I am 18 now, and my cousin is maybe 15, she is in the 8th grade and starting to fill out completly. She has long brown and black hair, a nice tiny ass which looks amazing in jeans, and she has noticably large boobs. At the time of this story i was stilla virgin wanting to have sex so bad. i found myself attracted to my cousin very deeply fantasizing of her when i would masterbate.

Now for the story.

it was the summer time and i was staying at my grandmas to get some yard work done on the farm. my cousin was asked to stay and help since she also was a hard worker. all day i had been watching her as she bends over seeing her boobs fall out of her shirt, i had been wanting to just fuck her then and there. but i didnt i kind of was leaving hints to her that i wanted her. but she was at this age of unsure of what to do or say. finally we were in an old house trailer cleaning it out doors were shut and we were alone, we stumbled upon an old porn magazine found in there and she began looking at it. with me seeing this, i began to get excited and figured i would make a move, i asked her to make out but she said no so instead i threw myself on her and started kissing her finally she left the room strike one i thought.

later on we were back home in the camperground and my mother left and we were once again alone she had went back to the bunks so i tried one again, she had pajama pants on so i cornered her laid her on the bed and began kissing her and i managed to get her pants off seeing her in her sexy blue panties, she looked hot you could see her nice hot untouched mound all lumped up in her panties, i began to rub it and my mother came back i made a quick dart for the other bed. figuring i was dead meat thinking she would telll on me but she didnt she left it go.

this found us another week out at my grandmas we were in the yard doing work, i had her come out and help clean the pig pen out, to my luck she had a short top on, and had gym pants on that were easy to slide off. we finished the pig pen and by this time i was extremely horny and wanting to fuck her so bad. so we moved onto the chicken coop its small which placed us working right on top of each other practically. finally i had made my move, i cornered her in the corner and told her to kiss me she refused i told her if she made out with me i would leave her alone finally she gave in. being her first kiss, she was amazing i was just expecting open mouth kisses, but she darted her tongue in my mouth so i joined in with her and we were making out for awhile now. i come to figure well its made it this far lets continue. i began move my hands all over her body as we were making out, it was so amazing. i slid my hand down the back of her pants down her panties, i ran my fingers through her crack coming to her ass hole where i began to shove afinger tip inside her.

aware the entire time listening hoping nobody would come in and catch us. she seemed to be enjoy this and not telling me to stop so i continued i reached my hand to the front of her panties and to my pleasant surprise she was unawarre of what a razor was. she had the hairiest pussy i had ever seen, it was so amaziing. i began to rub ur pussy and she started to squimmer around, so i slid a finger to her slit to my surprise she was now wet as can be. so i though now was my chance i began fingering her pussy as i took off her top and started sucking and nibbling on her nipples, she was squeezing my ass and sucking on my neck making things this much hotter, finally i went down on her, i took her pants and panties off and cupped her pussy inside my mouth i had my tongue deep inside her swirlng it around while i was fucking her, it was amazing she tasted so ripe and delicious i thought i was falling in love wiht my cousin. she began moaning and saying my name her being a christian i was surprised when i heard her say oh fuck me cousin fuck my pussy. so i continued,.

by now i was extremely rock hard now. i was having the time of my life fucking my cousin. i could only imagine the picture of her pussy hairs hanging outside of my mouth while i continued to tongue fuck her. she was moaning and tugging on my hair, then we heard something startled i shot up pulled her pants up she put her top on looked out the door the stood my grandpa, not sure of how long he had been there. to this day he has not said nothing to me or her about it though

this story is yet to be over . having had the best time that nighti i couldnt wait to do it again.

we had once again spent another summer together she began working at my campground it was perfect as when my mom would leave, i had several times of climbing atop my cousin and making out and griniding on her, finally one day i couldnt take it no more i wanted to fuck her. i came out of the shower to my surprise nobody was there but me and her. now was my chance i locked the door and threw her on tthe bed, she protested no but i was much stronger i held both arms above her head as i began sucking on her neck and making out with her. as much as she protested no she still loved to make out with me. she was kissing me and so i took off her shirt forcefully, and i then went to her pants, she had on tight jeans i must get them off i couldnt even reach my hand in them. she let out a scream yelling my name she was so horny i began to suck her nipples and unbuttoned her pants. i took off her pants letting her panties stay on. she had white cotton panties on lined in pink she was so hot you could see the wetness on her panties, i began to kiss the inner side of her thighs real gently she started raising her ass tryign to get me closer she was ready i thought i took off my pants and boxers to my surprise she grabbed my cock and started stroking it i was loving this now.

my cousin was now fuckng my cock with her hand while we were making out still. finally itook control i pressed my cock against her panties shoving my head and her panties partially into her slit. she moaned she loved it knowing she was a virgin i was careful. finally after this i took off her panties and started to suck on her clit and lick her pussy not taking no more i gently eased myself into her pussy hearing her moan and scream out, more and more i went in her, she was loving the pain i was causing her i stopped but she grabbed my ass and finally with all her force slammed me into her. she broke open blood poured out along with her tears and screams. i figured this would be the end but it wasnt she started rocking her hips forward and fucking me so i joined the rythm and eventually we were on que, i began going harder and harder faster and faster i was so hot now wanting to cum, she was moaning and screaming my name, finally "IM CUMMING SHE SCREAMS" she ahd the best orgasm ever she squirt out her pussy with me still in her, her juices smashing my thighs and balls, i loved it. however i wasnt done i continued to fuck her tight freshly worn in pussy, not a virgin anymore she was now my slut, we fucked several times. all different positions, finally i told her i was gonna cum and she wanted it both her mouth and pussy, so instead i shot a load deep in her pussy and then she sucked me off until i came again, that was the best day of my life.

however this was not the last of our times together to this day we still get togetther and we fuck each other like we are married not once have we used a condom. a condom takes the natural sensation and feeling out of the true sexual ecstasy. we still have not been caught neither and it has been close. my cousin has even got her friends involved, fucking them both at the same time.

i have fucker her while eating her friend out vice versa, and once i was able to get my cousin to ride my cock and eat her friend out she isnt bi or a lesbian just a very sexual freak that i created.

thanks for reading this is my first story i decided to write as i sit in my college dorm horny as fuck.
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