“Your aunt was frustrated, uncle Ken rarely touches her lately.” mom explains. Hr eyes drop to the bulge in my jeans. “I didn’t realize it had gotten so late.”

Shelley pulls mom’s face back to her cunt. “I see your handiwork.” my aunt says, referring to the rainbow of bruises on her sister’s butt cheeks. “Could I get some of the same?”

I go to mom’s dresser and pull out some soft cotton rope, the metal ruler, and the Ravager. Moving back to the bed, I begin to wind and cinch the rope around my aunt enlarged jugs. I pull and tug until the heavy mounds begin to swell round and taut. Her nipples grow thicker and harder. Telling mom to move, I order my aunt to get on her knees and elbows. “Do you have a breast pump with you?” I ask. Her face blushes and she says it is in her bag. I send mom for it.

I hand mom the Ravager and then strip. Mom goes to work getting my cock wet with her mouth and throat and slides the sheath over my shaft.

“Mom is going to milk you while I beat your ass.” I explain. “Then I am going to fuck you raw.” I add. Shelley shudders with excitement. I wait and watch as mom goes to work putting the small plastic cups onto her sister’s nipples. The pump is manual, so she will have to work the vacuum. A moan of pain and pleasure rises from Shelley’s throat.

CRACK! The metal ruler hits solidly across both meaty cheeks. POP! Her body stiffens and quivers. Again and again the flat metal slaps hard against her flesh. In seconds her globes, are a fierce dark pink and splotching with bruises.

The reservoir of the pump is filling with her breast milk. There is quite a bit of it.

Ruler still in hand, I get up on the bed behind my aunt and slide my engorged cock all the way in to the root. She is so tight, her vaginal sheath is compressed by her burgeoning womb. She shrieks and shakes with violent orgasm. I plunge and churn inside her snug snatch. The rubber spikes scrap the hyper sensitive walls. The tender membranes become irritated, puffy, and sore rapidly.

“Y-you h-h-have t-t-o stop!”Shelley sobs in pain and pleasure. Her body convulses in the throes of another climax. I ignore her, sliding in and out with brutal force until she pleads in a shrill voice, “Ple-e-ese! I am s-s-sooore!”

In one, quick move, I pull out of her snatch and stab my entire shaft into her shitter. A yowl of pain rips from my aunt’s throat. I hold her hips in an iron grip as I rape her asshole for several long and savage minutes.

When The urge starts to rise, I pull out of my aunt’s shitter and roll her over on her back. I straddle her, with my butt against her baby filled, round belly. I slide my bristling cock between her engorged balloons. The suction cups are still attached and mom is still pumping and milking her sister. I push Shelley’s boobs together, making her whimper. My cock is trapped between them. Shoving hard I tit fuck until thick jets of cock cream squirt all over her neck, chin, and boobs.

Mom dutifully sucks and licks my dick cleans and the laps up my jism from her sister’s body. The three of us share the generous amount of milk from aunt Shelley’s jugs. Shelley struggles to get up, saying that she has too pee really bad, as pregnant women do. I tell her to hold it for a while. She crosses her legs and gives a look of urgency.

“Mom, get on the floor on your back.” I command. “Aunt Shelley, I think mom has something to finish, get over her and squat so she can eat you out.” Before she can explain how bad she has to pee, I raise the ruler and smack each of her bound boobs fast and hard. She moves into place, lowering herself until her large, puffy cunt lips are touching mom’s mouth.

Mom immediately begins lapping and sucking her sister’s gash with intense hunger.

Aunt she pants and grunts with build orgasm and mounting discomfort. Her face reddens with shame as she knows she is moments from letting loose a flood of quim juice, as well as hot sprays of piss. He boobs have turned a darker from being bound so tight for so long. Her body begins to quiver with fatigue, excitement, and pressure. “I-I-I’mmm going to-o-o –a-a-a-aah!” she moans, as a torrent of piss burst from her crotch, washing like a flood over mom’s face and neck. Shelley’s body jerks as her climax wracks her at he same time.

We show Shelley to the door, and kiss her good bye. She says her ass and boobs still ache, but she feels so good. “You know where to come if you need to cum again.” I state flatly. She gives us a sly smile, and leaves.

“Get upstairs and clean up her mess, then it’s your turn so get your ass beat.” I say to mom.

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