and wetness of his cum flooding my inside as he pumped his cock up me was awesome. The pair of us were grunting as each spasm engulfed us and he pumped more of his semen into me. I then lay full length on top of him as the spasms of my orgasm began to subside and despite his age I kissed him passionately as he returned the warmth and feeling of us making love together. We were locked together sexually at the top with our tongues and the bottom with his cock deep inside my cunt. God nothing has felt this good before I thought. I broke our kiss for a moment and said ‘I love you’. I was crazy but this is how he had made me feel – it was just sex to him – but was lovemaking to me – I had never experienced a sensation with another man or boy to equal this and I never wanted it to finish. If his parents had walked in now and found us in bed fucking the daylights out of each other it would not have bothered me – I was totally consumed by the passion of him fucking me. This was not going to be the last time we had sex together – why I though of it at that moment I will never know and it may well be the first and last time I enjoyed his body.

It turned out not to be the last time. I did a silly thing and rang him and asked if he could meet me – I was missing his cock. We met not far from his place and we rode our bikes to a secluded place to enjoy naked sex in the outdoors all afternoon, our mouths, cock and cunt were constantly making and giving pleasure to each other. The blanket I used for us to have sex on was covered in cum after we had done it all. He must have fucked me about four or five times – I know I loved every minute of the lust we enjoyed. My cunt was overflowing with cum.

I continued to baby sit for them and we made love every time. I actually looked forward to it but we had to wait until the girls were asleep first and some times that was hell in the waiting room. I wanted him to fuck me as soon as possible. My only concern was the scent of sex that pervaded his bedroom after we had been engaged in two or three hours of naked sex together. We tried room freshener but that was a complete give away – why would we use it - I could hear his mother asking. After that we always had the window wide open. He soon realized that his parents never checked up on him after they came home as they did with his sisters. His door was always closed after our debauchery when they came home. Once or twice we had to make hurried partings as we heard their car drive in a little earlier than we expected but I always managed to get dressed quickly enough to greet them – a couple of times without pants and a bra but I don't think they noticed. They were still in his bedroom. He always gave them back to me the next time we fucked – and I noticed they were well and truly cum stained, even the bra cups had been filled with cum. He loved it when I said I was flattered he had done that thinking of me. Would you believe I got paid for the babysitting and having the best sex I could have ever imagined and from a 13 and later 14 yo. He once referred to it as homework as we occasionally fucked after school. It may have been baby sitting money but it wasn’t baby sitting with him. Yes I did enjoy other guys of my age – after all I could not date a 14yo for parties. They got what they wanted, but for me it wasn’t always for the first time that day, and never with the same passion that my teenage lover and I enjoyed together.

The next time we fucked he asked me if he could have a photo of me – I said I didn't have any. Then he produced a camera and said well this will fix that and I did another silly thing – he had that effect on me – I let him photograph me dressed and in carious stages of undress and then nude. He also took some of us fucking with his cock inside me.
Before I had left that night he had copied and printed them and given me a copy. I now have about 20 photographs of myself varying from fully dressed to naked and being fucked by him. Its madness I know but I love looking at them – I also have some of him as well. If anybody saw them – and I really hope he doesn't show them around – I will be in big trouble because of his age – but the sex is magnificent.

I often stand in front of the mirror and look at my naked body and wonder at the pleasure I enjoy both alone and with a 14yo stud – sex is amazing – I love it. I am guilty of masturbating and using my vibrator in me and imagine its his cock, the sight of me in the mirror has me almost running around to his place for him to use the real thing.

One day it will end and I will always remember the sex loving boy who gave me more pleasure than I could ever have imagined – a boy with a mans cock, and I have the photos to prove it.

I still let Mike and Tony fuck me occasionally. I like it with them but nothing equals the time I have with my lover boy – his cock is bigger and better than theirs and he knows how to use it, as well as his mouth. What more could I ask for. With Mike and Tony etc they cum once and that is that – whether I cum or not. With lover boy we go at it as often as we can in the time we have. I can not remember cumming less than four times with him in an evening – irrespective of how he does it to me. I have no idea sometimes of how many times he got me to cum. It is just a sex fest with him and I have probably cum seven or eight times with him some nights. It doesn’t matter how he does it with me – I love it every time in every way.

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