My wife Terri and I had been married about a year. We are both 33 and this is our second marriage. Terri has a 16 year old daughter from her first marriage, Bridget is her name. Terri is one of the best lovers I have ever had. When she sucks me off, which is everyday, she literally brings tears to my eyes it is so intense. Her pussy is so tight that you would swear she was just a kid, if she doesn't cum before you try to fuck her, you ain't gettin' in!!

Ever since the first night we had sex we have been together. We fuck at least 3 or 4 times everyday, even during her period. Terri is 5'2" tall, 125#'s with 34DD tits, a tiny little waist and the sexiest ass you ever seen. Her nipples are almost an inch long and the areolas are 3"s across. Her tits have a little sag from breast feeding Bridget and are nice and soft. She has long brown hair, emerald green eyes and a smile to die for.

Bridget looks more like her sister than her daughter. She is damn near identical except she is 5'4" and has 34D's. She has always been close to me since they moved in and I have always called her my daughter and she started call me Dad about 6 months ago.

Terri and I had always closed the bedroom door when we were fucking and a couple of months ago I noticed it would be open just a crack when we were getting hot and heavy. So one night I just left the door wide open. Terri asked me what I was doing and I told her I think Bridget has been watching us. "Really, no, she wouldn't do that. Would she?" "Well this is one way to find out!" I said.

At first Terri was a little bit apprehensive, but by the time I was eating her pussy she was riding my face like a wild horse. Now if you have never been with a woman that squirts when she cums, you don't know what your missing. She will squirt a couple of ounces of cum every time she has an orgasm. Kinda a hard to fake that!!! She has never smoked or done drugs and her cum has the sweetest taste to it. I try to drink as much of it as I can when I am eating her pussy and sometimes she will jump off my dick just as she is about to cum and we will 69 each other till we cum in our mouths. The we will french kiss so we can taste each our own cum too.

Anyway, I am eating her pussy and she is on her 3 orgasm. I have my middle finger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy as I suck and lick her clit while she cums in my mouth again. Finally she begs me, "Please shove your fat cock into my cunt, please I need you to fuck so much." I raise her legs to her chest, running my cock up and down her pussy lips until it finds her cunt hole. I slam my cock into her in one swift move make her scream with both peasure and pain. I rode her like that for a good 10 minutes and then I lay back, pulling her into a sitting position on top of me. My head is at the bottom of the bed as she slowly starts riding my cock. Just the site of her tits bouncing up and down makes me even harder. I watch her face as she fucks me with her eyes closed and her head swaying back and forth. When she opens her eyes she says, "You were right, she is watching us!" Terri starts riding my cock like it is the last time she will ever get fucked. I hang my head over the edge of the bed and I can see Bridget in the kitchen on the floor with her legs spread rubbing her pussy like there is no tomorrow. Bridget must have opened her eyes because when she looked up again Terri and I were looking right at her as she fingered her cunt. All we hears was an "OH SHIT" and she ran back to her room.

No one mentioned what happened the next day and we left our bedroom door open from then on. A month or so later we had some real bad thunder and lightning storms pass through. Terri and I are fucking as usual and seconds after a lightning flash and the kaboom Bridget comes hauling ass into our room and gets in bed with us. "Mom, I need to stay here tonight", she cried. Terri looks at me me and says, "I'm sorry honey, I forgot she is deathly afraid of storms." Terri pulls off of my dick, which ain't going down, and whispers she take care of me later. Then she puts on a nightgown and hands me my shorts which pisses me off since we always sleep nude, but she doesn't want to with Bridget right there. Which I didn't quite understand since she had been watching us fuck for months now.

Do you know the difference between a light and a hard-on? You can sleep with a light on, but it damn difficult sto sleep with a hard-on!!!!!!!! After a restless night Terri woke up about 3 am and tried to suck me dry. In the morning after Bridget went to school she gave me a good fucking to make up for the night before.

The second night of the storm was about the same. By the third night I am pissed. I finally tell Bridget, "Look terri and I have sex everyday, and you running in here while we are fucking is starting to piss me off. So you have your choice, you can either stay and watch or go to your room until we are done." About that time there was another  thunder clap and she says " I'll just stay here OK?" "Well something else, Terri and I sleep nude and I don't like having to wear shorts in bed, so from now on we aren't wearing any, OK?" Bridget looks at her mom and she is nooding and then at me and says "Sure, no problem." and with that she takes off her nightgown and is completely nude underneath.

Like I said, Terri and Bridget could pass for sisters in every way. Terri noticed my dick was instantly hard and we went back to fucking with her on top. Terri was riding me nice and slow while I rubbed her clit. I was easy to tell when she is about to cum, she tenses up and raise herself up a couple of inches on my cock so I can see her squirt her cum on my stomach. Her knee's go weak as she trembles with her 5th orgasm. All the while Bridget is laying next to me rubbing her clit just as hard and fast as she can. She squeezes her legs together as she cums watching her moms orgasms.

"Dad?"  Bridget asks so innocently. "If you eat my pussy do you think I can learn to squirt cum just like mom does?"  Terri was laying on top of me and she sat straight up, "Now wait a minute little girl, you watching us fuck is one thing, but what the hell makes you think I would ever let my husband eat your pussy?" "Mom! I have heard you tell your friends how my father NEVER made you cum, and that you didn't even know how to until Daddy ate your pussy until you DAMN NEAR EXPLODED!" " Do you really want your only daughter to be married to someone for 14 years and never know what it is like to cum so hard you damn near pass out?"

Terri is glaring at me, but I ain't saying shit. I don't have to, she can feel my cock growing harder inside her pussy as Bridget pleads with Terri. "FINE!" "But I am going to be right here watching!" Even better I thought to myself, what could be better than eating a 16 year old pussy while your wife watches!!!

"Honey, do you want me to just eat her pussy or should I do her just the way I do you?" Terri takes a minute to think and then tells me she wants me to do my best to make her cum just the way she does. I pull Bridget close and kiss her, a soft gentle kiss. Then I part her lips with my tongue and we french kiss for several minutes. Her breathing has gotten very rapid and I can feel her heart pounding. "Now kiss your mom the way I kissed you." They were both a little hesitant, but when the finally did it was breathtaking. Bridget laid down between Terri and I and I kissed down her neck and Terri did the same. Bridgets nipples were standing straight out as Terri and I both sucked breasts at the same time. "Now suck your moms." Terri leaned over Bridget and placed her left nipple in her mouth  and I laid down so I could suck on the right one. I tell Bridget to find Terri's clit and start rubbing it gently, to slide a finger in Terri's pussy and feel how wet she is. As Bridget is sucking Terri's nipples and rubbing her clit, I spread Bridgets legs and start to lick her clit and run my tongue up and down her pussy.

Her juices are running out and down her butt crack, I slide my middle finger into her ass. She tenses up for a minute then pushes against my hand to recieve the rest. I stick my thumb into her cunt as I finger fuck her faster and faster. I am sucking on her clit and running my tongue in and out of her pussy. She is sucking on Terri's nipples harder and harder, slamming her finger in and out of Terri's cunt. Rasing her hips to meet my face, fucking my tongue, "OH God, OH GOd, Oh GOD!!" She starts to squirt a little. I suck her cunt hole harder trying to suck every last drop of her cunt juice. She slams her pussy into my face as she is cumming, squirting cum all over my face. I move aside just in time for Terri to get a mouthful of Bridgets cum. Terri starts eating Bridgets pussy faster and faster bringing her to her second orgasm in minutes. I kiss Bridget so she can taste her cum, Then Terri kisses her and then kisses me. "I love you Daddy, I love you Mom."

We lay there hugging and kissing and caressing each other. Then Bridget moved between Terri's legs and said she wanted to please us now. She is a quick learner, in minutes she had Terri cumming in her mouth. A few kisses later and she is sucking my cock for all she is worth. It is not bad but it could be better, so I ask Terri to show her how to suck my dick the way I like it. After a little practice switching back and forth with her mom, she was working it like a pro. "That's it baby, just like that. Daddys gonna cum in your mouth."  Bridget raised up from my dick. I thought she was just going to jack me off the rest of the way. She grabbed my dick and in a cat like move, spun around, throwing her legs over me and shoved my cock all the way into her cunt. She screamed in pain but she never stopped. 10 quick pumps and I was filling her cunt up with cum. As my cum was pumping into her virgin pussy, she started squirting another load of cum all over my stomach, just like her mother.


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