OK guys I'm such an armature at writing.

My husband is an ex military officer and now in Iraq as a civilian consultant. Last summer my 18 yrs old daughter was accepted in college in Massachusetts so that I'm now alone at home with my 13 yrs old step son Jim.

It got so boring and mostly my friends are all busy so I took a suggestion from one friend and started on line chat and cam though I must admit it's a challenge for me.

Weeks passed with just all those mindless flirtation and just flinging around.

Three nights ago as usual in my web cam I sorted out my friends who are blatantly asking me to pose naked for them. I think I have found a very loyal and devoted fan. He told me that he made sure I didn't trick him with a fake picture. I was happy to see a very well dressed young guy who claimed to be 18 but seems like 21 to me. We didn't waste a whole lot of time on small talk. He told me he wanted to fuck me & asked if it was ok to cum on my face.

I was taken a buck on how are we going to fuck in the computer. He asked and I did a little strip tease for him. Slowly exposing my perky hard nipples. He asked me that I pinch my nipples. The bulge in his pants was enormous.

I wanted to stop but somehow got curious where it leads us. He took out his cock and expose it on cam so now I can't see his face. He was begging me to continue showing my nipples on web cam so I did. He stroke his cock.

It was disgusting but I seem to get more curious, I've never been in anything like that before. Never happened in my younger years while now I'm 39 yrs old.

When he was done I went to take a shower. When I was done I went to bed. I was disgusted and started crying and sobbing. There was a knock on the door. Jim wanted to come in and sleep with me since it was raining and he is scared having heard some sobbing, not knowing it was me.

For now I haven't gotten back to web cam yet. But I'm thinking about it. Anyway thanks for the fun in the internet.

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[#103] Chuck100 ( 1219 days ago )
Chuck100 avatar I enjoyed your story keep them cumming!
[#180] Dgan ( 1221 days ago )
Dgan avatar Being am amateur is fine and it's always good to try something new. The one problem with this is that the story is so eclectic that it's hard to follow. Take some time, imagine how the scene is playing out and describe it vaguely enough to let the mind wander, but with enough to set a scene. It's hard to do very well (those who do tend to make some good $$$ doing so,) but the rewards when you get it right are quite good. :)

I like the idea of the story; an older person daring to break through their own boundaries to try something new and aren't sure if they really liked the results. Leaving it wondering whether or not they are ready to try again is a good way to either end it or set it up for a second following. Well played. :)

This is only meant to be constructive. I'm curious to see what you will do if you take the time to re-write it, flesh it out a bit, and resubmit it. :)
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