I am Tulsi, 41 years married to Rajeev 19 years ago. I have a son Kabir, 22 years. When I was 35, Rajeev divorced me and married another girl. After that I lived in Delhi. I have started a handicraft business. It was going well.
After divorce, I felt loneliness so I used to sleep with my son. Days passed by now it was three years he left me. So we have completely forgotten him.
While sleeping I always wear a gown with no undergarments inside. One night while we were sleeping, Kabir put is hand on my thigh. Then slowly he started to move his hands and reached till my pussy. Then I removed his hand. My gown had moved up, so he could see my ass and he started touching my ass. I turned around to scold Kabir but he pretended as if he is in a deep sleep. Two, three nights passed, he repeated his activities. I thought he is now 18, he might be interested in knowing sexual organs. So, he did that with me.
Next day (Saturday), it was holiday. So, we both sat together and start watching T.V. After 2 hours,
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