True Story
My wife and I were getting middle adged and bored of eachother sexually, everything was just becoming routine. So one day I started taking pictures of her with my phone while she was naked giving me a bj etc. I kept these and set up my own website on one of my home pc's for me to look at whenever I wanted. We even made a couple videos that I've put up there of us having sex doggy style and my jerking off in her mouth. This kind of got me horny having this secrete stash of her porn that she didnt know about and revitalized our sex life a little.

One day I was hanging out with my best friend from work who was single and from time to time would hook up with hookers for bj's or fucks after having a few beers and told me I should come along. So, one day he set it up with a regular girl her had for us all to meet in a ditch hotel room for some fun after work. We were all kind of nervous but the slut was ready to go and started driving the action like "ok boys whip your dicks out lets go". So we did, he was a little smaller than me but not by much, I've looked at his limp dick before in the gym where we work out and have always had fantasies of sucking cock though never acted on it. Anyway the hooker starts sucking his now semi hard dick but it isnt going well as I think he's nervous so I go over stand next to him and she starts going down on me. I'm rock hard and lay on the bed to make it easier and he walks away limp dicked to grab a beer and watch. After I finish it's his turn and I hand out and watch for a while but eventually leave having already shot my load.

I race home to fuck the wife and make her suck me off just to do the double and it was a blast. I talk to my friend about it and in another couple weeks we set it up again with the same hooker. This time I fuck the hooker while she suckes him off and then race home and make the wife clean up after it. It's kind of kinky for me to think of my wife cleaning up after me and my friends hooker gangbang. Sucking me off right after weve both jizzed in the hookers mouth and then me feeding it into my wifes mouth and pussy.

I then told my friendabout the porn pics and videos I had of my wife and gave him access to the site. We talk about her just like the hooker we tag teamed and it turned me on. He started calling her our clean up bitch, and telling me we should use her for that more. So, one day after work having beers he told me he had a present for me, that last night he fucked another hooker in the ass, a black street whore, but that he saved the condom full of jizz for the cleanup bitch, my wife. I was like wow wtf cool, i guess and took it home. He wanted me to feed it to her by using it as lube when I fucked her and make her suck me dry to clean it up. It got me so horny that when I got home thats what I did. Thinking about my buddies jizz in my wifes pussy (bareback) and then her licking it off my dick made me cum so fast. Plus it was like gangbanging my wife because her pussy was so wet with his jizz once I stuck it in it there was very little feeling and my mind was racing thinking about pumping his jizz into her deeper and deeper.

My friend and I talked about it and he now refers to her as his toilet whore. Since then I've actually hooked up a web camera in our bedroom so me and my friend can watch live feeds 24 hrs a day. I text him when we are going to have sex so he can watch the live sex shows. I make her reverse cowgirl right in front of the camera for maximum turn out and exposure. We sometimes talk about her at work and I let him come up with positions for her to do , anal sex whatever , she has kind of become a sex toy/porn slut for us to play with. I also have him over on the weekends so we can watch soccer and football, and its hilarious that she's his toilet whore and doesnt even know it. He's seen her naked pics videos everything and we all hang out like it's no big deal. He also jerked off in or bathroom on her toothbrush on a couple occasions and really got off on that, the fact that she was starting her morning rubbing his jizz all over her teeth gums and mouth. He even jerked off in a condom at work when he found out it was her birthday so I could go home and feed it to her. That time I just made her a vodka shot with sour mix his jizz and vodka, then watched her suck it all down. He called it a direct deposit.The next time he came over he asked her how her birthday was, and was sorry he didnt get her anything, as an inside joke to me.

He gets off using my wife as a toilet whore, I get off turning her out and revitalizing our sex life, and she gets more sex and thinks we have a great relationship which we do. She just doesnt know that shes drinking my friends jizz on ocassion and that shes an internet porn slut for me and my friends.

I eventually introduced him to her best friend who he fucks now on ocassion and that has led to more wierdness as he has now saved my wifes best friends pussy leftovers for me to feed to her. So kinda sick that she gets a taste of her best friends pussy and his jizz leftovers, but its so much fun. He also made a video of fucking her and we put pictures of her tits on the website as well.

I'm going to be off on vacation for a week and we are already planning how many live sex shows we are going to make my wife do. I bought her a bunch of sex toys as well just to spice up the videos. So my boy is going to watch my wife do a dildo show for sure. He has camera recording software and plans on recording her doing the acts so we can add them to the site. He has also told some of his friends about this and I think bragged about dumping his loads in a married bitch and showed them her site to prove it when he was drunk. He also coppied one of her naked pictures from the site and made it his ringtone for when I call him, so evertime I call him he sees my wife spread naked on all fours and the caption says "time to milk the cow".

I'm not sure where this is going or if we just keep doing this as it's gone on for a few months, but everything seems pretty cool. I have also posted some pics of her on the internet at sites for naked wives girlfriends and get off on all the comments made about her. Our sex life is way better then it ever was before.

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