A little background before I get on with the story.  When I first married my wife she was very shy and conservative and not very experienced.  At first it was just straight man on top humping and that was it.  Little did I know about the “tiger in the tank” that she had.  Well, through time she opened up to different positions and oral sex.  Anal, forget, like seven-up never had it, never will.  The first inkling I had regarding the tiger was when we started to watch porn as a prelude to a hot evening.  After watching for 20-30 minutes I went down on her and to my surprise she was wetter than an overflowing sponge.  I made a comment and she blushed and said it was my imagination.  Yeah, right.  Next time I picked a movie that was group, both MFM and FFM.  Same results but she was really aggressive in bed and had more orgasms than I’ve ever seen her have in one session.  At that point my suspicions, much to my delight, were confirmed.    Soon she was letting me take pictures and then vids.  After much persuasion she let me start to post them and the comments encouraged her to become more open.  Next step, you guessed, she started to show off on a webcam.  She really liked to watch guys cum on her pics she would send and she started to collect them.  As of now over 30 different pics.  Now to the story of our first in-person multiple encounter.

We decided to head up to Denver to spend the night at an up class hotel.  Checked into our room, real nice.  They had PPV in the room so knowing how that affected her I decided to order on, MFM, and we got naked on the bed to watch.  Soon, her pussy was dripping wet and she started to suck my cock.  Now, I don’t know about your wives/girlfriends but I’ve learned that if I keep her on the edge and don’t let her get satisfied her tiger gets wilder and wilder.  I teased her clit a little but when she started moaning I said we should get dressed and head down to get a bit to eat and then head into the bar and see what the evening would bring.  Her eyes were looking lusty but she agreed.  Now, her outfit was a head-turner.  White lace thigh high stockings, white leather mini-skirt, purple low-cut sheer blouse, purple lace push-up bra and my favorite, white lace thong where the “string” from front to back is fake pearls.  Guys, you gotta get your woman a pair.  When they walk, sit, or yes, even during sex, those pearls rub right in their pussy and clit.  She also put on pair of pumps to complete the outfit.  For those interested she’s 39 years old, 5’3” 125, 34b (couple kids so not perfect but not saggers either), black hair and dark brown eyes.  She as full sensual lips and the longest tongue I’ve ever personally encountered.  I just put on slacks and a dress shirt.  Yeah, like you guys care about what I was wearing!

So we get on the elevator and head down to the restaurant.  More than a few heads were turning her way and my cock was in the “just waking up” stage.  Fortunately he didn’t go farther than that til later.  We go into the restaurant and get a table by a window.  Her skirt is just long enough to cover the thigh highs when she’s standing but when she sits you can see a little skin at the top.  Plus, the leather miniskirt is good so nobody can tell if she gets wet.  White denim equals dead giveaway.  So we get a light bite to eat with quite a few folks looking our way.  One that seemed to stare quite often and make eye contact with Kimmie was a guy who looked like he was in his late 20s, about 6’ and slim to slightly athletic build.  I could tell Kimmie was starting to get flushed by this and I mentioned that she had a not so secret admirer.  She laughed it off and said that she was too old for him to be interested in her.

So we finish our dinner and head into the bar, it’s around 7:00PM at this point.  It’s semi-dark and we get a table in the corner to scope out the scenery.  Now we don’t drink too often or much either so it doesn’t take Kimmie long to catch a buzz.  She gets a glass of wine and I get a Jim Beam and coke.   I start to gently rub the back of her neck and I can hear her breathing getting heavier.  Not sure how far the evening would go, but willing to push the boundaries to their max, I put my arm around her and start to squeeze and rub her tits, feeling the nipples get hard.  Soon she starting to rub my cock and now my breathing is getting heavy.  I ask her to go to the ladies room and take off her bra and thanks to the wine she agrees.  About the time she heads to the ladies room the guy from the restaurant walks in, I’ll call him Rob from now on.  As she’s returning from the ladies room it’s obvious that her bra is off even though the room is semi-dark.   She had a noticeable jiggle in her shirt as she walked back to me, almost everyone watching her.  She decided to sit on my lap, straddling me with legs on both sides.  She proceeded to give me a long, deep kiss, her tongue dancing inside and her tits pressed up against me.  After we broke the kiss I looked down and because of her position and miniskirt I could see her black bush just peeking out.   She’s natural, doesn’t shave her pussy, just occasional trims to keep it under control.  She looked at me with those lustful eyes and said “I need a good fucking tonight”.   Little did she know!  I looked at Rob sitting at the bar, he had been watching us but had half turned by now.  I suggested to Kimmie that we go sit at bar for a little bit before leaving.  As we walked I positioned her so that she would have to sit next to Rob at the bar.  I could see her nipples pushing against her shirt as we moved to the bar.  As she sat on the bar stool Rob “accidentally” brushed his hand against her thigh and quickly apologized but Kimmie said it was ok and then looked at me with a little grin.  This kinda broke the ice and we started talking to Rob.  Seemed like he was a nice guy, good sense of humor and Kimmie was relaxed around him.  Kimmie was almost finished with her second glass of wine when we moved to the bar but Rob ordered her another, at that point I wasn’t sure how she’d do as she rarely drinks more than two.  As we were talking she lost her balance and putting out her hand to catch herself put it right next to Rob’s crotch.  Rob also reached out when he realized that she was losing her balance and missing her arm got a handful of tit.  Nobody said anything and Kimmie just smiled.  As we were sitting there Kimmie started to open her legs and swivel in the chair.  I know Rob got a view of that black bush hiding in there as his eyes were glancing downward quite often.  At this point I figured all in or it ain’t ever gonna happen so I asked him if he liked the view.  He said yes but he wished he could get an unobstructed view.  I subtly squeezed Kimmie’s tit and suggested we go for a walk outside as the hotel had a short walking path with some trees and bushes.  Kimmie was a little tipsy so I suggested to Rob that we both support her to which he quickly agreed.  The night air was just a little cool and I could see her nipples get hard as rocks and push against her blouse.  I said “looks like your cold” to which she just laughed and said “guess there’s no hiding that, huh?”.  By this time Rob’s hand had worked its way to her ass and was gently massaging it which caused her to moan slightly.  About this time she also had to pee real bad so she just walked back behind some of the trees, squatted down and pissed right there.  Rob was slightly shocked, not sure if it was the pissing or her just pulling up her skirt in front of us.  Regardless, he got a pretty good look at her hairy pussy.  I suggested that we head up to our room and we could talk some more.  Kimmie said ok and walked up to me, put her arms around my neck, gave me another long, deep kiss and then reached down and squeezed my cock.  I told her she might be making Rob uncomfortable but she just gave me a wicked smile and then walked over to Rob and did the exact same thing.  Not sure which one of us was shocked the most.

It didn’t take us long to get back to the elevator and as we were going up to our room Kimmie was pressing her ass against my crotch and I was gently rubbing her tits through her blouse, nipples rock hard.  I whispered in Kimmie’s ear to grab Rob again.  She walked over, kissed him deeply and started to rub his cock through his pants.  I could see she was getting him hot as his cock was straining against his pants.  He didn’t look big, which made her happy.  Her pussy is shallow and we’d talked about the possibility of a threesome and what to do if the guy had a big cock.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to address that situation.  By this time he had worked a finger into her pussy and I could hear how wet it was, making those wet, sticking noises.  She pulled his finger out of her pussy, looked him straight in the eyes and put his entire finger in her mouth, licking it clean.  I was ready to blow my wad right there.

We quickly made it to our room.  We shut the door and Kimmie walked over to the bed, lay down, spread her legs and said “eat my pussy”.  Rob and I looked at each other and I motioned for him to go ahead.  He quickly got between her legs and started licking from her ass all the way to her clit, sucking lightly on her clit each time.  She was starting to moan louder now and was arching her back, rubbing her tits through her blouse.   I walked over to the bed and took her blouse off exposing her soft breasts and hard nipples which I started to suck on and then lightly bite causing her to moan and push my face against her tits.  Rob’s tongue was working her into a frenzy and I knew she would cum soon.  I pulled away from her and quickly shed my clothes and put my now hard cock by her face.  She hungrily started to lick my cock, running that long tongue along the shaft and then swirling around the head, spreading the opening and licking it, tasting the precum that was oozing out.  She then started to suck on my balls, pulling them all the way into her mouth while jerking on my cock.  During this Rob had removed his clothes exposing a respectable cock, not long, about 6-6 ½” but thick with a large head.   About this time I could feel my balls starting to boil and looked at Kimmie and said “take it” at which time she took my cock in her mouth and I started to face fuck her.  Soon I was shooting my load in her mouth which she greedily swallowed, squeezing my cock to make sure she got every drop.  She is a fantastic cock sucker and loves to eat cum.  As she was squeezing the last drops from me Rob’s tongue brought her over the edge and she had a very strong, and loud, orgasm.  She grabbed his head with both hands and growled “eat my pussy, yes, suck my clit hard” grinding her pussy into Rob’s face.  By the time she was finished and let go of Rob his face was covered with her pussy juices and she told him to kiss her.  As they were kissing she was licking her juices off his face, moaning the whole time.  She then pushed him off, sat on the edge of the bed and said “bring your cock here”.   She looked at it, then at Rob’s face and said “I can’t wait to have this fill me up”.  She then started to lick and suck his balls, slowly jerking on his cock the whole time.  She then started running her tongue up his shaft, licking and nibbling all the way.  When she got to the head she ran it forcefully over her tongue several times and then swallowed as much as she could get in her mouth, starting to bob up and down while she massaged his balls.  I could see his cockhead pushing against her cheeks, she was obviously enjoying this.  So was I, as my cock was starting to get hard again watching this.  Kimmie took his cock out of her mouth, looked up and said “lie down”.  Now, her favorite position is cowgirl and she really knows how to ride.  Rob lay down and Kimmie faced him while straddling his body.  She took his cock and started to slowly lower herself, inch by inch, onto his cock.  She had a look of pure lust as his thick cock filled her pussy.  After she lowered herself fully she leaned forward to let Rob suck on her tits.  She started to moan and slowly rock back and forth.  You could hear how wet her pussy was, making wet sucking sounds on his cock.  Rob then pinched and bit, at first I thought too hard, on her nipples causing her to cry out in pleasure/pain but that reflexive jerk back must’ve caused her clit to hit his cock just right because she started to grind really hard against his body, moans getting louder and starting to pant.  Rob took both tits in his hands, squeezing and said “yes, ride that cock, you Asian slut” and then started to tweak her nipples.  That brought her over the edge again as she came right then and there.  Rob still hadn’t cum yet and he told her to get on all fours so he could fuck her doggie.  She happily agreed got on the edge of the bed with her ass up in the air and Rob slipped right into that soaking wet pussy, going all the way on his first stroke.  Kimmie’s hands were gripping the bedspread as he started to bang on her in a rhythmic motion.  Their bodies were making an audible slapping sound each time he drove it home and she would grunt each time he bottomed out.  Her tits were swaying with the rhythm.  By now I was fully hard and sat on the bed right in front of her face.  Why pass up an opportunity like this?!  She started to suck on me, the whole time looking straight into my eyes with that glassed over look that words can’t describe.  She took my cock out of her mouth and softly said “I love you hon” and I replied “I love you, too”.  She then said “this cock feels incredible inside of me, I love how it feels filling me up inside, I want him to fuck me hard and fast”.  She then pulled away from Rob, turned over with her legs spread and feet in the air and said to Rob “fuck me hard”.   He slid his cock all the way and started to pump her really hard, their bodies slapping even harder than before.  Her tits were swaying back and forth from the hard fucking they were doing.  I positioned myself so she could suck my cock while she was getting banged and the combination of her sucking and the motion of their fucking was making my cock feel great.  Rob was picking up the pace and fucking her like there was no tomorrow.  Kimmie started to cum again and pulled on Rob’s ass so he was buried up to the hilt and ground herself to another orgasm.  Rob was starting to grunt as he was getting close to blowing his load.  Kimmie said “no, cum in my mouth”. Rob pulled out and started to move towards her face, her mouth open tongue out.  Before he could get there his first spurt shot across her tongue, lips and face.  She hungrily devoured his cock and the remaining cum was deposited in her mouth.  While she was getting her mouth filled with Rob’s cum she had been jerking me off.  I said “I’m gonna cum” and she took Rob’s cock out, opened her mouth which still was full of Rob’s cum and slid her lips around my cock and twirled her tongue around the shaft inside her mouth.  I blew my load right there, mixing with Rob’s cum which I could feel inside her mouth.  After I had finished cumming I pulled my cock out, a little cum running down her chin.  She looked at us, made an exaggerated swallowing motion and then ran her tongue across her lips to get that too.  At that point we fell exhausted on the bed, Kimmie holding out cocks and Rob and me playing with her tits and pussy.  Rob said that he had a great evening but that he must be going.  We thanked him exchanged phone numbers.  We’ve met several times since then but those are other stories…

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