Ok it time I told a little story that is very true and I’m the only one that can tail it.
Hello its me Aim the other half of this DaveAim show and the sexy hot one to
Ok hear we go, it was Monday august 9 I know this because our son Jim had just left for college. I had come home from the store round about noon and on the front porch was my son two friends Mat and Tony I ask how could I help them and they ask if Jim had left yet I told them that they know he had left on Saturday.
So I ask agene finely Tony said that it was me that they had com to see so I ask why. Tony had told Mat that I had gave him a blowjob in the car one night in the park I had told him not to tail but he did. So I look at Mat and told him that I did suck Tony off and that nether one of them was to let Jim know but Mat looked at me and ask if I would suck him off I told him no but he told me that the next time he talks to Jim he just mite forget and let it slip out.
I just look at Mat now me and my husband had our fun and we would let the other know about it but we tried to keep it from our kids.
So I look at the two young men and ask Mat if he would like to go up to my bedroom but he just look at me and said just hold on Mrs. Sweet.
(Take off your shirt and your brawl and let use see your hooters)
So I did as the two ask. Mat ask me to come over and get on my knees so I did Mat toke hold of my breast and played with my nipples with his thumb and index finger and as he rolled my nipples around it turned me on Mat ask me if I liked him playing with my nipples and all I could say was yes.
Mat had me go over to Tony and let him play with my breast so I did and as Tony toke hold of my breast Mat got behind me and ran his hand down the front of my shorts tile he found the wetness between my legs and as his finger moved over me I let out a moan.
Mats finger pushed in to me and I cried out oh yes as Tony lip was on my nipples sucking and I was liking this I moved my hips as Mats fingers moved in and out of my cunt Mat poled my head around to look at him and he pushed his lip to mining and we kiss his tong pushed in to my mouth and all I could thank about was these two young men taking me up to the bedroom and fucking me.
In the bedroom our clothing was off and Mat told me to get on my knees and suck his dick and I did as I was told but as I started to drop to my knees Mat graved me and told me to call him my master and ask if I got that I said yes master and down I went.
Mat was a wail built young man he had wide shoulder’s and his hard muscular chest and six pack just lead down to that long thick dick it had to be 10” and about as big around as a 24oz coke bottle and I was about to get my lips around it Mmmmm I thought to my self as I raped my lip around the head my tong moved around it my hand stroked the shaft at the base and Mat was moaning.
(Oh yes Mrs. Sweet show me that you like to suck dick)
And with that I pushed my lips down the length of his shaft tile I had about three or fore inches in my mouth and thin I pulled it out tile I had just the head in my mouth and back down I went each time I would tack more and more of that young shaft in my mouth and as my head moved up and down Mat graved the back of my head and said suck that dick you little slut and as he called me a slut I got hotter and the more I would take down my throat.
My pussy was dripping wet and as I toke the full length of Mat’s shaft down my throat I was at the bass as Mat hailed my head there and I could fill his load moving through his shaft and I couldn’t weight tile it was shooting down my throat to my stomach and as it shot out the head I could fill it going down oh it was so fucking hot and as he got off I did to. Mat told me to get on the bed that he was going to have fun fucking me and as I got on my back Mat was pushing my legs apart and as I watched that big ass fuck stick I knew I was about to get fuck good and as it pushed it’s way in me I cried out.
(oooooohhhhhhhh. Yeeeees baby fuck yes I need you in me yeeees)
Mat pushed in and out not fast but just fast enough and every time he went in it drove me crazy after about his fife or sixth time push in he told Tony to get up at my head and for him to fuck my mouth and he wasted no time now Tony had a nice dick but it wasn’t as big and as long as Mat but he did now how to use it and as it pushed in to my mouth he graved the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth god I was so fucking horny and all I wanted was for these to young guys to fuck me all day.
As Mat fuck me I was building to and orgasm my birthing was short and fast I could file the burning in side me and it wasn’t going to be long now and as I pulled Tony’s shaft out of my mouth I cried I was going to cum and as the words left my lips Mat started to hammer me hard and told me not to cum tile he told me to and as my orgasm got close I knew I couldn’t stop it and just at that point I felt Mat thrust in and hold and I could fill him shooting in me and it was so fucking hot. We orgasm to gather we kiss and embraced each other as if we where lovers and in some way I knew Mat would be back.
As I laid there catch my breath Mat told Tony to get his close on so they could get out of there Tony protested but Mat told him that my husband would be home so they let now I never told Mat that he would be home and he was out of town so he wasn’t coming home but about and hour later Mat showed back up and as I open the door he told me to get up stairs so he could fuck my ass some more and we did.

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[#466] HarleyBuff ( 1232 days ago )
HarleyBuff avatar Good thing the son went to college. It's pretty evident that mom didn't make it past 5th grade.
[#704] chitownblkguy ( 1233 days ago )
chitownblkguy avatar I agree with armaggedon..Good story but spell check works wonders. can't wait for the next part.
[#5571] armaggedon2001 ( 1234 days ago )
armaggedon2001 avatar May have been a good story, but got turned off at the poor spelling after awhile. Sorry.
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